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Date last updated: April 24, 2007

1. Summary 3
2. Web Projects 4
2.1 Website Design and Development 5
2.2 Technical Training 5
2.3 Site Launch 5
2.4 Technical Support 5
2.5 Website Redesign 5
2.6 Web Presentation Development – Flash Programming 6
2.7 Website Development - HTML, PHP, Flash, CSS Programming 6
2.8 Content Management System (CMS) 7
2.9 Web Hosting Packages 8
2.10 Additional Web Services 8
3. Public Relations 11 
3.1 Services and Strategy 12
4. Database E-Marketing 13
4.1 Loyalty Club Manager (LCM) Package 13
4.2 LCM Strategy 14
5. E-marketing 15
5.1 Search Word Sponsorship – Pay Per Click (PPC) 16
5.2 Direct Sites 16
5.3 E-Mail Blasts 16
5.4 E-Marketing Management 16
5.5 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 16
5.6 E-Marketing Packages 17
5.7 E-Marketing Packages for Vacation Rentals 17
6. Graphic Design 20
6.1 Message and Image – Graphic Design and Institutional Image 21
6.2 Branding – Brand Management 21
6.3 Print Collateral Material 22
7. Media Planning 23
7.1 Media Strategy 24
7.2 Payment Strategy 24
8. Professional Photography 26
9. Virtual Tours 27
10. Mexican Pacific Eco–Adventure Guide 28
11. Travel 29
12. Radio Website Network 31
13. About Mexican Pacific Marketing 32
Date last updated: April 24, 2007
For the past six years, Mexican Pacific Marketing (MPM) has provided integrated
marketing, advertising, public relations and internet campaign solutions mainly
to the Mexican hospitality industry and also to the political, industrial and service
sectors. With that, we’ve created systems that greatly reduce traditional advertising
costs while obtaining excellent results in return. We’ve had to make up the rules
as we go, testing and revising accomplishments at breakneck speed.

What this means to you is that, not only have we figured out what works in your
target market, we’ve also figured out what doesn’t work. We’ve watched our
competition, and many marketing companies in general, fall by the wayside due
to their inability to evolve their businesses to suit client needs.

MPM has taken the lead in standardizing effective promotional systems, and
what follows is a description of products and services that are quickly becoming a
standard for successful company marketing. Each concept, system and program
in this catalogue has been developed to meet these primary goals: 

Create and reinforce At great expense, your business has developed critical relationships with existing
brand identity guests and clients. A professional, well-developed brand will reinforce your
company’s identity.

Maximize income and Leveraged properly, a well-orchestrated web and e-marketing campaign will
increase revenue increase site traffic and revenue. These efforts will become a powerful sales tool
that will positively impact seasonal highs and lows.

Improve communication Through our e-marketing system, you will tap into sources that will generate traffic
with your clients and visitors to your site. You will keep in touch while increasing sales. In short,
your web site will help you to have a profitable yet affordable relationship with
your clients.

Standardize and unify operations Once a common set of underlying systems power your websites, you can stop
worrying about “how” something gets done and focus more on “what” gets done.
Data analysis (revenues, traffic, visitor profiles collected, etc.) becomes easy
when it’s all in one format and all of the variables are the same.

We are confident in that the best way to position your brand in both the national
Mexican and international markets is through an integrated media campaign,
including all of the services listed in our service offerings. This catalogue is divided
into the following sections for your analysis:

Website Projects
Public Relations
Additional Services

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

In order to take full advantage of your web presence, your site needs to be designed
to attract clients instead of scaring them off with loads of text or bombarding them
with excessive images. Our complete line of web solutions includes an auto-
editing tool, where appropriate for your project, which allows you to update your
information from anywhere in the world, whenever you want.

We offer the solutions you need to design, develop and host your website. Our
vast experience and cutting-edge technology will help turn your web presence
project into a high-performance reality.

Our web packages are designed to cover the full range of site options and if none
of our packages meets your design or budget needs, just let us know. We’ll work
to bring your vision to life.

