Words of Wisdom from the Seliger Ambassador Team

INTERNATIONAL YOUTH FORUM SELIGER 2011 Building a Global Team Dear Future Leaders, The handbook will help you to be ready to the unique experience that is on the way. By reading it carefully, you will get more knowledge about the event; know how it can impact your life and how to get the most out of the forum. The Seliger Handbook – Words of Wisdom is divided into 10 parts, described below: 1. Memories from Seliger 2010; 2. Discover yourself and the role of your national identity at Seliger; 3. Define your expectations; 4. How to successfully present and communicate your ideas; 5. Discover your potential; 6. Business Plan; 7. Your Contribution to Seliger; 8. How to get the most out of a discussion/debate; 9. Staying in touch with Seligerians. 10. Preparing for Seliger; Before we begin, remember the official details Seliger is an international project aimed at uniting the world leaders of tomorrow. 700 exceptional individuals will come together to build an international network. Seliger offers you a place where one makes lifelong friends and builds strong networks among today‟s and future business, political, and academic leaders of the world The Forum seeks to set up a global network to promote mutual understanding, cooperation and education among the young people and to foster conditions for them to work together on designing joint international projects and initiatives. To attain this goal the participants of the Forum will be offered an intensive educational program consisting of 4 modules:

Mass Media and Public Relations – you will publish your own newspaper, develop innovative pr-strategies for real cases and learn to make a state-of-theart blogs and webpages; Business and Enterprise – with Russian and international businessmen telling you their stories of success and companies giving you business cases to solve you will get an in-depth knowledge of innovative entrepreneurship;

Civil and Social development – discuss the most pressing issues of social development with the like-minded committed peers and renowned experts, learn the best practices of the most efficient international NGOs and make a difference; World Politics – add new edges to your analytical framework discussing the future of global development with leading think-tank representatives, career diplomats and researchers; enhance your vision and ability to predict events in order to lead and not to follow in tomorrow‟s world

Each module will include lectures and workshops, conferences and panel discussions moderated by the leading experts and researches in each of the above spheres. Who is going to be part of our team? Seliger 2011 is open to leaders between the ages of 18 and 35. Young, talented, and creative individuals from diverse backgrounds with one passion: making a difference on a global scale

Interested in learning about Russia, utilizing its potential to drive global innovation and develop mutually beneficial cooperation with the international community Entrepreneurial, adventurous, and full of creative energy to develop new ideas, launch new projects, and make intellectual breakthroughs.

So, let us make it clear – Seliger is a camp! In the forest! But everything you need will be just at arm’s length!
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Comfortable camp tents with mat and sleeping bags Camp-wide Wi-Fi and electric sockets located around the camp site Sufficient number of outdoor eco-friendly toilets, shower cabins, and washstands 24/7 security with access restricted to participants only 3 healthy meals per day Medical personnel present 24/7 The most outstanding and encouraging environment Interpreter always ready to re-translate your thoughts and ideas

Why in the woods?
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Seliger offers a unique chance to break away from the glass and steel jungles of big cities and gain a different perspective of your life No more formal and tiresome conferences. Informal atmosphere of an open dialogue, the sense of true partnership – that is what Seliger 2011 is about. Open-air discussions will generate open-end initiatives. Fresh air, amazing nature and sport will boost your activity

Where and when it is going to take place: Russia, Tver region, Lake Seliger, 1-9 July 2011

who came for our help to take us back to the destination from where we started.” Sheraz Ali Khan . therefore on the way back. It was an opportunity for me to learn and develop in a new environment and a fantastic atmosphere as well as meeting endless amount of great people that I have since shared great projects and moments with" Christopher Lilholm “One of the great memories from Seliger 2010 was the day when we went for rafting. Our group was the only one who went so far. and to go for rafting on Lake Trevor in Russia with the youngsters full of energy and passion was the greatest experience I could ever had.Memories from Seliger 2010 – Reflections from Ambassadors “Seliger 2010 was for me much more than a Summer-escape from my everyday worries and duties and a busy day in general. It was indeed one of the memorable days of Seliger Forum 2010 which is hard to forget. we were lucky to get the help of the Lake police. Rafting was one of the adventures which was in my 'to do' list. We went from one end of Lake Trevor to the other end on our raft. However. we all got tired enough to move the peddles of our raft. and then we got off from our raft to pick up the fresh berries from the plants there.

