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Authors notes; I apologize for the rough form this is in.

I tried using a publisher and the communications didnt work out so well! So it had to me and only me front to back. I will continue to clean it up and could use any ones help that wishes to donate their efforts. I give all the due credits.I admit Im not good about copyright laws and I have no intentions of owning or crediting myself for anybodies elses work.that is against my morals.but as a teacher I can be careless when Im trying to convey a concept to my studentsI will use anthing that gets the point across. This book is free. If you feel so inclined to donate to me..Please pay it forward and tell them Aniel says; blessed be.

The Ascension Manual


If you are reading this book you have experienced the waking up.the psychic connection and the we are one part. You, the awakened, have already experienced having to relate the sleeping ones....T here are no words to help educate those that don't 'get it'. Does relating in their world it feel like you just dropped into another episode of the twilight zone? Then you are that 'new kind of human being. This book is for you. I made a choice to insure you were provided with this knowledge. You are the Sons and Daughters of the 5th Sun! According to Qero and Hopi elders and many other indigenous leaders, humanity is now in a momentous time of planetary transition from the 4th to the 5th Sun. This newest incarnation of the Suns purpose and energy, however, is not about a particular place, a new city, or an emerging nation as it was in the past. The next Pachakuti, the Inka word for a human epoch, will not be a new empire. Rather the next human epoch will be characterized by the invocation and reception of new consciousness available to all humanity. It offers the possibility of the end of the world as we know it and the emergence of a new kind of human being. The opportunity exists for each of us to find a way of life with a more loving heart, a keener more intuitive mind, and an expanded consciousness. The opportunity awaits each of us to become light beings. New ways of thinking, feeling, healing, loving, teaching, acting, following, leading, working, relating, and governing are ripe for the picking. Each of us can help bring balance and beauty to the Earth and a world where our children can live in peace. Even in the time of Moses, the Essenes knew of the Children of the Light. Back then was a hope that mankind was ready. It was self evident that they were not. Patiently waiting for Man to evolve, the ancient ones waited. It took another 2000 years. Now its time! This is an ascension primer. It is designed to help you understand the mechanics of the body you inhabit. It will help you to maintain your body, and how to best utilize that body on the path to ascension. Please park any of your preconceptions and rules at the door. This is no bullshit, lets get down to work, approach. I will be using a colloquial demeanor in the writing partially to let you know I still put my pants on one leg at a time. This format also allows me to express an emotional content so vital to communicating the universal concepts of ascension. So without a lot of fanfare..Dive in!

Table of contents You are not the material you The triad Monkey me The I Am Parts list for your engine The Energy Breath Operating Instructions Building a Starship How to Read the Road Super charging your engine Maintaining the Grid Your Galactic Heritage

Chapter #1; You are not the material you

If you have made it this farthen you somehow woke-up out of your somnambulant state of coexistence in the matrix and said; Now wait just a minute here, this just doesnt make sense! Im not the name they call me Im not the clothes I wear Im not the job I do Im not even sure Im in the right movie Then comes the inevitable question; Who am I? So you ask your mom if shes is still alive; Did I come with an instruction manual? The most common answer is nobut Im here to tell you different. That manual wont give you the answers but it will help you frame the questions. For instance, when Alice (in Wonderland) was asked, Do I take the red or blue pill? That should have sparked the questions;If your presenting me with both can I take both? Or none of the above. Arent they valid answers also? Yes they are! And thats my point. You arent contained in the parameters of the questions you were taught to ask. Q: Then; Who am I?..... A: No one can or should answer that for you. That is a life long journey of discovery that requires a certain discipline in order to develop the tools necessary to start constructing your own answer. Q: If Im not the body I inhabit and Im not the sum total of the thoughts I think.then what am I? A: (What am I?) is a question I can answer. You are a spirit. You are a consciousness that existed long before this body was born and will continue to exist long after this body is destroyed. A spirit is eternal and is part of a greater whole that we call God. Q:So I am a spirit and I have a body and a mind? A: Yes! And if you think thats complicated?..... you aint seen nothin yet! But for now We will leave it at you are a mind ,body, and spirit complex or a triad.commonly called Human. Q: Okay, so why do I have a mind, a body, and a spirit? A: Because of the way the universe is constructed. You live in a hologram (or your body does). It is constructed by the coherent heart felt emotions signaling the hologram program or Divine Matrix how to form your reality. The divine matrix

takes all the signals from all the spirits capable of producing a magnetic signal or coherent heart felt emotion, mixes them all together and voila that is the matrix we living in. Your mind is the mechanism that allows your spirit to interface with your body. Your body takes the signals it receives from the matrix and transfers them into brain impulses that your mind reconstructs into a picture or live action hologram. Your mind then operates in the hologram. There was a game we played in grade school where everybody closed their eyes so one person could hide an eraser in plain sight. The object was to perceive where the eraser was. Many children could not see it until enough others in the class knew where it was. This is a great demonstration of how the eraser wasnt programmed into everybodys hologram until enough of a consensus was reachedthen it seemed to just appear. The erase never left the never left plain sight! So how is it the eraser can just disappear?...its not in your hologram program. Gurus who manifest stuff out of thin air play the same game..They will even tell you that! They change the consciousness field or hologram program to include the objects. Are they real? They are just as real as you or I. Do the watches keep timeYes and the gold is real gold.Its not magicIts hologram programming. The biggest part of understanding this process was described very accurately by the Oracle in the Movie; The Matrix..You dont try to bend the spoon.There is no spoon. Once you get to the point where you truly believe that the hologram exists.then you can manipulate it. Q: So how do I talk to God or the Divine Matrix ? A: That is two separate questions. The Divine Matrix is the hologram program and God is the programmer. Q: Okay, how do I talk to the hologram program? A: You dont, but you can see yourself in the program and you can interact with it. Q: I would very much like to see myself! How do I do that? A: There is a simple mirror exercise that accomplishes this very well. Place a mirror in front of your meditation place. It is helpful to dim the lights as that adds extra errant energy to the situation. Position yourself comfortably as this may take a while. Now open eyed, stare at yourself in the mirror while breathing and mentally chanting to yourself for intention purposes the at you want to see the true you. (The chant is really just to give your matrix mind something to do.) As you stare at the image of yourself, it will eventually appear ghost like and then disappear. What is left is the real you. This will differ in appearance depending on whether you are a walk-

in, an angel or a human. The point is that the mirror is a good scientific tool for reflecting energies and if you are really nothing but energy then you should be able to see your own reflection. Q: Wow! I did not see that comingokay, how do I see the rest of the matrix not in the mirror? A: The involves the a physical mechanism and you are already have the equipment. Anatomically it is called; the pineal gland. This is not only externally shaped like a pine cone, but internally structured like a eye minus the cornea.vitreous fluid included! It, with the rest of the brain and skull are engineered just like a neutrino collector. Neutrinos (neutrally charged particles) generally tend to move at near light speeds and can penetrate hundreds of feet into solid rock. The light of a neutrino is very high vibration energy. All light contains information just as the word implies; in- formation. Contained within the structure of the light/particle is the information itself. When the particle slows down and attains a charge it becomes a component of the matrix. So to see with eyes that detect the sub-luminal light you are detecting the matrix itself. To see with an eye that sees supra-luminal light you detect the structure of things outside the matrix. The speed of light is a threshold between both worlds. So you can see the matrix and also see the outside the matrix part. Q: That tells me how to see the matrix and this thing you call outside the matrix but I still dont get how to talk to the programmer (God) and the matrix. A: Well as it turns out the outside the matrix part is an energy soup of ultimate intelligent design, in a word; God. Talking to God is not a new concept. All this is not new other than the science-speak. Here is a quote from Bible that the council of Nicaea missed from excising; Matthew 6:22 The lamp of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body will be light. Somehow we were built to detect the matrix and the world outside the matrix. In many spiritual traditions to see and the light is the focus of many practices as the Yoga taught in the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. In this practice much of the meditative techniques are designed to attain abilities of communication outside the matrix and manipulation within the matrix. This communication outside the matrix is talking to god. The manipulation of the matrix is the talking inside the matrix. The details of these will be the subject of many chapters in this book Development of these attributes is not without consequence to the physical body. This is measurable in the levels of DHEA in the body.

Q: So as I learn to talk to God and manipulate the matrix my body will change?

A: Yes, your body is a construct in the matrix and as you change your programming your construct must also shows evidence of this change. DHEA levels and hearing the shruti are just two of them. Meditation and DHEA From experience, we already know: Deep Meditation opens up real intelligence, intuition, and creativity. In more recent years, science has given us more indications how beneficial Meditation is for our brain and neural functions. For example, one study compared the DHEA levels of meditators between the age of forty and fifty years with the DHEA levels of a control group of non-meditators. It was found that the meditating men had a 23% higher level of DHEA as the non-meditators and in woman the difference was even much more pronounced. As we know now, the hormone DHEA is needed for a wide range of biological functions and a lower level of DHEA has been associated with a decreased ability to concentrate. This is just one indication of how our physical body adapts to what the mind is focused on. To put this is a common tongue; Are you in the spirit world or the material world? This is just one way we begin to realize we are not made of the material we thought we were. There are other indications and one of those is a in our hearing. It is a byproduct of the centering process meditation has on the mind-body complex. This is called the shruti. The Shruti when youre done with your meditation do your have a ringing in your ears? No really it's not tinnitus...don't go see a a normal side effect of being harmonically balanced...You see the hologram we are in behaves just like a human made hologram....there is always what at first glance appears to be a random noise at the far end of perception....Science in looking for gravity waves discovered what the mystics have known for years....the 'Maya' or hologram has a shruti or background sound. Since all things within the matrix are nothing more than a complex set of vibrations, when you point a radio telescope at the universe it registers a wide range of noise. Some of that is within human audible range. As it turns out the matrix noise is also within human audible range. Just like an inner city person learns to tune out the sound of the passing subway, meditators learn to center enough to rediscover the shruti. By listening to the attenuations in the Shruti you have now become a 'Jedi master' and can detect disturbances in 'the force'. Q; doesnt that get annoying to hear that buzzing in your ears all the time? A: You bet it does! As I tell my yoga students; The beneficial aspect of a good yoga practice is that you become more sensitive to your reality. The deficit to a good yoga practice is that you become more sensitive to your reality. Q: Let me get this straight; I have a construct of a body in the matrix, yet I have my own mind in there and I have a spiritual essence outside the matrix?

