IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) tools used by MICROMAX

Advertising is the one of the biggest tool to development of integrated marketing communication. So the Micromax uses IMC tools to promote the product and build the strong image of the brand in the consumers mind. Integrated Marketing Communication ( IMC) is the practice of unifying all marketing communication tools so the send a consist, persuasive massage promoting company goals. With a 360 degree advertising and marketing strategy sketched out, the company has an optimistic outlook for the telecom consumer space. Currently present in more than 40,000 stores across the country, the company plans to have an aggressive market incursion to reach out to its customers through 70,000 operational stores in the coming year The following tools of IMC are being used by Micromax: Events and experiences For marketing of its products the company is riding on two enduring Indian obsessions– sports and films–to build its brand. Following up on its association with the popular Twenty20 cricket Indian Premier League (IPL), Micromax, a brand that is less than three years old, has become the title sponsor of almost all tournaments and series of which India is a part, including the recently concluded Asia Cup, the forthcoming India-Sri Lanka Test series and the India-New Zealand-Sri Lanka tri-series in August. The objective behind the cricket “roadblock”, as such behavior is termed in advertising, is to drive brand awareness and recall. The company believes that while cricket may boost a brand instantly, viewers may still not remember the brand after the match or the tournament. Even if consumers remember a series, they may not remember the advertisers. That’s when they thought of a roadblock and decided to sponsor all cricketing properties post IPL. Bollywood is also a major platform for the brand, which is targeting consumers between 18 and 27 years. Bollywood’s most bankable star Akshay Kumar was signed on as the brand ambassador six months ago. More recently, his wife Twinkle Khanna was engaged to promote Micromax’s bling phone that comes with Swarovski crystals and a vanity mirror. To push its association with films, the firm also sponsored the IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) Awards held in Sri Lanka, where Micromax recently launched its phones. The brand is now ready to enter Bangladesh and West Asia. Advertising

Marketing mix consist of four important variables of marketing. But buyers may not be willing to pay a high price would be definitely high. Advertising can convince buyers regarding the superiority of the brand and thus its value for money. films. There are more cities where the campaign will be launched in the near future for which we would be briefed accordingly. executed mostly through hoardings. The product may be of very high quality . i. i. shape. 3.At times. Advertising and Product: A product is normally a set of physical elements. This can be effectively done through advertising. It is not just enough to convince. such as quality. The city of launch was Delhi to start with. and post which we did the launch in Patna and Jaipur. Advertising and Price: The price is the exchange value of the product. A marketer may bring out a very high quality product with additional features as compared to competitors. Advertising is an element of promotion. This can be explained as follows: 1. Thus. the product is so designed that it requires careful handling and operations. and Pace.e. This can be done by associating the product with prestigious people. They also utilize hoarding and bill boards to advertise their products. But buyers may not be willing to pay a high price. Going further. 4Ps-Product. In such a case. but also affects the other variables of marketing mix. celebrity micromax also advertise through news papers. Posting.e. there are also other variables. Prime site recently kicked off a month-long campaign for Micromax mobile phones in Delhi. Here comes advertising. On the brief and objective of the campaign. Apart from using cricket. Thus advertising plays the role of conviction and persuasion.” All the Medias used by micromax are very carefully selected as to reach its target audience and through each medium the innovative aspect of the product is portrayed. Indore is next in line. size. Packaging. this promotion will be extended to the other regions of northern India as well. Price. colour and other features. Alternatively when a firm offers a low price products the job of advertising needs to stress the price advantage by using hard hitting copy. Advertising and Place: Place refers to physical distribution and the stores where the goods are available Marketer should see to it that the goods are available at the . but it is desirable to persuade the buyer. or events. it not only assists in promoting the product. advertising plays the role of information and education. Apart from the traditional 4Ps. 2. Buyers must be informed and educated on the various aspects of the product. price would be definitely high. Promotion and Place. situations. However.Broadcast media micromax use television to broadcast their advertisements.

It is perhaps the most visible of all the elements in the promotion mix and is therefore subject to much criticism from consumer groups. WHAT IS ADVERTISING? The word advertising originates from Latin word advertise. Advertising is not just 30 seconds of entertainment during the Super Bowl or the announcement of the new deals from the cheesy car dealer down the street. 4. it can turn mere products into meaningful brands and important . which means to turn to. 5. educating and persuading the customers to buy the product. Advertising and Positioning: Product positioning aims at creating and maintaining a distinct image of the brands in the minds of the customers. It has the power to create brand awareness and loyalty and to stimulate demand. has defined advertising as “any paid form of non-personal presentation or promotion of ideas. It involves among other things the launch of new products or brand variations at greater speed than before. In its most profound form. and preservation of quality and quantity. advertising is of great significance. As and when new brands are launched. Advertising and Pace: Pace refers to the speed in marketing decisions and actions. Advertising can play a significant role to put forward the claim of seller. Through effective advertising. It is also subjected to government regulation. by an identified sponsor”. It also carries an assurance of quality and creates confidence in the minds of customers to buy the product. sellers can face competition and also help to develop brand image and brand loyalty. A creatively design package attract the attention of the customers. Businessmen today have to face a lot of competition. Chicago. Now a –days. Every seller needs effective promotion to survive and succeed in this competitive business world. Advertising may be defined as the process of buying sponsor-identified media space or time in order to promote a product or an idea. personal selling and sales promotion technique. goods or services.convenient place and that too at the right time when the buyers need it. 6. The dictionary meaning of the term is “to give public notice or to give publicity”. Advertising is big business–an industry with extraordinary cultural and economic impact. and to counter the claims of competitor. advertising plays an important role of informing. The American Marketing Association. Thus advertising do help in effective distribution and market expansion. To facilitate effective distribution and expansion of market. Through advertising the marketer can convey the positioning of the brand and accordingly can influence the buying decision of the target audience. marketers take lot of efforts to develop and design attractive packages as they carry advertising value. 7. publicity. Advertising and Promotion: Promotion consists of advertising. Advertising and Packaging: The main purpose of packaging is protection of the product during transit.

which is not always the case with publicity. . Successful advertising sales results in satisfied customers and revenue growth for the company. Advertising is a paid form and hence is commercial in nature. it is directed at a mass audience and not directly at the individual as in personal selling. Whatever the form of advertisement (visual.possessions and turn the most mundane object into a cultural icon. However. Thus any sponsored communication designed to influence buyer behavior is advertising. 2. television. consumers do not always interpret the message as the advertiser intended. Definition 1. spoken or written). in receiving a message. the Internet). 3. An advertisement is persuasive in nature and sends an intended message through a designated medium (radio. Publicity is not paid for by the sponsor. advertising is a method of one-way communication between an advertiser and the consumer. Advertising can be offensive or memorable. In its simplest form. Advertising is a paid form of publicity. Advertising is non-personal. Advertisements are identified with their sponsoring authority. the center of controversy or the topic of conversation.

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