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Asia 2003
26 30 May 2003, The Conrad, Hong Kong

Keynote presenters
The Hon. Anthony Leung Financial Secretary Government of the Hong Kong SAR Alexa Lam Executive Director of Intermediaries and Investment Products Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission

Michael Flaherman Chairman of the Investment Committee CalPers, USA

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Hedge Funds World Asia 2003

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Why attend Hedge Funds World Asia 2003?

With over US$50 billion in assets under management, over 10% of the global hedge funds industrys managers are speaking at this prestigious event! Plus Hong Kong is booming!
"Hong Kong has firmly established itself as the premier financial center in the Asia-Pacific region" Mr. Stephen Ip, Secretary for Financial Services Hong Kong. Currently there is over US$300 billion invested in the Hong Kong capital markets, most of which has earned miserable returns. As both the Hong Kong and global investors look towards alternative investments for absolute returns, there are 300 billion reasons for you to consider the Hong Kong hedge funds market.

Who should attend?

The marketing campaign, combined with the high-level conference programme, is designed to attract key decision makers in the alternative investment community. Our target audience will include the following profiles amongst others: By industry: Investment banks Private banks Institutional investment firms Insurance companies Family offices High net worth individuals Prime brokers Offshore administrators Banks Major corporate companies Law firms Hedge funds By job title: CEO/Chairman Chief Investment Officer Managing Director Investment Director Portfolio Manager Fund Manager Senior Analyst Treasurer Asset Manager Portfolio Manager Pension Fund Manager Directors of Investment Policy and Research Directors of Equity or Fixed Income Research "Hedge Funds World conferences throughout Asia and Australia are excellent hedge fund events for the region, offering a practical mix of editorial diversity as well as networking opportunities. These events have assisted in stimulating appetite for these specialist investment tools". Hans-Willem van Tuyll, Chairman Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) "Very informative" Bermuda Trust "Overall the conference is very good" Tactical Global Management "Provided a broad appreciation of subject manner, yet good insight and balanced views" HSBC Asset Management

Your Asian hedge funds opportunity!

Hedge Funds are in the middle of a boom in Asia, with over 230 hedge funds managing over US$20 billion in the region. With the SFC currently in the process of authorising retail products, there is no better opportunity for you to enter or promote your existing position within the Asian Hedge Funds industry. The conference will feature: 4 visionary keynote presentations Presentations from major industry leaders Discussions by the region's and global institutional investors The conference will be the place where the knowledge, ideas and vision come together to promote hedge funds throughout Asia.

The speaker faculty for 2003 includes:

The Hon. Antony Leung, Financial Secretary, Government of the Hong Kong SAR Alexa Lam, Executive Director of Intermediaries and investment products Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission Michael Flaherman, Former chairman of the Investment Committee CalPers USA Alberto La Rocca, Chief Executive Officer, Pioneer Alternative Investments Ireland Joel Katzman, President and Chief Executive Officer, JP Morgan Alternative Asset Management USA William. S Kaye, Senior Managing Director, The Pacific Group Hong Kong Clifford de Souza, Chief Investment Officer, Citigroup Alternative Investments USA Stuart Leckie, Chairman, The Hong Kong Retirement Schemes Association (HKRSA) Mac Overton, Financial Consultant, Sun Hung Kai Properties Hong Kong Julius Wang, Head of Hedge Fund Investments, Search Group Hong Kong Shing Tao, Chairman, KST Capital USA Dominic Hobson, Director PLANSPONSOR Magazine, UK

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Day One Wednesday 28 May 2003

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8.00 8:45

Registration, morning coffee and tea Welcome address Leon Kantor Project Director Hedge Funds World Chairperson's opening remarks Hans-Willem van Tuyll Chairman Alternative Investment Management Association, UK



The merging of the mutual funds and hedge funds industries Examining bull and bear market cycles Exploring modern portfolio theory What opportunities exist in the new investment universe? Gnter Mathis Chief Operating Officer Quadriga Asset Management, USA Lunch networking session hosted by


