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Charles Castello Desarie Sastre Raul Prensa Von Franklin

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A Waterways Project Publication Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codirectors Thomas Perry administrative assistant

Bryna Malik, teacher Roberto Clemente Center Robert C. Galli, director Freebie Rivera, assistant principal David Cabrera, center administrator Auxiliary Services for High Schools Richard Organisciak, superintendent Alternative, Adult and Continuing Education, Schools and Programs Funding support from The New York State Council on the Arts

Death was my first choice, life the other. I'd like to thank my father, but my features come from my mother. Lord gracious despite fury, I guess that explains my kind, my nature. But my passion for love, violence, and greed, Not greed of food, guns, sex: Greed of the next man's happiness.

Charles Castello Greed

Lord forgive me, I'm stuck between passion and envy. Save me, take me, in fact leave me here, But please say a prayer for my enemy. The enemy, the evil behind my eyes; This is why I cry, but shed not tears, smile deviously with no fears.

Is it love of what is yours or love of what is greed. Lord, speak to me. Tell me am I doomed to be telling a lie Or am I paying dues to my savior, the Messiah being there for me. God, show me a sign. Lord, take me now because I have no more time.


God's moment to take me was interrupted by a taste of remorse. Although life's mission is to bring about knowledge. My knowledge was for street reality, Only to leave this world beaten by mental brutality.

Charles Castello I.N.fluence

Of what brought my attention to , This was the Lord's voice telling me at a moment's notice, I had a choice, live or have my life handed to Another soul ,who has not yet reached it's final journey — paradise. Heaven sent down a million angels In the form of the Lord's struggle, Only for non-angelic creatures to destroy the path Of the righteous.

If we could only see, death is precious to the living. Living is essential to life's lessons For another angel to descend into a human being And bring back society's true meaning.


The face of my pain smiled As if I had ended my suffering to an undefiled relationship.

Charles Castello It's Over

A phone call at nine o'clock awoke my lust, my curiosity, My love and my trust. Crushed, my passion raged out in fury. I died to her words. I love you. Instead I heard, “It's over.” I dropped the phone.

Only to notice my heart fell out the window. How dare she disturb the balance that I call home?


Pain of happiness soothes the pain of a wound, I gather in life's war. My tears meant nothing to the enemy, Condemned to the harsh realities of my life. My block, where my mother raised me Only to be caged like I was crazy. If I had only realized the shelter, I'd still be living mentally and physically.

Charles Castillo Pain

I walk around the dead, Only to find they're living through drugs. Often my passion has labeled men thugs. Heavenly Father speak to me.

Yell if you have to, Satan is lurking. I want to do right, But it seems as if the devil is working to take me, Uncreate me. In the eyes of my family, And in the courts of my hatred. I plead insanity.


Although a picture is supposed to be painted with feelings, My sculpture is molded with life's morbid realities. Death amongst my breaths, I can feel death crawling to touch my skin, Longing to reach my rotten veins of the world's poison. Possibly it was fate that attempted to make everything right For what seemed so wrong. God speaks in sequences that to me just can't be heard. At night I yell out and echo words, suicide! I cover my eyes running from serpents. I keep my eyes open sleeping with snakes, And I change my face to escape a morbid fate of hell's gates. Hell's gates opening and pulling what's left of nature's innocence, me; And a few moments of glory. My life in a whole story is moments of fear And a dying man's last year to shed tears.

Charles Castello Suicide


A bruise without swelling was made by a known felon Because I wouldn't buy the bulls#!* he was selling, And I set out yelling suicide.

When the love fades away It makes you wanna go away If you do not feel the same There is no one to blame. If he says he loves you Love him back, not just in the sack But if he wants to leave, then let him go. This shows he never did love you so.

Desarie Sastre Life After Love

Don't cry, dry your eyes. Don't show him you were a victim of his lies. If you're not sure Follow your heart It guided you from the start.


Don't judge me by the color of my skin or hair Because you are not the one who will always be there. Don't tell me that I am bitter. Tell me I can be better. I walk the streets everyday. Someone always has something to say. I do not give it much thought because I Know there is nothing wrong with me but, Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder what do they see. I see a young lady who has been Discriminated against lately. I know where I will be in the years to come Where will you be, on the streets, with your gossip, living like a bum?

Desarie Sastre Who Do You See?


I never asked to be invented into a deadly weapon, Responsible for so many deaths; ever since my existence. I've been used to assassinate presidents and leaders, But since I'm a piece of metal, I don't have feelings.

Raul Prensa Deadly Metal

I've been used in robberies, wars, schools and clubs. My owners consist of drug dealers, killers, cops and thugs. I've been around for so many years. Throughout those years, I saw the blood sweat and the tears.

They fill my body up with these things called bullets. Bullets don't have any names and don't care who they hit. It's so sad to see an innocent child in a casket. I'm used all around the world in the line of fire. If it were up to me, I'd stop the killing and retire. I'm so trapped because I don't have a voice. I can't make decisions and I don't have a choice.

When will the madness stop? I don't know, But as long as I'm here the blood will continue to flow.


Evilness and sin turning the streets infested. All types of drugs and guns get requested. Undeveloped girls get their bodies molested. It's just beyond drastic, everyday bodies get blasted.

Raul Prensa Street Life

New born babies get wrapped in plastic. Firearm on the waistline below the elastic. Police got us on the run and the phones they tapped it. Cocaine and Heroine keeping the fiends attracted. I sit back and analyze; make my eyes rise. Look at the skies. Is it pearly white gates when I die, Or will I fry?

I speak for those people struggling, searching for light. In this roller coaster life, you've got to hold tight. The roller coaster goes up, then it goes down. It goes really fast, then it slows down.

But I'm staying on until the ride is over. There's no way out, unless you jump off the ride, And I'm not trying to leave this world committing suicide.


In my heart, I know I am someone's child. My eyes are heavy I've been walking for miles; In search of something I know I've lost, My forty acres and the mule or maybe my black horse.

Von Franklin A/K/A Harvey 2 Face Black Rain

I've been torn between eras and time-frames; Torn between wars and slave trains. My heart was so filled with darkness, filled with fear and hate And that's when those black tears hit the flood gates. Of my heart, of my soul, of my mind and my brain, All my young life, I've tried to ignore the pain. Held back the memories and tried to suppress the rage And that's when my heart turned over it's black page. To release all the hatred, the lies and the pain, To open new doors so my life may start again. And when I get everything back on track like the A train I hope to never see another sign of black rain.


Von Franklin Lost
A time I know I can't turn back Through the cracks.

Like times of open wounds I've slipped I am looking an answer or maybe a better way

Looking for the right path and also a brighter day.

I'm trying to keep my dreams alive and be all I can But I'm lost, tossed , bruised, battered and pained Torn apart and lied to in vain. My world has been trashed, crashed and driven

Trying to show to everyone there is a change in me.

Insane. All my young life I've been riddled with pain And when I get this light to shine brightly again

Tried to escape the misery and try to get out of the rain. I plan to never step another foot in darkness and lost pain.


A Waterways Project Publication 1999-2000

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