EXECUTIVE SUMMARY An investment is a commitment of funds made in the expectation of some positive rate of return.

If properly undertaken, the return will be commensurate with the risk the investor assumes. ( Fischer and Jordan, 2009). A study of investment Awareness and Perceptions was undertaken with the aim of achieving a better understanding of investor behaviour. The main objective was to conduct an analysis of the various investment options available, the level of awareness, behaviour patterns and perceptions of the investors in relation to the available investment options. The most popular investment options were selected for analysis in investment of Commodity Market Special focus was on the study of the levels of awareness among the investors about the commodity markets and also perceptional ratings of the investment options by the investors.This study was undertaken with an intention to gain a better perspective on investor behaviour patterns and to provide awareness in the commodity market. The limitation of the study is that it considers investors from Coimbatore paradise office only, and hence, might not be representative of the entire country. An analysis of the backgrounds and perceptions of the investors was undertaken in the report. The data used in the analysis was collected by distributing the questionnaire, 66 people were surveyed, and were given questionnaire relating to their backgrounds and knowledge about the investment markets and options. The raw data contains a wide range of information, but only the data which is relevant to objective of the study was considered. A screen shot of the SPSS file used for the analysis. Objectives • • • • To profile the commodities investors. To identify source of information about commodities market by investors. To identify the investment patterns of investors. To understand the investor’s perception & awareness towards commodity market.

Research methodology • The study was descriptive study. Interpretation  Most of the respondents feel that satisfaction is medium in terms of commission charges . Convenient sampling method is taken for analysis.Majority of the respondents are aware of commodity market . The sample size is 66 investors.The secondary data are collected through journals. Most of the respondents are prefer to invest in metals and bullions market. The primary data are collected through the questionnaire method. Percentage analysis and chi-square analysis is used as tools for analysis. Most of the respondents are investing 10-20% of their income in commodity market .Majority of the respondents feel that returns in commodity market is satisfactory. articles and websites.

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