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Asia Motor Works Ltd. (AMW) is a private manufacturing industry that manufactures commercial vehicle, auto components, fully built vehicles and forged components. It also provides services like Road Safety Solutions and Forgings. It was founded by Anirudh Bhuwalka in 2002. AMW has increased its presence in an increasingly competitive market place through its products and service network spread across the country. Currently the company is headed by Anirudh Bhuwalka as MD & CEO and A Ramasubramanian as President. Company is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has won the coveted CV of the year 2008 from NDTV Profit Car & Bike Awards & "CV Innovation of the Year" for 2010 from CV Magazine & Zee Business News. Recently is received an award for Truck Application Builder of the Year from Apollo CV awards 2011.

The fully integrated manufacturing facility of AMW is located in Bhuj, Gujarat, in the western region of India. The capacity for commercial vehicles is at 50,000 annually. In addition the Company has installed capacity for tipper bodies, fabricated components, pressed metal and frames for chassis production. The Company recently acquired a forging unit in Mysore in Southern India, which produces axles and other forged components. AMW also manufactures components for the automotive and general engineering industries. AMWs capacity of 15 million wheel rims makes it the largest single location plant in Asia and the company supplies pressed metal components to some of the worlds most renowned auto and white goods manufacturers. AMW has a network of over 60 touch points across India.

Following are the current products which AMW offers under his commercial vehicles range

Model Gross Capacity Drive

2518TP 2523TP 4018TR 4023TR 4923TR 2518HL 3118HL 2518TM 2518CP 25 tonne 25 tonne 40 tonne 40 tonne 49 tonne 25 tonne 31 tonne 25 tonne 25 tonne 6X4 6X4 4X2 4X2 6X4 6X4 8X2 6X4 6X4

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