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Multi-standard advanced demodulator for satellite digital TV and data services set-top boxes
Data Brief


Demodulation – DIRECTVTM and DVBS QPSK – DVBS2 QPSK and 8PSK – Digital Nyquist root filter with 0.20, 0.25, 0.35 excess bandwidth factors Decoding – Up to 95 mega channel bits per second (Mcbps) at input to DVBS2 FEC – Up to 130 Mcbps DVBS or DIRECTVTM at input to legacy FEC Interfaces – Dedicated 27 MHz clock generation for back-end decoder – I2C serial bus interface – JTAG interface - boundary scan

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DiSEqCTM 2.x interface GPIOs and interrupt lines Monitoring through I2C serial interface FSK modem

Technology – 90 nm CMOS process – Power saving features Package – LQFP-128-EP 14x14, 0.4 mm pitch, RoHS.

STV0903 is a high performance satellite demodulator capable of handling DVB-S, DIRECTVTM legacy and DVBS2 (QPSK and 8PSK) constant coding and modulation signals for satellite broadcast.

AGCRF [IN, IP] [QN, QP] XTALI XTALO SCL, SDA SDAT, SCLT DISEQCIN DISEQCOUT FSKRX_IN FSKRX_OUT GPIO[13:1] TAP JTAG boundary scan Transport stream manager FIFO Line 1 Dual 8-bit ADC Clock generation Slave I2C manager Multi roll-off nyquist and interpolation filters DVBS2 pilots processor and framing Echo concealment equalizer Demapper

IO and RF AGC ASIC controller and power management

Multi-standard demodulator Carrier recovery loop Timing recovery loop CNR estimator

DiSEqCTM 2.0 manager FSK manager GPIO switch matrix

Lock indicator and monitoring

DVBS2 FEC LDPC decoder BCH decoder DVBS2 de-framing CRC checker

Legacy FEC Viterbi decoder Inner de-interleaver Reed-solomon decoder Energy descrambler


August 2008

Rev 1

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QP STV0903 I2C SDAT.IP QM. SCL AGC IN. Application diagram for DVB-S2 front-end system STV6110A SatTuner SDA.IP RF_IN QN.QP I2C STx7100 or STx7109 MPEG-4 / H.Application STV0903 1 Application Figure 1. SCLT AGCRF IM.264 Decoder IC XTAL_OUT 16 MHz XTAL_IN AUX_CLK Choke 27 MHz DISEQC-RX DISEQC_IN DISEQC_OUT 15 Ω LNBH23 2/5 .

STV0903 Ordering information 2 Ordering information Table 1. Ordering information Order code STV0903BAB Packaging LQFP128-14 × 14 mm 3/5 .

Revision history STV0903 3 Revision history Table 2. Changes 4/5 . Date 21-Aug-2008 Document revision history Revision 1 Initial release.

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