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The Islamic Justice System (Sharia Law)

By Ahmed Simon Our prayers and protests were answered in the case of Aminah Lawal (the second case, after Safiya). It is a small victory for the efforts of the non-Muslims to save a life from a horrendous death. But, she did not get stoning to death, not because the Islamic Judges found her innocent. She simply could not be convicted, just because the Islamic Sharia Law was not yet implement at the purported time, when she committed the act (getting Pregnant out of wedlock). As for the man who made her pregnant, the Islamic Sharia law does not stone a man to death? It is reserved for the Muslim women only. At the most, the Islamic Sharia Law only prescribes some whipping for men, that is, if found guilty of adultery And that too, the Islamic Sharia Law requires proof from a minimum of four witnesses, that the man did penetrate the woman (seen the penis actually enter the virgina). A female witness is a man, thus requiring a minimum of 8 female witnesses. And even if the man did the act and she gets pregnant, but there are only three witnesses to the penetration, the Muslim man cannot be convicted. The problem here is that when the man is on top of the woman, his legs are in between hers, blocking the view, how then can a witness, straining his back and neck see the penetration, leave alone 4 witnesses, or if it was really dark? Another important problem is that the 4 witnesses should have taken a good analytical look of the mans face while he was actually doing the act, to identify him later in court, correctly. That is why the Muslim men are very anxious to have the Islamic Sharia Laws, as it is piled in their favour. As for the woman, her own child is the evidence to convict her (the law need no witnesses for her). If an unwed couple is caught in a compromising position (khalwat embracing, kissing, hugging, smooching, etc), it is punished by a fine and/or jail.

When her head gets stoned, it will smash her face at first, then, it will crack her skull. More stoning will chip off fragments of her skull exposing her brains. More of her brains, skull, and blood will spill out, but she could still be alive, and even screaming, if she is conscious. Even if she is unconscious, she is not allowed to die by bleeding, (which is a certainty at this stage), because the Islamic law requires her to be stoned to death, well and truly. Finally, her head becomes an unrecognisable dark red mash. Remember the Taliban who practiced this Islamic law in Afghanistan thank President Bush for the liberation and not condemn him so soon thereafter. In one case in Kandahar, it took so long, that stoning continued till late evening. Prophet Muhammad married 8 year old Aisha, (9 by the Muslim calendar), after she had her first period thus, considered an adult in Islamic law. But Muslims say Islam is fair, and equal to men and women. There are six more such cases pending in Katsina, Nigeria, and most of them, committed the act after the Islamic Sharia Law was implemented, after the Muslims won the Elections in that part of Nigeria. The point here for me is not the stoning of the woman itself, which is bad, but how can any man, woman and child stand and watch this, in public, leave alone joining the stoning process? If we allow such acts to continue in the name of Allah, then we are condoning such acts, and just as bad. So let us non-Muslims pray and show our revulsion to such Islamic Barbarism, by going to the Amnesty International Website, and protest as recommended. Can you hear the deadly silence of the Muslims around you? (As an ex-Muslim, an Ustaz (Islamic religious teacher) and later a Kadhi (Islamic Judge), you can understand the turmoil and pain I went through in the transition period of my life, from Allahs ardent servant to the love of Jesus, my Lord and Savior.)