Keynote Address: 9:00 The Hon. Antony Leung GBS, JP Financial Secretary, The Government of the HKSAR 2:00 Panel Discussion: The "Dim Sum": The leading Hong Kong manager's roundtable Does absolute return exist? Is volatility necessarily bad? What are the latest developments and challenges in this thriving market? Moderated by Tim Mann Director Fortis Fund Services, Hong Kong Panelists: William S Kaye Senior Managing Director The Pacific Group, Hong Kong George Long Managing Director Long Investment Management, Hong Kong James Hong Chief Investment Officer - Alternative Investment Strategies UBS Global Asset Management, Hong Kong Robert Appleby Director ADM Capital, Hong Kong 2:50 Integrating quantitative and qualitative approaches in fund of hedge funds investing, and when to stress which Matthew Nurick Co-Chief Investment Officer for Funds of Hedge Funds Pioneer Alternative Investments, Ireland The new paradigm for funds of hedge funds Structural issues behind a FoF The serial correlation of returns The unstable correlations of strategies Clifford de Souza Chief Investment Officer - Citigroup Fund of Hedge Funds Group Citigroup Alternative Investments, USA Afternoon refreshments hosted by

Special Address: 9:30 E d u c a t i n g a n d p ro te c t i n g t h e re t a i l i nve s to r s o f Hong Kong An analysis of the latest developments in the authorisation of retail hedge fund products by the SFC Alexa Lam Executive Director of intermediaries and investment products Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission 10:00 Authorisation of retail hedge fund products Complying with the SFC guidelines Educating distributors An analysis of the guidelines and the application process Susan Gordon Partner Deacons, Hong Kong Morning refreshments hosted by



Guaranteed hedge fund investments The evolution and growth of guaranteed hedge fund products Examples of guaranteed products Benefits of guaranteed products - real and perceived The future for guaranteed alternative investments Wolfgang Landl Senior Investment Manager Man Investment Products, Switzerland The role risk management plays within a fund of funds portfolio What role does risk play within a portfolio and how can proper management both reduce exposure to risk and maximise absolute returns? Where are the risks in a fund of funds? Risk management in the manager selection process Strategy diversification and transparency Joel Katzman President and Chief Executive Officer JP Morgan Alternative Asset Management, USA Use of alternative investment-linked structured products: Comparing alternative investment-linked structured products and traditional asset classes Hedge fund characteristics from a structuring point of view Comparision with traditional fixed income products Opportunities in the new investment universe Specific applications and examples Fabien Labouret M a n a g i n g D i r e c t o r, H e a d o f S t ru c tu r e d A l t e r n a t i ve Investments Asia CDC IXIS Capital Markets, Japan





Day One contd

Day Two Thursday 29 May 2003


Case Study - Panel Discussion: Raising capital for Asian hedge funds This session will examine successful strategies in raising capital for Asian hedge funds. Where do the funds come from geographically? How to attract institutional investors? Retaining investments during the good times and the bad Moderated by Richard Armstrong Managing Director Eureka Hedge Advisors, Singapore Panelists: Zaheer Sitabkhan Chief Investment Officer and Director Lloyd George Investment Management, Hong Kong Jon Easton Managing Director EN Asset Management, Japan Richard Magides Managing Partner Artradis Fund Management, Singapore

8.00 8:50

Registration, morning coffee and tea Chairperson's opening remarks

Keynote Address: 9:00 Michael Flaherman Former chairman of the Investment Committee CalPers, USA Michael Flaherman has been an elected member of the Board since January 1995, elected by public agency members. At the time of printing this brochure he was the current Chair of the Investment Committee of CalPERS. As his current term is set to expire on Januar y 15, 2003, this will allow him to discuss with more openness his views and investment philosophies. This presentation will focus on his opinions on hedge fund products and what role they should play within a investment portfolio Special Address: 9:35 Transparency - who needs it? What does "transparency" really mean? What is it designed to accomplish? Does transparency translate into better investment performance or better corporate governance? Is transparency harmless? What is the hidden cost of transparency? Dr. Edwin T. Burton Associate Professor of Economics - University of Virginia Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees Virginia Retirement System, USA INVESTORS SPEAK OUT 10:10 What we want! Investors Panel Discussion: As institutional investors and high net worth individuals increasingly move their investments towards hedge funds and alternatives, what can managers do to educate them and better suit their needs? What are the constraints many investors face from investing in alternative investments? How do investors categorise hedge funds in their overall portfolio? What can managers do to better suit the needs of their investors? Moderated by: Raymond Wong Managing Director Cheetah Investment Management, Hong Kong Panelists: Stuart Leckie Chairman The Hong Kong Retirement Schemes Association (HKRSA) Julius Wang Head of Hedge Fund Investments Search Group (Family Office) Hong Kong Mac Overton Financial Consultant Sun Hung Kai Properties (Family Office) Hong Kong Shing Tao Chairman KST Capital (Family Office) USA 11:00 Morning refreshments hosted by