Japanese and Russian delicacies. The last moments were those hugs while saying good bye and take care to them. Suddenly one of our group mates started crying and so did others.Love. During that afternoon I realized the diversity of arguments in a sensitive issue as that one. I was dazzled by that experience. cracking jokes.. Even more impressive was the ability of different sensitivities and sociopolitical cultures to built consensus and draw proposals.! But I didn't even realize that 7 days passed so quickly.! we boarded the for Moscow and I saw them from the window still waiting near the gate. Experience. Guess what they kept my name for their football team as "Team Umesh”. Everyone got emotional.! I am still in touch with them I really look ahead to meet them again someday. On the first day of Seliger i had thought how I would survive.“Knowledge. they were very fond of sports and so we did all the activities together. Friends all appear to be Splendid at this point of time amidst nature only at Seliger . : Umesh Mukhi Needless to say we naturally hope that Seliger 2011 will be even better . Our group mates made Indian.. Wishing us good luck. Sailing and Kayaking were one of the best experiences we had. The morning breakfast.! I was leaving with Japanese colleagues on the last day.“One of the strongest memories I have from Seliger was the model UNESCO to discuss the validity or not of a universal teaching model regarding the II World War.” Tiago Ferreira Lopes "I do recollect memories of having spent good time with my group. I was touched by the thought of having touched their lives so much.Emotions. lunch and dinner time was amongst the most memorable time spent in knowing each other. while leaving all our group mates accompanied us till the main entrance.It was a moment where everyone just wanted to have a "Flashback of Seliger" but nevertheless Life has to go on.Life. singing and dancing. that we were crying there .

How does this work? Let us now illustrate the simple logics behind it The conclusion is. insights and inspiration within your topic Allowing you to debate and learn in a global forum Discuss and share business ideas Get more familiar about Russia and Russian culture Develop your team and presentation skills Become updated on latest world trends  and to some extent understand them and why they take place Become part of a highly competent global team  Understand differences in cross-cultural communication  Represent your country Build and enlarge your network - Seliger can NOT and does NOT promise you a job. The more you expect to give. the more valuable returns you should anticipate. big chances that you will find yourself achieving much more in return. set realistic goals and help others achieve their goals. career and even improve your CV. but if you have an open mind.Define your expectations What you get from Seliger largely depends on what you give to Seliger. . but Seliger helps you develop in ways that will strengthen you in your future life. if YOU are not part of the equation and thereby not part of the process you will experience only small changes. Seliger can help you in various ways by: Providing you with tools.

people are listening to YOU Involve the audience Ensure and follow-up with the audience in the future Last point is crucial. but also who can communicate on different levels and platforms than just on a PowerPoint slide. . a good communicator is also able to:        Attract audience and find support/participation before speaking Adapt to the context of communication Listen to the audience Engage the audience Make yourself interesting. First of all there is a difference between having good presentation skills and being a good communicator – We try to help you to develop to become the last. but they forget to send out those slides they promised with valuable information. If this was not the case. a good communicator is someone who understands the above.How to successfully present and communicate your ideas Discover your unique knowledge and how you can transfer it constructively to others At Seliger you will face several opportunities to present your ideas. No doubt that quality and substance matters most and that others on Seliger are to a large extent capable to avoid judging the book by its cover – but having developed good presentation skills still matters even to an extremely qualified and analytical audience. Finally. your work and your reflection. Why? Presentation skills are just instrumental rule of thumbs      Make it clear and simple Make it interesting Make it relevant Make it worth listening to Make it short On the contrary. because many very experienced presenters give the most interesting speeches and presents the message so beautifully – like turning science into poetry. then ask yourself why the world biggest consulting firms put such a large emphasis on their presentations – their clients are typically profitable businesses who in some cases know even more about the industry they talk about than the consultants do.