A: Yes, its what is commonly called the mind-body-spirit complex. You are not the material you. You are not just the spiritual you. You are a complex being made up of 3 major parts. My name for it is the triad. In order to navigate with ease and focus it is best to learn how to work with all 3 parts in good working order.

Chapter #2; the Triad

Why the pretty picture? Because the way our minds are constructed, it can organize data better in patterns. The pattern has an inherent geometry that interrelates pieces and demonstrates pathways of function. Meaning of Triquetra Trinity Knot - Celtic Triangle The triquetra is a three part ancient symbol comprised of three interlocked vesica pisces. Whats a vesica pisces? Literally; vessel of the fish. In Geometry the very first division of the unit circle. Secret Christians use d to leave fish like marks and if someone completed the circlesit was code confirmed and okay to talk. Here it is a geometry, a crop circle and as a message from space

The Triquetra often used to represent people or concepts in groups of three. Also known as the trinity knot and Celtic triangle, it has been found in Celtic art, paganism and also has been used in Christianity. The triquetra symbol has been found on stones, in northern Europe, that date back to before 1,000 AD. The triquetra is also found in the Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript that was likely created on the Island of Iona (off the Scottish coast) around AD 800. The triquetra has been found on rune stones in Northern Europe and on early Germanic coins. It probably had pagan religious meaning and it bears a resemblance to the Valknut, a symbol associated with Odin. For pagans, the Triquetra represents the threefold nature of the Goddess as maid, mother and crone. It also symbolizes life, death, and rebirth and the three forces of nature: earth, air, and water. The inner three circles represent the female element and fertility.

For Christians, the Triquetra represents the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit--three persons as one God. Its three equal arcs represent equality, its continuous line expresses eternity, and the interweaving represents indivisibility and unity. Recently the triquetra has been seen on the television show "Charmed." It was used as a symbol by the Halliwell sisters. They mentioned on the series that the symbol represents the Power Of Three, and Prue later suggests that it represents the three of them working together as one. The use here is body spirit and mind woven together interrelated and joined or sealed in the circle of love as one indivisible unit.

In the background is the seed of life is the first level of naturally forming geometry as a unit beyond the circle. From this seed of life forms all other geometries or physical relationships in our universe. So the complete symbol is the tri unity of the mind, body, and spirit sealed in love and integrated as an integral part of the universe. This is the underlying theme of a discipline used to demonstrate and integrate the 3 parts of you into a union balanced and integrated into the universe. This discipline was first attributed to a forgotten empire that existed for thousands of years in such tranquil harmony that there were no locks, there were no weapons or embattled structures until very late in the culture when marauding hordes ultimately conquered them. This pre-Vedic culture in India had no monarchy or aristocracy. It was spiritually based on an earth mother and her pan like consort. These were the only iconic statues found. This culture was very educated and the architecture of their cities like Harappa showed evidence of a blend of both high technology and simple but very effective low tech solutions. Even there writing was elegant yet succinct. At the heart of their culture was a spiritual discipline that everyone participated. It was a mind body and spirit integration technique which translated into English as Union. It is my belief that this discipline of Union was in fact designed to achieve the very same result as the scattered techniques of the new lighters searching for a unified system. The ironical part is that it has been sitting right in plain sight and just was not interpreted correctly. This system is called by its ancient name Yoga. The most current edited version is the Yoga Sutras is by Patanjali in approximately 500BC but the earliest attributed date is 60,000 BC. As we explore the emerging abilities of the Lightworkers I will demonstrate how there really was an instruction manual, left by our ancestors and with very little interpretation it could still be the core discipline of an awakened society. In Patanajlis time the material of choice to write upon was palm fronds segmented and strung together like venetian blinds. This kind of book had to be concise. The entire 4 books of the yoga sutras consists of no more than 12 double spaced type written pages. Each book would be one of our chapters for it would be cumbersome to have too long a string of palm fronds. The chapters are; Contemplations Spiritual disciplines Divine powers Realizations I do not believe in reinventing the wheel if I dont have to. In this case we have a suitable discipline already established. It may need a little updating for the current paradigm. The best

way to experience it is for you to let me take you through each one. Without further adieu I present you the Yoga Sutras; The yoga sutras will be presented with my comments below and in another type face to insure the highest amount of integrity and an easy way to read my comments relative to that sutra.

Union 1.1 Now, instruction in Union. 1.2 Union is restraining the thought-streams natural to the mind. 1.3. Then the seer dwells in their own nature. 1.4. Otherwise they are of the same form as the thought-streams. (Are you? Or are you just a collection of thoughts? Can you feel your beingness? Or do you define yourself by what you do or say? Keep breathing and listen to our next selection..) 1.5. The thought-streams are five-fold, painful and not painful. 1.6. Right knowledge, wrong knowledge, fancy(cyber space), sleep and memory. 1.7. Right knowledge is inference, tradition and genuine cognition. 1.8. Wrong knowledge is false, illusory, erroneous beliefs or notions. 1.9. Fancy (cyberspace) is following after word-knowledge empty of substance. 1.10. Deep sleep is the modification of the mind which has for its substratum nothingness. 1.11. Memory is not allowing mental impressions to escape. 1.12. These thought-streams are controlled by practice and non-attachment. Can you be........? Be so to be able to like the company you keep in those solitary moments? It is the discipline of you upon your thoughts that asserts your beingness. Breathe and hear yourself in the silence.

1.13. Practice is the effort to secure steadiness. 1.14. This practice becomes well-grounded when continued with reverent devotion and without interruption over a long period of time. 1.15. Desirelessness towards the seen and the unseen gives the consciousness of mastery. 1.16. This is signified by an indifference to the three attributes, due to knowledge of the Indweller. (When you cannot be swayed by temptations of the physical, positions of power, praise, or fame; then you can sense an integrity of self which means you are your own keeper!) 1.17. Cognitive meditation is accompanied by reasoning, discrimination, bliss and the sense of 'I am.' (When you are your own keeper and you meditate...a state of bliss forms naturally as if God rewarded you for accomplishing the first level of mastery) 1.18. There is another meditation which is attained by the practice of alert mental suspension until only subtle impressions remain. (When you can through the trained 'discipline of intention', and isolate your attention from this world and listen to what remains.....this is the world of the subtle.) (This is the meditation technique that is used for healing , connecting with others and grid work.... 1. This is the minimum level of meditation necessary to participate in telling the Divine matrix instructions on how to form. 2. This is the minimum level of meditation necessary to join and become one with the Earth Mother or Sky Father. 3. This is the minimum level of meditation necessary to sense the non-corporeal beings like dragons, angels, faery and the like.... We will expound on this greatly in lessons to com.

1.19. For those beings who are formless and for those beings who are merged in unitive consciousness, the world is the cause. (All those non-corporeal beings; dragons, faery , angels, ascended masters, have only one reason for being.....our reality; 'the world') 1.20. For others, clarity is preceded by faith, energy, memory and equal-minded contemplation. (Some people get to this level of consciousness by sheer force of will, past life memory of the techniques, their belief, or by discipline of intention.) 1.21. Equal-minded contemplation is nearest to those whose desire is most ardent. 1.22. There is further distinction on account of the mild, moderate or intense means employed. (Equal minded contemplation, the most desirable, is easiest to obtain by those who work hard.) You are not all the good knowledge you have collected. You are not all the false information you were fed. You are not all the characters you play in cyber space. You are not the dreams you have. You are not even the memories you keep. ....and even more importantly;

You are not a Faery formed in service to the Earth Mother. You are not an Angel formed in service to the Sky Father. You ARE a Human being that controls all of that by your intention and your free will. That alone makes you worthy and powerful. You should be 'Humble' for to wield such power as Free Will carelessly is to cause damage. You should be 'learned in the arts of discipline'(Union) so as to dispense your free will in a Godly manner for that is the measure of your capabilities!

(When you can through the trained 'discipline of intention', and isolate your attention from this world and listen to what remains.....this is the world of the subtle.)

1.21. Equal-minded contemplation is nearest to those whose desire is most ardent. 1.22. There is further distinction on account of the mild, moderate or intense means employed. (Equal minded contemplation, the most desirable, is easiest to obtain by those who work hard.) 1.23. Or by surrender to God. 1.24. God is a particular yet universal indweller, untouched by afflictions, actions, impressions and their results.

1.25. In God, the seed of omniscience is unsurpassed. 1.26. Not being conditioned by time, God is the teacher of even the ancients. (By releasing and asking for divine guidance from God is the best technique but it comes with the understanding of what God is.....) 1.27. God's voice is Aum. Can you say Aum..? The sri yantra is the standing wave pattern for 8 and you make it by pronouncing the word A...U...M Not by the Alan Ginsburg popularized version; Om!

( The Christians say that God formed this universe with a word.. In Big Bang theory it is true that the first vibration pattern to form is the hydrogen atom. Consequently the entire rest of the periodic table is in point of fact shaped in the standing wave pattern to the sound we call Aum. if God formed this universe, then the first thing out if It's mouth was the sound of Aum. ...or what we call God's voice) 1.28. The repetition of Om should be made with an understanding of its meaning. (To reiterate just for the sake of doing so is a waste! 1. You must understand what youre saying 2. You must be able to form a clear thought about it 3. You must have a strong intuition about it 4. You must be divinely inspired to form a clear intuition These are the levels of 'Vak' necessary in order to have your intentions 'heard' by God.) 1.29. From that is gained introspection and also the disappearance of obstacles. (When you can achieve the integral levels of Vak you will be centered enough to find everything works harmoniously!...because you are in vibratory harmony with the core of the universe.) (So when someone speaks to you (lowest level of Vak) you will hear the vibrations of their intention all the way up to their inspiration..... and if this is in any way disharmonious you will know that person is action out of integrity.) (This is another so called 'Jedi skill'.)