Panel Discussion: Global trends: Around the world in 60 minutes Examining what works and what doesn't? Exploring commonalities in success and failure Assessing the good, the bad and the ugly Moderated by Thomas Weber Founding Partner and Head of Hedge Fund Investments LGT Capital Partners, Switzerland Asian update: Joanne Murphy Head of Hedge Funds Bank of Bermuda, Hong Kong European update: Mark Wagner Managing Director Sabre Fund Management, UK North American update: Virginia Parker President Parker Global Strategies, USA


End of conference day one Cocktails reception hosted by

Profit from your alternatives

Day Two contd

Profit from your alternatives

RETAIL ISSUES IN HONG KONG 11:30 Panel Discussion I: What will separate new products in the retail marketplace? At the time of print all companies on this panel had applied for authorisiation. This panel will discuss the process undertaken and the next step forward. Achieving authorisation for retail products in Hong Kong What will differentiate these products? Educating the distributors and the retail investors Suiting products to retail investors needs Moderated by: Rory Gallaher Partner Deacons, Hong Kong Panelists: Joel Katzman Chief Executive Officer and President JP Morgan Alternative Asset Management, USA Nigel Webber Private Banking Director and Head of Investment Management HSBC Republic Bank, Hong Kong Eylon Cohen Managing Director Quadriga Asset Management, Hong Kong 12:15 Panel Discussion II: Education: Distributors vs Providers This exciting panel features an IFA, a private banker, a single strategy hedge fund and a fund of hedge funds to discuss the role each plays in the retail market. Examining the role of IFAs and private bankers in selling hedge fund products to the retail market What can providers do to better inform the distributors about their products? What do the distributors need from the providers to better promote their products? Understanding the process behind authorizing retail products Moderated by: Sally Wong Executive Director Hong Kong Investment Funds Association (HKIFA) Distributors panelists: Stephen Richards Evans Regional Director International Banking Asia Lloyds TSB Bank, Hong Kong Leong Sze Hian Chairman of the Practice Standards Committee Society of Financial Services Professionals, Singapore Providers panelists: Matt Dillon Regional Manager - Asia Pacific Man Investment Products, Hong Kong Alberto La Rocca Chief Executive Officer Pioneer Alternative Investments, Ireland 1:00 Lunch networking session hosted by 5:10 3:20

Panelists: Chris Choy Chief Executive Officer Pacific World Asset Management, Hong Kong Belinda Boey Head of Alternative Asset Management - Asia Union Bancaire Prive, Switzerland John Inamine Senior Vice President Sparx Asset Management, Japan 2:50 Implications on tax for Hong Kong hedge fund managers A highlight of the current tax law and practices Tax planning opportunities for the manager and investors Accounting and disclosure - what are the choices? Patrick Yip Tax partner Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Hong Kong A liquidity haircut for hedge funds The liquidity risk for hedge fund investors What risks do investors face in terms of hedge fund liquidity? What protection can investors take? Izzy Nelken Financial Mathematics Program University of Chicago, USA Afternoon refreshments hosted by



Panel Discussion: On the ground in emerging hedge fund markets What are the benefits of early stage investing in emerging hedge fund markets? Identifying opportunities in the emerging alternative markets Choosing benchmarks for asset classes and investment styles What are the inherent risks in the emerging markets and how to overcome them? Moderated by: Cesar Bacani Financial Journalist, Hong Kong Author - The China Investor: Getting Rich with the Next Superpower Panelists: David Crichton-Watt Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director Aims Asset Management, Malaysia Doug Barnett President and Chief Investment Officer Quest Management, Thailand Dominic Scriven Managing Director Dragon Capital, Vietnam Panel Discussion: The new kids on the block: Who are the rising stars of Hong Kong? This session will examine what will give the new breed of managers the edge in 2003. The panel features two companies that successfully launded new hedge funds in 2002. What challenges have they faced in launching their funds? What strategies do they think will give them the edge? How do they perceive the future of the industry? Moderated by: Kurt Baker Executive Director Morgan Stanley, Hong Kong Panelists: Adrian Churn Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director SBI China Provident Capital Management, Hong Kong Tobias Bland Chief Executive Officer Enhanced Investment Products, Hong Kong


