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Edward M.

Helicopter Pilot Extrordinnaire  |  310.748.9513

Flight Hours Qualifications Ratings

Total Time: 235.6 hours Robinson R22: 184.0 hours • Commercial Pilot
Pilot In Command: 189.5 hours Robinson R44: 46.5 hours • Instrument
Cross Country: 86.5 hours Turbine: 5.1 hours • Certified Flight Instructor
Night Time: 23.4 hours • Certified Flight Instrument Instructor
• SFAR73 CFI Endorsement in R22 & R44
Night Cross Country: 17.0 hours • Robinson Factory Course: July 12th 2007
Simulated Instrument: 55.1 hours • Current First Class Medical

2007 / 2008 Mauna Loa Helicopters (Instrument, CFII)
2008 JJ Helicopters (CFI)
2006 / 2007 PCH Helicopters (Private, Commercial)
1998 / 2001 El Camino College (Theatre Arts Major)
2000 Aerial / Arena Rigging Training

Work History
Captain Zodiac (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii) August 2007 - Present Boat Crew Member | Duties as a crew
member included; Daily boat prep and maintenance; Boarding and disembarking passengers; Bestowing
knowledge of local history and marine life to passengers; Giving safety briefings and tips about the dangers of
snorkeling; Using pirate words such as, Ahoy!, Arrr! and Aye!; Most importantly being a pirate! Arrr!!!

PCH Helicopters (Torrance, California) November 2006 - May 2007 Aircraft Refueler | Duties as a refu-
eler included; Refueling school, contract, transient, and local aircraft (rotorcraft and fixed wing); Daily clean-
ing and basic maintenance of school’s helicopters; Bottom loading (refilling) the fuel truck when needed; and
assisting with administrative duties around the office.

EMR Productions (Redondo Beach, California) July 1998 - June 2006 Production Coordinator | Duties
performed for EMR Productions included; Lighting Design and Event Coordination for high end events and
concerts; Managing staff and venders to allow a smooth transition throughout the event; Integrating new
technologies with existing to create the “vision” of the client; Extensive knowledge of logistical transporta-
tion of equipment and crew to better meet the clients productions schedules; And meeting some really cool
people. Some major events include; KROQ: Weenie Roast and Concert, Playboy: Midsummer’s Night Dream
Party, Electronic Entertainment Expo (“E3”).

Ryan Heller (818) 564-5792 | Flight Instructor for PCH Helicopters
Cara Hollenbeck (808) 217-5068 | Office Manager for Mauna Loa Helicopters
Cassie Fyme (808) 329-3199 | Office Manager for Captain Zodiac

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