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September 2011

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September 2011

Fergie Jenkins: Next for a Statue?

When people get caught up with that which is right and they are willing to sacrifice for it, there is no stopping point short of victory. - Martin Luther King, Jr., 1968
Ferguson Arthur Fergie Jenkins, born December 13, 1942 in Chatham, Ontario, Canada, was signed by the Philadelphia Phillies in 1962 at the tender young age of 19 and made his major league debut with that club as a relief pitcher in 1965. After making just one appearance for the Phillies the following year, he was traded to the Chicago Cubs. I remember, back then, you only had twenty-four hours to report, he tells me, so my wife and I drove from Philadelphia to Chicago and we stayed at the Edgewater Beach Hotel (now the Edgewater Beach Apartments) over on Sheridan. After making 48 appearances out of the bullpen for the Cubs, manager Leo Durocher thought it best to turn his young 65righthander into a starter. As often was the case, Durocher was right. In 1967, his first full year as a starter, Jenkins piled up incredible numbers for the Cubs, going 20-13 with a 2.80 ERA and pitching 20 complete games that year, with three of those being shutouts. He also repPhoto credit: Fergie Jenkins Foundation

resented the Cubs in the 1967 All Star Game in Anaheim, CA where he struck out six batters, an MLB record that he still shares with three others, over three innings. Fergies six victims in that game were Harmon Killebrew, Tony Conigliaro, Mickey Mantle, Jim Fregosi, Rod Carew, and Tony Oliva---a pretty impressive list, to say the least. From 1967 through 1972, Fergie would finish with 20 or more wins every year, an astonishing feat for any Cubs pitcher from any era and Fergies personal proudest achievement. I wanted to pitch. I wanted to show people what my talent was all about. After a down year in 73, when his record was just 14-16, Fergie was traded to the Texas Rangers. In 1974, he came storming back with Texas to compile a 25-12 record, winning the AL Comeback Player of the Year award at the end of the season. He pitched for the Rangers for two seasons before joining the Red Sox in 1976 and 1977 before returning to the Rangers for four more years, and then coming back to the Cubs in 1982 and 1983 to finish his career. Over the course of his nineteen
Photo credit: Fergie Jenkins Foundation

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September 2011

year career, Jenkins would appear in 664 games, producing a 284-226 won-loss record with a lifetime ERA of 3.34. He pitched 4,500.2 innings, ending up with 3,192 strikeouts, while allowing just 997 walks. He also pitched 49 shutouts and an unbelievable 267 complete games out of 594 starts. All of this works out to 36 appearances, a 15-12 record, 243 innings pitched, 173 strikeouts, 54 walks, 3 shutouts, and 14 complete games per season. You sure dont see that anymore! His time with other Cubs players off the field are some of Fergies most fond memories. When he first came over to the Cubs, he roomed with Ernie Banks. I knew right away that he was a Hall of Famer, he says, I mean he was a great guy. He raised dogs and hunted with Billy Williams and Glenn Beckert was his best man at his wedding. We all basically grew up together, he tells me. Fergie attributes much of his success with the Cubs to the stellar defense played behind him on the field and the fans that came out every game to support their day baseball. Knowledgeable fans, outstanding fans, he says of Cubs fans. When asked about his favorite Ron Santo story, a big grin came over his face as he started to share his story and never left his face the whole time he relayed it to me. Well, in 69 he had gotten some threatening letters so Glenn Beckert and Billy Williams played a joke on him. We came back off the road and they put the whirlpool (spa) timer in a box, wound it up, and put it in his mail---the fan mail that we get on a daily basis. So Billys sitting right beside Ronnie and Beckert and he says, Hey Ronnie, do you hear something ticking? Its that box, its ticking! He grabbed it, put it up to his head and said, Oh man, its a bomb! He ran out of the clubhouse (back then the clubhouse door was right down the left field line), and he ran out the clubhouse door, fired it over the bleachers, out onto Waveland Avenue. They came walking back in and Al, the team trainer says, What the heck happened to our whirlpool timer? The guys said, Well Santo threw it over the wall! That was just something that happened with Ronnie. Fergie tells me that thats one of those things that keeps the team loose. He adds, When I came back to the Cubs in 82, 83 it was Ryno, he was a prankster! Who would have guessed that? This is what he had to say about team chemistry and the difference between the team back when he played and the current Cubs team: I think team chemistry is important. You need guys who play well together, guys that know each other, their little quirks, what they like to do and what they dont like to do. I think this ball club

