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Una fuerte cultura define una nacin exitosa

"Solidifying Filipino Culture and Christian Values Towards Excellence" Excellence comes in varying shapes and sizes. It sees no standards and boundaries in a person's experience repertoire. It surpasses the typical human perception of talent and quality work. It transcends one's capacity to the fullest brim of human faculty. Therefore excellence always corresponds to being extraordinary. What I mean extraordinary people are not those who can fly and dodge bullets or jump off from 10-story buildings. However, extraordinary people and or excellent people are seen and praised through the amount sweat and determination in achieving their goals to be more than who they can be. We Filipinos are as what I can see are extraordinary people. Simply because I believe one may say that all of the people in the world are unique in their own country, there is no need for comparison, but let me say this to you, we are who we perceive we are. Filipino culture has been shaped through the years due to and after the colonization of other countries like Spain, America, Japan, China, India, and the Arabs. See, how many countries had wanted to take our land from us? And yet we Filipinos survived from their grasps and created a democracy of our own! Our gratitude instead should deeply go to those countries that had colonized us, had it not because of them; we would have never seen and realized how powerful, diverse and rich we are in terms of physical strength and mental ability to bend and iron things on our own and discover the hidden weaponry inside us unity and camaraderie. Through them, we, the Filipino people, have become stronger, determined, and smart, obligated to see the needs of our society and immediately act upon it, to bring out the best of our mother land - Philippines. Another thing I know about us as good-natured Filipinos is that we have been brought up by our very own families and culture, as a whole, to be respectful, hospitable and honorable citizens of our nation. We see to it that all obligations are well-attended to, until there would be nothing else left for us to do. And that, as I see, is because of our inherent characteristic as loving Christian Filipinos; love for oneself, for family, country and most of all for God. With that, our Christian values as Filipinos are therefore summed up in one word. Love. God loves us and we can feel and see this love that He has been giving and will always give to all of us in whatever form. Now what more can we ask for? God never loses His trust and hope for us Filipinos, being God-loving and faithful children of Him, and for which should not let Him down. Apparently, He knows our capacities; He always sees the greatness that we can do and catches us before even knowing it that we are about to fall. All we have to do is to love and believe in Him, have faith that we can do all things through Him and only Him. This has been just a slice of proving the greatness of God as observed and practiced by us Filipinos. Along with it is also the realization of the greatness of our culture. Through this essential tandem of blessings that from God to us bestowed, we Filipinos and as individuals can surely excel in many aspects of life. It all goes up to say that to have love for one's country and to have the love of our God bring out an extraordinary spirit in us Filipinos, an extraordinary me and an extraordinary you.

- sorry if I kinda made sorta many corrections and additional yannie, hmm, just to make everything harmonize together. ehheh