by being true to yourself you are also true to your audience and you will get much more respect this way than trying to be funny. Not everyone is fun. when you promise them something and you do not give it to them. It does not matter how good presentation skills you have. Now a few practical considerations before you begin: What would you talk about? o Is the audience aware of the issues you are presenting? What do you know about your audience (cultural and educational background)? o Do they know you? What is the goal of your presentation? o How will you reach your goal? What will they learn from your presentation? o How will you make sure they do? . Do not judge yourself to hard. amusing. but ignoring this point will not get you very far. Everyone can master the art of communication. but not everyone can dazzle a large audience and not everyone needs to. A good communicator is as prepared as possible and in situations without time for preparation a good communicator must also master the art of improvisation and how to present under pressure. witty. fascinating. although they are important parameters. entertaining and so on and if you are not born a comedian– don‟t be! Be yourself and accept yourself. then do not expect them to support your idea or listen to you again in the future. Being a good communicator is not just about being confident/showing confidence and speaking clearly and having some fun jokes. start presenting ideas in small groups then bigger groups and you will most likely realize it was not as hard or difficult as you expected. Direct this nervous energy into a greater enthusiasm – because it is a lot more interesting to hear people talk about this they are sincerely enthusiastic and interested in than things they are not. if they are not – they are probably not committed to what they are talking about. make that beautiful speech and if you assure someone in your audience to bring examples or more information at a later stage – take note and DO IT! “You do not only turn science into poetry but also turn poetry back into science” Having people listening to you is like a compliment. Remember everyone is to some extent nervous. but usually the biggest obstacle to public speeches is YOU.Deliver your promises to your audience.

d and e)? Ok. you could talk about it for hours! Well. You must accept that temporary setbacks and obstacles are the inevitable price you pay to achieve any great success in life (it‟s not possible succeed without failing). read carefully and think about all key factors of self development: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Be ready always and in every situation to accept personal responsibility for all things. calm. now when you have decided in which area you want to devote yourself let us see all factors of self-development. Develop strategy and start to work on them now! Always ask yourself: ”Should I change something to be better”. charitable. Write down all your short and long-term tasks. that if you happened to meet a stranger who showed a meager amount of interest. Forgive. It gives you back what you put in. Accept them as they are. maybe that much. . but most importantly . Have in mind that time is limited. firstly. so be careful and objective.something that excites you. charity…) How would my friends describe my personality (communicative.Discovering your Potential First. no more and no less (You reap what you sow). are they connected to social or natural sciences? Which social or natural science (see answers c. honest. projects. but you get the point. the result for you will be the same. You feel positive about yourself to the degree to which you feel you are in control of your own life. Life is neutral. Be sure that your current position is a result of past wishes and actions. brave…)? Now. aimless socialization and in trying to change people. you need to determine what do you like . These things have a way of striking a chord and resonating throughout your life. look for the good in every person and never speak about other people. Seize every day. safe player. You can learn anything you need to learn to become anyone you want to become. knowledge…)?” Make a clear plan how to acquire them! Never use the word „failure‟ or „defeat‟ but instead of them „valuable learning experience‟. Now. Do not lose time in useless activities. and there is no doubt that if they have been practiced everyday on regular base. What are my hobbies? What do I already like to do? What are my favorite subjects in school? What subjects do I make good grades in? Do I like teamwork or work alone? If teamwork what kind of it (sport activities. These factors are the behavior code of all successful people in the world. adventurer.listen to your heart! Sit down calmly and answer the next question. “What I need or will need to achieve my goals (which persons. when you have answered on the above questions let‟s find the most appropriate activity or science for you! Put all your answer logically together and see. workshops.