Photo credit: Fergie Jenkins Foundation

Photo credit: Fergie Jenkins Foundation

September 2011

Photo credit: Fergie Jenkins Foundation

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(current Cubs team) just doesnt have it yet. Theyve got a lot of individual players that are pretty good They seem to get hurt. Thats something that, when I played, 21 seasons, I never got hurt. Billy Williams, Ron Santo played 150 games. Randy Hundley, 160 games and thats just something different. Billy Williams had that streak (1,117 consecutive games played). These guys play like 15-20 and they get out of the lineup. They play 30-40, they get hurt. Thats totally different then the way we played in the 60s and 70s. I think this ball club now, in 2011, they have to start looking for players who can stay healthy, that want to play day in and day out, get consistentthis is how you win ball games. I think you might be on to something there, Mr. Jenkins. Off the field, Fergies accomplishments are many. In the U.S. they include: representing the Cubs on the National League All Star team in 67, 71, & 72, receiving the 1971 NL Cy Young award, being named the 1974 AL Comeback Player of the Year, becoming the first, and still the only, Canadian to be inducted into Baseballs Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY in 1991, and in 2009, having his number 31 retired along with Greg Maddux. In Canada, the accolades include: Canadian Press Athlete of the Year in 67, 68, 71, & 74, Lou Marsh Trophy winner in 1974 as Canadas top athlete, Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Canadas Sports Hall of Fame in 1987, enshrinement on Canadas Walk of Fame in 2001, Honorary Doctorate of Law from McMaster University in 2004, Order of Canada, Canadas highest civilian award, in 2007, and in February of this year, was honored on a Canadian postage stamp. (Get yours at How bout the next honor he receives is a statue at Wrigley? The Fergie Jenkins Foundation: Answering the Call The Fergie Jenkins Foundation ( is quite unique in what they do. Instead of focusing their efforts on any one particular cause or even in any certain area, they recognize that there a number of worthy causes all over North America that can (and do) benefit from their assistance. From the Canadian Red Cross to the American Institute for Cancer Research and from the Canadian National Institute for the Blind to Boys Town of America, organization after organization has called upon the Fergie Jenkins Foundation for their help and the Foundation has been there to answer that call. They recently added breast cancer, lymphoma, and Boys and Girls Clubs to their list of organizations to become involved with. In 2012, theyll be further targeting Alzheimers as well as participating with the Ronald McDonald House charities. Their mission statement is simple: Serving humanitarian need through the love of sport and theyve been doing just that since
Photo credit: Fergie Jenkins Foundation

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September 2011

the Foundation was formed in 1999. It all began with a single golf outing to benefit the Red Cross, where they raised in excess of $65,000. Soon after, they added the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, and charities that support cancer research. These were especially personally important organizations for Fergie to become involved with, given his relationship to Ron Santo and how important finding a cure for juvenile diabetes was to Ron and after his own mother had been stricken blind and later passed away due to cancer. That list has continued to grow well beyond personal connections that Fergie may have had though as he began to realize that he could do more to help other organizations as well. His list now includes nearly all of the major charitable organizations in both the U.S. and Canada. Inside the Foundations brochure, youll find this quote from the man himself: Im a ballplayer. When I pitched, I saw every opportunity as a challenge, every inning was a battle and every game was a stage. Charity work is no different. Every cause is a challenge, every disease a battle, and well just attack it step-by-step, pitchby-pitch. Dont be fooled though into thinking that the Fergie Jenkins Foundation only helps the big name charities, theyre there to help any organization that asks for help in some way, shape, or form, provided theyre able to. The Fergie Jenkins Foundation is always at every Cubs Convention in January as well as in Mesa, AZ during Spring Training. Before each Cubs home game, Fergie invites some of the biggest names to ever play the game of baseball out to HoHoKam Park to sign autographs for a different charity. Look for them just beyond the left field grandstand, right outside the concourse. On any particular day, the proceeds might go to the American Cancer Society, the next day it might be for JDRF. Whichever charity theyre signing for that day, all of the proceeds will go to that organization. In addition to Fergie, the Foundation has featured Hall of Famers like Gaylord Perry, Rod Carew, and Rollie Fingers as well as All Stars like Vida Blue and Bert Campaneris. They come out to support the Foundation and to lend their names to a good cause. All of these gentlemen are not only great guys but theyre more than happy to relive your memories of their glory days right along with you. The bottom line though is that its all for charity, so everybody wins. After Spring Training ends and as the weather starts to get nicer further north, look for Fergie all around baseball, particularly at the Cubs minor league parks and events surrounding the annual MLB All Star game. If youd like more information about how you can get Fergie and his Foundation out to your next event, just give them a call in Canada at (905) 688-9418, send them an email at, or download their appearance request right here. Fergie also makes appearances at celebrity golf tournaments, sports/celebrity dinners, sports venues, ribbon cutting ceremonies, or as a motivational speaker.

