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From Left; Garrett Gosdin, Travis Carlisle, Bret Yancy, Preston Jinnette, Anton Curley

Graduation:The Wait Is Over

Spring is a time for new beginnings. With new beginnings usually come bittersweet endings. Every quarter, students work hard, putting in long hours, going through sleepless nights and having to juggle classes and homework with maybe several jobs at the same time. Every year, they put together their own exceptional projects from each course to build their portfolio. They create their own side projects to form structure and help develop their craft. The Ai Austin instrutors push them week-by-week improving their skills and preparing them for later challenges. They train them for the future and their potential careers. They share their current job experiences in the hopes to carry on the knowledge of how it is to be truly fulfilled in the real world. They endure it all to get to this very moment... Excited, nervous, and proud -these are only some of the words that could describe the families and friends that attended the graduation ceremony held on June 15, 2011 at the Phillips Event Center in Austin, TX. By 5:00pm, thirty eager graduates were in a private room away from the audience waiting for their time to arrive. As an aspiring graduate, it was easy to be eager for the ceremony to begin. Some of the students of the graduating class are good friends of mine so I felt reminiscent of a proud sister cheering on with all of the others. Having been there through some of the challenges that they had surpassed was something that I felt privileged to be a part of.

Digital Rumble
Student groups Shudder Budder and the Ai Austin Film Club hosted the Digital Rumble Wednesday May 18th to showcase the hard work of future photography and film alumni. Laughter and chatter filled the halls of Ai as students and staff members gathered for a showing of work from young and talented artists. Free pizza and drinks were available to the viewers. The short films presented contained a wide variety of films, including zombie, action, and comedy shorts. A documentary short of a local underground metal scene captured a number of unexpected reactions as well. One student stated, I can relate

Veterans Dinner
The Art Institute of Austin hosted a Veterans Day Dinner on May 10, 2011 to support all of the veterans that attend classes on campus. The Veterans Dinners are held quarterly to allow those students who have served or are on reserve to come together.

Short Film The Scout Featured by Anton Curley

and appreciate some of the emotions that were expressed during the interviews being a metal enthusiast myself. It was kinda funny watching everyones shocked reactions to some of what was said. If you enjoyed the short films, then photography had just as much to offer. Student photographers captured images of abstract, nature, landscapes, and sports images. Photo essays included a documentary of a local photographer and a documentary of a few proud students playing for the University of Texas at Austin Longhorn Marching Band. One Ai viewer commented, Ive experienced performing in front of big crowds for my high school marching band. Once you step out onto the field, the adrenaline rush was overwhelming. I cant even imagine how much greater Student Work by Deidra Kahlig the rush would be for a crowd that massive. Overall the Rumble was a success. Even weeks after the show there were still talks of what had been seen that afternoon. The hope of another is definitely in the air.

President Monica Jeffs began the dinner by thanking those who attended and opening up the floor to discussion over the new changes in legislation regarding the different funding. The Yellow Ribbon Program and VA forms were some of the main topics. The administration wanted to make sure the veterans were being taken care of to the best of their ability. They invited special guest speaker Bobbie Evans to come speak to them about PTSD. She discussed the different trauma levels and how it was not a one-size-fits-all deal, that everyone has their own experiences and everyone has their own activations for it and that coming together to discuss it helps. Among the faculty we want to be there, even if it is just to talk, Susan Turner adds in. The idea further turned into a club that could come about between the Veterans. I thought it was cool, very informative, useful and could help us change for the better, Detrick Jales, whom is enlisted in the Navy, said after the dinner. He

was quite excited to hear a formation of a Veterans Club being considered. So keep your eyes open, there could be another new club formed by next quarter.
By Kasey Villarreal Phtographs By Verania Rivera

By Maria Oropezo

Pizza With the Pros

On Tuesday April 26, 2011 The Art Institute of Austin held Pizza with the Pros. Special guest David Karabinas, Production Manager at The Texas Crew, Inc. was the Pro of this lecture. As the students consumed free pizza, David started off by describing the details of what his job entails. They film and produce television documentaries and features for many clients including NBC Sports, 60 Minutes, Dateline NBC, MTV, Coca-Cola, NFL Network, and Fox Sports. Once he went through the work he does, it was time for the students to ask questions. What audio do yall deal with? one student asked. David explained how it was not only film engineers they use, but audio engineers as well. They use quite a bit of audio men as well as cameramen, especially on the field.

