Family Proclamation Trivial Pursuit

By Jocelyn Christensen OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this Family Proclamation game is to encourage family members to internalize the principles of The Family Proclamation in a fun and interactive way, while making memories, building teamwork and communication skills, applying the Family Proclamation to family relationships, and laughing along the way. It is truly “wholesome recreational activities” at its best! This game can be played in a variety of ways, depending on the family size, time constraints, and the ages of participants. RECOMMENDED AGES: 3 – 99 -- The game can be adapted easily to any age/group size. MATERIALS & HOW TO PLAY: The game contains questions that are split up into SIX categories: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Fill in the blank (30 question cards) - ORANGE Pictionary (30 cards) - PURPLE Application to Our Family (30 discussion question cards) - YELLOW Time Together Charades (30 cards…although I have listed 50.) - RED FP Trivia Questions (30 question cards) – GREEN FP ABCs/Memorization (26 cards) – BLUE Family Proclamation Pursuit by Jocelyn Christensen - p.1

ALL OF THE CARDS CAN BE DOWNLOADED at the links below: Charades - RED: Fill in the Blank - ORANGE: Family Discussion Questions – YELLOW: Trivia – GREEN: Family Proclamation ABC/Memorization – BLUE: Pictionary – PURPLE:

TO ASSEMBLE GAME: Please download and print out the question cards on the corresponding colored card stock paper. Cut to size. Each category is found in its own separate document to make printing easier. *I have included extra cards that families can use to write their own questions to tailor the game to their own family.

Family Proclamation Pursuit by Jocelyn Christensen - p.2

GAME BOARD: This game is an adaptation of Trivial Pursuit. Get an old, out of use, version of the game and use it as your game board, but use the printable cards (see my download) to replace the actual trivial pursuit cards. Any version of Trivial Pursuit will work. Additional materials you will need are as follows: 1. A dry-erase board, markers, erasers 2. A sand-timer (easy to find in any board game) or second-hand on a watch 3. A copy of the Family Proclamation for reference 4. A copy of the family proclamation ABCs (follow the link to print or use cards)

HOW TO PLAY THE GAME:The group/full version of the game is played very much like the game of Trivial Pursuit, but is adapted to the principles of the Family Proclamation. Game play is best accomplished in teams, but can also be played by single players. Players (or teams of two or more) roll dice and begin making their way around the game board. As they land on various colored spaces on the board, they are given a chance to answer a question that corresponds to the category indicated by the color (See colors/categories listed above). When they answer questions correctly or sufficiently complete the task indicated, the player/team receives the corresponding colored piece to add to their game piece. When the player/team has collected all six pieces, they may make their way to the center of the board. To win, they must be the first to collect all five pieces and enter the center of the board by answering a final question chosen by the other players or by quoting a line from the Family Proclamation. The requirement for entering the final space is up to the family’s discretion and will vary depending on the family’s level of knowledge about the Family Proclamation and the age of participants. OTHER ADAPTATIONS OF THE GAME: The SIX categories of this game can also be played as stand-alone games making this game actually six games in one. Also, all of the questions have been written to include the very youngest of players to the oldest of players. In some categories, such as pictionary an “easy” and “advanced” option has been included. But feel free to create your own questions or adjust questions/answers to the level of each player. Obviously, the object of the game is to be together, so just remember to have fun!! Family Proclamation Pursuit by Jocelyn Christensen - p.3

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