Panel Discussion: Overcoming the common problems in a FOF Fund of funds are diversifying their way out of performance! How much is optimal and at what level does it become detrimental? Managing problems associated with style-drift in single strategy managers What happens when a manager leaves? Does absolute return really exist? Is volatility necessarily bad? No risks no returns! Moderated by: Dominic Hobson Director PLANSPONSOR Magazine, UK


End of conference

2 Day Pre-conference Masterclass

Monday 26 May - Tuesday 27 May 2003 Separately bookable

Exploring Hedge Funds Masterclass

Conducted by Sam Young Chung, Ph.D. Professor of Finance, Long Island University, USA Research Associate, CISDM - University of Massachusetts Senior Research Analysts, SSARIS Advisors LLC Course Objectives: This two-day course is designed with the aim of providing attendees with a complete understanding of hedge funds. Through empirical and theoretical analysis, the risks and returns of hedge funds will be explained and the various hedge funds strategies will be explored. This exploration will lead to an understanding of the concept of hedge funds management and the importance of diversification in controlling portfolio risk. The workshop will also address the issue of the risk measurement of hedge funds and how traditional and modern asset allocation techniques are used for hedge funds investments. Day One: Morning session I Introduction to traditional and alternative investments Academic evidence on traditional investments Hedge funds versus traditional investments Source of alpha relative to traditional investments Source of unique diversification opportunities Hedge fund investment: background Hedge fund background Exploring the myths of hedge fund investments Hedge fund facts Goals of hedge fund investments Hedge fund core portfolio: manager selection vs. strategy selection Examining the sources of hedge fund returns Hedge fund performance within hedge funds Examining performance attribution Basis for hedge fund performance: sensitivity to different factors Performance in extreme environments Exploring hedge fund strategies How multi-factor models can be used to describe sources of fund return?


Hedge fund indices and benchmarks The hedge fund universe versus hedge fund index An overview of hedge fund indices Alternative hedge fund databases: performance comparisons Relative index performance vs. fund of fund performance Index creation and index based replication Security based passive indices Benefits of a multi-factor based index replication

Day Two: Morning session VII Issues in asset allocation Are fund weights determined by return or risk preferences? Fund weights determined by return/risk optimization As s e t a l l o c a t i o n d e t e r m i n e d by c o m m o n s e c u r i t y characteristics Fund selection determined by forecasts of economic conditions Asset allocation: strategic and tactical Allocation for the institutional investor Nave multi-manager portfolios vs. Markowitz mean/variance asset allocation Why indices must reflect asset manager's sensitivity to factors? Why historical indexes may not reflect future returns of current index? Why historical returns may be poor forecasts of future hedge fund return? Using strategic asset allocation for long term allocation Using tactical asset allocation for short term rebalancing



Day Two: Afternoon session IX Risk measurements: VAR and others I s s u e s i n p o r t fo l i o r i s k m e a s u r e m e n t s : l i n e a r v s . Non-linearity VAR 101: parametric vs. Non-parametric approach Va r i o u s VA R m e a s u r e m e n t s : w h a t i s t h e o p t i m a l VAR for hedge funds? Usefulness of semi-deviation measurements Risk analysis: Manager analysis Manager level: sophisticated risk management including VAR analysis to ensure style consistency, and leverage management Style level: oversight ensures level of concentration within individual securities/sectors within appropriate limits Portfolio level: daily reports to clients/structuring partners outlining risk levels Due diligence, controls & portfolio monitoring


Day One: Afternoon session IV Issues in hedge fund performance Little evidence of performance persistence Alpha exists but is reduced when corrected to which market factors? Diversified fund of funds: market timers Style pure fund of funds: constant sensitivity to market factors Return and risk analysis in hedge funds Investors get paid for bearing certain risks Why hedge fund strategies generally minimize beta and maximize exposure to other risks? Factor models quantify a fund's exposure to risks: Separating 'natural' return from 'skill' Examining hedge fund exposure to market factors Exploring hedge fund exposures during extreme periods Managed futures exposure during extreme periods How consistent are the benefits of hedge fund managers? How consistent are the benefits of hedge fund strategies?