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

2.1 Website Design and Development

Mexican Pacific Marketing (MPM) will take care of your tech support and
development needs for a full year. Our designers and programmers work
closely with you to design and develop a customized web portal which
reflects the best image for your company. Once the design is authorized,
our developers program the site and connect it to our Content Management
System (CMS) in the case of those projects requiring such a system.

2.2 Technical Training

MPM provides training to a selected member of your staff to effectively

and efficiently manage the CMS with hands-on knowledge allowing you
to publish, edit and modify the website’s content and use our e-marketing
database Loyalty Club Manager (LCM) program.

2.3 Site Launch

MPM provides a centralized hosting environment which will allow you to
manage the site, accounting and reports, all with the flexibility necessary for
a successful web portal.

2.4 Technical Support

The MPM team will be available throughout the length of your contract to
assist with all your technical support needs. (Requires an appointment/Please
see prepayment rates for support time not included in web packages)

2.5 Website Redesign

MPM offers a wide range of creative and marketing services, professional

photography, website development and positioning, all designed to help you
optimize your internet image.

• We improve your existing images and also provide professional photos

(some restrictions apply)
• We provide consulting in the restructuring of your information
• Analysis or your web image

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

2.6 Web Presentation Development – Flash Programming
(see option A)

The objective of this project is the development of a modern, high-impact

web presence which provides an informative look at your business: product
descriptions, available services, prices, location and other relevant informa-
tion. These types of presentations are recommended for promotional web-
sites, personal websites, product launches and other promotions.

In addition to the site’s statistics and technical support, the following fea-
tures and characteristics may also be included:

• High impact animated design in 100% Flash

• Custom domain name (website name)
• Web presentation in one language
• 100+ megabyte hard drive space
• Up to 10 pages
• One contact form
• Interactive map
• Audio and video (edition not included)
• Photo gallery
• Includes 5 professional photographs from our stock

2.7 Web Development - HTML, PHP, Flash, 

CSS Programming (see option B)

The objective of this project is the development of a fully-functional, modern

web portal which provides quick and easy access to important information
about your business: product descriptions, available services, prices,
location, other relevant information and more.

The integrated features include site statistics, tech support and may include
some of the following features or characteristics:

• Configuration of sections, categories and modules

• Creation of articles and pages, up to 20 pages
• Custom design in Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) format
• Custom domain name (website name)
• Modification of content for adaptation to site design (submitted by client
in Word format or JPG files)
• Installation and configuration in our servers or your server of choice
• Bilingual: English/Spanish (translated by MPM, (see description table
for number of words included in the translation)
• 100+ megabytes of hard drive space
• Includes 3 stages of revisions and changes during development
• Unlimited POP3 e-mail accounts
• One contact form
• Interactive map
• Integration of audio and video (edition not included)
• Virtual tours
• Photo gallery

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

• Includes 10 professional photographs from our stock
• Section with links to other sites (optional)
• Weather section
• Instant free configuration
• Graphic statistics, web positioning and more
• Changes and modifications after site delivery will incur additional charges

2.8 Content Management System (CMS) (see options C and D)

The Content Manager System (CMS) consists of a series of tools which

allow you to update the format and content of the website on your own in
real time from any internet connection, anywhere in the world, in minutes.
This system is recommended for interactive sites, information portals, e-
commerce sites, the hotel industry, media and publications, companies and

The integrated features include site statistics, online help desk and may
include some of the following features:

• Agile instant real-time site-updating system: company news,

social and executive events, etc.
• Publication of online testimonials
• Seasonal offers and special events calendars
• Instant creation of web pages, including pages for the staff 
• Unlimited creation of pages and articles
• Username and password protection for access to all editable areas
• Customized domain name (website name)
• Bilingual website (see description table for number of words
included in the translation)
• 100+ megabytes of hard drive space
• Unlimited POP3 e-mail accounts
• Unlimited question and answer forms
• Unlimited contact sheets
• Unlimited image galleries
• Integration of photographic images and video clips (edition is extra)
• 360º virtual tours
• Includes professional photographs from our stock
• Administrator of banners, tiles and special offers on the site
• Content and image administrator
• Site user registration and administration (club)
• Unlimited mass e-mails and newsletter sending to site users
• Survey and poll activation (optional)
• Section with links to other sites (optional)
• Weather section
• Unlimited databases
• Immediate free configuration