By now you know that a belief in God is integral to your practice of Union. 1.30. Disease, inertia, doubt, lack of enthusiasm, laziness, sensuality, mind-wandering, missing the point, instability- these distractions of the mind are the obstacles. 1.31. Pain, despair, nervousness, and disordered inspiration and expiration are co-existent with these obstacles. 1.32. for the prevention of the obstacles, one truth should be practiced constantly. (Vak is the vibrational pathway to the divine. For stronger signal strength from the divine to you, it is best to tune to one channel and focus there. Choose you way of addressing God and stick to one does not matter which path or which name you choose to call God by....What matters is the strength of your link to the divine. Much of the diseases of this world are manifestations of an unfocused and not devoted mind.) 1.33. By cultivating friendliness towards happiness and compassion towards misery, gladness towards virtue and indifference towards vice, the mind becomes pure. (This is a big one! for it includes both sides of a universal truth. 'Like attracts like'. Friendliness towards Happiness.... enough said. Compassion towards projecting positive thoughts to effect a change. Indifference towards vice is what so many comedians keep trying to tell people....'If you don't like what I say, forget me'.......if you don't like porno...don't watch it or buy it. But if you make a fuss about it you are negatively attracted to it. You are spending your personal energy on the subject and therefore the universe will keep presenting it in your reality. That's why indifference (no energy) is shown.) This is a good place to end lesson 4. Contemplate the dynamics of how you apply your personal energy without regard to whether something is good or bad and you will see why the universe presents you with the lesson it does. If you want something to disappear from your reality the best way of doing that is to give it no energy. if you want something to stay cultivate it (give it energy). 1.34. Optionally, mental equanimity may be gained by the even expulsion and retention of energy. (This is a great example of how one in the triad affects another. If the body is settled it will be far easier for the mind to also be settled.) 1.35. Or activity of the higher senses causes mental steadiness. (In order to listen to our higher senses in demands a steady background noise.) 1.36. Or the state of Divine Light.

(Divine light contains within it all the information to reorganize our illusionary world into a perfected facsimile of itself.) 1.37. Or the mind taking as an object of concentration those who are freed of compulsion. (the organization in divine light retains it form no matter who it is contained in.) 1.38. Or depending on the knowledge of dreams and sleep. 1.39. Or by meditation as desired. (Your unconscious mind can affect the waking mind.) (By achieving the meditative state of mind it promotes the desire to continue such a state.) 1.40. The mastery of one in Union extends from the finest atomic particle to the greatest infinity. 1.41. When the agitations of the mind are under control, the mind becomes like a transparent crystal and has the power of becoming whatever form is presented. knower, act of knowing, or what is known. (this is an import point for higher states of meditation.) 1.42. The argumentative condition is the confused mixing of the word, its right meaning, and knowledge. (The understanding of vibration correspondences is crucial for higher forms of meditation.) 1.43. When the memory is purified and the mind shines forth as the object alone, it is called non-argumentative. This is pure information without prejudice of opinion and is considered akashic in nature. 1.44. In this way the meditative and the ultra-meditative having the subtle for their objects are also described. Akashic information is the best for it resonates with all and has no argument. 1.45. The province of the subtle terminates with pure matter that has no pattern or distinguishing mark. This is an interesting line. Pure matter is undifferentiated AetherThis is proven to be the case by Dr. Paul laViolette in his Book on Sub Quantum Kinetics. What the Sutras call pure matter is in fact the primordial medium described by Sub Quantum Kinetics without any waves or motion and or disturbances.

1.46. These constitute seeded contemplations. 1.47. On attaining the purity of the ultra-meditative state there is the pure flow of spiritual consciousness. This ultra meditative state is what allows for the flow of akashic information. 1.48. Therein is the faculty of supreme wisdom. Akashic information. 1.49. The wisdom obtained in the higher states of consciousness is different from that obtained by inference and testimony as it refers to particulars. 1.50. The habitual pattern of thought stands in the way of other impressions. (just like when you get out of your car and your mind keeps playing the last song you hear over and over again. That muddies the water for intuitions to enter you mind.) With the suppression of even that through the suspension of all modifications of the mind, contemplation without seed is attained. The state of pure contemplation can be obtained with the suppression of all you habitual patterns of thoughts and suppression of any other impressions that may enter your mind.(this is a good placebecause you are just being

After attainment of that ultra meditative state and the flow of akashic information is easier for you to access you will find yourself just asking a question and sending it up the ladder also will become easier. This also gives you a starting place for understanding the difference between the mind, your soul and prepares for the startlingly realization about your body. How all this connects is another part of what will be covered in the following chapter. Just like sub quantum kinetics predictions, the pure matter gets impregnated by a thought. This thought causes a disturbance in the Aether and consequences are the formation of matter and energy in side this reality. All thoughts actually cause the formation of physical matter. Thus the need for spiritual disciplines, otherwise we would have a chaotic universe. The mystery continues with the spiritual disciplines and how the universe is connected to your physical body, what your body actually is and why I call it the monkey me.

Chapter #3; Monkey me

Okay, after reviewing the contemplations of the Yoga Sutras, you should have a firm grasp on what is the spirit you and what is the mental you. This chapter is on how you get to a physical you and what does that mean in a hologram or the Divine Matrix. In order to start this conversation we must introduce you to Shiva and Shakti. In order for God to manifest there must be three universal principles. There must be an active force which creates, there must be a passive force which provides the medium for the force to act on and there must a a non interactive principle that proves the space that the two forces act within.. Shakti is the space. Shiva is the vibration or the force and message. The universe is the medium acted upon. Take for instance the example of a sound. The vibration would make no sound unless was a space to put it in and the air to vibrate. One without the other two really has no effect, but together they make music. Together in divine union they are called the yabyum. This is considered to be the balanced trinity. The masculine the vibration, the feminine the air, and the Shakti the sacred space (depicted as the circle enclosing the two lovers) The bliss created by human sexual union is considerd an approximation of Divine Bliss or Love from which the whole universe is created. By extension the 3 parts are; the feminie matter/energy, the masculine organizing pattern, and the shakti or volume or space of the universe. Curiously this pattern is found in only one other place a hologram. Our universe is truly a hologram for no matter which way; how big or how small you divid the Universe these relationships remain constant. There is another principle that also is consistant with a holographic universe concept. The relationship between sound and sound shape. The Vedics name is mantra (vibration) and yantra (vibrational pattern). It is said for every sound there is a sound shape or standing wave pattern. For every mantra there is a yantra. The story of how Shiva organized the universe with the sound of Aum. The mantra is Aum and the Sri Yantra is the sound shape or standing wave pattern. This principle we should look at in detail for the entire universe/hologram is buitl on this principle. Inside the sacred space (a square) there is a vibrational pattern generated by the harmonic of 8 circles around one. When the circles intersect they make a petal like shape. The outside ring of petals is said to be 16. According to vedic texts there is an allowabe short cut which is a strait line between intersections of circles. (This speaks to the structure of worm holes but we wont go there now.)

Here is the 8/16 petal part. And now well show you the intersecting lines and how the triangles get made. I know this is a little technical but it shows how we get our manifested universe from a bunch of sounds ! This is what the complete Sri yantra looks like;. You have your 4 gates of energies into your sacred space the generation of the petals and the linear geometry of the designated yantra. It was once attempted by a russian computer science expert to have a computer draw the sriyantra. The result was that the russian expert said it would take more computer meemory than the world currently posessed. Another sound and vibrations expert; DrHans Jenny was able to prove in the 1980s that the sri yantra was infact the standing wave patter to the sound of aum. Please note the distinction; I did not say or write Om.that is because it will not generate the proper geometry! Only AUM will. Here is a picture of the original ancient vedic drawins of the sriyantra and the oscilloscope picture of Aum. The oscilloscope is on the top ina positve ans negative ans is the sriyantra on the bottom. There is no mistake that this is the same pattern. Not too long after this proof was made publice did an ameican scientist prove tha the relationship of the triangles in the sriyantra is the same relationship as that of an Hydrogen atoms energy shells. And if the Big Bang theorists are correct then the hydrogen atom was created first and the rest of the atomic of elements followed soon aterward. So for all intents and purposes the ancient texts are correct; God organized the universe with a word and the word is Aum. This pattern can be found organizing all things and yet not be apart of the material world. Again the vedics imagery is directly in line with the most advanced scientific notion of our time. Shive is not the flower nor the soil it is grown in shive is blissnityanda roopa shivo aum, shivo aum Shiva is said to be the principle that utilized Aum to organize the universe. In this portrayal you see the sri yantra manifesting the universe behind the seated Shiva. All the objects around him including his clothes all have significant meaning. But that is for another conversation. The reason I use the Hindu iconography is because it is the most accurate to the physics of the universe. Now you know that each and every atom is nothing more than a set of vibrations tuned tighter and related by a

common vibration pattern (Aum). This gives us a fully manifest universe but still has no life organized, related but not alive. What makes something alive? Some would say the ability to be aware of itself. Though this sis a wonderful description it is not basic enough for me. To be aware is to be sentient. Sentience has a most basic concept; to be sentient is to be self replicating. The most basic principle of life is to replicate itself. For this we need to turn to sacred geometry to understand the basics. Lets take a different approach. Lets look at the math of it. I wont belabor you with the derivation of math principles. Lets start with the fact that one number does not behave like all the rest. That number is phi or 1.6180339.known as the golden mean. The relationship between the length of a side of the pentagon to the pentacle is the golden is the only geometry that is selfreferencing...meaning; in the structure is the knowledge to make itself.....all life is built on this principle. This makes sense, if all life is self referencing and the only geometry that is self referencing is the geometry of 5 then 5 it is! A life of 5s so to speak! Why this is important is found in vibration theory. Take a string, vibrate it, and you get a wave. The wave has parts; the curvature, the repeating nature, and the rigid endpoint Notice there are spots or nodes where the string does not move. The number of nodes is the number of the frequency. Notice the string is a 1-dimensional vibration with 0dimensional nodes. This is important because the nodes become patterns as we increase the number of dimensions we are looking at. These nodes are the same as the intersections of circles in the yantras. Nodes will become chakras and then a human bodhi. Now where the nodes become a dots or 1-D patterns for a 2-D vibration. As we increase the dimensions the same rule exists. Whatever dimensions the vibration is in, the nodal structure is always 1 dimension below. Here is an example of a volume of tomato soup vibrated. Its nodal structure or standing wave pattern in 2-dimensions.