Photo credit: Fergie Jenkins Foundation

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September 2011

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September 2011

September Hopefuls
Iowa does more than produce bountiful harvests of corn and soybeans; Iowa produces Triple-A ball players worthy of major league action.
With September now upon us, Chicago Cubs manager Mike Quade has turned his focus towards a pair of Iowa Cubs that are rising to fill major league cleats. Right-handed pitcher Casey Coleman, who has twice seen major league play this season due to injuries, looks to turn heads in the Windy City if he can continue with good numbers from the rubber. Coleman is currently sitting with an ERA of 3.91 with his past 11 starts at Triple-A Iowa. 2010 marked the fourth season for Casey in the Chicago organization. Coleman is a third-generation big leaguer and was named the Cubs Minor League Pitcher of the year in 2009. With a quality pitcher like Casey Coleman, the Chicago Cubs bullpen will surely thrive. Debuting with the Chicago organization in 2010, first baseman Bryan LaHair lead the Pacific Coast league with nine intentional walks during that season and he is tied for the club lead in homeruns. Currently batting .321 and who has 86 RBIs for Triple-A Iowa, LaHair sits at the top of the Iowa Cubs individual stats list for the most at bats with 383 times at the plate so far this 2011 season. Additionally, LaHair is at the top of the leader board for most hits, with 127 for the Iowa Cubs. Bryan was named PCL Offensive Player of the Week July 26-August 1, 2010. If called up in September, the Chicago Cubs will surely benefit from LaHairs aggressiveness at the plate and coordination on the infield. With 119 games into this season, the Iowa Cubs sit in the middle of the PCL team batting leader board and in last position of the team pitching board, however with the 5 game winning streak they hold and only half way through the month of August, the I-Cubs can turn these numbers around. Ashley Long gives us the latest happenings with the Iowa Cubs from her perch high above Principal Park in Des Moines. September 2011

Photo credit: Chicago Cubs

Photo credit: Chicago Cubs

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Attention All Self-Proclaimed Ron Santo Fans:

You Talk the Talk, Now Its Time to Walk the Walk
Coming up on Sunday, October 2, 2011, Wrigleyville Magazine, along with a host of other walk teams will be participating in this years 5K (4 mile) Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundations Walk to Cure Diabetes. As you all know, of all the dreams that Ron was able to live to see come true, seeing a cure for diabetes found is one that he was not.
Were asking ALL Cub fans to come out, join our Lakeview area team (you can join our team or make a donation to it right here), join someone elses team, whatever, and help us pick up the torch that Ron carried for so many years until we see his dream and the dreams of millions of others through. (To learn about other ways that you can get involved and help out, visit the JDRF Get Involved page here.)

Photo credit: JDRF Illinois

By the way, did you know that the more money you raise, the better the prizes are that you can choose from? Wait, what?? You werent aware that there were prizes involved? Well, you can see them for yourself right here! So now what do you say? But wait, theres more! After you see the following videos surrounding this article which feature Rons wife, Vickie Santo, Lakeview Walk Manager Katy Akester, and the next Ron Santo Paige Knoll (star of the Paiges Parade team that will walk the Walk at Busse Woods in Schaumburg), Im sure there will be little doubt in your mind that not only do we need to see this through for Ron Santo, but we need to see it through for the millions of people who live with diabetes every day of their lives. If youre in the Chicago area, here are the sites where the walk will take place. If youre outside the Chicago area, you can go here to find the Walk locations near you. (Remember too that not all Walks will be held on October 2.) We all loved Ronnie as a player and later as a Cubs broadcaster but we really loved him for his determination to not allow anything to stop him. Please embrace his spirit and dont let anything stop YOU from walking with us on October 2. We all talk the talk about how much he meant to us, will you please come out with us and walk the Walk?