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

• Training
• Graphic statistics, web positioning and more (changes and modifications
after release the final product will have an extra charge)

Monthly Website License

In addition to the design and development of the web portal, each website
also includes a monthly payment which covers the license for the use of the
interactive systems of the CMS. This monthly payment covers maintenance
and upgrade costs. These payments also grants access to the CMS, the
hosting service and technical support services from MPM which allows us
to offer a 100% functional and self-editable web portal.
(These services are described further in the sheet entitled “technical

2.9 Web Hosting Packages

Our web hosting service offers a network under constant supervision by

highly-trained personnel. The availability of the server is verified every 5
minutes from different locations around the world.

• 100+ megabytes of hard drive space

• Unlimited POP3 e-mail accounts 
• Graphic statistics, e-commerce and more

2.10 Additional Web Services

The following services can also be included:

• Introduction with Flash animation

• CD and interactive presentations
• 3D animated logos
• Animated Flash menus
• Design of banner and tile ads

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

Specifications table

Website configuration in 2 languages:
Design and programming (English/

Programming hours 10 10 20 35

Design hours 10 10 20 35

Pages – Programming of
20 20 40 55
content and HTML

Pages total 10 20 unlimited unlimited

Maximum number of words translated

English-Spanish, Spanish-English
2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000
(additional words at translation rate
mentioned in pricing table) 

Content Manager System (CMS):

installation, unlimited pages, HTML,
PHP and Flash programming

HTML, PHP, CSS and Flash


Content Management: organizes more

than 40 digital file formats (JPG, GIF,

Pages and portal navigation:

controllable and auto-editable through
the content management system

Custom forms: fillable auto-response forms

Contact Sheet: PHP, Flash o HTML

1 2 unlimited unlimited
PHP, Flash or HTML programming

Databases: registry of site users unlimited unlimited

360° Virtual tours: includes 5 QuickTime

virtual tours

Date last updated: April 24, 2007


Photographs: images from our stock 5 10 15 25

Audio and video (video edition not


Interactive map: links to the company’s

photos and virtual tours

E-brochure – electronic brochure in

PDF format in 2 languages

Photo gallery – easy to manage photo unlimited unlimited

Content: updated in English/Spanish

Staff training: 1 day on-site or remote

Website hosting in CMS 25 MB 50 MB

FTP site: up to 150 megabytes

of storage

Unlimited e-mail accounts – inboxes

Client service and technical support

Hours of monthly content maintenance

3 3 4 5
by the MPM team (extra hours)

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

Our goal is to attract and keep the attention of the media, and increase the
recognition and buzz of our clients on the radar screens of the public.

The objective is achieved through direct and constant contact with mainstream
media outlets, personalized follow up and relationship building with our network
of writers and editors, and to aid in pitching creative stories that cater to each
media’s particular style and coverage, as well as organize made-to-measure
familiarization (fam) trips for the hospitality and other industries.

We are affiliated with a network of over 400 press contacts, travel writers and
editors in the US, Canada and Mexico. Direct communication with travel writers,
editors and press includes the following important points.


Date last updated: April 24, 2007

3.1 Services and Strategy

Create brand awareness through direct contact with media in a manner

that generates interest, coverage in their publications, and the promotion of
stories and press releases:

• One monthly press release on timely and relevant news to be written and
distributed among appropriate publications for editorial coverage in English/
Spanish (additional press releases have an extra charge).
• Follow up in the form of telephone calls and e-mails to editors and writers
with a special concentration in publications and target markets.
• Actively pursue inclusion of promotions, packages and specials in last-
minute bulletins and travel publications offering travel tips for the hospitality
• Create and maintain a minimum stock of 20 press kits in English and
Spanish with press releases, up-to-date fact sheets and destinations, copies
of media coverage.
• Press guide with story ideas, up-to-date company information and access
to published press coverage, backdated press releases, digital photos, and
information on the latest press trips.
• Independently pitch travel stories on property and surrounding area to
editors and publications.
• Respond to press inquiries (e-mail, special rate/comp requests).
• Posting story ideas and familiarization (fam) trips on several online journalist 12
newsgroups and community boards bringing PR professionals and travel
writers together (hosting press trip and identifying journalist attendee lists at
extra cost to be quoted per project)

