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The 30 Second Happiness Miracle
UNLEASH THE POWER of Gratitude to Create a Blissful Life... in only 30 seconds! by Urayoan Paz
(Formely The Gratitude-Bliss Meditation Handbook.)

version 1.5
Updated 10/16/2009
© 2009-2010 Urayoan Paz All Rights Reserved.

Important Disclaimer: The Gratitude-Bliss Meditation is in no way a replacement for proper medical care. If you are suffering from a depression or any other psychological condition, please contact your health care provide. The author and publisher disclaim any liability arising directly or indirectly from the use of this material.

Highly recommended!" ." -Ilya Alexi www..Sandu "ALEX" Crivineanu Business Solutions Consultant. There is Great Power in simplicity.the100thhuman. "If ever there was a guide to instant happiness this is it." -Chris Fenwick www.Gratitude's Gift. Blessings to you for Living on Purpose and sharing your understandings with the world... I read through it and I think your message is much needed today. Urayoan has tapped into universal and timeless principles to create the most concise method to a contented life I have read in a long time.. Simple and prepared to be delighted with a very profound attitude change and "Thank you for your ebook.secretmindpower. It fits perfectly with the 7th Key in "the 100th human" .What People are saying about this ebook.. Your focus on Gratitude and its role in how happy and content we are can not be overstated. in Gratitude ". Las Vegas .

. the creator of GBM ~ The 24-hour Global Meditation ~ ~ The Cosmos Explained ~ ~ Change Your Mind. Change Your life! ~ ~ Bonus! ~ .. YES! ~ A candid letter from Urayoan Paz.Table of Contents ~ Introduction ~ ~ Being Happy ~ ~ Elements of Gratitude-Bliss Meditation ~ ~ Execution ~ ~ Awake to Beauty.

But first. But if you are ready for happiness. You might not be ready for this powerful technique. the good-looking.The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 6 I will ask you a simple question. and the spiritually advanced? Well. think about it. Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www. royalty. I have developed the perfect way for you to be happy.GratitudeBliss. It's called Gratitude-Bliss Meditation. guess again.. DO YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY? Really. then read . If you think happiness is not for you then stop reading this report right now. Do you really want to be happy? Do you deserve to be happy? Are you doing everything in your power to be happy? Or do you think happiness is something for the wealthy.


you'll notice their ." But something that the spiritually advanced noticed quickly was that everything material is impermanent. Eventually. many ancient traditions focused on the opposite. the spiritual. evolving. are able to reach that state of pure happiness through spiritual ascension. So as this revelation was made clearer. the very adept. So happiness cannot depend on the material." For most of us. We love to live life in the moment and we enjoy life more when we are in action. Like beauty fades. Most of our daily functions and overall desires all revolve around "being happy. spiritual ascension is a goal we might want but not at the expense of "living life to the fullest. and youth withers away. so does everything material. happiness (or personal contentment). is lost in the haze. our time is our most precious commodity. if you begin studying ancient texts and modern sciences. learning." Being satisfied is a key goal in our current "materialistic society. And thus.The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 8 From the beginning of human history we have been searching for happiness. the main goal. Some. does not seem like a practical option for a normal human being living in the 21st Century. We like doing. For us. the normal human beings. via ascetic practices. Going on retreat to the middle of nowhere and living in a monastery devoid of life's simple pleasures. Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www. The more you learn the more you get confused.GratitudeBliss.

This technique will put you in a state of contentment. Plus. following these instructions cannot fail. Based on ancient philosophies and good old common sense. Personal contentment means to be truly happy with yourself right here and now. Just like 1 + 1 = 2. Sitting in a room quietly for thirty . Personal contentment does not mean material or sensory satisfaction. guaranteed. this is who we are.GratitudeBliss. one needs a "real world" approach to this fastpaced life. Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www. coworkers. and other obstacles. That's why I have developed Gratitude-Bliss Meditation (GBM). From this state of personal contentment EVERYTHING is possible. So we come to this statement: More important than spiritual ascension is personal contentment.The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 9 interacting. offspring. bosses. GBM is the perfect solution for 21st Century fast-paced life. Personal contentment brings peace of mind. Only with personal contentment can you ascend spiritually. spouses. moving. with bills. being. then thrusting yourself into this hectic city-world and thinking everything is going to be perfect is not a realistic view of life.

Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www. A grateful mind is a content mind. it becomes an extremely powerful energy source that releases Bliss at any time. You will only have to do this preparation once and it will take you about 15-30 minutes. It alone can put you in a state of Bliss (contentment). A grateful mind needs .. peace and overall contentment follows. The first time it is done you will have to learn the following.GratitudeBliss. When you are in a state of Gratitude.The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 10 Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions a human being can experience. So with the power of GBM you can turn a bad moment into a great one! GBM only takes 30 seconds to do but it takes some preparation. Gratitude = contentment = True Happiness (Bliss) Another key point about gratitude is that when FOCUSED. So from this we can say that..


After their explanations. One of the reasons for health problems is lack of oxygen. Unfortunately we adopt a "shallow breath" breathing pattern as we get older. Happy thought 4. race. religion. Babies and young children by nature use the complete breath method. Breath 2. Gratefulness 3. Remember. no matter age.GratitudeBliss. 1.The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 12 The Elements of Gratitude-Bliss Meditation (GBM) are: 1. or nationality. These elements are simple and easy to do. The Elements Explained. we can go days without food and water but can only go a few minutes without air! Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www. Like the gears inside a clock they MUST work together. ANYONE can do ." This breathing method allows for more air to enter your lungs (and thus your body). Breathing is more important than you think. Breath The type of breathing done for GBM is called diaphragmatic breathing* or "complete breath. Smile The above elements are the "inner workings" of GBM. all the elements will be put together in the "EXECUTION" section to make GBM work.

These particles are filled with health and "happy" energy. Note: Breathing should be done through the nose. Make a list of all those . As you go through your complete breath.. Now for the energizing part of this element.The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 13 "Complete Breath" is quite simple.. Retain your breath for several seconds then slowly exhale drawing your abdomen in. you breathe in these particles making you feel great! Continue the complete breath along with this visualization. As you inhale. Imagine hundreds of star-like particles around you.. Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www. On inhale you'll hear (or notice) the "so" sound and on exhale you'll hear the "hum" sound. Then continue to give thanks for your health and everything else. The complete breath can be done at any time. Continue doing this in a calm and serene manner. Life is the most precious gift and one must be thankful about this. Do this for as long as you like. carefully listen to the sound your breathing makes. As you inhale. This will relax you. push out your abdomen allowing as much air into your lungs as possible. starting with your own life. 2. Gratefulness To be grateful one must give thanks for EVERYTHING.GratitudeBliss. any place..

It not only raises your personal vibratory levels but it also sends out these good "vibrations" out into the Cosmos. or you might have some object that made you feel good (like a puppy or plush doll). like the day your favorite sports team won the championship or any such moment. your son. Smile The final element is the universal human sign of the smile. daughter. school.GratitudeBliss. You must "feel" gratitude. Happy Thought This element will put you in a state of Bliss. the planet. We normally smile when Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www.. not just the thought. Smiling is an extremely powerful tool.. 3. 4. The energizing effect will be in holding that emotion. your house (the roof you sleep under). the trees. For example. you might have received a gift that you cherished. your car. Think of a moment in your childhood that made you feel intensely happy. EVERYTHING! Now for the energizing effect. your wife. the sky. The memory can even be an adult .The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 14 Example: Give thanks for your parents. not just visualize it. The emotion is what triggers the gratitude energy.

your facial muscles will trigger certain brain responses relating to past "good moments" you've had. You will "trick" your mind into believing everything is great.The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 15 we feel good. smile :-) Next up is the Execution. As you intentionally smile. Try it out. but for GBM you will be doing something . Since your brain cannot distinguish between a memory and the present moment.. Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www. You will smile even if you feel bad. smiling intentionally will make you feel better.


2. Then you can focus this energy (Focused Gratitude) and live a life of continual Bliss! Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www. 4. Use complete breath and use the star-like particle visualization. The 30 seconds Gratitude-Bliss Meditation: 1.The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 17 Now that you understand the 4 elements of GBM. Think of a happy thought/emotion. You're done! Practice GBM as many times as you like during the day." Once you are more experienced you may trigger this "Gratitude Energy" at will without all the visualization. you will make them work together. Keep this sensation (and the smile) for 30 seconds. Breathe.GratitudeBliss. Smile. concentrating on the emotion (the "feeling") aspect of each . Each element will be performed one after the other. Like anything in life "practice makes perfect. Note: If you forget something just go back and review the elements. Be grateful [with feeling]! 3.