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September 2011

Wrigleyville Magazine's Tim O'Riley sits down with Vickie Santo to talk about her late husband Ron Santo and his involvement with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and what it meant to him. (click on the image above to play the video)

Wrigleyville Magazine talks with JDRF's Katy Akester about the 2011 JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes. (click on the image above to play the video)

September 2011

Wrigleyville Magazine's Tim O'Riley recently talked with Paige Knoll, a young lady who battles juvenile diabetes every day of her life. Watch and listen as she explains why everyone should get involved with the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes coming up on October 2, 2011. (click on the image above to play the video)

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A third generation establishment

Jerry Messner, owner of Messners Wrigleygrille, is the third generation of Messners to own the two-story building on the corner of Southport Avenue and Addison Street. Just blocks from Wrigley Field, the familys tradition of Cub fans carried through their generations as did the restaurant business.
From 1930 to 1960, Jerrys grandfather and father opened Messners Meat Market. Then, Jerry and his wife, Marlo, opened Southport Sandwich Company. Back when former right-handed pitcher, Fergie Jenkins, played for the Cubs and was one of the delis most common regulars, the deli shop was also an official caterer for the Chicago Cubs for five years. Now, 70 years since his ancestors butcher shop, Jerry and Marlo built Messners Wrigleygrille. The deli shop transformed into a Chicago-style pub but still kept some core traditions. Jerry and Marlo are not the only family still involved in the restaurant business Jerrys mother-in-law, Lydia, sister-in-law, Lyndy, and popular family recipes are still included. In Chicago, you have to have the best food that you can possibly come up with, said Jerry. A lot of our sandwiches are the same ones that we had when we had the deli we kept all the favorites. From the deli sandwich traditions to the classic bar cravings, Messners also offers daily food and drink specials. On Cubs game days, there are $2 Old Style bottles, $5 Cubby Blue cocktails, $5 Northsider shots, $5 nachos and $5 sloopy joes with fries. Ideal place for a pre-Cubs game meal or post-game drink, Messners is open for lunch and late night drinking until 2 a.m. on Fridays and 3 a.m. on Saturdays. Not only does Messners have 20 plasma HDTV screens to watch all major Chicago sports games, but it also has live music on Thursday through Saturday. Its the perfect spot to find entertainment as well as to entertain others with plenty of room to accommodate private parties at either the first floor bar, second floor lounge or outdoor patio. Messners is apart of the neighborhood, knowing what locals and visitors look for in a restaurant.

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September 2011

Find someone that has an establishment in Chicago that has been in the family for as long as ours, said Messner. It just doesnt happen anymore.

Contact Messners 3553 N. Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60613 (773) 325-0123

Favorites on the menu Messners Famous Wings: 8-, 12- or 16-piece boneless or bone-in wings as fried or grilled and with buffalo, teriyaki, BBQ, citrus lime or naked Sausalito steak salad: marinated grilled strips of sirloin on top of crisp romaine, with Monterey Jack, avocado, black beans, diced tomatoes and roasted corn Palermo style pizzas: margarita, sausage & mushroom, BBQ chicken and spicy Thai chicken Marlos Turkey Pita: hot sliced turkey, melted cheddar and muenster cheese, shaved white onion and broccoli stuffed into a grilled pita and served with a side of ranch Pulled pork sliders: onion straws, tangy robust BBQ sauce and pickle DA Really Big Burger: lb burger topped with cheddar, bacon, tomato, onion straws and BBQ sauce on a toasted Kaiser Lyndys Club: grilled chicken breast, Applewood Smoked Bacon, avocado, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a triple-decker of toasted sourdough September 2011

Nicole Bersani Mix in the love for her favorite sports team, the Cubbies, her favorite neighborhood, Wrigleyville, and her favorite hobby, eating, you have a recipe for the little Italian foodie storyteller named Nicole Bersani.