All this vibration theory is helping you to understand what about my 3-d body? Hang on just a little longer and I promise you youll see the system emerge. For now lets continue up the dimensional ladder to 3-D patterns. Dr. Hans Jenny and researchers tried vibrating salt water and came up with these results. Not only are there 3-d patterns but also you can see how shapes pass thru themselves and form new patterns. This is something that violates conventional laws of physics. Another principle not apparent is that not all vibrations give rise to geometries. And even more specifically the regular or spherically symmetrical geometries are derived from only one wave form or irrational pattern. That wave form is based on a one numberthe golden mean. This one number is the only connective to all shapes in all dimensions. In its more basic depiction, the golden mean demonstrates another fundament principle of our universe; nothing travels in a straight line and nothing travels in a circle. From one angle it looks like this. This is a golden mean spiral.And even though you have been told and it for all intents and purposes that the planets revolve in a circle, it not true. Our solar system is moving around the galaxy and if you track a planets pathway it actually moves in a spiral. Even atoms movements work this way. This is the reason why classical mechanics and quantum mechanics fail to accurately depict the natural world is they do not take into account the other dimensionality of motion. Turn the golden mean spiral on its side and double it, the it looks like this; on its side it looks like this. There is another way the golden mean shows up in biology or the 3body which is very important to the communication of information. This is DNA. And much like the planets not moving in a circle so DNA is built and yet still incorporates the golden mean. ?We will beging with a circle. Imagine a planet or an electron moving around the circle. Now we will take the whole system and move it in space and thwen look at the motion of the planet/particle. Voila what you see is a sinosoidial wave. The wave looks like this;

Nowew you get to see a planet does not travel in a circle and as the solar system revolves around the galaxy, our planet does not trave in a strait line either. This analogy works no matter how large or small you choose to view our universe. The double helical patter of our DNA is sinsoudial just like our planet and here is how the golden means findits way int to the DNA; Science is just now finding out that DNA is actally an antennae for light. Th it is reactive to certain forms of light and it will remakitself based on the information contained in that light. But befor we add light to the mix we need to finish up with the geometry part. If we go one more dimension up on our vibrationsthat would mean our vibration would be 4-D and the standing wave would be 3-D. The golden mean 4-d wave produces regular spherical shapes that look like this. The entire physical universe is created from adding these shapes together in a multitude of combinations. One could say this is the alphabet that God uses to create everything we see. Since all these are so closely related to the golden mean they will nest together. Curiously enough if you put them in a particular order nested

then they will describe exactly each orbit of each planet. If you then look at their relative wavelengths you will accurately describe each color of the rainbow. Each color is associated with a sound by harmonics. Each tone is exactly a golden mean proportion from each other. This is how a light can transmit informational instructions to DNA on how to form the biological item. It is really quite amazing just how simple and interrelated our universe is when you look at it from the correct perspective.

In Platos time much of this knowledge was known. The history books will tell you that soon afterward there was a separation of religion and science. The proof is just now coming to light that indicates that religion had a heavy hand in dictating what was to be studied and what was not. Correspondences were a no-no. That was Pagan and therefore the work of the devil. It is in these correspondences that the modern science of Systems analysis has rediscovered such

knowledge. Giant leaps have been made with the advent of system analysisI will not waste any of this book on what ifs or conspiracy theories but it doesnt take a genius to see that here is another venue where the roman catholic religion has done mankind a disservice or was this done by intention? The correspondence of light, color, sound, shape, and sound shape strongly indicate 2 things. We live in a very connected universe The pattern of connections indicates we live in a hologram. These pictures are different views of the same thing; a geometrically perfect nested of golden mean waves. The rose could be a view looking down a DNA chain. This is what I call the rabbit hole. The butterfly is the communication and dissemination of knowledge for a single point of experience. The tornado is the nested coherent emotions focused to a single point. These images are used frequently to refer to many aspects of coherent heartfelt emotion and the supraliminal world. The only allowable transfer of information must come in the form of something that retains information while dumping mass and or energy. The only structure that allows this is the golden mean. Remember; only the5 pointed star remembers how to build itself. Now lets look at the golden mean in human design. Here is a diagram that shows multiple layers of how the golden mean is utilized by God in human design. Length, width, height ratio of leg to arm, ration of nose to face, and crazy things like ration of nose length to foot width is all golden mean proportioned. Its actually very scary how much is golden mean proportioned. Speaking of scary, lets look at human emotions.

Dr.Manfred Clynes was one of the first to prove that given the data from an electromyography passed through a Fourier transform yield a set of wave forms corresponding to vertical and horizontal movement. There are 8 basic patterns that are common to anyone wearing a human body.

This diagram will show the differential in the height of the curve is in point of fact the golden mean. It was some time later that the Heartmath group was able to show that the heartbeat at the point of bliss and or love is also beating at a multidimensional golden mean. There have been many more studies with the same astounding results and always the golden mean vibration is associated with love and bliss be it a dog , tree, human or long standing couple, it is always Love and Bliss. The Golden mean is a geometry that creates live love and is light. It is organizing self referencing and can be found in the most obscure reaches of this universe. Love emanates fro the source field at the center of our galaxy and at the core of our sun. It is the number one organizing force in our galaxy. Love is the only emotion to be able to transcend the speed of light and keep us coherent and in touch with God no matter where our minds may wonder. Love built the human body and Love built every scrap of the universe. Love is what allows us to see our aura and still be alive and in our bodies. Love is what connects the mind the heart and the body. You cant live a day without an amazing amount of love. The golden mean in human emotion is love. Love pronounced as a sound follows the same wave

form and is written as AUM. Which you already know is the vibration that forms the hydrogen atom. In the Hindu philosophies Shiva is not matter of the universe nor the space that it occupies. Shiva is the organizational pattern. Love is the geometry that transcends the speed of light and it is Love that creates life. In the Sufi koan; Only Love bends the light. Only Love creates. This makes sense now. Our bodies are DNA which is an antenna for light. It is at the ideal or perfect geometry when love is felt throughout the body or as a coherent heartfelt emotion. This also means the colors in the visible spectrum are parts of a total white light color which is called love. In order for us as humans to have free will our bodies must be made in such a way as to allow us to have choice. This is done by differentiating love in to the rainbow. Each of those colors manifests in our bodies as an energy center of its own particular vibration. These usually look like little tornados or vortexes. We call them chakras. Each one of the chakras has an important physical structure which creates characteristic effects on our bodies which reflect particular emotions and sentiments. Those added together can be either constructive or destructive. This you learned in the contemplations. So lets look at the body as a series of vibrations manifesting chakras. This demonstrates how the meridians (energy lines) are manifested from the chakras consistent with the geometry of the love or golden mean. Also notice the chakras are love split into a rainbow just like white light.

It is your choice to harmonize your experiences/emotions/vibrations and create white love-light or not. The moody Blues said it in the most succinct piece of scientific poetry I have ever heard; The Word This garden universe vibrates complete. Some get a sound so sweet. Vibrations reach on up to become light. Then through gamma out of sight. To know ultra-violet, infrared, and x-rays; beauty to find in so many ways! Between the ears there lies the sound of color and the light of a sigh. To hear the sun what a thing to believe but its all around us if we could but perceive Two notes of the chord; thats our horoscope, But to reach the chord; thats our lifes hope, And to name the chord important to some So they give it a word and the word is; AUM This poem embodies all that is vibrationaly true. Color is related to sound and, yes, you can hear the sun. Feel the stars and hear the background sound of the universe. This is all attainable by your physical body through attention and discipline of the mind body and spirit.. Through Union or yoga.and your monkey me.

Chapter#4; The I Am
Okay, so where are we?....well we just got finished we elaborating on how the material world of the matrix is manifested by a set of vibratory rules all based on the principle of Divine Love. We know that our physical bodies are manifested to give our spirit the experience or education not available is outside the matrix. What we dont know is the purpose of the education. Why bother? ...Seems like a whole lot workfor what? Well, believe it or not, you were already given the answer to this question. Its not apparent because its part of the structure.. Hopefully, you are scratching your heads as to what in the hell do I mean. Remember when I said that it is the nature of a hologram that any piece of that hologram contains the information to replicate the whole hologram. Couple that with the fact we live in what appears to be an expanding part of the universe.and you have a purpose. You along with everything else are to expand. What that means is; within you are the blueprints to replicate every piece of God. So you are on the path of becoming a fully actualized God with all the bells and whistles. You do that by realizing all the parts of God. The realization process is one of experience. So you get to be in the matrix until you realize/experience the whole thing. Some would say that will take an infinite amount of time. My answer is; What else were you planning on doing to keep your spirit entertained for an eternity? There is one will. Free will is definitely a godly trait. But the price tag is; you are free to make wrong choices. Now, only being a part of god with the free will to make choices.but we contain the complete blueprint..Whats the big deal? Just replicate the pattern and be done with it! Well, the deal is you have free will to be distracted from doing just that. Hence the need for Spiritual disciplines.. Back to the Yoga Sutras Book 2; On Spiritual Disciplines 2.1 Austerity, the study of sacred texts, and the dedication of action to God constitute the discipline of Mystic Union. 2.2 This discipline is practiced for the purpose of acquiring fixity on the Lord, free from all impurities and agitations, or on Ones Own Reality, and for attenuating the afflictions.

2.3 The five afflictions are ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion, and the desire to cling to life. 2.4 Ignorance is the breeding place for all the others whether they are dormant or attenuated, partially overcome or fully operative. 2.5 Ignorance is taking the non-eternal for the eternal, the impure for the pure, evil for good and non-self as self. 2.6 Egoism is the identification of the power that knows with the instruments of knowing. 2.7 Attachment is that magnetic pattern which clusters in pleasure and pulls one towards such experience. 2.8 Aversion is the magnetic pattern which clusters in misery and pushes one from such experience. (Notice how aversion and attachment yield a bond to things in this reality.Remember the universal rule Like attracts like + or its still an attachment.) 2.9 Flowing by its own energy, established even in the wise and in the foolish, is the unending desire for life. (Life experience is a loving construct so it has an inherent self replicating pattern. Remember, you are in school no need to hang around after you graduate.) 2.10 These patterns when subtle may be removed by developing their contraries. 2.11 Their active afflictions are to be destroyed by meditation. (by focusing internally and not on the external world of experience you short circuit a number of the distractions.) 2.12 The impressions of works have their roots in afflictions and arise as experience in the present and the future births. 2.13 When the root exists, its fruition is birth, life, and experience. 2.14 They have pleasure or pain as their fruit, according as their cause be virtue or vice. (Again follow the impression becomes a reality with all the aversions and afflictions and screaming pay attention to me...good or bad.)

2.15 All is misery to the wise because of the pains of change, anxiety, and purificatory acts.

2.16 The grief which has not yet come; may be avoided. 2.17 The cause of the avoidable is the superimposition of the external world onto the unseen world. 2.18 The experienced world consists of the elements and the senses in play. It is of the nature of cognition, activity and rest, and is for the purpose of experience and realization. (Just what I said; you are here to experience stuff.) 2.19 The stages of the attributes effecting the experienced world are the specialized and the unspecialized, the differentiated and the undifferentiated. 2.20 The indweller is pure consciousness only, which though pure, sees through the mind and is identified by ego as being only the mind. 2.21 The very existence of the seen is for the sake of the seer. (in other words this(the hologram) is all for your benefit.) 2.22 Although Creation is discerned as not real, for the one who has achieved the goal, it is yet real in that Creation remains the common experience to others. (We all participate by the act of co-creation) 2.23 The association of the seer with Creation is for the distinct recognition of the objective world, as well as for the recognition of the distinct nature of the seer.

