Hampden Academy

School Nutrition and Food Services

Existing Program Central Hampden Kitchen: McGraw School- 40 YO
• Batch cooking: for all Hampden schools • Baking: for all Hampden schools – majority goes to HA • Storage: Boxcar freezer for commodities and other lg. deliv.

Existing Program, cont’d
Hampden Academy
• Meal/meal equivalents daily: 600 meals • Staffing: 3 FT, 2 PT + staff from satellite school • Current capabilities: • Prep of burgers, pizza, sandwiches, salads • Minimal storage: no walk-ins, can only store 2 days food, equipment must be wheeled in to storeroom/kitchen to clear old gym for use after mealtime • Kitchen crowded and inefficient – under counter dishwasher is inadequate, no stovetop, minimal storage

Existing Program (con’t.)
•No catering capabilities •No cash registers or POS •Crowded lines difficult to supervise – stealing food is an issue •Despite inadequacies, HA old gym/kitchen is a gathering place for students and staff

Nutrition and Food Service as a Priority
Food is an essential element of almost all MSAD 22 functions Nutrition is integral part of the Health and Wellness promoted in our district. National focus on food offered/served at school An inviting and multi-functional dining center could be a school and community meeting place in the new Hampden Academy

The look of the new kitchen/cafeteria
Separate smaller storage, refrigeration, and serving areas for athletics, performing arts, and other community activities that are connected to, but outside of the school production kitchen. Large walk-in cooler and freezer (either new boxcar freezer unit or continued use of existing unit for bulk storage) Production kitchen will house baker and main dish cook with the capability to prepare main meals and baked products for Hampden’s 4 schools as well as daily menu choices for HA Ease of access for deliveries separate from bus, student, and faculty driveway and parking.

Look (cont’d)
Modified food court design allowing for more choices and efficient service flow (deli bar, pizza station, soup and salad bar) A variety of sizes and shapes of booths and tables. Use of outdoors for “alfresco” dining amid flower and herb gardens. School vegetable garden Colorful, lively, and inviting décor and signage “Nutrition center” for changeable displays of nutrition and wellness information.

Vision for the new Hampden Academy Nutrition Program
Gathering place for students, staff (teachers’ center adjacent), and community Opportunity and space to fully implement our wellness policy by cooperatively working with Athletics and other school clubs and activities. Integration with the whole school: Family Life, Special Ed, Alternative Ed, etc, by providing the facilities and spaces for school projects (school garden, work study, other curriculum areas) A facility with the capacity to cater school and community functions “after hours” – fund raisers, Senior banquet Elevate the status of the School Nutrition Program