About the course presenter Dr. Chung is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Long Island University, as well as a research associate of CISDM and Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Alternative Investments. Dr. Chung is also Senior Research Analyst and Advisor y Board Member of SSARIS Advisors LLC. He received his Ph.D. in Finance from the University of MassachusettsAmherst, Master of Finance from Boston College, and M.B.A from Illinois State University. He has published various articles in journals such as the Journal of International Business and Finance, the Journal of Alternative Investment along with numerous research and consulting endeavors in the area of financial risk management and measurement. His current research interests include: Risk Measurement (VAR) and Management through Derivatives Markets, Alternative Investment (Hedge Funds, CTAs, Managed Futures, etc.) strategies, Futures Market Microstructure, and International Banking and Finance.

Post-conference Workshop
Friday 30 May 2003 Separately bookable

Workshop One:

Creating a successful Asian hedge fund

Workshop Two: A c o m p r e h e n s i v e g u i d e t o hedge fund screening and analysis.

Led by PerTrac co-founders and alternative investment insiders Milt Baehr and Frank Smith, this post-conference workshop will examine the issues involved in quantitative screening, analysis and ongoing monitoring of hedge fund investments. 1:30 Understanding the statistics and calculations used to evaluate hedge funds. This session will examine the issues involved in quantitative screening, analysis and ongoing monitoring of hedge fund investments. Topics will include: Can you predict risk and return? Differentiating between predictive statistics and risk statistics. What do return distributions tell us? Using Monte Carlo simulations to predict risk and return. Defining "risk" in an investment. Facts and fiction about standard deviation. Using comparative risk statistics. Sharpe, Sortino and other risk-adjusted statistics. Using drawdown analysis to compare managers. Learning from correlation and regression analysis. The significance of benchmark ratios. Using style and peer group analysis to monitor hedge funds. Milt Baehr Co-founder and Director of Technology Strategic Financial Solutions LLC Coffee Break A guide to hedge fund screening and analysis This session will cover the hedge fund screening and analysis process from start to finish, including: Sources of hedge fund data and analysis tools. A comparison of the major hedge fund databases. Determining an investment mandate. Appropriate quantitative search criteria. Peer group analysis and screening. Qualitative screening and due diligence. Quantitative monitoring. Qualitative monitoring. When to fire a hedge fund manager. Frank Smith Co-founder Strategic Financial Solutions LLC Workshop concludes

In this workshop you will have the unique opportunity to learn how to start an Asian hedge fund. In this series of four mini-presentations, we examine the four essential tools managers need to successfully operate and run an Asian hedge fund. Issues addressed will include: Alternative legal forms and domicile selection Regulatory concerns Tax matters to address: fund domicile, investment country, investor country, and investment advisor Identifying your service needs and selecting your service providers Selecting your prime broker and fund administrator Operational concerns: NAV calculation, reporting, etc.

This workshop is aimed at the full range of hedge fund sponsors - from individual investment advisors launching their first fund to institutions developing alternative investment departments. 8:30 9:00 Registration and coffee Chairperson's opening remarks Joanne Murphy, Head of Hedge Funds Bank of Bermuda Hong Kong 9:10 Selecting and using a prime broker: What do prime brokers do? Are they really necessary? How do they make money and are they value for money? Capital Introduction- all talk or reality? Sam Stubbs, Executive Director and Head of Prime Brokerage Goldman Sachs Hong Kong Selecting and using a fund administrator: Examining the role fund administrators play within the industry How selecting the right administrator is crucial in the successful establishment and ongoing working relation of an Asian hedge fund. Joanne Murphy, Head of Hedge Funds Bank of Bermuda Hong Kong Coffee Break Establishing a hedge fund in Asia Structure Choosing the domicile Types of vehicles Roles of the operators Authorised or unauthorised - regulation in Hong Kong Jeremy Lam, Partner Deacons Hong Kong Accounting and tax issues for the manager Tax planning opportunities for the manager and investors Current regulatory issues for various common domicile jurisdictions Accounting and disclosure - what are the choices? Trends for the industry Patrick Barrett, Partner - Financial Services Patrick Yip, Tax partner Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Hong Kong 12:30 Lunch

3:00 3:30


10:30 11:00


About the workshop leaders 11:40 Frank B. Smith is a co-founder of Strategic Financial Solutions LLC, a software company founded in 1996, and whose mission is to provide solutions relating to the technological needs of the financial industry. Mr. Smiths primary responsibilities are client relationships and other key business development activities.

