Licking County League Youth Football Grievance Form

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Grievance Occurrence Information Date of Occurrence: Date Grievance Received: Name: Address:

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Time of Occurrence: Time Grievance Received: Phone Number: e-mail: Grievance Details

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Complainant Contact Information

John Zarlino
78 Northview Dr SW Etna Ohio 43018


Name of the person complaint is against: Position of the person complaint is against:


Please provide the factual details of the issue and/or circumstance for which you are submitting this grievance including dates, times, parties involved, location of incident, behavior observed if a Code of Conduct issue: I understand the purpose of this form and would like you to change the name of the form to suggestion form to include other positive topics along with a selection for a grievance box.

Please explain how you or your child has been harmed by this issue or circumstance: This is a great idea and needed to help our process grow.

Please describe any efforts you have made to resolve your complaint. Please include all responses to your attempts to resolve this issue. i.e. if this complaint involves a coach, describe what have you discussed directly with the head coach and what were the responses: Asking you to update this form to include positive feedback.

Please describe the remedy or outcome you seek for this compliant: Update this form to include positive feedback. I know we will need 240K to bid out for the project and 80K to start it and plan on using the web to reach out to the community it accomplish this task. This form will be one of the ways to help the team get the job done. Coach “Z”

LCLYF - Licking County League Youth Football

Please keep a copy of the completed form for your records

Grievance Process
The Licking County League Youth Football (LCLYF) has implemented a grievance process to provide players, parents or coaches a forum to submit a complaint about a League board member, umpire, coach or parent. Complaints submitted in accordance with the grievance process will be reviewed by the Grievance Committee. All grievances are to be submitted in writing using the Grievance Form to the LCLYF within seven (7) days of the event giving rise to the complaint. The grievance committee will review the complaint, conduct an appropriate investigation if warranted and make an appropriate response to the complaint.

Grievance Submission and Response Steps:
1. All grievances must be submitted within seven (7) days of the event giving rise to the complaint. 2. All complaints must be submitted in writing using the Grievance Form found on the League web site. Incomplete grievance submissions will not be accepted and will be returned for additional information. The complainant will have an additional seven (7) days to complete the requested information. 3. Completed Grievance Forms must be submitted to the LCLYF President or emailed to: contact name on the LCLYF website 4. The Grievance Committee will review the grievance and determine whether the submitted complaint falls within the guidelines established by the policies and procedures of the LCLYF including, but not limited to: a. Appropriateness of the complaint. b. All information outlined on the Grievance Form is completed. Incomplete grievance submissions will be returned with a request for the missing required information (Refer to step 2). 5. You will be notified by the Grievance Committee whether the submitted grievance is accepted or denied. 6. Accepted grievances will be investigated by the Grievance Committee and a formal response will be provided to the complainant within seven (7) to ten (10) days of acceptance.

7. After the appropriate investigation, if the Grievance Committee finds that it is a valid grievance, the
information will be presented to the <Insert League Name> Board who will review the findings.

8. The LCLYF President and/or Board of Directors reserve the rights to determine what actions are to be

9. The complainant will be notified of the LCLYF President decision and ruling regarding the grievance.

LCLYF - Licking County League Youth Football