My obscene response to “Prof.” Scroggins Aka Lieutenant skull fucker, and his commanding officer General ern “!

onkey Sucker” Minor "arning this letter contains so much profane language it #ould make a sailor shit his pants in shame. $pon hearing about the ban of %urt onnegut&s masterpiece, slaughterhouse five, in a Missouri school district ' had t#o reactions. My first reaction #as to (omit blood from rage and my ne)t #as to think “*h +hrist not these fucking cunts again,” -(ery fucking time some dick.sucking, t#at.sand#ich decides that he doesn&t #ant little /immy to be e)posed to (iolence or s#earing or se) or anything else #e tiresome fleshy human beings keep partaking in generation after generation they decide instead of 0ust telling /immy to not pay attention or ha(e him remo(ed form the class or e(en 0ust talking to the teacher and #ork out some alternate assignment they get all the other ass.licking, goat.fuckers together and talk a #hole bunch of shit. /he #orst part is that some other MASS' -L1 !'S-AS-!, ball sack decides to listen to the other cunts shit and actually go through #ith banning the book. 2o# you may be saying #hy #hat happened to that mild mannered 3acob of yesterday4 5e used to be so polite and care free #hat&s got his panties in such a knot his balls ha(e entered his neck4 "ell the biggest reason is that %urt onnegut is easily my fa(orite author of all time and he definitely is at his prime in this po#erhouse of a no(el Slaughterhouse five. Put simply it is a book ' read almost religiously 0ust to remind myself that no matter ho# shitty this piss stain of an e)istence #e share gets someone, a mere human being, once created something beautiful. 't is a genre defying triumph, about life, #ar, time, death, and ho# #e each deal #ith those things in our o#n #ay. 'f any of you spunk chumps hasn&t read the book '&d ad(ise you to stop reading this and go buy a copy of it no# or go 6uietly remo(e yourself from the global gene pool, you fucking shrimp.dicked puritan. /here is nothing else like it and the #orld should be thanking its rapidly decaying o7one that this book e)ists. /he other half of the reason ' feel like pouring this much hate out of e(ery orifice is because knee.0erk fuck#ads like the esteemed professor of pig shit Scroggins ha(e not only been listened to but they still ha(e yet to be rounded up, put in a dildo shaped rocket, 8#hich ' guess #ould be most rockets9 and fired into the sun. -(ery time this shit gets pulled ' think to myself: “#hy couldn&t these sacks of refuse posing as people 0ust get aids and die in a ditch some#here4” ' am sick and tired of books being banned it is the stupidest fucking solution to a problem ' don&t think should e(en fucking e)ist. ' ha(e already listed much more simple options that could sol(e any #orried parents concerns but no these felatio lo(ing butt fuckers can&t #ipe the spunk form their eyes and see that not only are they are not the most important fucking person in the #orld they are doing no one a fa(or by limiting peoples imagination and e)periences. /hese are the same dick. pissers that tried to ha(e 5uckleberry ;inn banned because it used the “n” #ord. ;uck. 1ou. 1ou god. !amn. 2a7is, 2ot dealing #ith the issue of race especially by banning a no(el that tackled the issue during that uncomfortable sla(ery period of American history the same dicksicles #ould rather forget about is e(en more racist then the #ord itself,

*b(iously you #ere too busy sticking your dick in an electrical socket to e(en read the fucking book you o(erly paranoid #aste of space. ' could go on for a lot longer about ho# these people ha(e about the same (alue as the scabs on the fattest hooker in egas&s (agina but it #ould all be for naught because lets face it this is 0ust a rant. ' #ould ne(er send this to any congressmen or any other figure head because it #ould only strengthen the ostrich fucker&s argument and is also pretty poorly #ritten. Let me 0ust close #ith that old phrase that ends so many high school essays< 'n conclusion fuck these 2a7i, lemon headed, t#atfaced, dog humping, child molesting, paste eating, ball gobbling, puppy straggling, cum s#allo#ing, gonorrhea ha(ing, flatfooted, lactose intolerant, dick#eeds and stop banning books, it hurts the community and is an embarrassment to this (ery country. Sincerely, !orian ;ucking "est Also yes ' did suggest that both Mr Scroggins and Mr. Minor fuck not only ostriches, goats, children, and donkeys, but also suck dicks, ha(e (ery tiny, (ery diseased genitals 8that they use to fuck goats, children, donkeys etc.9

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