2.24 The cause of the association is ignorance. 2.25 Liberation of the seer is the result of the disassociation of the seer and the seen, with the disappearance of ignorance. 2.26 The continuous practice of discrimination is the means of attaining liberation. (Discrimination in this context is a spiritual discipline) 2.27 Steady wisdom manifests in seven stages. (you know this as the seven chakras.) 2.28 On the destruction of impurity by the sustained practice of the limbs of Union, the light of knowledge reveals the faculty of discrimination. 2.29 The eight limbs of Union are:

1. self-restraint in actions, (yama) 2. fixed observance, (niyama) 3. regulation of energy, (pranayama) 4. posture, (asana) 5. mind control in sense engagements, (pratyahara) 6. concentration, (dharana) 7. meditation, (dhyana) 8. realization (samadhi) (these are the 8 disciplines of yoga in its earliest (untainted) form.) 2.30 Self-restraint in actions includes abstention from violence, from falsehoods, from stealing, from sexual engagements, and from acceptance of gifts. (Sexual engagements and gifts create attachments (positive attachments..but attachments none the less) which divide the focus away from the spiritual discipline) 2.31 These five willing abstentions are not limited by rank, place, time or circumstance and constitute the Great Vow. 2.32 The fixed observances are cleanliness, contentment, austerity, study and persevering devotion to God. (The austerity part is again to eliminate distractions..have the things you need. May they be of high quality and artful, but have few things) 2.33 When improper thoughts disturb the mind, there should be constant pondering over the opposites. (Improper thoughts are evidence of an imbalance. So to rebalance both sides of the balances have to be considered.) 2.34 Improper thoughts and emotions such as those of violence- whether done, caused to be done, or even approved of- indeed, any thought originating in desire, anger or delusion, whether mild medium or intense- do all result in endless pain and misery. Overcome such distractions by pondering on the opposites. 2.35 When one is confirmed in non-violence, hostility ceases in his presence.

2.36 When one is firmly established in speaking truth, the fruits of action become subservient to him. 2.37 All jewels approach him who is confirmed in honesty. 2.38 When one is confirmed in celibacy, spiritual vigor is gained. 2.39 When one is confirmed in non-possessiveness, the knowledge of the why and how of existence is attained. 2.40 From purity follows a withdrawal from enchantment over one's own body as well as a cessation of desire for physical contact with others. 2.41 As a result of contentment there is purity of mind, one-pointedness, control of the senses, and fitness for the vision of the self. 2.42 Supreme happiness is gained via contentment. 2.43 Through sanctification and the removal of impurities, there arise special powers in the body and senses. (this is the pay-off! What you have been doing is learning how to detach from the matrix. When you can do that, then you are ready to manipulate the marix.but first; there is no spoon.) 2.44 By study comes communion with the Lord in the Form most admired. (This is the sutra which tells you that you choose your name for God. Union or Yoga is a spiritual discipline NOT a religion. When you choose a name and a method of communion, thats a religion. All this is saying is you have to make a choice and stick with it to get the best results.

2.45 Realization is experienced by making the Lord the motive of all actions. (We call that doing gods will) 2.46 The posture should be steady and comfortable. 2.47 In effortless relaxation, dwell mentally on the Endless with utter attention. 2.48 From that there is no disturbance from the dualities. 2.49 When that exists, control of incoming and outgoing energies is next.

2.50 It may be external, internal, or midway, regulated by time, place, or number, and of brief or long duration. 2.51 Energy-control which goes beyond the sphere of external and internal is the fourth levelthe vital. (Remember when I said there was this concept of Vak? A vibration that has continuity from; the physical to the mental, to the inspirational, to the divine? Well there you go the fourth level of energy control.) 2.52 In this way, that which covers the light is destroyed. 2.53 Thus the mind becomes fit for concentration.

2.54 When the mind maintains awareness, yet does not mingle with the senses, nor the senses with sense impressions, then self-awareness blossoms. 2.55 In this way comes mastery over the senses. (You have now completed Book 2 of the Yoga Sutras.) This should give you an understanding of the discipline necessary in order to achieve Mastery over the matrix. Our next step is back to a practical approach of how to make this happen. The next chapters are; Parts list for your engine, The energy breath, and Operating instructions.

Chapter #5; Parts List for Your Engine

From the Yoga Sutras is mentioned a profound piece of information which we need to expound on; 2.27 Steady wisdom manifests in seven stages. Remember how white light refracts into seven colors? Remember me telling you that all light carries information? Then it would stand to reason that the information will be differentiated along with the colors. At this point I should be a little more specific. White light is the combination of all seven colors but it and of itself does not contain divine wisdom. Sunlight and Cosmic light do. What is the difference? A radio station can broadcast a carrier wave and your receiver will pick up the signal but you wont hear any music unless that information is also broadcasted. The music is the information carried by the signal. This information carried by sunlight and cosmic light is for lack of a better term called Divine Wisdom. It comprises of frequencies above visible light up to infinity. In science there are labels for visible light, ultra violet light (above violet) and the 2 groupings of gamma (usually called radiation). But the truth is there is an infinite number of frequencies and just because we cant detect them or we dont label them does not mean they dont exist or that they dont have an effect on us. Science does give a general category for particles/waves that travel at near the speed of light. In order to do so they cannot have any electromagnetic charge or the attraction forces would slow them down. So they have a neutral charge and consequently they are called neutrinos. It is this category of light or wave/particles that have a unique ability of being almost everywhere at once. Nothing seems to stop them. They can even fly threw most matter without it affecting their speed. The information carried by this type of particle requires a special type of receiver. A neutrino collector. It just so happens our brains are built with just a collector. We call the light divine wisdom and the collector the third eye or pineal gland. We will get into this more in the next chapter, for now, I am more concerned with the dissemination of the information. Well divine wisdom has the same functioning properties as visible light and so it also refracts into 7 stages of wisdom. The pineal gland takes this information and uses it to build messenger hormones that it then sends to the different parts of the body instructing it on how to form itself. The pineal gland is the messenger part of a group of glands we call the endocrine

system. Each gland or functioning gate also has a detectable energy vortex around it called a chakra. They locate in different areas of the body and in the same order as the refracted light. Just like on the piano there are 7 white keys and 5 black keys. The White keys can stand alone as a unit but the entire system is a 12 tone/step process. We will deal with the white keys or 7 chakra system at this time. This divine wisdom carried by the hormones disseminates to the chakras/endocrine glands and from there manifests by means of messenger chemicals which translate that wisdom in a physical form. Flow regulation and chemical differentiation are also function of some of the chakras. Most people do not know that the heart is also an endocrine gland regulating salt. In this chart is the chakras are in order of color starting at the lowest frequencyRed. Each chakra has a specific frequency and element and a plethora of correspondences of which I will not go into now. The correspondences I will are; Color; the frequency/vibration described as a color and the associated yantras Name; in common terms and the traditional Sanskrit name. Location; (I have left the traditional generalizations. In the complete 12 chakra system the locations are much more specific and so are all their attributes.) Lesson this gives an introduction to how our behavior is associated with the function or dysfunction of our body parts. Sacrament; in many religions the stages of social development are marked by ceremonies. I chose the Christian sacraments for most of my readers come from that tradition. Seal; this is the mental disposition necessary to allow the associated chakra to function properly. Imbalances; this by no means is a complete list. It also needs the differentiation of the 12 chakra system to be more logical. This is still valuable as if is one step closer being medically operational. Stimulants; this is a loose list of remedies designed to give some indication of how they function. The Seal is probably the most important part. It is the belief or spirit instructions for proper operation of that chakra. Most of the Sacraments are designed to invert responsibility. Another indication that formalized religion was not designed for the spiritual enlightenment of its practioners.

Root or Base Chakra Color: Red Sanskit Name: Muladhara Location: Base of spine, coccyx, perineum Lesson: Survival ~ The right to exist. You are a part of the tribe. Deals with tasks related to the material and physical world. Ability to stand up for oneself and security issues. Sacrament: Baptism Seals: All is One Imbalances: Anemia, fatigue, lower back pain, sciatica, depression. Frequent colds or cold hands and cold feet. Root Stimulants: Physical exercise and restful sleeps, gardening, pottery and clay. Red food & drink, gemstones, clothing, bathing in red ect Using Aromatherapy Essential Oils such as Ylang Ylang or Sandalwood. Sacral/sexual Chakra Color: Orange Sanskit Name: Svadisthana Location: Below navel, lower abdomen, sacrum Lesson: Feelings ~ The right to feel. Connected to our sensing abilities and issues related to feelings. Ability to be social and intimacy issues. Sacrament: Communion Seals: Honor one another Imbalances: Eating disorders. Alcohol and drug abuse. Depression. Low back pain. Asthma or allergies. Candida & yeast infections. Urinary problems. Sensuality issues as well as impotency and frigidity. Spleen Stimulants: Hot aromatic baths, water aerobics, massage. Embracing sensation (such as different food tastes). Orange food & drink, gemstones, and clothing. Using Aromatherapy Essential Oils such as Melissa or Orange Solar Plexus Chakra Color: Yellow Sanskit Name: Manipura Location: Above the navel, stomach area, solar plexus Lesson: Personal power ~ The right to think. Balance of intellect, self-confidence and ego power. Ability to have self-control and humor. Sacrament: Confirmation Seals: Honor oneself Imbalances: Digestive problems, ulcers, diabetes, hypoglycemia, constipation. Nervousness, toxicity, parasites, colitis, poor memory.

