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development was one of the top three retention items. STAGES OF EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT Everyone goes through several stages of development as they move from being a career "beginner" to a full expert in their field. One method of retention is to provide opportunities to develop new skills. he or she has burned out on his or her career. If. WHY SHOULD DEVELOPED? EMPLOYEE SKILLS AND ABILITIES BE Employee development programs make positive contributions to organizational performance. Employee development programs make positive contributions to organizational performance. retaining an employee saves the organization a great deal of money. Each stage has specific needs and tasks to consider. If an employee has recently completed a career change. A more highly skilled workforce can accomplish more as the individuals gain in experience and knowledge. on-going effort on the part of an employee and the organization for which he or she works to upgrade the employee's knowledge. A more highly-skilled workforce can accomplish more and a supervisor's group can accomplish more as employees gain in experience and knowledge. In addition. on the other hand. In research conducted to assess what retained employees. he or she might be in "disengagement" even though chronologically he or she might be in his or her early thirties in age. detailed Needs Learn to ask for help Learn to take initiative Tasks Develop self-image in the job Exploration and Trial Establishment and Has own area of responsibility Advancement Build a reputation Accept organizational 1 . it can be helpful to look at their stage in order to find the best kind of activities for them. he or she is probably in the "exploration and trial" stage. Stage Characteristics Work with regular guidance Work is routine. and abilities. As you work with employees on development. skills. Successful employee development requires a balance between an individual's career needs and goals and the organization's need to get work done.WHAT IS EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT? Employee development is a joint. Keep in mind that the stages do not relate to age.

2 .Stage Characteristics Needs Learn to work independently Produce significant results Tasks realities Learn how to cope Work independently Independence and specialization Deal with change or lack of it Learn how to get ahead Mid Career: Growth. Maintenance. counselling and other services to help you explore career options and determine next steps.  Career Planning Services on Campus A variety of units on campus provide workshops. Decline Responsible for guiding others Use great breadth of technical skill to support organization Use experience to provide direction for the organization Feel disappointment if goals are not achieved Learn to help others Develop others through knowledge Serve as mentor Prepare psychologically for retirement Learn to accept a different role Learn to let go Achieve balance in life Disengagement Influence decisions DEVELOPMENT SERVICES  Employee Career Services: Employee Career Services offers courses and individualized consulting on a wide variety of career development topics.  Tuition Benefits The University offers a tuition benefit to eligible staff for credit courses at the University  Civil Service Staff Development Fund Civil Service employees may be eligible for professional development funds from the Civil Service Committee to cover certain professional development costs.

Inspiration. Self Discovery & Inner Peace Inspiration.”  Employee Career Services: Employee Career Services provides customized consulting and training to departments on a variety of topics including promoting professional development. Ethics & Team Building PROGRAM TITLE ‘Journey of Self Discovery’ 'Stop Whining and Start Winning' ‘Leadership Mastery Workshop’ ‘Rise India! – Our time is now!’ 3 . Campus Resources: The Office of Human Resources maintains a directory of training and development oppor-tunities available on campus in areas such as computer skills. Emotional Intelligence & Self Improvement Change Management.  Supervisor Self-Assessment: The Supervisor Self-Assessment form can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in developing your employees. Employee Development Orientated Programs offered in the Government & Public Sector- FOCUS AREAS Stress Management. and multi-cultural and diversity awareness. This compilation is not an exhaustive list of the training available but is intended to serve as a starting point for manager to use in identifying what training or professional development an employee should take. health & safety.  Training Inventory: The Training Inventory is a compilation of various professional development and required training offered by units/departments at the University of Minnesota.  Supervisory Development Program: The Supervisory Training Program offers courses on many topics. including “Motivating and Developing Staff” and “Talent Management. Positive Action & Self Improvement Leadership.

Interpersonal Skills & Emotional Intelligence Custom Designed Programs Personal Effectiveness Strategies Change Management. Certificate courses. Following are some of the institutes where the employees undergo training:      CII. These range from major initiatives such as various ongoing management development and personal improvement programs.Inspiration. They complement a host of technology advancement and ongoing training options. The spirit of learnability among our people and an organisational commitment to continuous personal and professional development keeps the organizations at the forefront in a fast-changing environment. BCCI ISB IIMs XLRI etc. Attraction & Self Belief Law of ‘Success will be yours!’ Communication. and other soft skills.and close-knit coordination across these initiatives ensures that it meets the different learning needs of our employees in specific areas of technology. Leadership & Success ‘ Building Effective Relationships’ ‘Breakthrough Attitudes Workshop’ ‘Lead the way to Success’ Employee Development Programs in Modern Organizations: Nowadays organizations believe in the philosophy of Continuous Learning. 4 . for all employees. cultural and communication skills. There are various focused programs for the employees. Employees are also encouraged to take up higher qualifications from foreign universities like Cambridge. This learning framework is continuously enhanced with new programs and the latest learning techniques . Goal Setting. Motorola etc. management. leadership.

The HR Department prepares quarterly as well as yearly Training Calendars for all its officers and Weekly Training Plans for the non-officers. libraries 5 . Tata Steel Processing and Distribution Limited have a practice of providing Induction Training through various modules like:         Basic Orientation Training Safety Training ISO 9000 / TS 16949 Training SAP Training Structured On-the-job training TPM Training Inter unit learning visits Visits to customers' sites Other mechanisms for developing Employees include:          Job Rotation Kaizen certification test USA visit Study Leave Performance Counselling 360 degree feedback and follow up TPM participation Continuous improvement teams Membership to professional bodies. different companies have a practice of providing Induction Training. As example. For new joinees.

aspx http://www. coach. Finally. enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.employeedevelopmentsystems. personal development includes the following activities:               improving self-awareness improving self-knowledge building or renewing identity developing strengths or talents improving wealth spiritual development identifying or improving potential building employability or human capital enhancing lifestyle or the quality of life improving health fulfilling aspirations initiating a life enterprise or personal autonomy defining and executing personal development plans improving social abilities REFERENCES http://www. At the level of the individual.html Human Resource Management by V.html http://www1. The concept is not limited to selfhelp but includes formal and informal activities for developing others. build human capital and facilitates Personal development includes activities that improve awareness and identity.umn. develop talents and potential. and assessment systems that support human development at the individual level in organizations. tools.S. it refers to the methods. programs. in roles such as teacher. or mentor. techniques. as personal development takes place in the context of institutions. manager.P Rao 6 .

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