it is your responsibility lets find one to bring the others to us so what is this all about the one behind

my bookstore is fine it never hurts to be too careful we have been waiting to me you you and this is going to hurt we have just implan ted you with a sub-dermal governor it connects us directly with your dna the pai n is debilitating bring it on well alright give us your best shot well i gather we all have a better idea of how much you can take an opportunity as an operati ve of the genetic security agency i just think that the two of us should get alo ng there is a second feature on and off i'll give you a little jolt to keep you in line i sell misses and petite i did manipulate costumers it did not always wo rk when i was a kid maybe five i was at this rock festival totally lost in the c rowd when i realized they were gone i closed my eyes and i saw my parents in a d ream by that time i did not care if they found me or not mr.ekhart this is the m an you requested for your interview so you have heard of me please mr. bishop i am an esper fine tell me what you see when you read my mind unless you want mr. thorn to convince you the rest of your friends to justice i do not think adam li kes you it is not in his nature to maybe even more so my mind we have all had ou r gifts since birth adam asked me to teach you some focusing techniques it is up to you to justify follow my lead its progress we are after not perfection o yea h its a hotshot we can not move against ekhart taking action prematurely can get us all killed second chances yo u would not be here my mind and skin well i owe it all to you the good and bad so how am i doing perfect these ideas are iron clade get everyone out of here they are everywhere nice work hits no way he thr ew me look has he checked in get in where let me find them i can do it i have t he power are i understand there were problems bring me the deloral girl and no excuses reservior of untapped power you can do it emma just like i taught you o good i can see them and vince where are they i do not know children have been aw ay to long it is time we all got to know each other better i can not do it i am sorry emma you where five for him focus him i know where he is how does it fe el to betray your own kind like you have a choice yeah you see i volunteered w ell hi lovely to finally to meet you you have been given the opportunity to i c all it protective custody you could have been stasis for future examination w hen every you are ready i need to the new music lucky i missed never did know wh en to stop but while my passion is in the service of humanity you and your freak s are a racked my guilt perverse sense of reality thorn my turn i would have in vited you and the virus to do its work i expected better than a cheap bluff fro m you well i guess it is true the bigger they are the faster they run what do yo u say we join the others and get out of here nice place fun to clean always welc ome emma when i started like you someone with the gift of in-vision and in time an answered prayer squander has gift outlaws myself outlaw to help show me the way odds are a against us and brennan it is an opportunity to but the past behin d us thank you what no hug but no hazing no handshakes DNA strand yours and y ours alone welcome to Mutant X god help anyone who stands in our way fight you at the same time what are you suggesting a truce to accomplish for a freakish s o does the GSA totally victory bread and butter this could be your undoing give me a moment genius and expertise absolutely correct talking about milo tell me what you need made a deal with the devil i can speed of this infection hey budd y chances are we should get the hell out of here and thats that we will be fine what x ray vision please brennan check in on rick adam i am your liaison looki ng over my shoulder progress needs you past sneaks up on you escape morrow detri ment of imprisonment pangs of guilt free market place highest bidder mercenary n ow this side of the fence limited access how are you and sunshine personality anger new mutant ability all human behavior survival is not an issue with mt pow ers were i one of you thats not what genomax years everything to do at stake he will find it negative positive what is the difference disease controls new mutan ts it will not be much of a fight no it wont my children sorry for yur lost iam the pain you have been threw next to my wife and child okay life of every new mu tant take the legacy using abilities to help people give you peace not for me ne w frontier saved your life no of course what cellular regeenration no in my wor ld you are the key to the cure emma can not hemp it 20 minuets triage DNA strain beat this infetion pyridime a lot of people whats in it for you i do not know

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