Solar Plexus Stimulants: Taking classes, reading informative books, doing mind puzzles. Sunshine. Detoxication programs. Yellow food & drink, gemstones and clothing. Using Aromatherapy Essential Oils such as Lemon or Rosemary Heart Chakra Color: Green Sanskit Name: Anahata Location: Center of chest, sternum Lesson: Relationships ~ The right to love. Love, forgiveness, compassion. Ability to have selfcontrol. Acceptance of oneself. Sacrament: Marriage Seal: Love is Divine Power Imbalances: Heart and breathing disorders. Heart and breast cancer. Chest pain. High blood pressure. Passivity. Immune system problems. Muscular tension. Heart Stimulants: Nature walks, time spent with family or friends. Green food & drink,gemstones and clothing. Using Aromatherapy Essential Oils such as Eucalyptus or Pine essential

Throat Chakra Color: Blue Sanskit Name: Visuddha Location: Throat region, thyroid Lesson: Relationships ~ The right to speak. Learning to express oneself and ones beliefs (truthful expression). Ability to trust. Loyalty. Organization and planning. Sacrament: Ordination Seals: Seek only Truth Imbalances: Thyroid imbalances, swollen glands. Fevers and flu. Infections. Mouth, jaw, tongue, neck and shoulders problems. Hyperactivity. Hormonal disorders such as PMS, mood swings, bloating and menopause. Throat Stimulants: Singing (in the shower), poetry, stamp or art collecting. Meaningful conversations. Blue food & drink, gemstones, clothing. Using Aromatherapy Essential Oils such as Chamomile or Geranium.

Third eye Color: Indigo Sanskit Name: Anja Location: Forehead, pineal, third eye. Lesson: Intuition ~ The right to see. Trusting ones intuition and insights. Developing ones psychic abilities. Self-realization. Releasing hidden and repressed negative thoughts. Sacrament: Confession Seals: Surrender personal will to Divine Will Imbalances: Learning disabilities, co-ordination problems, sleep disorders, Depression Thyroid imbalances, swollen glands. Fevers and flu. Infections. Mouth, jaw, tongue, neck and shoulders problems. Hyperactivity. Hormonal disorders such as PMS, mood swings, bloating and menopause. Brow Stimulants : Star gazing. Meditation Indigo food & drink, gemstones and clothing. Using iAromatherapy Essential Oils such as Patchouli or Frankincense. Crown Color: Violet Sanskit Name: Sahasrara Location: Top of head, brain sinuses Lesson: Knowingness ~ The right to aspire. Dedication to the divine consciousness and trusting the universe. Learning about ones spirituality. Our connection to the concept of God or a higher intelligence. Integrating ones consciousness and subconsciousness into the superconsciousness. Sacrament: Extreme Unction Seals: Live only in the moment. Imbalances: Headaches. Photosensitivity. Mental illness. Neuralgia.Senility. Right/left brain disorders and coordination problems. Epilepsy. Varicose veins and blood vessel problems. Skin Rashes. Crown Stimulants: Focusing on dreams. Writing down ones visions and inventions. Violet food & drink, gemstones and clothing. Using Aromatherapy Essential Oils such as Lavender or Jasmine.

Here is the association of elements with the chakras. Red Chakra ~ Earth Green Chakra ~ Air Violet Chakra ~ Thought The divine wisdom or light steps down in 5 stages. These stages are indicated in the yoga sutras as described in 2.30-2.32. They are called the Afflictions, the abstentions, and the observances. 2.30 Self-restraint in actions includes abstention from violence, from falsehoods, from stealing, from sexual engagements, and from acceptance of gifts. 2.31 These five willing abstentions are not limited by rank, place, time or circumstance and constitute the Great Vow. 2.32 The fixed observances are cleanliness, contentment, austerity, study and persevering devotion to God. These are directly tied to the energetic stages of what you may already be familiar with as the 5 elements; earth, water, fire, air, and spirit (in this case sound) that come from divine light. Here is a chart to show you the step-down transfer. Included is the Seed of life and the Tree of life overlaid on top of the Caduceus and the chakras. 7. Violet- thought and is affected by divine wisdom but can be independent of the body. 6. Indigo- the pineal gland is where divine wisdom > intuition and hormones Orange Chakra ~ Water Blue Chakra ~ Sound Yellow Chakra ~ Fire Indigo Chakra ~ Light

5. Blue- the thyroid and larynx or will and mercy 4. Green-Heart> passion and compassion 3. Yellow-personality and emotional memory 2. Orange- creativity and healing 1. Red- power and motion How we raise energy back up to divine that is called Kundalini? Kundalini yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline for developing and tapping into inner energy and awareness. The kundalini is a spiritual energy or life force located at the base of the spine. It is conceptualized as a coiled up serpent (literally, 'kundalini' in Sanskrit is 'that which is coiled.' Sanskrit kund; "to burn", kunda; "to coil or to spiral"). In order to get energy out of an got to know how to work the engine! Which usually starts with knowing the parts so you can talk about it? Thats where the caduceus comes in. It was not started by medicine. It is not originally a staff of Mercury. It is not originally Egyptian or Sumerian. It is contained in the energetics of Yoga. And the Yoga Sutras were excerpted from the Rig Veda. This Hymn of Knowledge has been copied so many times the only way to source it, is by material contained in it. Fortunately that is possible as the Rig Veda also contains the original form of astrology. In this material is described a 37 star field. When transposed onto a NASA star globe does relate accurately to a particular date..60,0000 years B.C. This is why I source this material.

So here's some basics on kundalini energy...let's start with the parts; Ida, pingala, shashumma, pineal gland, left and right hemisphere, sacrum, and the spinal cord. Here's how they go together; the pineal gland is the 'brain' for the messenger chemicals which communicate to the rest of the body the 'how-to's' to grow, how to pump more blood, how to absorb more oxygen and so forth. Graphically speaking it is the 'ball' at the top of the staff. The staff is your nerve channel conduction (spinal cord)...notices the word 'chord'. In this case it is meant in both meanings of the word; 'string' and 'musical tone'. This is another channel of information conduction in the body. Next comes the 'wings' or the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Two important facts...the wings come first and last....they are not the same, they just look like a matched set. This is the

conscious control and the result receiver.

Now for the snakes; Ida and pingala......This is the prana (energy) pathways of the body. They originate in the sacrum. As the sankes are woken up the energy starts top rise. As the energy passes thru each of the chakras it gains new characteristics and the energy level is amplified. The nature of each chakra changes the energy. This is represented by the intersection or braid of the snakes. The snakes generally are supposed to increase in size as they successively transverse each chakra. This is a representation of the magnification of energy. When the energy reaches the 7th chakra thats when you get the big "Oh! Wow!!" experience. As some of you may have deduced...this is not a terminal's just the beginning, like when you turn on your car to drive some where... the car don't move if the engine is not working correctly. This is why we will be focusing so much attention on the 'operating instructions for the engine' in the next chapter. The Central nervous system is separate and closed system with its own circulatory system and pump. The pump is the sacrum. Everybody knows that if to get somebody else's attention, there is no faster way than with a little hip action! Now you have a whole new meaning for the phase; pump it up'! This is why the 'wings' initiate a signal to the sacrum to start the pump....then it works its way up the spinal Column until the wings get the 'ah-ha! Then. you have a fully operational system. We need you to get real good at this! This is the energy and signal source for working the Grid....more on the in later chapters. The whole energy network looks something like this; Notice the regular geometry and the focus on a central column with its side columns all the way to the top of the head. This central axis column is an important feature in the energetics of meditation. The meridians are extensions of the chakras. We will leave them for a future discussion along with the 5 elements. Those 2 systems are the foundation of Chinese medicine. If you are beginning to notice, this is a source book and has many branches which

could be the topics of whole complete disciplines unto themselves. This is an accurate observation. My object is to answer some basic questions plaguing my people and give them a framework to be able to assess any future body of information. Integration of knowledge into a coherent data base is crucial for a species on the verge of becoming psychic communicators. One mind, one language, one identification tag for each item is efficiency necessary to eliminate confusion that causes separation. So now we have enough basics to get into operating instructions. That is not to say we are anywhere complete with this information! But you do have just enough to grasp the concepts.

Chapter #6; The Energy Breath

Finally! We get to the how to part! The energy breath translates into Sanskrit as Prana-yama. It is the basis of all meditation work. The very first part is Intention. When I say intention I really do mean in-tent-tion! This is how that works. It starts with seeing thru your third eye. Youre Third Eye. This is not magic! This is not Masonic This is Essene..(the mystical order of healers. Those who taught Jesus and thousands of years before. Before that it was taught in the Temple of Isis on elephantine island in the Orion star/land map in Egypt. Before that was taught with the Yoga Sutras.The Tibetans have a meditation device called the tsing-tas. They are two chimes that differ by 7.83 cps. The reason for the cord to connect them is that you are to hold them up to your ears so you can hear only the sound of one chime in each ear. Your brain will try to fuse the sounds together and you attention will hear a third sound. This sound is the sound that makes no noise. It is you internal awareness that can selectively focus on this. That awareness is part of the sight made by your third eye. There is a wonderful spiritual rapper (Kellee Maize) who has a song all about your third eye. When Kellee Maize says, "use that part of your brain to make a new sound". She is being quite literal!... and scientifically and medically accurate! Here's the anatomy; The pineal gland is not only externally shaped like a pine cone, but internally structured like a eye minus the cornea.vitreous fluid included! It is complete with receptors which collect information from a particular band width of light (neutrinos) that travel at near the speed of light. The rest of the brain and skull are engineered just like a neutrino collector. Neutrinos generally tend to move at near light speeds and can penetrate hundreds of feet into solid rock. The light of a neutrino is very high vibration energy.... "use that part of your brain to make a new sound'. This is limited to sound it also includes sight and other senses. It is a Virtual world produced by the near speed of light energy from the source at the center of the galaxy. Your brain is the home of a model matrix similar to the one you live in.