nevertheless worth remembering: “Shoot for the moon and land among the stars” Further reading (references): Brian Tracy (2000).they will be your closest allies in making something great. you need to be persistent in order to achieve success. Finally. . and giving things time to work out on their own can be a much appreciated assett.Now write this word down. even when results aren‟t possible. yes do it!!: PERSISTENCE Success does not fall in anyone‟s lap. Now go back up and read “Success” in place of “Persistence”.not everything can be planned for. The 100 absolutely unbreakable laws of business success. P_____________means ___________________________________________________________________. Brian Tracy (1993). consider the 7 “P”s of Success: Persistent Prior Planning Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance! In the end don‟t forget that your inborn potential is endless! From today resolve to work enough and hardly on your goals without any fear and self limitation and success is very near! A Classic phrase or cliche if you like. Inc. and it does not always come easy. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publisher. P_____________ means being adaptable -. Maximum Achievement. If you have a goal.you may need to take several different approaches to a problem before you succeed. P_____________ means never giving up. P_____________ means being resourceful! Know your friends and contacts and always seek to develop new ones -. New York: Simon & Schuster. P_____________ means being patient -.

Diversity is always an advantage but an asymmetry in communication as it is often observed in multicultural environments. this year‟s forum will see 700 intellectuals arguing.How to get the most out of a discussion/debate Seliger 2011 is a unique hub for healthy debates and discussions among participants. Political Issues or a Business Idea or a proposition of your thinking. discussing and converging towards a healthy conclusion. Hence we put forward our experiences of GD to help you prepare forehand to have a healthy GD in Seliger 2011 . We therefore bring forth our experiences to facilitate your discussions and debate experience in these unique conditions 1) GROUP DISCUSSIONS Seliger would provide you a unique platform to have group discussions with people one can hardly imagine (certainly not maniacs…! But intelligent). One important point to be noted here is that participants come from various backgrounds and different perceptions and capabilities hence it becomes very challenging to put forth our points for better comprehension during the discussion. comics and intense charged environments portraying power of Individual Knowledge thereby making a difference to collective group of people. The aim of the Group Discussion (GD) here is to share the knowledge and reach a conclusion from where on you have made a decision to be implemented in certain amount of time. GD‟s in Seliger are filled with fun. emotions. Of course you would be discussing on Social. Like last year‟s forum.

Even though the group should be responsible for making the final decision. the members will look to you to lead them. Being able to explain complicated concepts in a simple manner will allow the group to quickly grasp what you are trying to tell them. If you have to repeat yourself to the group. it is important to make sure you speak clearly. It is also important to be concise. If you need to interrupt someone who is speaking. there are a number of things you will want to remember about your speech. If you cannot speak in a proper manner. your leadership abilities may be questioned. Here are some of the most important personality traits that a Seliger participant is expected to possess to do well at a GD:  Team Player  Reasoning Ability  Leadership  Flexibility  Assertiveness . it is always important to interject their conversation in a nice way. Some groups may require you to raise your hand and be called upon before you can comment on a statement or idea. the other members may assume that you are unintelligent. This could be a major problem for someone who is speaking a language that is not their native tongue. The cultural background of an individual will also play a role in how they speak. While it is important to speak fluently. Because most group discussions are restricted to time. this will delay the amount of time it takes for the group to achieve important goals. it will become tedious to both you and the other members if you have to repeat what you are saying because they do not understand you.Speak fluently If you are the head of the discussion group. You should not have to repeat yourself. even if that is not the case. When you make a statement. If you disagree with a statement that has been made. Speak in a manner that will allow the other members to understand exactly what you are saying. it is very crucial for you to speak properly. If you don't speak in an intelligent or respective manner. You should not ridicule or attack someone personally because you don't like their idea. When group discussions are held. This should occur the first time you make a statement. If you are speaking about a topic that is complex. Always talk in a manner that is courteous to others. do it in a manner that is tactful. it may be helpful to use analogies that can help the members grasp the concept. you will want to avoid using technical terms that are not understood by the group.

