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The Mobile AMR converter is using Sony Ericsson AMR converter to convert AMR

files (Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec, *.amr) to wave files (*.wav) and vice-versa in a
user-friendly way. Also, it can save several wave files into one SP file and vice-
versa. The program has a very easy-to-use and simple GUI (Graphical User
Interface) that helps even the most amateur user. Most of the times, the only
data that you must enter are the input file(s) and the
output file. The AMR format is used by many mobile phones
right now, for sound recordings and for MMS (message with
sound, picture and text for view in cell phones) and will be used in future GSM
systems (3G). Click here to see some screenshots.

Q: When I am trying to convert a wave file that I created with Sound Recorder,
the produced amr file is only 18 seconds long. What to do?

A: Just reconvert the wave file to a 16bit 8hz frequency file (mono) with Total
Recorder or Winamp. To learn how to do this click here.

Q: I am trying a WAVE to AMR conversion and I select input and output file (yes,
16 bit wave with 8 kHz, mono) and the MR. I start the conversion, the green
thing runs to the right, but after that, it doesn't finish. What to do?

A: Try to use Total Recorder or Winamp for the conversion as it is shown here.. I
know it is strange but some converters (like the Sound Recorder of Windows)
does not make the conversion to 16 bit wave with 8 kHz correctly.. Also, if this
fails try using english file names..

Q: How can I play AMR files on my PC?

A: By installing and using an AMR decoder on you PC. The most popular AMR
decoder is SPOT xde Player form VoiceAge. You can also use Apple Quick Time 6.4
and above to play AMR files, download it from Apple web site.

Q: The AMR quality is really bad! Can I do something to change this?

A: The AMR codec is a speech codec. Therefore, if you convert a music file into
AMR the quality will not be very good. The only think you can do to improve the
quality, is to select the highest MR mode.

Q: What is an SP file?

A: SP files are archive files that are used to save several Wave files. You can store
and extract wave files in a SP file with MobileAMRconverter.
Q: What is AMR?

A: It is a codec offering a wide range of data rates, which was developed by

the European Telecommunications Standards institute (ETSI). The AMR codec is
standardized for GSM, and is also chosen by the Third Generation
Partnership Project (3GPP) as the mandatory codec for third generation systems.
The philosophy behind AMR is to lower the codec rate as the interference
increases and thus enabling more error correction to be applied. The AMR codec
is also used to harmonize the codec standards amongst different cellular systems.

Q: Which phones are able to play AMR files?

Alcatel 735i yes
NEC e616v / e228 yes
Nokia 3510 / 3510i / 7210 / 6100 no
Nokia 3650 / 7650 / 6600 / 7610 yes
Nokia 6820 yes
Nokia 3200 / 6220 / 6230 / 5140 yes
Nokia N-Gage yes
Motorola V600 yes
Sagem my-x6 yes
Sharp GX20 yes
Sharp GX10 / GX1 no
Siemens SX1 / CX65 / S65 yes
Siemens M55 / S55 / SL55 yes
SAMSUNG E600 / E105 / X100 yes
Sony Ericsson T300 / T310 / T226 yes
Sony Ericsson P900 / P800 yes
Sony Ericsson K700 / T630 / T628 yes
Sony Ericsson T68i / T610 /Z600 yes

This tutorial will teach you how to convert an audio file (mp3 or wave) into a
16 bit wave file with 8kHz sampling frequency, to use it with Mobile AMR

1. Download Total Recorder from High Criteria web site.

2. Run the Total Recorder and open the audio file you want (Total Recorder
version 4.1b opens *.wav, *.mp3 and *.ogg files) by selecting File -> Open...

3. Then, select File -> Save as... and click Change...

4. From the Format combo box select "PCM" and from the Attributes combo box
"8.000 kHz; 16 bit; Mono"
5. Click OK and save your file to a folder that you remember. That's it! You can
now convert the file to AMR or save it into an SP file using Mobile AMR converter.