Mathew 6:22; The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.
Interpretation; If one sees with their third eye (a practice that is still taught today in better yoga classes).then thine eye be single and you will flood the body with divine wisdom/light or information of that light transformed into messenger hormones that will, over time completely rebuild your entire body with the information collected by your third eye. This is why western medicine wants to flood your body with indigestible calcium (calcium acetate). The calcium collects as crystals in your pineal gland shutting off your third eye. From experience, we already know: Deep Meditation opens up real intelligence, intuition, and creativity. In more recent years, science has given us more indications how beneficial Meditation is for our brain and neural functions. For example, one study compared the DHEA levels of meditators between the age of forty and fifty years with the DHEA levels of a control group of non-meditators. It was found that the meditating men had a 23% higher level of DHEA as the non-meditators and in woman the difference was even much more pronounced. As we know now, the hormone DHEA is needed for a wide range of biological functions and a lower level of DHEA has been associated with a decreased ability to concentrate. It is through meditation that one learns to inwardly focus and pay attention to the information from the third eye which comes to us as intuitions and sometimes actual pictures. Yes I said your third eye can produce images! So learn to meditate! How do we get there from here? Well now you know about the intention part and the third eye. The other part is your prana-yama by applying it to your breath you can energize you whole system. Without intention it is a slowly destructive process of a deathly breath. So here are the basics... 1. There is an energy system called your meridian system. There is an energy pathway from your perineum up the front to the cleft split in the roof of your mouth. This is where it joins the governing vessel which runs over the top of your head and down your back to youre joined up once again with the conception vessel at your perineum. 2. By touching you tongue to the roof of your mouth you are effectively 'closing the circuit' between your governing and conception vessels. By gripping your pelvic floor like you are trying to hold your are closing the bottom of the circuit. 3. Now release you perineum/ mulandhara (bottom lock) and with your intention suck air and

energy up through your legs until you lungs are full. 4. Now grip the lower lock and continue gripping progressively up from your pelvic floor until you and (tooth paste tube) squeezed all the air intention was to exhale the energy thru the top of your head. If you do this correctly you will actually sense a pressure at the top of your head. 5. Now go through the cycle repeatedly.... (Unless you really want to die this would be a good practice) it takes a little getting used to the coordination but dissimilar to squeezing a tooth paste tube or a jelly fish movement. 6. If youre doing it right it will feel like you eyeballs are getting sucked back in your head on the inhale and on the exhale you will actual experience the sensation of pressure on the top of your head. 7. This is the fun part! Now put on this music; Sit strait backed and comfortable and breathe this intended breath for the entire length of the song! This music is solfeggio tuning to 936 cps (pineal gland activator by mountainmystic 9). By using your third eye you will cause a metamorphic change in your body and to release the old patterns you must cry. As Kellee Maize says; 'With the power of Isis, I will speak to your third eye. I will give your soul a crisis, And I be there to lick your face when you cry.' When you see with your third eye you also create a coherent heartfelt emotion that sets up a nested wave pattern that looks like this; The tent part of your intentions that can travel along your 10 golden mean DNAs. Your DNA acts literally as a linear accelerator when the emotion is love and or bliss, is nested harmonically taking a compressible emotive wave form to the threshold of light and beyond. Into the dimension of inverted time and spaceThe Outside. Literally outside the matrix into the energy soup of the Real. Yes, scientists now know there an inside out universe related to our universe where time is 3D and matter is 1-D. The shakti (the empty space that contains the hologram). And you have a physical eye that sees only in there!

To look inside is to have 'In-tent-tions... the tent of intentions is the golden mean web.... you have now but to turn on the linear accelerator of your DNA Only loving vibrations have the correct geometry to be compressible and still retain their information. So on the vibrations of love put your intentions into the web Energy breath in and now let go of your intentions and fall in! You just went down 'The Rabbit Hole' Now that you graduated to learn how to move energy in your body like a jelly fish.... shall we go for something a little farther up the food chain? 8. you meridians travel throughout you whole body and are connected to you chakras...the small intestine meridian is in your first finger...the lung meridian is in your thumb.....put them together in the first madras (hand pose) and you have connected the 'gas' with the 'oxygen'. So your first madras is your carburetor. 9. Now go back and do a meditation using the 1st madras to get real familiar with how it feels this should all become reflexive and unconscious except the intention part. If not, stay at this level until it is... (Dont worry there are no grades) 10. Now we are going to build our is purely by intention and there is no physical manifestation of it... just like how some platonic solids don't manifest in 3-D...only in 4-D or higher... so you will need a energy tube centrally located and extending to the center of the earth and off to infinity above your head. This is the 'core of your linear accelerator' there is a space around it for your intentions and the pulsing of your breath. Outside of your body are two tetrahedrons one pointing up and one pointing down intersected thru each other. This is your basic meditation machine. If this seems a little 'hokey' at first, just keep in mind that this practice is not. Just keep in mind that this practice is not only very ancient but also done by everybody and mystics from around the world all agree on this mechanism. Now go play with your new toy! So by this time you have are well acquainted with the mechanism of 'Intention' and its relationship to breath......yes? You should be able to feel energy or the lack of it in your physical body. If you've done any kind of experimenting you know by now that you can place you intention in any location you wish. This is an important mechanism for healing. Whether it be energy work, massage, or application of oils or sound, it is important for your clients to focus with their intentions on the location of where you are working. For it is NOT you

that heals them! Only they can make the changes necessary for recovery. You are only a facilitator. Most pharmaceuticals are tested to be barely above the measurable effects of a placebo. So even medical doctors in reality are only facilitators. As for the broken bone situation.... a female doctor from Kansas City did a 'walk about' with the aborigines and this situation came up. Placing the person with the broken bone in a circle which sung the song of a reality in which that person never broke their a few minutes there was no broken bone. So you see your intention connected to your breath is a very powerful tool. This brings up other issue about the nature of the fabric of reality...but lets not gets ahead of ourselves...for now? So your merkaba machine should look or feel like this picture looks; After a while it becomes almost automatic. You take a few breaths and you are already there. One of the sure way you know this is working is quickly open your external eyes and see how fast you can orient to the physical your head spins trying to do that youre a meditating freak! I want to stop and say Im very proud that you have made it this far! This is a level of mastery used to take lifetimes to achieve. This is a level where the really fun stuff starts to happen! You are now ready for Book 3 of the Yoga Sutrasthe Divine Powers.

Chapter #7 Operating Instructions

Well, here we go! This is the part I hope youve been waiting for. All magics of the West and most from the East attribute their origin to this book/chapter from the Yoga Sutras. These powers have been called supernormal powers, extra-normal powers, or divine powers. They have a name; the siddhi. Those who have accomplished these talent are called by the same name; the Siddhi Even halfway around the world the people who have the same abilities are called the Sidhe They are all based on your ability to utilize your third eye., you intention, and your energy breath. So, lets get busy On Divine Powers 3.1 One-pointedness is steadfastness of the mind. 3.2 Unbroken continuation of that mental ability is meditation. 3.3 That same meditation when there is only consciousness of the object of meditation and not of the mind is realization. When you go through the rabbit hole to the real world and you are not focusing on the matrix or your image in the matrix that is what they are calling realization 3.4 The three appearing together are self-control. 3.5 By mastery comes wisdom. The simple fact that you have accomplished this level makes you a master and that accomplishment contains wisdom. 3.6 The application of mastery is by stages. It will take some effort to see yourself in your lightbody form and then see the world the same way and then to still be able to access yourself inside the matrix. 3.7 The three are more efficacious than the restraints. I t is easier to do this by focusing on how they feel verses what focusing on twhat they arent. 3.8 Even that is external to the seedless realization. 3.9 The significant aspect is the union of the mind with the moment of absorption, when the outgoing thought disappears and the absorptive experience appears. 3.10 From sublimation of this union comes the peaceful flow of unbroken unitive cognition.

When you can have only the real world drawing your attention and not even notice your body or your need for breath that is when you are really cooking! 3.11 The contemplative transformation of this is equalmindedness, witnessing the rise and destruction of distraction as well as one-pointedness itself. After you are practiced at going thru the rabbit hole you get to a point where you can switch back and forth between the matrix reality and the lightbody reality (the real world) 3.12 The mind becomes one-pointed when the subsiding and rising thought-waves are exactly similar. 3.13 In this state, it passes beyond the changes of inherent characteristics, properties and the conditional modifications of object or sensory recognition. This is an odd way of saying your mind is in the real world, not in the matrix. 3.14 The object is that which preserves the latent characteristic, the rising characteristic or the yet-to-be-named characteristic that establishes one entity as specific. 3.15 The succession of these changes in that entity is the cause of its modification. 3.16 By self-control over these three-fold changes (of property, character and condition), knowledge of the past and the future arises. When observing objects in the real world it is part of the inherent nature that your are seeing them in 3-D and time; future , present, and past all at once and you can with practice see the all the pieces and parts. 3.17 The sound of a word, the idea behind the word, and the object the idea signfies are often taken as being one thing and may be mistaken for one another. By self-control over their distinctions, understanding of all languages of all creatures arises. By understanding the vak or the vibration construct of an object you can understand it in any language. Do that with enough objects and you will begin to know all languages. 3.18 By self-control on the perception of mental impressions, knowledge of previous lives arises. Study an objects image in the past enough and you will see its history. 3.19 By self-control on any mark of a body, the wisdom of the mind activating that body arises. Figure out why someone tattooed themselves gives rise to understanding their psychology.

3.20 By self-control on the form of a body, by suspending perceptibility and separating effulgence there from, there arises invisibility and inaudibility. By understanding an object in and out of the matrix will allow you to interrupt the energy vibe of the object and it will not appear or be perceived by others in the matrix. The object does not really disappear it just energetically reads and not there. I have known people that can lower the energy output on their aura so low the door sensors dont see them so the door doesnt open. 3.21 Action is of two kinds, dormant and fruitful. By self-control on such action, one portends the time of death. This is no real big can look at some ones vitality and make a pretty good guess as to how long they are going to live 3.22 By performing self-control on friendliness, the strength to grant joy arises. 3.23 By self-control over any kind of strength, such as that of the elephant, that very strength arises. 3.24 By self-control on the primal activator comes knowledge of the hidden, the subtle, and the distant. If you really get why someone is here now, then you will see all kinds of thing hidden things about that object. 3.25 By self-control on the Sun comes knowledge of spatial specificities. This is a curious one that requires the knowledge of solar dynamics. Science has just now understood that the fires of the sun are fueled not only by fusion and fission but by the formation of matter from energy of the Aether. In other words the sun actually acts as a white hole or doorway from the real world to the matrix. That gives the Sun a stable reference spot in both universes. With that knowledge you can build maps or spatial specificities. 3.26 By self-control on the Moon comes knowledge of the heavens. NASA has made little mention of a couple of characteristics of the Moon. From the rocks we know the moon did not originally form with the earth. The other interesting aspect is it rings like a drum. Even a laser sent to the Moon and back will tell you the Moon is hollow. That is not a naturally occurring formation. The moon has an untold history in our current paradigm. But you can viewthe moon in the real world and by studying it there ascertain its history 3.27 By self-control on the Polestar arises knowledge of orbits. Actually this is a clue to the age of the Yoga Sutras. You see the procession of the equinoxes dictates that the pole star changes from Alpha Draconis, (where it is now) to Polaris (where it