If some team members want to express their ideas but are not getting the opportunity to do so. But that is a high risk-high return strategy. Aggressiveness is all about forcing your point on the other person. giving them an opportunity to express their ideas or opinions will be seen as a positive trait. Caution: If a participant is not willing to speak.You must put forth your point to the group in a very emphatic. you need not necessarily go out of the way to ask him to express his views. whereas an assertive person displays positive body language. stammer or misquote facts. An aggressive person can also demonstrate negative body language.  Initiative A general trend amongst students is to start a GD and get the initial kitty of points earmarked for the initiator. If you start and fail to contribute at regular intervals. Initiate a GD only if you are well versed with the topic. it gives the impression that you started the GD just for the sake of the initial points. Remember: You never ever get a second chance to create a first impression Creativity/ Out of the box thinking Inspiring ability A good group discussion should incorporate views of all the team members. positive and confident manner. if you fumble. and can be a threat to the group. Listening Awareness     . it may work against you. Also. This may insult him and hamper the flow of the GD. Participants often confuse assertiveness with aggressiveness.

2) DEBATE Debates were created as an opportunity to educate and be educated. One technique is to take the position with which you do not agree during a discussion with a colleague or friend as a way to grasp all sides of the issue. Following these simple. Misunderstanding and/or misrepresenting statistics. If you don‟t thoroughly understand all aspects (of his argument. The same goes with the holes you are attempting to poke in your opponent‟s logic. Originally intended to elevate the collective psyche. With all this in mind. effective debating is an art-form worthy of study of debating issues is rapidly falling by the wayside. that is debating with the goal of educating and being educated on issues in order to elevate all involved is an art. If you don‟t have a thorough understanding of your position you‟ll never be able to explain it to anyone else. In addition avoid these common traps: 1. 4. . Confusing cause and effect. not the argument. the following suggestions are offered for effective debating Do Your Homework before the Debate & Make Your Points in the Debate Clearly Before entering into either debate/discussion there are two things you should understand: your position and that of your opponent/group. Assuming an answer with the phraseology of the question. 3. you stand a good chance of proving his point instead of your own. 2. Attacking the arguer. logical guidelines may not make for tantalizing discourse but it will empower you to hold your own in an intellectual debate with just about anyone. Constructive debating. It‟s been said that if you can defend it you can break it down in a debate.

" is not evidence." A (Short) List of emotionally charged words and phrases:      Liberal! Tax and spend! Conservative! Politically correct! (The opponent) is spouting! His (whatever)! . Quoting a majority opinion is not evidence. Saying. In other words. Any argument that starts with. Understand your opponents' arguments. Any argument that starts with... Remember that everybody thinks that his position is the right one. "Most biologists believe. and everybody has his reasons for thinking so.that are likely to produce more heat than light. likely to become an undisciplined wreck because . we are talking to people who substantially disagree with us and they are likely to put a different interpretation on such words.. When we are talking to people who substantially agree with us we can use such terms as "rednecks" or "liberals" and feel reasonably sure that we will be understood.Reference Facts Accurately During the Debate What is the source of your information? If it is a newspaper or a magazine. It is good practice to argue with a friend and take a position with which you do not agree. "The Bible says. Check to see whether the book you are using was published by a regular publishing company or whether it was published by some special interest group like the John Birch Society or a religious organization. I believe. rather than saying "and that's why you are such an undisciplined wreck" say. A suggested solution is to make a general statement rather than one referring specifically to the opponent. These books cannot be trusted to present unbiased evidence since their motivation for publishing is not truth but rather the furtherance of some political or religious view. Often international publications will give you a different perspective than your hometown newspaper. Authorities and majorities can be wrong and frequently have been." is not based on objective evidence. In this way you may discover some of the assumptions your opponents are making which will help you in the debate. "a person adopting your position is." is not based on objective evidence.... "According to Einstein.. Emotionalism: Set Aside Your Ego and Emotion during the Debate Avoid emotionally charged words-. Clarity: Avoid use of terms which can be interpreted differently by different readers.. are you sure that the information hasn't been "slanted" to agree with that publication's political bias? Where crucial facts are concerned. it is best to check with more than one source. Evidence: Quoting an authority is not evidence. Personal attacks on your opponent are an admission of intellectual bankruptcy. ethnic. But in a debate. Certainly the racial. or religious hate words have no place in rational debating.

