Does your nation's land forces employ either anti-personel or anti-tank mines?

Immoren uses Anti-tank mines Track mine model 66, with detonator model 77

The mine consists of a 9.5 kg (~21 lbs) charge of cast TNT in fibre cast shell and 60grams of Composition B as detonator. The mine is armed with a pressure detonator set to explode on a weight of 100 kg. Underbelly mine model 87-94

seismic detonator and driveover counter. and has both magnetic. Mine can be programmed to arm and disarm after certain time has passed and to allow predetermined number of vehicles to pass over.The mine is equipped with 4kg HEAT/EFP warhead. Mine penetrates 8cm RHa. Off-road mine model 87 .

but weights 12 kg and has penetration of 100 mm at distance of 30 m.1.6 Kg EFP mine with penetration of 30mm RHa at 30 meter. . There are also scatterable AT mines for rocket launchers Anti-personel mines Light directional AP mine model 84 and heavy directional AP mine model 81 Pointed mine model 65 The mine has 60 grams of TNT and it is meant to destroy wheel of vehicle or maim foot that lands on it. Electric or manual fuse. Off-road mine model 81 is similar to above.

Marian armed forces make extensive use of landmines. rigged with just about every kind of mine imaginable.5 metres high from out the ground before detonating and spraying enemies with lethal fragmentation at . Picture shows reservists practicing with mine. Any enemy (or illegal immigrant) wishing to cross Marian border would have to cross a 2 kilometres wide minefield. The fragments of deadly up to 15 meters. small "leaf" mines are often scattered from helicopters. Too weak to kill. mainly for border protection. except scatterable ones belong to domain of military engineers althought separate infatry companies and sissi companies also are trained in use of off-road mines. and injure up to 30-50 meters. directional AP mines and pointed AP mines. In areas where large and structured minefields would be impractical. A favourite among Marian soldiers is the IM-50 "Grasshopper" bouncing mine that pops around 1. they usually maim their victims. with an explosive filler of 180 g. Other Mines. Pipe Mine weighs 900 g. There are also scatterable AP mines for rocket launchers. and which smugglers and illegals are known to frequent.Pipe mine model 68 Pipe Mine can be installed on a tree. Uses of track mines is taught to EVERY concsript during basic training period and every infantry squad has between 10-30 track mines. thus discouraging outsiders from visiting these areas.

waist height. Anti-tank Mines When it comes to developing new military weaponry. Landmines are an essential part of the arsenal for many armed communities who wish to spice up their defenses. They are also a staple export item albeit with very stiff competition on the global market. and are also known as "nut-busters" for obvious reasons. The development of tanks during World War I led to anti-tank mines. These are said to often cut their victims in half. countries try to keep up with the developments of other countries. and then sprint towards the target and latch onto it before detonating. but are typically designed so that the footstep of a person won't detonate them. Photo courtesy U. A recent introduction is also an experimental spider mine. Department of Defense A close-up look at an M15 anti-tank mine Anti-tank mines are very similar to their anti-personnel cousins. which can burrow in ground and wait until a passer-by triggers its proximity sensor. The people of Sovereign Spirits are no strangers to explosives. and anti-personnel mines were developed to prevent enemy armies from moving antitank mines. These mines are pressure activated. but are much larger.33 pounds (158 kg) to . Most anti-tank mines require an applied pressure of 348. Individuals and groups also create their own mines using a variety of methods and materials that are available to them.S.

Let's take a closer look at one of these anti-tank mines. which then sets off the main charge.16 pounds (338 kg) in order to detonate. it pushes down on the pressure plate. The main component of the M15 is the 22. which detonates and fires the M120 booster charge beneath the fuse. Composition B is a mix of TNT and cyclotrimethylene trinitramine (RDX). . Underneath the pressure plate is a Belleville spring with a firing pin affixed to its underside.82 pounds (10. because the goal of the anti-tank mine is to destroy the tank's tracks and as much of its body as possible.35 kg) of Composition B explosive. Source: U. As a tank rolls over the mine. There's no need for a bounding or fragmentation antitank mine.27 inches (337 mm) and a height of 4.745.92 inches (125 mm). It has a diameter of 13. Most tanks and other military vehicles apply that kind of pressure. steel anti-tank mine that contains a main charge of TNT.S. The firing pin is driven down into the detonator. The M15 is a circular. Department of Defense The M15 is armed by rotating the arming switch so that it is set atop the head of the fuse. M15 Pressure-operated Blast Mine All anti-tank mines are blast mines. The cylindrical fuse is made of iron and is attached to the pressure plate by a copper cover.

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