I may not know a stick-shift from a dip-stick, but I have learned a great deal from cars

. Recently going through the classic teenage experience of gaining my driver’s license, the ultimate passport to freedom, has given me insight into humanity in general. I view my progression from Hot Wheels to the steering wheel as one that reflects the difficult path of life, since both are filled with decisions and obstacles ahead. As the road of the asphalt and the road of life converge, I am discovering that looking out from behind the windshield offers an analogy for my entire outlook on the world. My newfound power at the wheel has helped me recognize the essence of my past, present, and future. Possibly tThe most essential step aspect of driving is having a vehicle to travel in. While in the material world, all it takes to procure such an object is pulling out a wallet, in the figurative world of human travel, one must take the only method of transportation available to him/her: the individual’s mind, body, and soul. The automobile’s make and model must certainly be attributed to the person’s childhood- genetics and environment, nature’s struggle with nurture. Perhaps I was born with a logical brain and my quirky traits, yet so muchMy personality and characteristics become that much more valuable when I think of my early life, for I wonder how much of me was already determined and how much I havehas been molded by influences: , particularly by my parents. Mymy mother instilling the values of hard work and independence, as she afforded me great freedom in my childhood adventures, and my father helping me discover the importance of discipline coupled with a love of sports. Every potential pilot, either in essence or on the road, must go through this experience to form a way to get

around. Although cars may come and go, the driver in life is stuck with his/her body permanently. No one is born with the ability to supremely maneuver a car. Likewise, those who enter life are seldom prepared for it. The future is something unexpected, not to be feared but definitely unknown. Yes, living life for a time might teach one a few things, and teens in general seem to feel quite confident in this fact, but getting on the highway to personal discovery takes much more than reading the paltry driver’s handbook. The instructor from school, whether it is a driving school or the school of hard knocks, can impart so much on those open to listening. I know I experienced many setbacks while learning how to drive, but recovering and analyzing my mistakes turned failures into successes. An error in judgment, behavior, or relationships is only negative when it is not learned from and acted upon. Definitely fFor me, the final step before heading off into the foreboding world of independence is the most troubling. Maps leave me confused, printed routes do me no good, and I have no idea of where I want to be in ten years. One does not get into a car without knowing the intended destination, but I have scarcely a clue of which way is north, so . The uncertainty of career choices or even future goals is quite a substantial matter and can outweigh the uncertainty of the inexperienced driver on an independent trip. Ttrust must play a huge role here. ; kKnowing my own heart, listening to the engine and heeding its needs will take me in the right direction, of this I am sure. My passions, the internal navigation

system, will take open up careers, future goalsme where I need to go, and the joys and wonders life offers on the open road.. What right now seems to be the most novel event in the world, the The ability to transport myself freely , seems completely unrelated to my entire upbringing. It was supposed to be an utter contrast from my past, the very definition of a revolution, changing me in a split-second from adolescent toto a license-carrying citizen. Instead, I believe that it is the culmination of me, my preparation, my transformation, and my look at the road ahead. My life, my liberty, and my happiness all lie in waiting, but I am not apprehensive, for I have spent 16 years as a builder, a learner, and a designer. So, I guess now, I am ready to get this show on the road.

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