One important thing to remember is that with PR and media placement,

overnight success is rare. Longevity and perseverance is necessary to
building recognition. With our aggressive and consistent strategy plan,
MPM has the mission of generating measurable interest in successful,
published story placements starting after the first six months of consistent

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

4.1 Loyalty Club Manager (LCM)

Database marketing is an indispensable tool for the promotion of your company.

Once the Loyalty Club Management (LCM) system has been adequately imple-
mented, an effective e-mail campaign will serve as a potent sales and marketing
tool, bringing more site traffic in both high and low seasons. For hotel and vaca-
tion rental properties, this results in greater room night booking. For non-hospital-
ity clients, it results in conversion from site visitor to client.

The LCM program facilitates the development of campaigns on a local, national

or international level through e-bulletins, newsletters and campaigns focused on
national and international travel agencies, incentive planners, weddings, groups
and conventions and other specific demographic categories. Each visitor will be
converted to a member of your database as they sign up to receive information 13
about your development, either in person or through the website. The system will
be programmed to work in conjunction with your operations system to ensure that
each visitor is automatically integrated into the database.

• Build a relationship with your clients through direct and effective

communication 24/7/365
• Program your communications to coincide with important sales cycles
• Profile your best customers
• Generate an immediate return on investment (ROI) by eliminating
traditional direct mail costs
• Generate online surveys and client testimonials
• Filter your database and program targeted campaigns to specific
market segments
• Program automatic greeting cards and messages to your clients
• Focus your campaigns on those clients most likely to respond

Content and Programming

Our editors will program all your content (birthday greetings, anniversaries, return
invitations, thank-you cards, surveys and testimonials, etc.), everything you need
to get your Loyalty Database Marketing fully functional.

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

4.2 LCM Strategy

Online marketing initiatives cover a gamut of services that can be provided

to the site visitor in order to encourage a repeat visit and to convert the
visitor to a buyer of services. Developing a community membership is vital
to site sales success. Through LMC it is possible to create personalized and
mutually-beneficial relationships that bring this program to the forefront of
the overall sales strategy for the company.

Part of the LCM strategy involves developing an effective and targeted

monthly newsletter that will be of interest to consumers, containing both
information they could not obtain elsewhere as well as information that
keeps them wanting to come back. An example of such content would be
unbeatable deals, invitations to special, exclusive events, or a reward for
being a loyal customer.

Another means of enhancing the customer experience is to fully employ the

LCM resources to stay in touch, proving pre-arrival information as well as
post-stay e-mails in order to provide valuable information, obtain opinions
and satisfaction-driven criteria from clients, and, in general, keeping up
with what clients really need and not what the company may assume that
the client wants. By distributing a portion of the advertising budget to LCM
tools, a minimal investment can help to keep the company in tune with its
clients as well as providing the clients with unbeatable service and loyalty,
as loyalty needs to come from the company as well as from the consumer.

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

Once your website is live and optimized web systems are implemented, your
business strategists will need to undertake a vigorous and effective e-marketing
strategy to promote its property online. Planned placement of advertising on
industry sites combined with aggressive search engine tactics, generating public
interest in the site services, producing site traffic and sales opportunities both
directly and indirectly.

According to the necessities of your website, e-marketing budgets may vary.