Milt Baehr is a co-founder and Director of Technology of Strategic Financial Solutions, LLC. Mr. Baehr has over 35 years experience in the computer field, as well as over 25 years in the financial industry.

Hedge Funds World Asia 2003

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Why? 1. Over 400 people attended the 2002 event, making it by far the largest event of its type in the region 2. A track record of success - in its sixth successful year, with thousands attending since inception 3. A world class conference with ideas and intelligence that make a difference 4. Focuses on the key growth factors for hedge funds in Asia 5. Delivering key sales and business relationships not available through any other channel 6. The best marketing ROI of any channel, providing unrivalled year round global exposure

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Hedge Funds World Asia 2003

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Man Investment Products, a division of the Man Group plc, is a specialised company dedicated to providing alternative investments to institutional and private clients throughout the world. The track record of Man Investment Products stretches back to the early 1980's, when we pioneered the development of alternative investment structures. Our performance over this period demonstrates our ability to structure products which can complement traditional forms of investment by enhancing returns and reducing overall portfolio risk. The foundation for this success is risk management, grounded in research, and a rigorous analysis of the behaviour of financial markets. These skills are combined with sophisticated financial engineering and corporate structuring expertise to create innovative, customised products that meet the needs of our clients. Man Investment Products is a global business with offices in Bahrain, Dubai, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, Montevideo, Tokyo and Switzerland. This geographical spread enables us to provide a high quality, localised service which we believe is critical in developing and maintaining relationships with our clients. Man Investment Products currently manages around US$ 23.1 billion (as reported on 31 October 2002) for institutions and private investors, and has launched over 200 investment vehicles worldwide. For further information regarding Man Investments and our products please contact Matt Dillon or Raymond Sit on tel. +852 2521 2933 or fax +852 2537 1205 or look at our website

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Bank of Bermuda founded in 1889 is a leading provider of fund administration, trust, custody, asset management and banking services. It is a global organisation, with a network spanning 15 key financial and offshore centres. The Bank is listed on Nasdaq (BBDA) and the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BOB) and has total assets of $10.2 billion (as at 30 September 2002) and approximately $100 billion in assets under administration. For further information, please contact Joanne Murphy (Tel: 852-2847 1100; email: ) or Bill Scrimgeour (Tel: 65-6439 4404; email:

Cargill Investor Services is a global futures, options and risk management broker offering 24-hour order execution and clearing services on all major exchanges. It has consistently ranked among the top futures commission merchants in the world for more than 25 years. CIS a wholly owned and separately managed subsidiary of Cargill, Incorporated, an international marketer, processor and distributor of agricultural, food, financial and industrial products and services with 97,000 employees in 57 countries. The company provides distinctive customer solutions in supply chain management, food applications and health and nutrition.

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Citigroup Alternative Investments provides alternative investment strategies to institutional investors and qualified high net worth clients. It has around $60 billion in alternative assets under management, $4.5 billion of which is in hedge funds, with $1.8 billion in single manager and $2.7 billion in fund of hedge funds portfolios. The company manufactures, sources, structures, markets and manages alternative investments for Citigroup worldwide. Its range of operating activities includes product development, due diligence, risk management, asset allocation, investor relations, wholesaling, third party negotiations and oversight. JPMorgan Alternative Asset Management ("JPMAAM") manages over US$4 billion in institutional and private client funds, allocating globally to over 70 individual hedge funds. JPMAAM launched its first global multi-strategy, multi-manager hedge fund in April 1995 and this fund now has approximately US$1.9 billion in invested capital. As well as managing hedge funds of funds JPMAAM structures and manages customised accounts for institutional investors managing all aspects of manager sourcing and selection, portfolio construction and risk management. JPMAAM has a team of 54. Mr. Derek Sicklen, Vice President, is senior alternatives product specialist for Asia and he can be contacted on +852-2978-7627 or via email on Pioneer Alternative Investments (PAI) was formed in 1999 as part of Pioneer Investments aggressive growth strategy, recognising the growing importance of the alternative investments industry. Single strategy and structured products are managed from the Dublin office, with Italian domiciled funds of hedge funds managed from Milan. Pioneer Global Asset Management S.p.A has just completed the acquisition of the Momentum Group, one of the founders of the funds of hedge funds industry. This acquisition broadens the group's product offering, offers a complimentary distribution network and strengthens existing capabilities. Assets under management of the combined alternative investments group are in excess of Euro 2bn. (as reported on 31 October 2002). For more information, please contact Simon O'Sullivan on Tel: +353 1 480 2722, or email: simon.o' The Quadriga Investment Group offers several managed futures hedge funds and currently manages about $370 million in assets. The managed futures hedge fund specialist actively trades more than 100 futures contracts on a global basis. Quadriga uses selfdeveloped, fully automated computerized trading systems, which identify price patterns that offer a high probability of success. Quadriga, founded in 1995 by CEO Christian Baha and CTO Christian Halper, employs 97 people and operates offices in Europe, North America and Asia. For more information, please visit Quadrigas website AAA/Aaa rated French institutional and corporate bank CDC IXIS offers investors an extensive array of structured finance, financial engineering, investment banking advisory and research services. CDC IXIS provides financial solutions in alternative investments to customers worldwide. It is a major player in providing principal protection to hedge funds and customized MTNs (CFO and other) linked to hedge funds. ( Paris - Tokyo - Frankfurt - London - New York