One frequently sees references by conservative speakers and writers to the idea that gay activists want "special privileges. ethnic groups. But to concede the point somewhat I have a suggestion. There are all sorts of subtle ways to express hostility toward your opponent and it is almost always unwise to give in to them. I urge everyone to give it a try! . Writing a debate without using "you" is a very interesting exercise. An example of this is the statement. It is probably always wise to treat your opponent with respect. If he doesn't deserve respect." This would be ridiculous if it were true. this will probably soon become obvious enough.      All pejorative names for races. But I would like to point out that a political debate and a scientific debate are two quite different things. or religions Baby killer! Socialist! Hippy! Fascist! Saying that your opponent trots out his argument Do not impose ridiculous ideas to your opponent. The idea is that a little invective is a good thing because it adds spice. It has been pointed out by various participants that following these recommendations to the letter might make for dull reading. That doesn't mean that you can't vividly and saliently present your criticisms of your opponent's beliefs or behavior. Then the second part would allow judicious use of personal remarks. even if he doesn't deserve it. sexual preference. In the first part it would be illegal to mention the opponent at all. The word "you" would be forbidden. Perhaps we could agree to divide our debating messages into two parts. "Have you stopped beating your wife?" This presupposes that your opponent has beaten his wife. But beware of phraseology which simply makes him look ridiculous. An example of this came up recently.

Avoid literary clichés that do not show your competence and reveal your inability to think outside the box. In the Business Plan the idea must be attractive. but that is not why you will be selected to Seliger 2011. graphs and other visual tools. why do you complicate it?” In business the same thinking works – it is called the KISS principle: “Keep It Simple. What should you write in your Business Plan? Seliger 2011 will reunite 700 outstanding youth leaders on four different areas of expertise. . Usually great ideas are easily achieved in group discussion so challenge your friends to debate and improve your different plans. the sports activities and the computer-tent. That is why you need a Business Plan to be selected to Seliger 2011. Think one idea that could help the world move forward.Making your business plan simple and internationally understandable Why do you need a Business Plan? Let us be clear Seliger is not a summer camp. After reaching that basic idea you can start to think what steps are needed to achieve your goals? Do a list of those steps and include them all your Business Plan. innovative and able to reach other participants across the globe. At Seliger you will begin new projects and give them an international dimension. We all know that an image values more than one thousand words so a good technique is illustration. Of course you can enjoy the lake. Outline objectives in order to guide those who read your Business Plan for the first time. A step by step action must have in mind the need to be flexible (global environments are always changing so ideas that are unable to follow the change will be inaccurate after a short time) and the need to be accurate (identify clearly what you want to achieve with every single step). There is a famous Portuguese fashion designer that says “If you can do it simple. Stupid!” or another similar variant: “Keep it Short and Simple A Business Plan is a guide to prepare you to Seliger 2011. If you want to achieve the support of other participants and if you truly want to built a global network your ideas must be open to a broaden set of opinions and thoughts. Don‟t be frightened. Another advice is that your ideas should be as simple as open. It‟s also quite useful to include examples of what you mean with your words. Thinking in your Business Plan will not be that hard. Of course you can have some fun. as you are expected to during Seliger 2011.

