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Western college players

Date 7th November 2006

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

Western College Players (WCP) are delighted to welcome you and your
child to our Society for involvement in our production of little women, we do
hope you all enjoy the experience.

You will recognize of course that we have a duty to ensure that there are
adequate arrangements in place for the safety and wellbeing of your child whilst
he/she is with us. Accordingly I have to tell you that it must be your own
responsibility to ensure your child is escorted to the rehearsal rooms for 7pm for
each rehearsal and to collect your child from rehearsal at 9.15 from the seating
area outside the pioneer room in Derrys or theatre or other venue for each
session and that you personally arrange to have your child collected from that
place at the end of the session. You are encouraged to remain in the building
with your child throughout the rehearsal, etc - we hope that parents will, where
necessary, band together to form a roster of escorts so that children are
adequately supervised throughout the particular session. Otherwise, it is
important that your instruct your child NOT to leave the rehearsal room, the
theatre precincts, etc without clearing this verbally, face to face, with the
Director or Society member in charge of that activity.

For insurance purposes, if you are not already so, the parent or guardian of the
child must be a member of the Plymouth & South West Co-operative Society
(P&SWCS), who are our sponsors and whose premises (Derry’s) we use for
rehearsals. This is an easy process involving the completion of a simple form,
the payment of £1 (which is refundable): after this, a share account is opened in
your name and you are notified of the share account no. This appears on your
Members’ Dividend Plus card (red & orange).
Your child will then become a student member of WCP for the duration of
the rehearsal & performance run period. So you need to fill in the attached form
for temporary membership.

Note: this form must show if your child has any illness or medical condition we
need to know about e.g. asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, allergies etc.

Also note. Your child will also be involved in a costume photo shoot. The photos
from this will be used as publicity for the production, mainly, on wcp website,
local newspapers and theatre and library display boards.
The production will also be filmed during the week on stage. (A copy of the
filming will be available for you to purchase after the show has finished.)
Your signature is required by western college players to show us that you are
both aware and give consent for your Childs involvement.
Finally if you have any problems, do speak to me in person or call me, tel
The telephone number of Derry’s security office outside shop hours (i.e.
rehearsals) is 303030 if you need to contact or get a message to your child.

Yours sincerely

Joe Mumford, Membership Secretary

Western College Players

Note- the term “child” applies equally to “children” if you bring more than one!