Pride Alliance Vs. Paint

Pride Alliance held their final meeting in a bit of an unexpected way: they wanted to end the quarter in a fun, yet productive event. For their last meeting, they held a Paint War; a Paint War that would be a fun way to show our pride and have a great time together without excluding anyone, as Ai Austin student Leah Short said.

Texas Crew Inc.

The Paint War was held off campus, over off of Shoreline Drive. The hidden idea behind the idea of having a Paint War was an alternative to having shorts printed after the budget cut, Short says. After about eleven people showed up, the paint was opened and the war began. The paint flew in all directions. The color of the rainbow was seen on clothes, faces, grass, and even cameras. There were a few unexpected changes to plan at the last minute, but overall we had a good turnout, made some awesome shirts, met some new friends, and had the coolest end-of-quarter meeting ever! Short adds.

I thought it was very interesting. Especially when he talked about the different experiences he has had working at Texas Crew, Huck Medrano says. Even though I am not a film major, I found the talk very interesting. The speaker was able to clearly answer the questions asked and gave a good idea on what to expect with that job position. I think it was really helpful to more than just film students, Ai student Pedro Zendejas said. One main thing that David wanted the students to take with them was the quality of their work. His crew gives their best quality whether the job they are working on is going to be seen by 2 people or by thousands of people. It is hard to come across, but it stands out from our crew. At the end of the day it is not how much you get paid or if you want to do the job, it is that you put the same quality of work into all your projects.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and nobody even minded having the paint slung over them, covering them from head to toe. So if youre looking for new ideas in your clubs, this might be inspiring as an idea to keep in mind.
By Kasey Villarreal Phtographs By Kasey Villarreal

By Kasey Villarreal

Teacher Profile
Natalie Davis has been a Graphic Design teacher for 4 years. Her previous teachers made her the instructor that she is today because they challenged her, pushed her creativity, This made her a better designer as well as a better person. She is not only an instructor but also a member of American Institute of Graphic Art or AIGA. Natalie says that she joined AIGA to, meet other creatives, learn from their experiences, and share my own. Davis says. It also opens many opportunities for student designers. I asked her what made her want to come to the Art Institute to teach and she relied, I wanted to join Ai Austin because it is a fresh program thats willing to take risks and teach a current/relevant curriculum. Davis said. She enjoys movies that have very elaborate production design and costumes. In the Aeroplane and Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel is a song from her play list. Natalie says that it was hard to pick her number one book of all time so she gave me her top two favorites, A Natural History of the Senses by Aiane Ackerman and Proust was a Neuroscientist by Jonah Lehrer. Natalies favorite quote is Before you can break the rules, you have to know and understand the rules.
For More Information on Natalie, please check out her sites:

Student Profile
Monique Johnson knew she wanted to obtain a Bachelors of Science in Audio Production since she was two when her stepfather sat her in front of the stereo with a giant pair of headphones. Since then, she has always had a love for music. Moe Johnson was amongst the first students to attend The Art Institute of Austin. In March of 2008, she was the first to be apart of the student-housing program and is currently going on her second year as Resident Advisor. After she graduates she would like to work as a live sound live sound tech at her church or manage current and upcoming artists. Moes most memorable moment at Ai Austin was watching the season premier of The Office at the student lounge and watching Accepted outside on the inflatable screen. Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving but not because of the food or the football games, but to give thanks and to be with family. She is a person who truly appreciates all genres of music, from mountain men music to jazz. The one person who inspires her to be successful is her mom. She is so proud of Monique for being the first in their family to do so.

By Verania Rivera Photograph By Verania Rivera

By Verania Rivera Photograph By Verania Rivera

AI Austin FASHION : Tired of Your Wardrobe?