When will you implement your Business Plan? Luckily your travel to Russia will be the beginning of a wider voyage in which yours Business Plan it is the captain. And if my idea is not as good as I think? Evolution is made by trying new paths and new formulas. Remember to analyze the competition carefully and even if competition is hard to identify it always exists just at different levels in the supply chain. it is better to find out immediately or through Seliger International Youth Forum and save development costs. a better team. Be responsible when writing your plan because the Organizing Committee will want to account on the standing of your business plan achievements. We wish you the best of motivation with defining. Also if you business plan is not satisfactory. You will perfect and begin to implement your plan at Seliger but the adventure of exploring your ideas will definitely go long after it. rather than finding out later once you have lost a lot of your time. Your Business Plan will always be improved in the end of Seliger. designing and developing your ideas. To summarize this: “A good business idea does not seek fierce competition. Your ability to overcome difficulties and the strength of your resolutions will be tested at the Seliger experience. money and opportunity costs. at a lower cost/better quality. . a faster process and to be able to continue satisfying those needs in new and innovative ways”. but it seeks to satisfy a market need and wherever there is a market there is always other suppliers – the point here is to leapfrog the competition with either a different approach. If in the end of Seliger you find out that your idea needs to be re-thanked and recycled that is an achievement and not a defeat.

Think not just about how I can contribute to Seliger from today. Do not feel threatened by others superiority. We therefore encourage you to be honest to yourself and to others – be open-minded and do not be afraid of receiving criticism or shy in giving criticism and feedback. music and so on. learning from what you read before and applying the Seliger mindset naturally prepares you pretty well for the forum in terms of improving and training your skills and capacities. If you are experienced think less of winning a competition and impressing others. “It takes a smart person to recognize another smart person” You might not agree with everyone‟s initiatives. sailing. So how do you also make a positive impact on others and the Seliger community as a whole? Let me propose you to begin reflecting about this sentence. which gives you enough time to develop trust and understanding.Your contribution to Seliger Now. . In practical terms this means: “Speak as you think. but teach your talents. The great thing about Seliger is that it lasts for more than a week. but stay positive and enjoy doing things even if they are new for you. climbing. but think in general. which is a natural prerequisite for discovering real synergies. but embrace it and learn from it. the value of Seliger is more than just the sum of its participants it is also the value in the synergies developed between and among the participants. Kennedy January 20th 1961 “Do not ask what Seliger Forum can do for you. which as you probably realize is strongly inspired by the famous Inaugural Address by John F. but think of what is best beyond your own position” You might not be the best in football. Only then trust will happen and ideas will evolve and mutual creativity will flourish. but in order for you to gain support for your own initiatives then be flexible and collaborative. but ask what you can do for Seliger” As with any other Forum. but remember never to sacrifice your integrity.

but the best way to stay connected is to visit other Seligerians afterwards. coordinate arrival times with others and maybe to learn a few sentences in Russian and if you already know some. you would also be able to share pictures. In this way. On the other hand.Can you do something particularly before you go? Maybe it could be bringing something unique and interesting from your country. support a cause. Facebook The social media website of 'Facebook' is the biggest and most recognized networking platform among the youngsters of today to remain in touch. Paramount and Positive” Finally we have reworked and old and famous quote by Elizabeth Bibesco (1897 – 1945) to truly prepare your attitude and perspective and most importantly your contribution: “Happy are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting” Staying in Touch With Seligerians In this age of rapid technological advancement. which would help you to connect and at the same time strengthen your project by involving the motivated participants of Seliger Forum. videos. creativity has little value unless you are “Present. business cards and maybe even your twitter account.-) . That is the reason why after Seliger Forum. Every accepted participant of Seliger Forum would be able to login in the forum by using his login ID and Password. Naturally you can also share your e-mail. and the increased level of connectivity has made easy for us to remain connected with our friends and fellows. As you see there are many different ways in which you can contribute and it mostly depends on your own creativity. Proactive. involve your university/company in the event. Seliger Forum (Inter Forum) The organizers of Seliger Forum 2011 have created a separate forum on Seliger website for the participants this year. Travel to their place or host them at your place – Now you are true Seligerian . There are various ways to remain in touch with the talented and inspirational fellows with whom you would meet in Seliger 2011. teach others. you would be able to introduce your action plans and exciting projects to other attendees of Seliger Forum. and any other memories of Seliger Forum with your fellow participants and who are likely to also become your friends. the workshop participants create separate Facebook groups to remain in touch with their group members. the world has become a global village. On the forum. help others in the forum with their questions.