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Wood Family Foundation:

The Cubs Kerry Wood recently sat down with me to talk about his career with the Cubs, his family, and his latest venture with his wife, Sarah, the formation of their own charitable foundation, the Wood Family Foundation. He spoke so eloquently and so thoroughly about it himself that he really left me little to write about.
For more information on the Wood Family Foundation, click here. To learn more about the Kerry Wood Strike Zone event on Sunday, September 18, 2011, click here. To bid on auctions items for the KWSZ event, click here. You can also find the Wood Family Foundation on Facebook by clicking here and you can follow Kerry on Twitter by clicking here.

Doing Good Things for the Children of Chicago

See the Kerry Wood interview with us on page 14!

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September 2011

Wrigleyville Magazines Tim ORiley talks to Kerry Wood about his career and his newly formed Wood Family Foundation. (click on the image above to play the video)

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September 2011

Not Your Mothers Wedding Banned

Everyone loves a good weddingreception. With Wedding Banned you can skip the ceremony and start the party! Not only is Wedding Banned a band that plays the best songs from the 80s through today, but they are also a show, a must see event that leaves you wishing your wedding reception was, is and will be like theirs.
From Gas City, Indiana, Wedding Banned picks two members from the audience to become the bride and groom and turns every show into the ultimate wedding reception and marries them on stage. Yup! You get to attend a wedding, without putting on Sundays best and without buying a gift. Wedding Banned is larger than life, with five outrageous members doing things that you wish you could do but cant. If you want to see plain looking people playing songs like a jukebox, do not see Wedding Banned. If you want to have one of those, you should have been there nights, see Wedding Banned!, according to their Facebook page. And believe me, Ive been to their show, multiple times and its never boring, it never gets old and its always a party. Bruce Winchell (Father Bruce) who plays bass and has some monster thighs, came up with the idea and then Bruce and Ted The Gooch Spumonte who plays drums, put out the word to the music scene after they had solidified the concept. Vinnie Van Action, lead guitar and back up vocals, answered an ad they had put in the paper. Mayor Manaconda, who is lead vocals and keyboard, and Alfredo Muffalotta (Muff), guitar, keyboards and some lead vocals, were drawn to Wedding Banned like moths to a bug light. They just appeared. The band rehearsed for 6 months and played its first show at a punk rock club in Wicker Park. Immediately after this show, Duff Entertainment signed the band. Since the band formed in 2007, their name has always been Wedding Banned. Honestly, the five us were destined to be together, we were booted from every other band we were in for being too sexy, too good and too awesome, said Bruce. And we all enjoy drinking and ladies. Who their major influence? The ladies. Why else would you have a band?

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September 2011

Wedding Banned is an unstoppable super group that has taken over the Midwest. They play everywhere from Indiana, Chicago (including Wrigleyville), the suburbs, and Southern Illinois University. They play about 120 shows a year, with Cubby Bear and Joes in Chicago, Durty Nellies and SIU being their favorite spots to play at. They really want to go perform at Las Vegas, they think Vegas needs to see their show they think everyone needs to see their show. We marry a couple at each show and the show turns into the rowdiest, wildest, wedding reception you could ever imagine. We play songs from the 80s, 90s, even current hits, whatever keeps the ladies dancing. We are definitely a rock n roll band. Our stage presence is an outlet of our general sex appeal, said the band. This is not an act, its who we are. We do have some skits set up throughout the show to get the audience involved. Simply, if you want to see guys dressed in regular clothing, with minimal stage presence, singing songs like a jukebox, dont see Wedding Banned. If you want a show, something you can tell your friends about, come see us. Some of us are members of ASCAP because we do write original music and perform outside of Wedding Banned, Bruce said. But they do not have a record label because they are a cover band. While these guys are full of jokes, fun and try to give a good time, they are serious too. One of their biggest problems is keeping the show fresh. The show has a flow and structure. Many of the skits we do are based around the song. We are always learning new songs, but when we play new songs, people complain that they want to hear the old songs. And then they ask for new songs, so walking that line is difficult. But what helps them get through it is Duff, from Duff Entertainment. He was behind us from the beginning and Bru who is their stage manager, he is the puppet master running the stage show. While this article is not meant to offend anyone, its meant to portray the hilarious act that comes with the awesome music and their unforgettable show. To stay current with Wedding Banned, catch them here: Facebook: Twitter: @weddingbanned Website: Email:

September 2011

Check out this video of Wedding Banned performing LIVE here.