Included in this catalogue are proposed budgets suggested by Mexican Pacific
Marketing (MPM) to generate massive exposure for your site. After you have
approved a website e-marketing plan, we will manage it for you on a monthly fee

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

5.1 Search Word Sponsorship – Pay Per Click (PPC)

One of the fastest and most effective approaches to building an online

presence for a company and its site is through the inclusion of paid ads
on search engines. Numerous surveys show that the majority of internet
users today rely on search engines to locate information on the web. MPM
will provide the ultimate in search engine coverage with monthly position
maintenance. Once we develop a list of keywords relevant to your site,
we query the search engines for the top pages for that keyword. We then
determine the characteristics the pages have in common. This process is
repeated for each keyword (Google, MSN, Yahoo).

5.2 Direct Sites

An effective and well-planned placement on specific sites, combined with an

aggressive presence in search engines will attract more public interest. We
determine what your development needs and create a custom campaign
with strategies and sites selected based on your budget.

5.3 E-Mail Blasts

Reach your markets directly with direct e-mail. We can target direct
interactive promotions to your most important markets and segments. Each
e-mail blast has a specific promotion for the market in question and includes
reports for exactly how many times they are viewed by potential clients.

5.4 E-Marketing Management

The internet is changing daily and the resulting marketing opportunities

are changing along with it. Your company can benefit from our expertise
and experience in this area. Monthly or bi-monthly reports will track the
goals and production of the corresponding periods. With the confidence of
knowing your site is being promoted by the experts, you can focus more on
your current and potential clients.

5.5 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having a web site optimization strategy accomplishes the goal of creating

a fully-optimized site and improving the user experience, making the site
search-engine friendly and increasing sales through online purchases. In
addition to these improvements, web site optimization also increases con-
version rates converting from site visitor to client on a steadily improving
return on investment (ROI).
In essence, optimization of the site addresses issues such as renaming and
reorganizing images and files, creating meta-tags and meta-descriptions,
keywords that help the site be found by search engines and thus by those
looking for companies in the competitive set. By analyzing the market of
visitors to the site, the segmentation of the company’s consumers, a strat-
egy for managing online customer service matters will be greatly build trust
and confidence, will develop a loyal consumer following and will lead to
increased conversion rates.

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

5.6 E-Marketing Packages

The packages outlined below will be charged monthly

Bronze Package

Search engine keyword inclusion**
• PPC (pay per click) budget of $250 USD*
• PPC campaign management
• Limited keyword generation and ad creations, etc.

Gold Package

Search engine keyword inclusion**

• PPC (pay per click) budget of $400 USD*
• PPC campaign management
• Basic keyword generation and ad creations, etc.

Search engine optimization

• Search engine inclusion, meta tags, keywords, etc

Platinum Package

Search engine keyword inclusion**

• PPC (pay per click) budget of $600 USD*
• PPC campaign management 17
• Unlimited keyword generation and ad creations, etc.

Search engine optimization

• Search engine inclusion, meta tags, keywords, etc

* An unlimited amount can be used for any package at no extra cost besides
the added budget.
** We can include ads in any search engine, but we recommend going with
Google, Yahoo and/or MSN. Different rates apply if inclusion is made to
more than one search engine.

5.7 E-Marketing Packages for Vacation Rentals

The packages outlined below will be charged yearly

Bronze Package ad inclusion with
• Preliminary searchable outline with basic details of the property
• Link to full description of the actual house
• Link to the Mexican Pacific real estate directory website
(promotional content)

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

Silver Package

Mexican Pacific
• Same as Bronze Package

Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO)

• One year membership fee in VRBO which includes 3 photos
with the option to add 9 more at extra cost

Beach House
• Property details including: rental prices, address, description,
amenities list, policies, and bedroom configurations
• 4 photos (preferred JPG format 300 x 300 pixels, 72 dpi)
• 750 characters of text storage for description, amenities,
and policy information

Google AdWords
• $100 USD in Google credit to promote the site
• 50 keywords used on the campaign
• Reports on impressions and clicks received

Gold Package
Mexican Pacific
• Same as Silver Package plus:
• Tile ads on the side of the Mexican Pacific web site

VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner)

• One year membership fee in VRBO which includes 3 photos
with the option to add 9 more at extra cost

