Service Agreement

This Service Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made effective on the date set forth below by and between MgolfOnline, LLC, a Connecticut limited liability company with offices at 222 Old Boston Post Road, Old Saybrook, CT 06475 (“MgolfOnline”) and the individual, corporation, limited liability company or other legal entity listed immediately below (“Client”). CLIENT INFORMATION

Exact Legal Name of Member: Address of Principal Office: Mailing Address, if different: State of Organization: Primary contact person: Telephone Number Fax Number: Email Address:
STATEMENT OF FACTS MgolfOnline provides video swing capture the day of the golf tournament with a detailed PGA lesson and instruction to follow 1-2 days after. Golfers are emailed a web-link to access their video and lesson (if purchased). All video capture equipment provided by MgolfOnline. AGREEMENT In consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements set forth herein, and other good and valuable consideration, the parties agree as follows:

1. MGOLFONLINE OBLIGATIONS a. MgolfOnline agrees to set up necessary equipment to capture golfers front and side view at the golf
tournament. Video capture team will be dressed according to golf course requirements and act in a professional manner at all times.
b. c. Golf participant swing will be viewed and critiqued by an MgolfOnline PGA Teaching Professional remotely. The attendee will receive an e-mail directing them to their Lesson at our website site. Following the event, participants will receive a follow-up email on behalf of the sponsor or charity (if applicable) to thank them for attending and directing them to their Lesson. This e-mail can be sent in text or HTML. MgolfOnline will handle sending this email for the sponsor directly from the Mgolfonline will monitor results and send follow-up emails to any participant that has failed to access their lesson. Email will be branded with sponsor’s message.

How it works: 1. We collect the name and email address for each participant through our registration forms as well as foursome list provided by golf tournament coordinator 2. We capture each participant's golf swing as they come through the tee box we are stationed. 3. MgolfOnline PGA Professional will critique each golfer's swing and create a Lesson. 4. Following the event, each golfer will receive an email that will inform participants of their unique user ID (email) and password and direct them to the appropriate web address to access their lesson. 5. Participants view their lesson within their account. Sponsors message, logo, banner can all be displayed on this page. 6. MgolfOnline donates a percentage of proceeds collected at the tournament event, as stated below, within 7 business days.

Member hereby grants to MgolfOnline, the exclusive right to provide video swing capture on established golf tournament date. If requested, a place to set up a table to promote the video swing analysis service prior to the start of the tournament, and the right to

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solicit said service on a tee box venue of client’s choice. In order to guarantee continious play, we require at least 2 hours prior to the start of the tournament, a complete foursome list which details the golfers name, and if available, email, and what tee box they are scheduled to tee off from. 3. TERM AND TERMINATION

This Agreement will begin as of the Effective Date written below, and will continue until all obligations stated above are provided by MgolfOnline and Charity. Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, upon 30 days prior written notice. Either party may terminate this Agreement, effective immediately upon written notice, in the event of a material breach of this Agreement by the other party. 4. COMPENSATION

CONTIGUENCY BASIS: When monies are collected by MgolfOnline, commissioned proceeds will be distributed to the ECSU Foundation Inc., within 7 business days after the event. 140+ at 30% 120 at 25% 100 at 20% 50-99 at 17.5% Below 50 at 15% FEE: Golfers who elect to participate in the video swing analysis agree to pay MgolfOnline a fee of TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS for video swing analysis. 5. PAYMENT

This service is provided at no cost to the ECSU Foundation Inc. MgolfOnline is responsible for collecting all fees directly from tournament participants who elect to participate in the video swing analysis services provided by MgolfOnline. Eastern Officials are to be provided with a complete roster of all golfers who pay for the MgolfOnline service, prior to the end of the event on June 18th 2007.

EFFECTIVE DATE:_________________________________, 200__. SIGNATURES CLIENT NAME: BY: _________________________________________ (signature) Its:________________________________________ (duly authorized) MgolfOnline, LLC BY: _____________________________________________ (signature) Its:__________________________________________ _ (duly authorized)


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