The time has come to mix things up! Rearranging your closet can be very tricky. If its not a natural ability to create an outfit that flows, then it can sometimes feel like youre in a never-ending battle. I want to go through a couple of easy steps that can go a long way with any wardrobe. If youre on a budget, you would want to find your most versatile pieces. These are going to be garments that can be transformed from a nice brunch with the family to going out with the girls. When you go in your closet, ask yourself: what do you see? Do you see what a classic piece is, think of a white button down shirt. This is a piece you can wear with anything, anytime of the year. Also a pair of dark wash jeans. A nice pair of denim can go a long way. As long as you choose a pair with no holes, rips, and definitely no fading, these can create an easy transition for any event. I always prefer a solid color with no extravagant detail. It has to be able to transition from day to night, season to season, and year to year. Once you have your classic pieces, theres no need for more buying. going to fade into what used to be in a matter months. The key is to never blow your money on something that is hot right now. Practicing ways to manage your money by investing in classic pieces and buying cheap trends is a great way to stay on top. Its all about balance when picking out the next best outfit. You want to mix classic pieces with trendy accessories to create something unique and fun for any occasion.
By Catie Warrick

trendy, flashy clothing thats only going to last until next season? If thats the case, you need to invest in more classic . To go into more detail of

Try and invest more in those rather than spending a ton on a pair of Harem pants that are

As the anticipation thickened so did the crowd. Some guests even had to remain standing against the wall due to the lack of chairs available. The auditorium was immediately filled with enthusiastic shouts and applauses when the graduating class was welomed out.

Mayor of Round Rock, Mr. Alan McGraw. Mr. McGraw brought warm enthusiasm and words of wisdom through his personal experiences. Travis Carlisle received the honor in being the student speaker. His speech was short but to the point. Carlisle encouraged students to create their own success whatever that may be and to always love what you do. He closed with a quote from Confucius, If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life. I definitely hope that this is the case for all of these students and future graduates of Ai Austin. While each of the graduates names were being called to walk across the stage, heartfelt cheers from friends and fam-

As the academic directors and faculty were introduced, I thought of how I would feel when it would be my turn to look across at them during my ceremony. I imagined Id be overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation toward them and Id hoped they would be just as proud to stand before us. Amongst the speakers included in the ceremony was the

ily while each diploma was passed. When the final recipient was seated, the graduates were asked to rise for one last time as students and move forward into the world as alumni. Time seems to pass faster the closer one gets graduating but its amazing how much one accomplishesduring theirhard working years as students. A great deal of time has been sacrificed and so much efforts are put into everyday to help develop their promising future. Congratulations to the Art Institutes graduating class of 2010 and 2011!

(c on


By Roxie Serna Photographs By Kasey Villarreal & Mandy Bernal

Battle of the Bands June 2011 was a musical event to be remembered by all of those who attended. Several bands like Chasing Lions, F.B.C, and Parking, prepared themselves for the anxious crowd. Students along with the bands supporters talked about their favorite bands that were to perform. Chasing Lions started the show off with a bang. After a performance like theirs most would swear they had been playing together for years, but you would be surprised to know that they had just recently started playing together. Chance Sampson from Chasing Lions says Weve just started up recently about 3 months ago and we have grown a lot during that time. As a performer, playing at the school has really helped us start out. The Art Institute of Austin has helped out with its numerous events for many of aspiring bands and solo artists throughout the years. Open Mic Nights are held once a month to make it easier for artists to get over their stage fright and also allows them to get some good exposure.

the crowd your performance wont be as powerful. Taylor said. Battle of The Bands was an event to be remembered along with the several bands that were brave enough to take the mic.
By Mariah Howard Photogaphs By Mariah Howard


Playing at Ai Austin was a great way for us to break the ice, it all worked out really well. Chase said. Chasing Lions wasnt the only band that stormed the stage that day with their presence. F.B.C also known as Fly Boys for Christ, was able to bring their A game even though they werent exactly performing for the type of crowd that they are used to. The students at the Art Institute are not our normal crowd, but performing in front of them gave us a taste of how it is when you push yourself out of your comfort zone. Ronald Taylor said. When performing a few of their most well known songs F.B.C had a tremendous amount of energy that left the crowd wanting more. You control the crowd with your energy. If youre not confident when youre in front of

By Andrew Pechin

By Andrew Pechin

By Jeff Flanagan

Renegade Austin


Austin held its second Renegade Festival downtown at the Austin Palmer Events Center on May 21 and 22. Renegade, is a huge craft fair that takes place in cities all over the United States, including Chicago, San Francisco and Boston. Designers from all over come to join in to make a little profit and gain a little publicity. Items range from posters, plates and clothes to wallets, and even jewelry.

and crafts for your brain to feast on! A good place to network and find original handmade gifts. Scout Chavers, another Ai student adds. The next Renegade Craft fair cruising through Austin will not be until the end of November 2011. So keep it in mind for when you need to go gift shopping, and rumors of The Art Intistitutes own AIGA possibly planning a booth there!
By Kasey Villarreal Phtographs By Kasey Villarreal

Free Comic Book Day

Groups of students from The Art Institute of Austin ventured down to the Palmer Events Center to see the big craze. With a free entrance fee, it wasnt hard to get their attention, especially since it gave a nice break from the heat outside. Renegade Free Comic Book Day is a single day held in May when participating comic book specialty shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely free. I attended free comic book day and it was amazing. A few bookstores were participating in this event but it seems like every one shows their support in some way. I went to Half Price Books and they had crates near the front of the store full of

I attended free comic book day and it was amazing.