Beach House
• Same as Silver Package plus:
• 4 more photos for a total of 8
• Up to 1500 characters of text storage for description, amenities,
and policy information
• Link to you personal website or calendar

Google AdWords
• $200 USD in Google credit to promote the site
• 100 keywords used on the campaign
• Reports on impressions and clicks received

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

Platinum Package

Mexican Pacific
• Same as Gold Package plus:
• Inclusion of banners on

VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner)

• One year membership fee in VRBO which includes 3 photos
with the option to add 9 more at extra cost

Beach House
• Same as Gold Package plus:
• 4 more photos for a total of 12
• Up to 10,000 characters of text storage for description,
amenities, and policy information
• Primary placement in search results
• Exclusive email address and mailbox available
• Map of the area (US)
• Extensive reporting
• Candidate for House of the Week
• Your property featured on one of our beach city travelogues
and submitted directly to top search engines

Google AdWords
• $300 USD in Google credit to promote the site*
• Unlimited keywords used on the campaign
• Full reports and statistics on impressions, clicks, cost per click, 19
conversions and detailed graphics for the campaign

* An unlimited budget can be used for the Platinum Package at no extra cost
besides the added budget.

Date last updated: April 24, 2007



Defining the personality of your company

Every business needs a solid corporate identity which reflects its spirit and
philosophy. From the color to the graphics, your logo speaks volumes about the
types of services you offer and the professionalism of your company.

The Mexican Pacific Marketing (MPM) design team is expert in interpreting the
personality of a company in order to create an appropriate corporate image, from
the concept to an idea to the development of a logo, company collateral and
printed publicity.

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

6.1 Message and Image – Graphic Design and
Institutional Image

The perfect balance

When you want to transmit a strong, unforgettable message, a picture is

worth a thousand words. That’s why we offer integrated graphic design and
corporate image services, with years of experience in creating successful
campaigns which capture the essence of your business.

Our creative team specializes in corporate identity, print collateral and

website design, customized to help your business evolve.

6.2 Branding – Brand Management

Mexican Pacific Marketing is well recognized for its work in the Mexican
industry. Our publicity and marketing materials are specially designed and
created from the beginning to provide your company all the necessary tools.
We offer graphic design and brand development services to help position
your company. From logo creation to sales material complemented by photo
sheets, press releases, brochures, flyers, catalogues, cards and ads for
magazines and other publications, etc.


Date last updated: April 24, 2007

Branding strategy

Working together with your company to identify objectives and ideals, we

will be able to define the strategy to use in the creation of your brand and the
collateral material which will reinforce your growth capabilities and capture
consumer attention.

Brand development

With a defined strategy in hand, we can create, develop and manage an

effective and unified corporate image. The perception of the uniqueness
of your company will be reflected in all the print material and other applica-
tions. We understand the hopes and needs of your clients and we will pro-
vide you with promotional materials specially designed to generate brand
loyalty and market presence.
• Logo / identity
• Identity manual –guidelines for logo r
reproduction, specifications, etc.
(10+ pages)
• Print material manual – guidelines for
print material reproduction
(10+ pages)
• Web materials manual –guidelines
for reproduction of banner, tile and
skyscraper ads (1+ pages).
• Print collateral – brochure, photo
sheet, folders, letterhead and
business cards.

Establishing and maintaining a clear and

solid identity is a key element in the suc-
cess of any company. Well-developed ap-
plications, tools and established standards
will facilitate the production of a solid cor-
porate identity.

6.3 Print Collateral Material

Support material necessary to successfully position

your business

Companies that wish to improve their image depend on promotional

material to achieve this goal. The advertising tools have to be clear and
concise, without boring the client or saturating them with unnecessary
information. That’s why the MPM creative team designs collateral material
and information packages with clean and direct designs so your customer
can easily absorb the message your company wants to transmit.

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

Development, design and placement

In order to have a greater impact in the market and directly upon the consumer,
you need to invest in strategically planned publicity, prepared in advance, with
the right media to ensure you do not lose out on any opportunity to promote your
image and services.

