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Certified Cost Engineer CCE Exam Preparation Course Certified Program


Certified Cost Engineer CCE Exam Preparation Course Certified Program

28 November 2 December 2010, Doha - Qatar

Need & Benefit: Todays ever-changing business environment requires new approaches to Cost Engineering Management, which has become an important tool for dealing with time-to-market, resources, limitations, downsizing and global competition. As markets and project organizations become more dynamic, administrative and technical skills alone are no-longer sufficient to deal with the complexities of modern project undertakings. The essential need for cost engineering management practical implementation in the real world and the need of transferring theoretical to practical becomes a great challenge in the real world business which will direct and guide all project management knowledge areas implementation to achieve companies goals and objectives.

At the end of this course, participants will gain the following Understand the nature of real cost engineering management implementation in the real world Organization team will have the chance understand the complete set of cost engineering implementation in order to achieve the organizations goals and objective in profits and mark up Who should attend? All business enterprises, construction, factories and all levels from project managers, line or front mangers to site engineers and cost control factories Course Director
Karim El Dash; PhD; PMP PhD, Structural Engineering, North Carolina State University, USA (1995). PMP, Certified Project Management Professional from Project Management Institute (PMI), USA (2000-2009). Certified Consultant Engineer, Design of Structures, Egypt. Delivered more than 30 technical and managerial academic courses in USA, Egypt, and Kuwait. Participated in the management, structural design, and building assessment and repair of many mega construction projects in Egypt, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Lecturer and facilitator; prepared, delivered, and participated in more than 2000 training hours including more than 30 training subjects in the fields of project management and construction.


Certified Cost Engineer CCE Exam Preparation Course Certified Program For example; facilitator for the Cambridge University Project Management Diploma; facilitator for preparation of Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Produced 26 research papers in the field of construction management, project management, and structural engineering. Papers were published in international recognized journals or presented in international conferences in USA, GB, France, Canada, Spain, China, Norway, and Egypt. Received a Mention for his research in Project Management Expert Seminar in Spain 2004. Headed High Strength Concrete Session in Confined Concrete Conference in China 2004.

Course Curriculum Day One Cost, Pricing and Cost Estimation - Cost Elements - Pricing - Materials, Labor, Engineering and Equipments - Economic Costs - Activity-Based Cost Management - Estimating - Process Product Manufacturing - Discrete Product Manufacturing Day Two Planning and Scheduling Understanding Time Management Environment The three major independencies Introduction to Networks tools and techniques (AON AOA) Precedence Diagram Method (PDM) the philosophy and the art Arrow Diagram Method (ADM) the philosophy and the art Activity duration estimates (CPM PERT Monte Carlo) Crashing and Fast Tracking

Day Three Progress and Cost Control Progress Measurement and Earned Value Earned Value for Variable Budgets Tracking Cost and Schedule Performance Performance and Productivity Management

Day Four


Certified Cost Engineer CCE Exam Preparation Course Certified Program

Project Management and Economic Analysis Project Management Fundamentals Project Organization Structure Project Planning Project Labor Cost Control Leadership and Management of Project People Quality Management Gary Cokins Value Analysis Del L. Younker, CCC Contracting for Capital Projects James G. Zack, Jr. Strategic Asset Management Basic Engineering Economics Applied Engineering Economics

Day Five Statistics, Probabilities and Risk Statistics & Probability Basic Concepts in Descriptive Statistics Risk Management

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English/ Arabic English

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US$ 2,950