Craft Fair was so refreshing even in 101 degree weather, Ai student Mandy Bernal, of The Art Institute of Austin, says. A couple of hours of wondering through the booths were just enough to get many inspirations for upcoming projects. I thought it was a great mix of inspiration, great tactile design

comics that were given by illustrators/creators of comics. Comics are given to the store to help promote their work. I also went to the Rogues Gallery where they were giving out five comics per person. Many comic lovers brought their younger children to get their first comics and they were ecstatic. I thought it was awesome and a good promotion for the store because its kind of out of the way. Who doesnt like free stuff? Paige Greenfield, comic book enthusiast, said. Free Comic Book Day is an enjoyable view inton the world of comics and is definitely an event to mark on your calender for next year!
By Verania Rivera

RECIPE Tortilla Crusted Chicken

1 cup finely crushed multigrain tortilla chips 1/2 tsp dried oregano, crushed 1/4 tsp ground cumin 1/4 tsp black pepper 1 egg 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves (roughly 1/4 pounds) frozen chicken tenders work just as well Shredded romaine Salsa or diced up tomato Avocado chunks

Photo & Recipe by Deidra Kahlig


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Coat a baking pan with some non-stick cooking spray. In a dish combine the chips, oregano, cumin, and pepper. Break and lightly beat the egg in a separate dish. Dip the thawed chicken pieces in egg, and coat with the tortilla chip mixture. Place the coated chicken pieces in the pan. Bake about 25 minutes or so depending big the size of the chicken pieces. Serve on a bed of romaine and if youd like you can add some tomatoes and avocados into the mix.

ACROSS DOWN 1 101 W. _ _ BLVD 1 Deans and Presidents _ ACROSS DOWN 3 Open __ 2 Academic Director of 101 W. 5 The Art1Institute is_ _ BLVD Culinary 1 Deans and Presidents _ 3 Open 2 Academic Director of a branch of who? __ 4 Student Housing 5 The Art Culinary 9 Academic Director Institute is Place to purchase 6 a branch of who? 4 books Student Housing of Graphic Design snacks and 9 Academic Director Action 6 Place to purchase and Web Design & 7 ACROSSof Graphic Design 8 Every fth week and books DOWN snacks Interactive Media 1 and Web 1 Deans and 7 is closed 11 __ Lab 101 W. _ _ BLVDDesign &10 When school ActionPresidents _ 3 Open __ Interactive Media 13 Academic Director Director of 2 Academic offth week 8 Every 12 Academic Director 5 The Art Institute is 11 __ Lab 10 When of Photography FashionCulinary school is closed branch 4 Student 15 Books a 12rent of who? for Academic Director14 They have style Housing 13 Academic Director of 16 Camera of Photography 16 Monica Je s Fashion 9 Academic Director 6 Place to purchase 18 A place where youfor rent 17 Culinarys14 They have style restaurant of Graphic Design 15 Books snacks and books can make prints Design & and Web 16 Camera 7 Action 16 Monica Je s and rent equipment Interactive Media you 18 A place where 8 Every fth week 17 Culinarys restaurant 19 Honor __ Lab make prints 11 __ can 10 When school is closed 20 LovesAcademicrent equipment 12 foodand Director 13 Academic Director of 21 Interior __Photography of Honor __ 19 Fashion 22 11 weeks Loves food 15 Books for rent 20 14 They have style 16 Camera 21 Interior __ 16 Monica Je s 18 A 22 11 weeks you place where 17 Culinarys restaurant can make prints and rent equipment 19 Honor __ 20 Loves food 21 Interior __