you almost got confirmed to Seliger 2011. try to secure some of the currency of the country of destination before leaving.which gives you local currency abroad as well as in your country . Visa or MasterCard compatible card should do. check whether you have on you: passport. Just before leaving home. pay attention to the timeline the organizers announced for the publication of the results of the application process. a copy of the letter of invitation. Forum Confirmation. And still. Check at the exchange office whether you'll have to pay a commission for the operation and how high that is. see if it is accepted at ATMs and stores in the country you're travelling. take a look at the letter of invitation and get an extra PHOTOCOPY. call the embassy and ask for all these details in advance. When waiting for the answer regarding Visa. You never know when the letter or email gets lost underway In any case. No matter how much of the costs is paid for you. train stations and hotels are traditionally worse that what you can get in a bank or in town. and you don't get your answer in two weeks following that date or the date of the event comes to close. happy you. Seliger covers Airport Transfer. and because you're showing an active interest in become part of a global team of future leaders. be it by plane. Policies may vary from country to country and from embassy to embassy. Shortly after celebrating. If you have a card. accommodation and meals. Well. When you're changing money at the destination remember that exchange rates in airports. which costs nothing. try an email. First of all. here's some advice that should help you prepare your trip pleasant and lean. Should you not manage to. name. A Maestro. address and phone numbers of the organizers. If there is a clear date. A multicurrency card . the earlier you get the ticket. train or bus. Broadly speaking. just make a reservation.Preparing for Seliger So. in Russia. It is better in advance to ask organizers or Ambassadors to ask average expenditures apart from Seliger 2011. the less it costs. one day you will receive an invitation. your expenses in transit time and other personal expenses in Russia. well done! We're really happy for you so far. you will still need some pocket money. In any case. what next? You're just getting on train or plane and take off to the week/year of your life? If that's the case. and you're afraid you won't be able to make it. Still.is probably the best option. the address of the . Especially during the summer and around public holidays seats fill up quickly. If you decide to carry cash. Also. get some widely accepted international currency like USD. So don't change all your money at once. If you're travelling by plane. don't buy the ticket before getting the visa. really an event to remember. in the case of the planes. reminding the organizers you're waiting for an answer. secure transportation well in advance.

place where you're going to stay. You're there to enjoy the results of your work and the works of others. With all the ensured basic necessities  The Basic necessities ideally would be your baggage along with a raincoat.  Please do not miss any of the programs as it hampers the spirit of the forum Farewell!! This being said. torch. transportation tickets and a copy of this guide :) WHAT TO BRING…?  We recommend you to travel LIGHT. maybe you'll find time to write us about your impressions. cash and/or cards. sport shoes. You increase the possibility to enjoy campfire followed with dancing and singing in your group. bring it. first aid kit. a bed sheet and personal care products  It is Recommended to get some souvenirs from your country to give gifts to your new friends AT SELIGER  Keep track of events happening on website beforehand about the speakers and professors participating in your sessions. Yours Sincerely. so enjoy it! :) And when back home.  Participate in in the extracurricular activities which usually happens in the evenings  If it is possible to bring some musical instruments. We'll greatly appreciate it. Likewise you will be able to communicate much better during the Forum  In the forum make sure you take notes of the different programs being displayed on the HUGE BOARD about what‟s happening in different Tents. we wish you more than just a very pleasant time. The Seliger Ambassador Team .  It is also advisable to start discussion on Seliger Webpage Forum and Facebook Page to discuss your ideas beforehand.

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