Fortis Fund Services is recognised globally as an industry leader in the provision of comprehensive administration services to alternative investment funds. Globally, Fortis administers over 1,400 funds with net assets in excess of US$100 billion from 7 key locations:The Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Hong Kong, Ireland, the Isle of Man and Luxembourg. It also has marketing and client relationship offices in London, New York and Tokyo. For further information: Robert Macpherson, Director phone: (852)2847-9514, fax: (852)2521-7653 e-mail: website:

Parker Global Strategies currently has 17 professional and has advised on the allocation of over U.S. $1.6 billion in mandates. We specialise in customizing multimanager hedge fund portfolios for institutions, with independent, state-of-the-art risk management oversight. The Firm selects top managers in a particular market niche to implement each strategy. We structure investments providing PGS with control and the discretion to adjust risk exposure. Our daily risk management includes position reconciliation, providing independent mark-to-market valuations, calculating estimated daily net asset value and assessing risk through proprietary methodologies such as VAR, leverage analysis and performance attribution.

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Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu is one of the world's leading professional services organisations. The member firms of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu deliver world-class assurance and advisory, tax and consulting services. Our internationally experienced professionals strive to deliver seamless, consistent services wherever our clients operate. For more information, please visit Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu's web site at

Hedge Funds World Asia 2003

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Deacons is a leading business law firm with over 800 legal professionals across Asia. Deacons provides an extensive legal and commercial services to clients with business interests throughout the region,with a strong focus on Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China. Deacons has offices and associations in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Taipei, and thus is conveniently located to provide clients with market-sensitive advice. Deacons' principal areas of practice include Financial Services, Insurance, China Trade & Investment, Construction & Arbitration, Corporate & Commercial, Finance, Insolvency & Restructuring, Intellectual Property, Trade Marks & Patents, Litigation, Property and Technology & Communications. Deacons' Financial Services Practice Group is a leading adviser to fund managers, trustees and custodians, insurance companies and retirement schemes in Asia. The Group has extensive experience in establishing retail and institutional funds and other investment products. They recently acted for the first fund of hedge funds to be authorized in Hong Kong.

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The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) is the global not-for-profit professional trade association representing the alternative investment industry including hedge funds, managed futures funds and managed currency funds. The objectives of AIMA are: to increase investor education, transparency and promote due diligence and related best practices, and to work closely with regulators and interested parties in order to better promote and control the use of alternative investments. Working with, and on behalf of, its members, the Association assists in the overall development of the alternative investment management industry throughout the world. AIMA has over 470 corporate members world-wide, comprising over 1400 investment professionals and has Chapters in Australia, Hong Kong and Japan. Members include fund managers, funds of funds, banks, institutional investors, brokers, consultants, auditors, lawyers, fund administrators and other providers. Further information on the activities of the Association, membership details and other information can be obtained by contacting: AIMA Lower Ground Floor, 10 Stanhope Gate, London W1K 1AL Tel:+44 (0)20 7659 9920, Fax: +44 (0)20 7659 9921 E-mail:, Internet:

The Hong Kong Retirement Schemes Association (HKRSA) was established in 1996 to promote the interests and best practices of retirement schemes in Hong Kong including provident and pooled retirement funds. The HKRSA is a not-for-profit, non-political association, which represents retirement schemes and their members, providing a forum for discussion of issues of current and topical interest. In 2001, the Association reviewed its purpose, reorganised and is energetically promoting focused programs.