- Nicole Lumbreras is the Entertainment Director for Wrigleyville Magazine.

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September 2011

Wrigleyville Real Estate Update: Wrigleyville Homes for Sale

Baseball season is still going strong in Wrigleyvilleand so is the residential real estate market. This North Side neighborhood is a sought-after location for property, especially if youre a Chicago Cubs fan. The range of housing options available in Wrigleyville makes it an attractive place to search for a home, no matter what your interests (i.e. you dont have to be a sports nut to love it). There are a number of great listings in the area, including these condo units take a look! Three blocks south of Wrigley Field is a wonderful, rarely-available condo by Heneghan Builders at 833 W. Roscoe Street (#2W). This unit is on the second floor of an intimate, brick low-rise that features a common roof deck overlooking the city. The condo has an open plan design with high-end finishes such as crown molding, tray ceilings, chair rails and luxurious granite/marble bath tile. There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms in this unit, which has its own laundry and excellent closet space (including a 7x5 walk-in off the main living area). The kitchen is open to the living and dining room. It has a long, multi-level breakfast bar with builtin display case cabinets, cherry wood cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and elegant arched ceiling details. Other highlights include a wet bar, gas fireplace, Jacuzzi tub, hardwood floors and a private balcony off the master suite. The price for this property is $439,900 (parking included) with assessments of $184 per month. Take a look for yourself here. About four blocks northeast of the ballpark is a condo thats on the market for $199,900. This two-bedroom, one-bath unit is located at 647 W. Sheridan (#2E). The property features a spacious floor plan with separate living and dining rooms, a new kitchen, and in-unit laundry. Some of the finishes include hardwood floors and stainless steel kitchen appliances. The building is an older stone and brick construction with extra storage, a fitness room and a communal rooftop deck with stunning views of the city. Assessments for this condo are $408 per month. Property taxes figure around $2900 per year. It is located in the midst of nightlife, restaurants, shopping, public transportation options and the lakefront is only two blocks away. See it here now.

Ever wanted to move to Wrigleyville? There is a great selection of homes for sale in Chicagos Cub-centric neighborhood. Heres a look at a few properties that are currently on the market.

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September 2011

Head one more block north and youll find a classic Lake Shore Drive high-rise with an upper-floor unit for sale for $169,900. This 2-bed, 1-bath condo (at 3950 N. Lake Shore #2221D) has incredible views of the lake and city through wall-to-wall windows in the living room. As is common in older residential high-rises in Chicago, this condo features a small foyer entry and a walk-through galley-style kitchen that has been updated. Both bedrooms are good size (14x11 and 13x10) and there is ample closet space in the unit. The assessments for this property are $597/mo and cover heat, AC, water, gas and cable, plus use of the buildings full-service amenities which include an exercise facility. The building is beautifully landscaped and has a doorperson. Excellent location for the priceyou can walk to Wrigley in minutes, not to mention the lakefront is at your doorstep. View photos here. 525 W. Hawthorne is a soaring, lakefront condo building thats located slightly outside Wrigleyville, however, it is still a short hop, skip and jump to the stadium. Currently, it has two listings with Dream Town: Unit 1902 and Unit 2602. Both enjoy use of the condominiums gorgeous outdoor pool and sundeck, barbecue grills, exercise room, extra storage and laundry facilities (that TXT when your load is done). Unit 1902 is a two-bedroom, one-bath condo on the market for $229,000 (assessments are $555/mo). It has an open floor plan and great appointments throughout, such as the custom cherry kitchen with stainless steel appliances, granite counters and breakfast bar. It features hardwood floors in the main living area, designer marble and granite in the bathroom, and custom closet organizers in the bedroom. Unit 2602 is several floors higher, giving it an excellent view of the surrounding skyline and Lake Michigan. It also has a two-bedroom, one-bath layout. Finishes are similar to the other condo however the color scheme is more neutral. This unit is $199,000 with assessments of $612/mo. Garage parking is available for $25k-$30k extra. See #1902 here and #2602 here.

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September 2011

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