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Mobile device app
aids PV and
seal-life calculations
al Seal Engineering Inc, the devel-
oper of the LKS Seal, designed
for use in high-pressure, high-velocity
environments, has released an applica-
tion, or app, for mobile devices. It has
been developed to help engineers per-
form pressure/velocity (PV) calculations
and estimate seal life.
The Pressure/Velocity and Seal Life
Estimator it available free of charge and is
designed to run on the popular iPhone, iPod
Touch and iPad platforms, and Web-enabled
smart-phones. It enables users to enter pressure,
shaft diameter and speed variables, and it gener-
ates a PV value that helps engineers make more
informed, intelligent sealing choices.
It also includes a built-in conversion utility that
can be applied to the units of pressure, speed,
length, temperature, mass, torque, area, power,
density, force and energy. A submit info option
in the apps simple navigation menu pre-loads all
entered application and contact data and, at the
users discretion, sends it via email directly to Bal
Seal Engineering for further technical assistance.
Many of our customers are on the move,
so giving them a means to communicate with
us through a mobile platform, regardless of
what type of device they use, made a lot of
sense to us. When you are facing a critical
environmental or productivity issue, you are
not always near a computer. This app directly
addresses that situation, explained Bill Nissim,
Marketing and New Business Development
Director, Bal Seal Engineering.
To download the app for the iPhone, iTouch
or iPad, visit the Apple App Store (or use
iTunes) and search for Seal Life Estimator.
Smart-phone users can find and bookmark the
mobile app at the address given below.
Bal Seal Engineering Inc, 19650 Pauling, Foothill
Ranch, CA 92610-2610, USA. Tel: +1 949 460 2187,
Fax: +1 949 460 2300, Email:,
Web:, Web:
PTFE envelope and
soft inserts form
encapsulated gasket
onit Tesnit D.o.o. has intro-
duced the TF34 system, which is
described as a composite comprising a
polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) enve-
lope and different soft inserts.
The sealing insert is made of corrugated
stainless steel and a soft non-asbestos material
and is coated with a PTFE envelope.
Different combinations of soft sealing inserts
are available for special applications. The most
common and effective soft sealing insert used is
Doniflex, although other materials, such as graph-
ite, are also available for special applications.
TF34 systems are spark-tested to ensure that
they are free of pinholes. They comply with
the Ta-Luft (VDI 2440) guideline, and are also
available in FDA-compliant versions.
The company has also published details of
the dielectric properties of the range of gasket
materials that it produces.
Donit Tesnit D.o.o., Cesta Komandanta Staneta 38,
SI-1215 Medvode, Slovenia. Tel: +386 1 582 3200,
Fax: +386 1 582 3206, Email:,
New machine-tool
speeds up production
at Beldam Crossley
eldam Crossley Ltd has installed a
four-axis, fully-automated machining
centre at its engineered polymers facility.
Mark Kelly, Business Development Manager,
Beldam Crossley, said: This machine will speed
up significantly the machining of complex or
intricate components, thereby improving our
lead times and offering highy-competitive pric-
ing in a multitude of engineered polymers,
including, PTFE, PEEK, Nylon and UHMPE.
It also opens up new markets to us where
four-axis machining is a necessity.
Beldam Crossley Ltd, PO Box 2141, Lostock Lane
Industrial Estate, Lostock, Bolton BL6 9AS, UK.
Tel: +44 1204 675700, Fax: +44 1204 675701,
Collaboration creates
sealing system for
wind turbines
imrit and Klber Lubrication North
America LP two specialist com-
panies within the Freudenberg Group
are working together to offer the
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