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(Under Ministry of Health & F. W., Deptt. of AYUSH, Govt. of India)

(NATIONAL ACADEMY OF AYURVEDA), Phones: 011-25229753; 25228548

Applications on white paper in the prescribed format (given at the end) are invited for the One-year course of Certificate of Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth (CRAV), under Guru Shishya Parampara in different parts of the country. Training : This course involves training in the clinical practices, Ayurvedic Pharmacy or Dravyaguna of Ayurveda under the guidance of eminent practicing Vaidyas/Scholars. Eligibility: BAMS (Ayurvedacharya) or MD(Ay.)/MS(Ay.) from any University. Duration of course: 1. One year for holders of BAMS degree or MD(Ay)/MS(Ay.) in other than related subjects. 2. Six months if MD(Ay)/MS(Ay) is in the same or related subject. Stipend: Rs.15,820/- plus DA per month. GENERAL CONDITIONS: The qualifications possessed by the candidates must be recognized under IMCC Act. Only those candidates who complete internship by 31st January 2010 are eligible to apply. Age Limit is 45 years. Relaxation in age will be given to Govt. sponsored candidates as per rules. Preference will be given to Medical Officers working in government sectors. IMPORTANT NOTE : Interviews will be held guru-wise. In case of more applicants for a particular Guru, then shortlisting of candidates for interview will be made on the basis of marks in final profession of BAMS (This will apply for holders of MD(Ay.)/MS(Ay.)) in ratio of 1:5 to number of vacancies at each guru. Candidates will be allowed for interview to the short-listed number only under each guru. Eligible applicants can appear in Walk-in Interview at the following places/centres for selection to the course for the subjects available in those places under the guidance of respective Gurus. S.No. Name & Place Subject No. of seats Date of Interview: 25-01-2010 (Monday); Venue: Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, 583/2, Rasta Peth, Pune 411011 1. Vaidya Suresh Chaturvedi, Mumbai Kayachikitsa 04 2. Dr. Dineshchandra D. Goradia, Mumbai Kayachikitsa 02 3. Vaidya Pramod Kulkarni, Pune Kayachikitsa 03 4. Vaidya Yeshwant G. Joshi, Pune Kayachikitsa 04 5. Vaidya Dattatreya Majumdar, Virar (W) Panchakarma 05 6. Dr. Ashok Govind Paranjape, Thane (W) Panchakarma 02 7. Dr. S.M. Sathey, Pune Netra Chikitsa No vacancy Date of Interview: 27-01-2010 (Wednesday); Venue: Govt. Akhandanand Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Bhadra, Ahmedabad 380001 1. Dr. P.M. Jasani, Nadiad Streeroga 04 2. Dr. Mukul Patel, Surat Ksharasutra 02 3. Dr. Jaysukh Ramjibhai Makwana, Rajkot Danta Chikitsa 05 4. Vaidya Labh Shankar Shukla, Rajkot Danta Chikitsa 05 5. Dr. Deepak Sumanlal Parekh, Bhavnagar Kayachikitsa 05 6. Dr. Pragnesh D. Pandya, Bhavnagar Ksharasutra 05 Date of Interview:28-01-2010 (Thursday); Venue: Govt. Akhandanand Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Bhadra, Ahmedabad 380001 1. Dr. Indubhai M. Dave, Ahmedabad Ksharasutra 03 2. Dr. D.K. Shah, Ahmedabad Ksharasutra 02 3. Dr. Madhav Prasad Acharya, Ahmedabad Kayachikitsa 04 4. Vaidya Rasik N. Valdoria, Ahmedabad Kayachikitsa 05 5. Vaidya Maa Anantanand Tirth, Ahmedabad Kayachikitsa 02 6. Dr. Dhaivat Mahendra Vora, Ahmedabad Kayachikitsa 03 7. Dr. Vikram Upadhyay, Ahmedabad Panchakarma 05 Date of Interview:30-01-2010 (Saturday); Venue: Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth, Road No.66, Punjabi Bagh(West), New Delhi - 26. 1. Vaidya B.P. Gupta, Delhi Kayachikitsa 03 2. Vaidya Ashwani Kumar Sharma, New Delhi Kayachikitsa 02 3. Vaidya Suresh Chandra Sharma, Bharatpur Kayachikitsa 02 4. Dr. Rajendra Sharma, Ambala Chhavani Kayachikitsa 02 5. Vaidya Sat Pal Gupta, Ambala Chhavani Ksharasutra 02 6. Dr. Dinesh Chander, Kurukshetra Ksharasutra 02 7. Vaidya Jagdish Prasad Sharma, Khattu Shyamji, Dt. Sikar Kayachikitsa No vacancy