Mexican Pacific Marketing (MPM) can draw on our vast experience in designing
intelligent publicity campaigns and media planning, from forecasting studies,
organizing your production calendar, negotiating the contract costs for each
medium, ad placement, production control, payments and statistics. We detect
your company’s needs based on your size, services and products, then create a
customized campaign, taking into account all strategies and media channels. 23

Based on your company’s needs, we recommend a budget to ensure you get

adequate promotion. The publicity is directed to your market and includes
specialized media for your potential markets.

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

7.1 Media Strategy

MPM will develop a Canada-USA-Mexico media plan and design and place
your ads, just like a traditional ad agency.

Production and insertion of ads

Supported by our design team, we will develop illustrative and creative

ideas, based on the corporate image, which allow us to transmit emotions
and interest to the potential client which can result in a periodic increase in
sales. 24

Ad documentation – Clippings

We receive a copy of each and every one of your ads from the newspaper,
magazine, radio or other medium which we will pass on to you, allowing you
to build an accurate library of your publicity campaigns.

Development of a production calendar

Once the media are decided, we proceed with the establishment of strategic
dates (with the highest audiences) in which your message will have the
greatest impact, in those months when you need to boost sales.

(Mexican Pacific Marketing will absorb the agency commissions paid by the

7.2 Payment Strategy

We help coordinate an appropriate payment process between our clients

and suppliers. We support you in closing the circle in your negotiations with
each medium.

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

Develop a payment calendar to accompany the
production calendar

Provided on either a bi-weekly or monthly basis (depending on the best fit

for your operations and budget control) with precise information on:

• Which medium is to be paid

• The date of publication of the ad
• The amount due
• Banking information for the supplier (including their banking
transfer information)
• Payment due date

Control of invoicing and payments to media

We receive the invoice from each ad published via e-mail, and then re-
transmit to you for processing while waiting for the supplier to send the
original. This process will ensure that the invoice is paid within the appropriate
fiscal month, thus avoiding any imbalance in your fiscal records.

Bimestrial status reports on the campaign

development and budget 25

This tool will allow you to determine exactly how your publicity campaign
and budget are working, as well as the dates for your upcoming insertions
and payment status, i.e.: published ads awaiting payment and an estimate
of the ads in pesos/dollars scheduled for future publication.

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

We understand what sells to the audience your company is trying to reach, and
thus we can get the best out of a professional photo shoot by implementing a
“marketing eye” to art direction. We know what companies are looking for in an
image and since we specialize in bringing attention to the best side of a company,
we make sure our photography showcases and emphasizes the visual highlights
and selling points for your company.

Our photography services provide clean and easy-to-market photography that

captures the essence of you company, allowing proper marketing to the company’s
various target markets.


Date last updated: April 24, 2007

A virtual tour (or virtual reality tour) is virtual reality simulation of an actually existing
location, usually comprising 2D panoramic images, a sequence of hyperlinked still
or video images, and/or image-based models of the real location, as well as other
multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text. A virtual
tour is accessed on a personal computer (typically over the internet). It does not
require travel, but ideally, virtual tour viewing evokes an experience of moving
through the represented space.

Virtual Tours have changed the way properties are presented on the internet.
Clients can check every detail of the property as well as each room of it without
ever leaving their home. Virtual tours present the advantage of viewing a 360-
degree panorama of any location.

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

Mexican Pacific

The print version of our Award Winning Travel Portal,,

which received the “Lente de Plata” from the Secretariat of Tourism (SECTUR)
at Tianguis Turístico Acapulco 2004 for best tourism website, has a free annual
circulation of 200,000 glossy page magazines divided into four editions of two
separate destination magazines: one for Los Cabos/La Paz and the other for
Manzanillo/Costalegre. Distribution is in the top hotels, local businesses and
condominium/residential neighborhoods, ensuring the highest circulation area
publication of its kind on the Mexican Pacific Coast.

The insertion in each of these publications helps cross promote the company in
different regions to the traveling public. The publicity also includes banner and
tile ads online on the website (Included contracting up to ¼

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

Our mission at Mexican Pacific Travel is to offer our clients a wide variety of
options in the hospitality services of the Mexican Pacific.

