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COURSE OUTLINE 1 2 3 4 Course code, title, credits/contact hours: Course Convener Email Objectives International Human Resource Management

Credit Hours: 3(3,0) Mrs. Komal Rehan Muddasir This course aims to develop the professional skills of future managers in the areas of international human resource management and cross-cultural management. Business managers require skills, knowledge and strategies for effective functioning in the global marketplace. This course develops these areas in managing the important area of international human resources. As an advanced course, it is most suitable for third year students who have completed an introductory course in human resource management, and who have some basic understanding of how culture and the international marketplace affect business. Students who are not completing the HRM major will benefit from understanding how to effectively manage, recruit, select, develop and compensate people operating in global organizations. The above mentioned course objectives will be materialized through different modes of class interactions i.e. Class lectures Class discussions, Presentations Case studies and Seminars Projects Text Book(s): Readings and Cases in International Resource Management by Mark and Gray Reference Book(s): International Human Resource Management By Hilary, Chris and Paul Two folders are to be made per group. One should be titled Assignments and the other should be titled Quizzes. Your folder should have a proper title page, stating the names of the group members, registration


Text Book (Author, title, publisher, publication year):


Class Representative

numbers, course, course instructor name and section. No work will be accepted after the end of class on the day the assignment is due unless prior arrangements have been made with me. Work submitted late will receive a grade of ZERO. A class representative primarily serves as a contact, someone who will let me know of important events in the lives of classmates, someone to call on in special circumstances (i.e. the death of a classmate or a family member) and someone for the to work with when planning the class activities. The chosen C.R.s main duties involve: a) Brining the collected assignments/quizzes right away after the class. Delay will cause penalization. b) Any matter of the class as a whole MUST be conveyed through the C.R. c) Any message intended for the class will be conveyed through the C.R. Hence, the C.R. should unanimously decide upon the medium through which he/she will remain in touch with the class. d) It is the responsibility of the students; in case they are absent, to get in touch with the C.R. to know about any due assignment/quiz. Week 1 Course Introduction The Organizational Context of IHRM Week 2 Strategy an IHRM Week 3 International Staffing IHRM in the Organization Week 4 International Recruitment & Selection Week 5 Cross-Cultural Issues in IHRM/Negotiation Week 6 International Performance Management

Topics of the Course

Week 7 International Training & Development Week 8 International Compensation Week 9 International Labor Relations Week 10 Repatriation Week 11 IHRM Trends and Future Challenges Week 12 Cross Cultural Issues in Productivity and Quality Week 13 Human Resource Issues in International Joint Ventures Week 14 International Human Resource Management Case: How to Implement TQM in Strong Cultures: Alignment and Saturation Week 15 Case: Novell: Transforming Cultures. Case: Computex Corporation Week 16 Case: The Road to Hell Case: Labor Relations at Euro Disneyland. 10 Computer Usage Students are required to work on MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint. 11 Practical/Project/Research Case Studies and research Papers Work 12 Course Grades 1st Sessional 2nd Sessional Terminal Examinations Quizzes, Assignments, Case studies and Project Reports Total 10% 15% 50% 25% 100%