Madhusudan Mishra. Dt. G Krishna Prasad.S. Dr. Rajahmandry Rural Ayurved Pharmacy 02 . Bangalore Kayachikitsa 02 2. Dr. Ashtavaidyan ET Narayanan Mooss. Rao. K. Venue: Government Ayurved College.V. Anil Bhardwaj. Dhani Ram Acharya.V. Bhavadasan Namboothiri. Lakshmi Narayan Maiti. Dr. Near SVIMS. K. Koothattukulam. Thrissur Panchakarma 04 Date of Interview: 15-02-2010 (Monday). 4 C. Thiruvanathapuram Asthi Chikitsa 03 7. Dr. Mandi Dt. Dr. Dt. Ayurvedic College. Bhilai Kayachikitsa 05 6. Kolkata . Kolkata Pharmacy 03 3. Dr. Venue: National Research Institute of Ayurvedic Drug Development.S. Kulwant Singh. Kolkata. Bhilai Ksharasutra 05 Date of Interview: 10-02-2010 (Wednesday). Tiruvalla Netra chikitsa 02 3. Dr. Bhopal Kayachikitsa 04 5. Kaviraj Pt. Dr. Distt. Rama Dixitulu. Secunderabad Kayachikitsa 03 2. P. Somayaji. P. Dist. Arya Vaidya Sala. Motihari Kayachikitsa 03 3.) Ayurved Pharmacy 03 11. L. NIMHANS. Sucharita. Chandigarh Kayachikitsa 02 8. Venue: S. Dr. Raj Kumar Gautham. Dr. Tripunitura. 1. Dr. Dr. Kanyakumari Kayachikitsa 05 4. Dr. Dr. K. Satyanarayanachari.P. Paruthuvayalil Pathrose. Vaidya Jagadeeshwari Prasad Mishra. Kottakal Panchakarma 01 2. Hyderabad Kayachikitsa 05 7. Gangadharan. Kadam Kuan.4 1. 1. Kolamuru. Venue: Government Ayurved College Hospital. 1. Rajesh Verma. Kayachikitsa 03 9. Dr. Jabalpur Kayachikitsa 02 2. Buxar Kayachikitsa 03 4. Parameswaran Namboothiri. Kottakkal. Patna 800003. Dr. Ranchi Kayachikitsa 03 Date of Interview: 07-02-2010 (Sunday). Amritsar Kayachikitsa 03 5.G. Raipur – 492 010 1. Dt. Balian. Vaidya Deep Narayan Mishra. Sector 46B. Kannur Netra Chikitsa 02 4. Dr. Bangalore Streeroga 03 3. Nellikuzhupu. Vaidya Ved Vrat Sharma. Vijayan Nangelil. S.P.G. (H. Gwalior Kayachikitsa 03 3. Pharmacy 02 2. Sitamarhi Kayachikitsa 03 2.). M. Bangalore 1.K. Vaidya Siba Prasad Rath. Madhavankutty Varier. Chennai Kayachikitsa 02 9. B. A. Suresh Chauhan. Bangalore Kayachikitsa 03 Date of Interview: 18-02-2010 (Thursday). Kaviraj Jyoti Prasad Gupta. Suresh Kumar. Kottakkal Panchakarma 05 3. Shastri. C. Sreeramachandra Murty.S. Surya Prakash Sharma. Dr. Kannur Kayachikitsa 03 Date of Interview: 12-02-2010 (Friday). Kayachikitsa 05 Date of Interview: 04-02-2010 (Thursday). Venue: Advanced Centre for Ayurveda in Mental Health & Neurosciences. Dr. Prof. Kolkata. Vaidya Ishwar Chander.N. Vaidya Mahesh Dutt Shastri. E. Mangelil. Vijayawada Kayachikitsa 02 4. Distt. Malappuram. Kolkata Kayachikitsa 02 6. Dr. Sector-5. Dr. Dr. Dr. Vaddadi. Tirupati.P. Dr. Ganjam Dt. 1. Vijeyapal. S. Venue: Shri Dhanwantari Ayurved College. J. Dr. Dr. Jammu Ksharasutra 02 2. Madhusudan Deshpande. Block. Ongole Kayachikitsa 05 8. Vaidya Rameshwarlal Sharma. Puri Kayachikitsa 04 7. P. Chandigarh. Ernakulam Asthi Chikitsa 05 6. Hyderabad Kayachikitsa 03 3. Vaidya Ravindra Vatsyayan. Prithi Raj Sharma. V. Jalandhar City Netrachikitsa 02 3. Visakha Dt.J. N. Chota Muri. C. Kolkata Kayachikitsa 05 5. Vaidya Venimadhav A.) Kayachikitsa 02 10. Dr. Kayachikitsa 03 6. Ernakulam 1. Dr. Venue: Conference Hall. Dr. Netrachikitsa 09 Dt. Panchkulan Panchakarma No vacancy Date of Interview: 02-02-2010 (Tuesday). Vaidya Shyam Bihari Mishra. Dr. Dr. Hamirpur (H. Kayachikitsa 05 4. Aravindakshan. Dr. Ludhiana Kayachikitsa 02 4.P. Ernakulam Asthi Chikitsa 02 5. Vidisha Kayachikitsa 03 4. Rama Sastry.Gokulan.K.Ropar Kayachikitsa 02 6. Keezhilam. Vaidya Ghan Shyam Misra. Ayurved College.Date of Interview:31-01-2010 (Sunday). Purushothamacharyulu. Chidambaram.Ernakulam 2. Dt. Amar Nath Dogra. Raghuraj Chaturvedi. Dr. Vaidya G. V. Kavisurya Nagar. Dr. Nangal Dam. Paprola (H. Surendran. Sree Rama Murthy. Dr. Amrut Kumar Chand.Debnath. Hyderabad Kayachikitsa 02 5. Chandigarh Kayachikitsa 02 7. D.V. Venue: Sri Narayan Prasad Awasthi Govt. G.