Our lineup includes more than 50 beautiful properties which, in addition to majestic
architecture, unforgettable sunsets, exotic flora and privileged beaches, provide
an unmatched level of service and personalized attention, each one with a wide
variety of activities certain to offer a memorable experience.


We know all about the different tastes in the vacation market and as such we offer
entertaining and safe family hotels in european plan (food not included) or luxury
all inclusive. For those customers looking for a romantic getaway, our exclusive
collection of enchanting boutique hotels in the Costalegre, Vallarta and Los Cabos
will thrill and excite. For business travelers, the majority of our resorts offer the
latest technology, spacious meeting rooms and incredible open-air spaces for
those important events and conventions.

Date last updated: April 24, 2007

So give yourself a break and escape for a weekend, get far away from
the daily grind and allow yourself the enjoyment of the wide variety of
alternatives that Mexican Pacific Travel offers. Our public rates are net rates
which means the price you see is the price you pay. This will allow you to
obtain the right rates for your budget, since we do not add taxes, service
charges etc. We also do not charge quotas for processing your reservations
and we are constantly revising our lists of published rates in order to offer
the best prices possible.

We take your reservations online in real time. Our Secure Socket Layer
(SSL) technology offers you the peace of mind to enter your credit card
details knowing you will only be charged the amount indicated in your
reservation. We protect your information, both through our SSL technology
and our handling of the personal data you provide. You can rest assured
that Mexican Pacific Travel will never double charge and you won’t have any
hidden or extra charges appearing on your credit card statement from us.

The information that a client provides is confidential and its use is restricted
exclusively to the personnel assign to this area. This guarantees the safety
and security of our service and we guarantee a clear and transparent usage
of the information in our operations.


Date last updated: April 24, 2007

Radio Website

Our network, with more than 2,000 radio station websites throughout the USA and
Europe allows us to reach a massive audience for online positioning. Your banner
and tile ads will be seen in all the principal marketing sectors of the USA.

Although not as precise as the search word sponsorship, our experience affirms
that advertising on this network will provide a great lift in traffic to your website,
generating an improvement in your positioning in search engines, as well
as increasing your market presence. The increase in traffic will also serve as
recognition of the increase in your database.


Date last updated: April 24, 2007

Mexican Pacific Marketing (MPM) is a marketing and public relations firm providing
integrated marketing, internet and media services, training and consulting,
currently serving the hotel, travel and tourism industry, as well as traditional
businesses in the US, Canada and Mexico. MPM has applied its combined
years of hotel, marketing and internet experience to the creation of state-of-the-
art website design and development, including scalable, business-critical back-
end systems; database marketing and guest profiling technologies; Return On
Investment (ROI) programs; as well as industry-specific and technical training,
customer service and more.

Products and Services

MPM has designed its products to serve hotel and tourist destinations and
other companies anywhere in the Mexican tourism market, regardless of their 32
budgetary cycle, from simple, easy-to-use websites, to sophisticated, integrated
media campaigns and loyalty marketing. In addition, many of MPM’s tools can be
“added on” to expand existing promotional efforts and websites, and instill greater
flexibility as marketing initiatives grow.

MPM provides a range of design, PR and creative services, from quick-to-market

brochures and print collateral, to sophisticated, custom-designed websites and
integrated marketing and media campaigns. In every case we provide our clients
the “raving fans” customer service for which MPM is known.


Privately held with corporate offices in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico, with satellite
offices in Los Cabos, México, and Irvine, CA, USA.

Client Base

MPM’s current hotel and business clients include Hilton Los Cabos, Barceló
Kármina Palace in Manzanillo, EcoTulum Resorts & Spa in Tulúm and Chile,
Mezzanine hotel | restaurant | lounge in Tulúm, Clinica Amicef, Fraccionamiento
La Punta, Team Dazon, Casa Dos Puentes, Restaurante Don Emiliano, Real
Estate Insiders, among others.

Date last updated: April 24, 2007