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what is the Prov. Free School?

Were a group of people committed to empowerment through learning together.The Free School is a framework weve set up, for knowledge-sharing and grassroots education outside of institutions. (For more, see our mission statement on the back.)

{ see the full statement at http://providence. } The Providence Free School is a framework for knowledge-sharing and grassroots learning outside of an institutional setting. The Free School aims to empower participants to be more active thinkers, learners, and doers by allowing them to access new ideas and skills without sacrificing their individuality or autonomy. To that end, the Free School is meant to be community in which participants can explore new systems of learning that reflect their own goals and realities, not those of a large bureaucratic institution. We believe that everyone has something to teach and something to learn, and that learning is most rewarding when individuals share their skills and experiences in a community of equals. Our emphasis in facilitating classes is on personal development, mutual support, and the sharing of skills, knowledge, and attitudes, not on professional development or external certification.

what do you mean by free?

We believe that the amount of money you have shouldnt determine your access to education, and that the best learning experiences happen when weve all chosen to be there, were all encouraged to participate, and were freed from the rigid hierarchy and rules of traditional classrooms.This means that our classes are cost-free other than suggested materials. Participants are welcome to donate to teachers, but this is not required or expected.

how do I sign up for a class?

Send an email to the teacher or facilitator beforehand, or just show up! Email addresses are listed for each class. PLEASE NOTE: some classes are cumulative, which means that each class builds on what you learned during the previous week. For these classes, its helpful to start at the beginning of the term rather than joining midway through.


can I teach a class on ____ ?

YES! Everyone can teach any class that they want to. To learn more about this process, and to find helpful resources for planning a class, go to our website, http:// can also fill out a course proposal form on the site.

Check out our website: Get our email announcements: provfreeschool-announce Follow us on Facebook: Join our organizing email discussion list: provfreeschool-organize

September / OctOber 2011

class schedule

Find more information & schedule updates at
questions? contact us at

how else can I be involved?

Theres a small amount of organizing behind the scenes, and wed love to have your help. An informal committee currently meets weekly to discuss and schedule classes, tinker with procedures, and coordinate fundraising.To join us, come to an organizing meeting (shown on the calendar) or ask to join our email discussion list by contacting


Unless otherwise noted, all classes are held at Libertalia Autonomous Space, 280 Broadway, Room 200, Providence, RI 02903. (Located on RIPTA lines 27 & 28.) You can learn more about Libertalia and make a donation to support the Free School and Libertalia at