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Change and evolution revolve around us daily, not only technologically but also biologically and mentally.

PDSM has become my main objective in the first semester of foundation as it will, unquestionably, aid and support me for days to come. First of all, during the PDSM class, I had learnt the way to apply time management in our daily life. Time management is extremely important to me because it makes my life easier. I can organize and plan my time by making a time table, to-do list, calendar and so on. By organizing my time, I can know things that I should do in a certain time. I will not waste my time on unnecessarily things that are not productive at the end. Furthermore, I can avoid procrastination in things I want to accomplish by having a well-planned time table. Its your job to make sure that energy is there when its needed,[1] I can save energy to do other things which bring benefits for me if I know the way to manage my time well. Apart from that, I am acquainted to the SMART principle during my PDSM lesson. The principle is useful for me to set my long-term goal and short term- goal. It is similar to a guideline that guides me towards my goal in my life. By applying the principle, I can clearly know my aim and objective of the goal. After identifying my goal, I can make sure that I know the reasons to achieve this goal. Other than that, I plan the length of time that need to use to achieve the goal whether it is short term goal or long term goal. By having a time line, I can know the time to complete the task in order to achieve my goal in time. I rather use my time to complete the goal which is more approachable rather than a goal which is impossible to achieve. The goal that I set must be logic and realistic instead of fantasy and I should make sure that I know the time that I have to use for the goal. By doing this, it can motivates me to keep on working hard for my goal. Aside from that, I also learnt SWOT principle during the PDSM class. SWOT is an acronym, the alphabet S stands for strength, W stands for weakness, O stands for Opportunity and T stands for threat. You have to know your role first before you can make subjective judgments about strengths and weaknesses.[2] I can identify my own strengths and weaknesses by knowing my role when doing certain stuffs. When I clearly know my strengths, I can apply it in my daily tasks or work. For example, I am good in

documentation; therefore I can be helpful in documentary stuffs if I am participating in a group work. In contrast, I can learn from my weaknesses so that I can be able to correct the weaknesses before it become worse according to the time. For opportunity, I can try to be more alert of the opportunities around me. When there is an opportunity, I should be able to grab the opportunity fast, so that I will not miss the chance. When there is a threat, I can try my best to avoid or solve it by identifying the threats earlier at the first place. Take the first step in faith. You dont have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step, by Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. (1929-1968). [3] During PDSM class, my lecturer always encourages us to be confident and take the first step. When I am brave enough to take the first step, I will automatically see the pathway or direction for my own future. For instance, at first I have no idea where to start my PDSM assignment, thus I keep on procrastinating my assignment. But when I decided to start my first paragraph for my PDSM assignment, I automatically have all the ideas and points in my brain. Therefore, the first step is important in my life when I want to start something. I should always be confident for everything I do in my life so that I can be one step nearer to my goal in the future. Furthermore, I also learnt the listening skill during PDSM class. Good listening is a skill, a special talent that you will have to practice and learn. [4] Listening skill can be practices in my life because every one of us has the ability to listen. But, sometimes I doubt myself whether can I concentrate, generate ideas, extract information or obtain details when communicating. It is difficult to be a good listener. There are a few benefits that I know if I am a good listener. By listening to what other people try to say I can be conceived and perceived as an intelligent and considerate person when communicating. In addition, I myself would know how to deal with the tasks on hand and the problems conveyed to me by others. Of course there are a lot of other benefits which I havent stated above. Ergo, listening skill is important and I am practicing it in my daily life now. Other than that, communication skill is important too. I am trying to learn more about communication skill and practice it in my daily life. Speaking well means getting

information over clearly and effective. [5]There are four keywords to remember to get me speak well, the keywords are bright, clear, pleasant and simple.[6] If I can speak well, I communicate well with other people. Communication is the way we use to convey our message or thinking to other people. Albeit, I always make sure that I think twice before communicate so that I will not cause any misunderstanding to anyone. On the other hand, I also make sure that I say out my point clearly so that other people can understand better. Communication is very important for a group. If the group members do not talk to each other, they will not produce any productive work at the end. As a conclusion, PDSM class taught me the ways to discover, develop and hone the abilities, strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and characteristics inside me. With proper practice of the SMART and SWOT principles, listening and speaking skills, I strongly believe I can be a successful person in the future with high self-esteem and confidence in dealing with matters.