Do the "prayer" mudra* while doing GBM. or as long as you like. of course. The prayer mudra is simple. If you already do sitting meditation. (Be sure to do the 24-hour Global Meditation) Do the GBM as you wake up and before going to bed at night. and on the entire world. etc. Do GBM while you drive (with your eyes opened. 2 min. Do GBM at your job. I have found this intensifies GBM! You may also focus your gratitude on complete strangers. For example as you wash your hands focus your gratitude into that action. Just put your hands together as in prayer with your thumbs close to your heart.). GBM or Focused Gratitude is an intensely powerful tool for healing. Do GBM as you perform simple chores. The purpose is to "live" GBM continually. incorporate it at the beginning of your session. Try extending GBM for as long as you can. on loved ones.GratitudeBliss.The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 18 Some tips: You may also do a longer GBM. It can be 1 . etc. Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www. This has an energizing effect. Mudras are special ancient hand postures that have been used by many different cultures.

anxiety.GratitudeBliss. comments. questions. While doing GBM try listening to any sounds you hear around you. This will help you expand your awareness and help energize you. etc.GratitudeBliss. Thank You! Send this ebook to friends and loved ones and help them feel great with the POWER OF GRATITUDE! For more info. or testimonials visit: www. This will help you Focus Gratitude. depression. Remember to Smile :-) Close your eyes while doing GBM. anger. GBM will help you with any negative SHARE THIS EBOOK! .The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 19 Do GBM in moments of Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www.

Awake to Beauty. YES! A candid letter from Urayoan Paz.. the creator of GBM ..

religions.. and scientific methods. After many years of researching many philosophies. Not a single soul in the Universe has ever been cured of a disease by thinking of (or focusing on) that disease. by focusing on Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www. So I decided to develop Gratitude-Bliss Meditation (GBM).GratitudeBliss.. (simple. To be cured we MUST focus on health! We can't expect to get results (in being happy).. Infants and small children are the gurus (or masters) of this method. Observe them and remember. (1). huh?) In other words. keep it .The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 21 Welcome fellow happiness seekers! I'm glad you are now at our website (ebook). It's easy. I thought there must be an easier way... Don't complicate your life with stuff you don't understand and stuff you don't need.. GBM approaches the "happiness problem" like this. Somehow you have found this simple website and are discovering for yourself how easy it can be to be happy. The Secret to Happiness is to Be Happy. Every single person on this planet is born with the natural ability to be happy. The purpose of GratitudeBliss. you were once a is to help people find happiness and bliss in a simple. And (2). I found that these methods of achieving the ultimate goal of being happy are very difficult if not impossible to replicate. no-hassle way.

I have also started a 24-Hour Global Meditation so we can Focus Gratitude all around the world. I have made GBM as easy as possible so that EVERYONE can do it.S.-D Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www. Remember to do GBM as much as possible .com P. By filling yourself up with Gratitude Energy you have done your part. P.The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 22 what's wrong with us. With GBM we can be happy. . Tell your friends about this website. Now. I'm not saying that we shouldn't analyze our bad behaviors and modify them. My motto: Simplicity. If more people do GBM we will begin to see a HUGE difference. and Compassion. I want to change the world and I need your help. Urayoan Paz Founder of GratitudeBliss.GratitudeBliss. We are all good beings and along the way we have forgotten this somehow.P. So I invite you to try GBM and the Global Meditation. Together we can change the world! Your Friend. Fortunately for you. What I mean is that we should focus more on our good behaviors and build on them.S. I have discovered my life's purpose: to help people be happy.

The 24-hour Global Meditation .

com . So by following the time on that website we can all synchronize our time. The cool thing is while you're asleep Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www. Look for your city and time zone off the list on their website. How to do it: This Global Meditation is an ongoing process and it's as simple as the GBM. If you've been doing GBM you will know that Gratitude is one of the most powerful energies known to man.The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 24 This is an opportunity to Focus your Gratitude for a greater we want to collectively channel this energy in order to see positive changes on this planet. We will all set our clocks to the same time using the TimeandDate. Here at World Clock*. It alone can connect you to the power of the Cosmos.GratitudeBliss. As you can see the time on different cities are different but the minutes are the same. For example. Everyone who is awake at that same time will also do it. At the hour we will all do the GBM as described in this ebook. if it's 3:00 pm in your city (on the list) it's time to do GBM. All you need to do is do the GBM for 30 seconds each hour of your waking day. Just 30 seconds of your time each hour.