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Conference venue
Strategically located in the heart of Hong Kong's business and exclusive shopping district, the Conrad Hong Kong towers 61 floors above the prestigious Pacific Place shopping centre. The 5-star deluxe hotel features 513 rooms including 43 suites with magnificent views of the City, Victoria Peak or Hong Kong Harbour. The hotel is readily accessible from all parts of Hong Kong: it is less than 5 minutes by foot from the MTR (Hong Kong's underground rail system) the Admiralty bus exchange and the Hong Kong waterfront tramline. The Hong Kong International Airport rail shuttle link is only a 5 minute journey from the hotel by free shuttle bus. The hotel also provides a 24-hour limousine service. Booking details can be found on the back of this brochure.

Hedge Funds World Asia 2003

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Asia 2003
26 30 May 2003, The Conrad, Hong Kong
The Conrad, Hong Kong Pacific Place 88 Queensway Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2521 3838, Fax: (852) 2521 3888

Hotel Accommodation:
PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THIS LABEL Special corporate rates have been negotiated for conference delegates. Please make your bookings directly with the hotel. To take advantage of the special rates for conference delegates, please indicate that you are attending Terrapinns Hedge Funds World Asia 2003. Delegate fees
Fee includes lunch, refreshments and full workshop and/or conference documentation. 2 day conference 2 day pre-conference masterclass 1 day post-conference workshop Pre-conference masterclass and conference Post conference workshop and conference Gold pass (pre-conference masterclass, post conference workshops and 2 day conference) US$1,995 US$1,995 US$1,095 US$3,595 US$2,795 US$4,275

Details Organisation name: Address: Postcode: Country: Fax: Website: Delegates 10% discount is applicable if you register 3 or more delegates from the same company Name: Job title: Email: Telephone: Mobile: Name: Job title: Email: Telephone: Mobile: Authorisation Signatory must be authorised to sign on behalf of contracting organisation Name: Signature: Job title: Email: Telephone: Mobile:

Early bird discount: Sign up before 28 Feb 2003, a 10% discount off registration fee applies. Members of AIMA are entitled to 20% discount Members of HKRSA are entitled to 20% discount Group Discount: For 3 or more delegates from the same organisation, a 10% discount applies
(not to be used in conjunction with any other offer)

Payment must be received 7 days before the conference date in order to guarantee your place. Delegates may be refused admission if payment is not received prior to the conference. The fee does not include hotel accomodation.

Method of payment
Registration is ONLY confirmed on receipt of payment Bank Transfer Crossed cheque payable to Terrapinn Pte Ltd Please invoice me American Express Mastercard Visa Card Number: Cardholders Name: Cardholders Signature: Expiry Date:
Bank Transfers: Payments by bank transfer must quote the event code 160039 and delegate name. Transfers should be made to: Account name: Terrapinn Pte Ltd, Account No. 01-741-0231-3. PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE CONFERENCE DATE IN ORDER TO GUARANTEE YOUR PLACE. REFERNCE - 160039 Cancellation If you are unable to attend, a substitute delegate is always welcome at no extra charge. Alternatively, your registration can be credited to a future conference. A full refund, less a 10% administration charge will be made for cancellations received in writing at least two weeks prior to the conference. A complete set of course documentation and 50% refund will be sent for cancellations received in writing at least one week before. Regrettably, no refunds can be made for cancellations received less than one week prior to the conference. A complete set of course documentation will, however be sent to you. Terrapinn reserves the right to cancel or alter the content and timing of the program or the identity of the speakers for reasons beyond its control. Data Protection Terrapinn Pte Ltd (or via agents) may mail. e-mail or phone offers reflecting your preferences. Tick if you dont want offers from: Us or Third parties Duplicated Mailings & Corrections If your details on the above mailing label are incorrect or duplicated, please send all corrected labels to the below address. These corrections will be handled as quickly as possible.

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Phone: Fax: On-line: Post (65) 6322 2701 (65) 6223 3554 Terrapinn Pte Ltd 12 Prince Edward Road, #03-01, Podium A Bestway Building, Singapore 079212

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