Venue: Committee Room. CCRAS. S. Upstairs of Deptt. Fitness Certificate. Date of Birth 6. Postal Address (along with Tel. Dr. Dixit. Dr. Lucknow Kayachikitsa 02 6.499 will be rounded to previous number and 0. ** Each candidate can opt only two Gurus (any place or any specialty) and he/she will be interviewed in respect of those Gurus only. Amravati Ksharasutra 04 Date of Interview: 24-02-2010 (Wednesday).C. Place & Subject) : : : : : : : : : : : (i)_____________ (ii)_____________ Photo Self attested CERTIFICATE I -----------------------------------.---------------------------------hereby undertake that all information provided by me is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief that nothing has been concealed or misrepresented. R/o. Prof. BHU. Mark Sheets. SIGNATURE OF THE APPLICANT Ø While submitting the application form at the selection Centre a demand draft for Rs.9 1. V. Name of the applicant 2. IMS. Self attested Photocopies of documents in support of information provided like Age. Nandanwan. Lalta Prasad. Mother’s Name 3. Satya Prakash Gupta. Belongs to SC/ST/OBC 9. to RAV as mentioned in Selection Letter. Varanasi Dravyaguna 02 9. Ram Harsh Singh. Medical Registration Number & Year 11. Near N. of Kayachikitsa. Vaidya Ramdas Mhaluji Avhad. . Educational Qualifications. Chunekar. Dr. Option of Guru(s)** (along with Name.Complex. The final number of vacancies available with the Guru will be displayed at the Interview Centre. Vaidya Sanjay J. Raman Singh.ravdelhi. Dr. Premvati Tewari. NOC from employer (if employed) etc. /Mobile No. subjects & places and the prospectus along with the Application Form is also available on the Website www. Varanasi Streeroga 04 2. K.Date of Interview: 20-02-2010 (Saturday) Selected candidates should join at respective gurus on 1st March 2010 after furnishing a Bond (as per format)./D/o. Dr.I.----------------------------------------------. Prof.) 5. Faculty of Ayurveda.Sharma. Total marks and Percentage* in final Profession of BAMS 8. Community Certificate. (For example: upto 0. Fuladi. Venue: Regional Research Institute (Ayurveda). K.K. Dr. Ahmed Nagar Panchakarma 04 4. Varanasi Kayachikitsa 02 4.S/o. Varanasi Ksharasutra 02 8. Cheques/Cash are not accepted. Vacancies shown in the advertisement is tentative and subject to change. Moradabad Kayachikitsa 02 5.V PRASAD DIRECTOR APPLICATION FORM 1. Nagpur Panchakarma 05 2. Varanasi Ksharasutra No vacancy List of Gurus. Father’s Name 4. Dr.T. Dr.5 or more to next number). I have gone through the prospectus in the Website and accept all rules/regulations of CRAV course. Vaidya Brij Bihari Mishra.400/. Gahukar. Nagpur . Narendra Gujarathi. Date of completion of Internship 10. Brahma Shankar Deviprasadji Khatri. Varanasi Kayachikitsa 01 3.nic. Bareilly Ksharasutra 01 7. Dhanraj V. Place: Date: * Percentage may be given in whole numbers by rounding of the decimal to the nearest favour of “Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth” payable at any nationalized bank in New Delhi is to be enclosed along with the duly filledin Application Form. Jalgaon Panchakarma 05 3. Amaravati Panchakarma 03 5. Dr. Varanasi 1. Educational Qualification 7. Dr. Medical Registration and Internship certificate are to be attached to the Application and all Originals will be verified before interview.

All applicants are to be present at the venue at 09.Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø The Demand Drafts of those candidates. Reservations to SC. Holders of CRAV certificate are not eligible to apply again.00 AM only. . will be returned. Applications will be accepted from 09.ST&OBC will be followed as per the total vacancies available at each Centre of Interview. who are not eligible even for a single Interview.00 AM to 10. who is close relative (relatives of spouse/children/brothers/sisters) of guru can also take admission under the same guru as supernumerary candidate but he/she will not be eligible for stipend from RAV. Any candidate.00 AM for submission of duly filled application along with certificates and Demand Draft.