. You may view it as a global prayer but instead of "wishing" for a better world we will be enhancing our personal lives. Read our Cosmos Explained section (next) for more info on how the Cosmos works.GratitudeBliss.The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 25 someone on the other side of the world will be doing GBM every hour. What we wish to do is to fill this world with Gratitude . Our Expectations. This will have a powerful effect on our world and thus on our collective reality.. As we become more content we will automatically transmit this emotion (or "vibration") outward into the Cosmos and affect our world from a subatomic level. Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www.

The Cosmos Explained .

is now realizing what our ancient ancestors have known for thousands of years: That this world is but a dream and within this dream we are in complete control. What "ENOMAI" means is "I AM ONE" (reflected).000 years old." The notion that we somehow affect this world by intention is not a new one. It can be summed up like this. Over 15 years of research and experience is represented in this symbol. and that only YOU can change your life." you will get "IAMONE" or "I Am One" which is exactly how the Cosmos works. below is a breakdown of the ENOMAI logo/mandala: Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www.The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 27 Below is a short explanation of the GratitudeBliss. This is an empowering statement." The ability to change your reality IS within your reach! Having said that. quantum physics). This statement alone can change your perception of reality. "I am one with the Cosmos and my thoughts and emotions are reflected in it. but modern science (in's ENOMAI logo (or mandala*). If you stand in front of a mirror and display the word "ENOMAI.GratitudeBliss.. and not some "outside factor. What exists in this vast Cosmos is because of ME! I manifest my reality. over 7. instantly! It also allows you to realize that YOU are responsible. The concepts are extremely .

" etc." "Super Consciousness." "Godhead. This being resides in the inner blue circle." "GOD. This has many names: "Source Energy. your immediate reality." "Universal ." "Infinite Substance. Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www. The orange circle represents the unseen energy realm responsible for everything that is experienced.GratitudeBliss." "Cosmic Consciousness.The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 28 The outer black circle represents the Cosmos and everything in it. As you can see it has a direct connection with "Source Energy" (orange). The inner blue circle represents your immediate reality. The black being in the middle is YOU. The black dot represents mind.

That's the reason for . Your environment is but a reflection of your mental and emotional state. Get the Latest Version of this Ebook at www.GratitudeBliss. YOU are a summary of all your thoughts and actions from the moment you are born until this moment. the importance of developing and nourishing positive thoughts cannot be overstated. To put it simply. So as you can see.The 30 Second Happiness Miracle 29 Overall Meaning: Your thoughts affect your environment. You must have positive thoughts and emotions in order to be happy.

Send this ebook to friends and loved ones and help them feel great with the POWER OF GRATITUDE! To get the latest version of this ebook. questions. comments. just send a blank email to SHARE THIS EBOOK! . or testimonials visit: For more info.GratitudeBliss.

No Matter What It Is. instead of where we truly wish to be. By learning how the mind works. Only $7 . Change Your life! The understanding found in this ebook will open your mind and eyes to a world of new meaning. You Can Unleash The "Success Mindset" And Create The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of Having.Click Here for More Info! . NOW! Change Your Mind.Yes. we understand how to break the cycles that keep us on the outside looking in. .GratitudeBliss. www.Self-Improvement eBooks Expand your knowledge and be the best YOU can be! Visit.

com Important Disclaimer: The Gratitude-Bliss Meditation is in no way a replacement for proper medical care. just send a blank email to GetGratitude@sendfree. and/or distribution of other formats (including the print version) are For more info. .SHARE THIS EBOOK! Congratulations! You have FULL RESELL AND GIVEAWAY RIGHTS to this eBook! You may sell/distribute/give away this ebook in any way you wish as long as it is not changed or edited in any way. The above statement is for this ebook (PDF) version only. reprint. The reproduction. To get the latest version of this ebook. comments. questions. please contact your health care provide. If you are suffering from a depression or any other psychological condition. The author and publisher disclaim any liability arising directly or indirectly from the use of this material. or testimonials visit: www.GratitudeBliss. © 2009-2010 Urayoan Paz All Rights Reserved.

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