Film Reviews
We are in summer blockbuster season yet again. Thankfully, Hollywood is apparently back on track after a tepid season last year (all films called Inception aside): Director J.J. Abrams Super 8 is the story of a group of young wannabe filmmakers in a small Ohio town who suddenly find themselves in a plot straight out of the Romeroesque short they are attempting to make: a mysterious train accident, a military cover-up, and an alien cube recovered from the wreckage. J.J. Abrams draws inspiration from the Spielberg films of the 70s and 80s, playing homage to the likes of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T., but he thankfully avoids the pitfall of melodramatic sentimentalX-Men: First Class, on the other hand, rests firmly in the realm of comic book sized emotions and ambitions. The film follows Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) as he begins the journey that will lead him to create Xaviers School for Gifted

ity that often undercuts the sincerity of Spielbergs work. Abrams firmly grounds the film in the emotions of his characters. Even as the town is plagued by a seemingly extraterrestrial menace, it never loses focus of main character Joe Lamb (played by newcomer Joel Courtney) as he deals with his mothers death and relationships with his best friend Charles (Riley Griffths), father (Kyle Chandler), and new love interest Alice (Elle Fanning). Even though it occasionally indulges in excessive and unnecessary action set pieces (Abrams still cannot seem to avoid those in his films), the performances

Youngsters with the help of his adopted sister Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) after they are recruited to stop the villainous Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) by CIA agent Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne). Meanwhile, Charles forms a close bond with new ally, Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender), even as the latters past as a Holocaust survivor/human test subject threaten to send them on drastically different paths (can we say: Magneto,

are solid all around especially from actors so young. I still marvel that they manage to avoid spending the whole film screaming in each others faces (yet another improvement over the work of Spielberg.) Fanning in particular recalls a young Sissy Spacek. For me at least, it was a well-crafted bit of nostalgia, as if I had re-watched a favorite film from the 80s and discovered it was even better than I remembered (and believe me, that almost never happens.)

the Master of Magnetism?) Anyone who is familiar with the comics or the previous films knows where this is going, but director Matthew Vaughn brings a 60s flair that keeps things interesting even if they are never particularly deep. It is a welcome change after the garish and bland science fiction trappings of Bryan Singers tenure as X-Men director. Shaw attempts to use the Cuban Missile Crisis to his advantage, and he sports a Nehru jacket and stealth nuclear sub hidden in his yacht. Telepathic villainess Emma Frost (January Jones, very much at home here after her time on Mad Men) sports outfits that would have made Emma Peel envious. All of this makes for an enjoyable summer film. If it has any major flaws, it is that it relies too heavily on callbacks to Singers films. I feel a full re-boot is in store, and the film cannot make up its mind whether it is that or a mere prequel. Marvel is still a bit short of finding an equivalent to Christopher Nolans Batman films, but they are getting there.
By David Derlie

Music Reviews
For those of us that could deal with a little less pop artistry in their lives, two alternative giants have recently released new albums: TV on the Radio follows up 2008s Dear Science with their new album Nine Types of Light. It is a logical progression that has brought them from the abstract punk noise of their earlier albums to fully fleshed experimentation of this new album. They may have lost some of the distortion, but The band Low also continues to push the envelope of its own sound on their new album, CMon. While not as successful as the masterpiece Drums and Guns, it still features the

they still craft songs of controlled chaos around samples of horns and wailing saxophones. It is not many bands that can turn out prog rock numbers like Killer Crane as readily as they do Prince-style funk songs like New Cannonball Blues. They of course still remember their roots with the anarchy of tracks like Caffeinated Consciousness. However, whether they are referencing the 80s with Repetition or creating beauty out of electronic fuzz on All Falls

band mostly awake from the ten year minimalist daydream of their early career. Loud guitars, loud for Low anyway, feature heavily in menacing tracks such as Witches and Especially Me. They return to their stripped down roots on songs like $20 and Majesty/Magic, and Alan Sparhawk and Mimi

Down, TV on the Radio manages to always sound exactly like themselves and their various experiments are never just posturing. The deluxe edition even includes two remixes of the song Will Do, and the Switch Remix runs circles around the original.

Parkers vocals are still harmonized, beautiful desolation. Only by-the-number tracks such as Try to Sleep and You See Everything hold the album back. However, Low more than makes up for these missteps with the eight minute opus Nothing But Heart. The song starts slowly and quietly and builds to noisy fury by the end, a commentary on Lows musical career it seems. Somethings Turning Over closes the album perfectly. Though it is not the best Low album, it is still a really good album and still worth a listen when you need a little icy chill out during your hot summer nights.
By David Derlie

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