was 12,590 years ago). So this tells us the Sutras were written somewhere in cycles of time matching the procession 1/2, 1 1/2, 2 , 3 ,.a cycles ago. And by observing this phenomenon in a meditative state you can pick up on subtle information. And that is just one example of how you can use the moon to see the motion of the stars. 3.28 By self-control on the navel arises knowledge of the constitution of the body. (This is why yogis and yogini are such good healers. They can have access to knowledge of a persons body from the other side.) 3.29 By self-control on the pit of the throat one subdues hunger and thirst. Believe it or not you can exert mental control on your thyroid. Thus you have the ability to control your metabolism. This becomes a necessity as you develop your abilities. Remember the Fat Buddha well how do he become the skinny Buddha if he didnt control his metabolism, 3.30 By self-control on the tube within the chest one acquires absolute steadiness. The way anatomy is taught today its no surprise people dont understand this one. There is a fascia tube that surrounds your heart, airway and esophagus. It connects around the greater foramen at the base of your skull. Your heart beats with such pressure as to send a shock wave up into your skull. This rattles your brain causing it to fire electrical signals back to the heart. Its called an entrained cycle. What sets the beat is the corresponding shock wave between the earth and the sky. There is an entrained system of lightning and vibration caused by the earth. Its called the Schumann frequencies. The fundamental Schumann frequency is the same as our theta wave. A meditation expert can establish their own fundamental rhythm by concentrating on the entrained rhythm of their body. This can also be manipulated by Cranio-sacral work. 3.31 By self-control on the light in the head one envisions perfected beings. Once you open up your third eye you can see spiritual beings like angels. 3.32 There is knowledge of everything from intuition. Enough said! 3.33 Self-control on the heart brings knowledge of the mental entity. With you in-tent-ion you can control the way you feel and thusly you empower control over you r mental entity. 3.34 Experience arises due to the inability of discerning the attributes of vitality from the indweller, even though they are indeed distinct from one another. Self-control brings true knowledge of the indweller by itself.

God teaches us with either a feather or a Mac truck! When you choose not to distinguish between the matrix image of a person and the real person that is when God steps in to cause an attachment which results in a matrix experience to teach you the lesson. A great example of this is how some men are fixated on a beautiful womens body..not seeing they are nothing more than a manipulated means to an end for the womenthe man gets to experience that until he wakes up to see the woman for her behavior not her body. 3.35 This spontaneous enlightenment results in intuitional perception of hearing, touching, seeing and smelling. 3.36 To the outward turned mind, the sensory organs are perfections, but are obstacles to realization. 3.37 When the bonds of the mind caused by action have been loosened, one may enter the body of another by knowledge of how the nerve-currents function. This is the principle for which channelers allow entitys into their body. It is also how there are such things a walk-ins. 3.38 By self-control of the nerve-currents utilizing the life breath, one may levitate, walk on water, swamps, thorns, or the like. Control on the regulation of prana allows a certain manipulation of your matrix image. Hmmmm? If this is way older than Jesus? 3.39 By self-control over the maintenance of breath, one may radiate light. Hence the word Lightworkers; those who use their breath to create light. 3.40 By self-control on the relation of the ear to the Aether one gains distant hearing. 3.41 By self-control over the relation of the body to the Aether, and maintaining at the same time the thought of the lightness of cotton, one is able to pass through space. 3.42 By self-control on the mind when it is separated from the body- the state known as the Great Transcorporeal- all coverings are removed from the Light. 3.43 Mastery over the elements arises when their gross and subtle forms, as well as their essential characteristics, and the inherent attributes and experiences they produce, is examined in self-control. 3.44 Thereby one may become as tiny as an atom as well as having many other abilities, such as perfection of the body, and non-resistence to duty. 3.45 Perfection of the body consists in beauty, grace, strength and adamantine hardness.

3.46 By self-control on the changes that the sense-organs endure when contacting objects, and on the power of the sense of identity, and of the influence of the attributes, and the experience all these produce- one masters the senses. 3.47 From that come swiftness of mind, independence of perception, and mastery over primoridal matter. Primordial matter is the substance/energy of the Aether..the stuff the real world is made of. 3.48 To one who recognizes the distinctive relation between vitality and indweller comes omnipotence and omniscience. 3.49 Even for the destruction of the seed of bondage by desirelessness there comes absolute independence. 3.50 When invited by invisible beings one should be neither flattered nor satisfied, for there is yet a possibility of ignorance rising up. A warning; that heaven is a stranger place that the one you will leave behind. 3.51 By self-control over single moments and their succession there is wisdom born of discrimination.

3.52 From that there is recognition of two similars when that difference cannot be distinguished by class, characteristic or position. 3.53 Intuition, which is the entire discriminative knowledge, relates to all objects at all times, and is without succession. 3.54 Liberation is attained when there is equal purity between vitality and the indweller. Clean up you act on both in the matrix and in the real world. When that is done we can move towards unity. By the time you are done reviewing these Divine abilities, you should be able to see the connection between the Essene teachings and the Ancient Ashtanga (8 limb yoga) practices. The same body of knowledge that was taught to Jesus as I am presenting to you! These are you operating instructions. Probably the most important one is 3.54. Clean up you act in order to have liberation. One of the most vital components to building a starship is have a karma free body. This is an involved process but now we are ready to build a starship.

Chapter #8; Building a Starship

With the development of Divine powers you probably begun to notice that your ability to sustain a meditative state is dependent on the physical condition of your body. This makes perfect sense to me. Develop a race car and put low octane fuel in it and you cant expect good performance. In Extension of this theory, you cant build a starship from sticks and mud. As a matter of fact the materials you use have to be of the highest purity and quality to get the results you are striving for. Liberation of the seer is the result of the disassociation of the seer and the seen, with the disappearance of ignorance. the freedom to go anywhere is our motivation to build a starship. The continuous practice of discrimination is the means of attaining liberation. Discrimination in this case is the improvements to the mind and body that will allow us to choose the best material for our journey. Steady wisdom manifests in seven stages. These are the 7 layers of wisdom we will go thru until we get to the 8th layer of white light. On the destruction of impurity by the sustained practice of the limbs of Union, the light of knowledge reveals the faculty of discrimination. The limbs are self regulating and self referencing just like the golden mean geometry of Love. 2.29 The eight limbs of Union are self-restraint in actions, fixed observance, posture, regulation of energy, mind-control in sense engagements, concentration, meditation, and realization. 1. Yamas= self restraint in actions Yamas; is your attitude towards others and the world around you. There are five Yamas: A. Ahimsa or non-violence. This Yama does not only mean not doing harm to others in thought and indeed, but also to practice acts of kindness to other creatures and to one's own self. B. Satya or truthfulness. Satya is the Yama that is about living a truthful life without doing harm to others. To practice Satya, one must think before he speaks and consider the consequence of his action. If the truth could harm others, it might be better to keep silent.

C. Asteya or non-stealing. This Yama is not only concerned about the non-stealing of material objects but also the stealing of other's ideas and other forms of possession. Using power for selfish motives or telling someone else about confidential information you had been entrusted with is against Asteya. Bramacharya or non-lust. Bramacharya means to move toward the essential truth or to achieve self-control, abstinence or moderation especially regarding to sexual activity. It is about not giving in to our ego's excessive desires or taking nothing in excess. E.Aparigraha or non-possessiveness. This Yama is about living a life free from greed or taking only what is necessary and do not take advantage of someone or of a situation. It is about using our powers correctly and appropriately and not exploiting others.

2. Niyamas= fixed observance Niyamas; is how you treat yourself or your attitude towards yourself. The following are the five Niyamas: Sauca or cleanliness. This Niyama is concerned on both the outer and inner cleanliness. The practice of prana-yama, asanas and Yogic cleansing practices to detoxify and cleanse the physical body are necessary to achieve inner cleanliness. The mind must also be kept clean or pure. Outer cleanliness, on the other hand, means to keep an clean environment or surroundings. Santosha or contentment. Santosha is to practice humility, modesty and finding contentment with what you have and who you are. Tapas or austerity. This Niyama refers to keeping the body in good condition. Tapas is practiced through disciplining the body, speech and mind like eating only when hungry and maintaining a good posture. Svadhyaya or study of the sacred text and of one's self. This involved studying one's self, self-inquiry and self-examination and other things that can help you get to know yourself more. As your knowledge about yourself grows deeper, so is your connection to the higher power and your union with all things. Isvarapranidhama or living with an awareness of the Divine. This Niyama encourages us to let go of our false sense of control and to connect to the Divine or that which gives us the sense of wholeness and sacredness.

3. Prana-yama= regulation of energy Prana-yama or Breathing Exercises are the control of breath. The breath is regulated and controlled through the practice of breathing exercises. The duration of inhalation, retention, and exhalation of breath is regulated with the aim of strengthening and cleansing the nervous system and increasing a person's source of life energy. Prana-yama practice also makes the mind calmer and more focused. 4.Asanas= posture Asanas or Physical Poses are designed to free our mind and body from tension and stress. It relaxes, rejuvenates, and energizes the body and aims to bring the body and the mind into a harmonious union. Asanas should be done with comfort, ease, alertness and steadiness, achieving a balance between ease and effort. 5.Prathayara= , mind-control in sense engagements Prathayara or Withdrawal of the Senses This occurs during meditation, pranayama or asana wherein you are so focused and immersed on your Yoga, Meditation or Breathing Pose that you become unaware of outside situations. Your focus becomes inward and you are no longer distracted by outside events. 6. Dharana= concentration Dharana or Concentration is training the mind to focus without any distraction. To achieve this, you can focus your mind into an object at a time. This can also serve as a preparation for meditation. 7. Dhyana= meditation, Dhyana or Meditation is the practice by which there is constant observation of the mind. It means focusing the mind on one point, stilling the mind in order to perceive the Self. It is an uninterrupted flow of concentration aimed to heighten one's awareness and oneness with the universe. It is also an important tool to achieve mental clarity and Health. 8. Samadhi= realization Samadhi or Enlightenment. This is the ultimate goal of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. It is characterized by the state of ecstasy and the feeling that you and the universe are one. It is a state of peace and completion, awareness and compassion with detachment. The maintenance instructions of your starship are the 8 limbs (Ashtanga) of yoga. By practicing them you will maintain your body (3-d self) in as good a shape as possible.

So lets examine this further. Your physical body (in the matrix) is made of the substance of the matrix. Or one could say your body came from the earth mother. You spirit being from the real world, one could say your spirit is from the Sky father. And all of the influences are from patterns of energy directed by both the earth mother and sky fatheror we could call them their 12 attending angels. How does this relate to building a starship? The answer is the pattern or the Template. The nature of any hologram is that any piece of that hologram contains the entire code to replicate the entire hologram. So what is the pattern? Here are some clues; take quartz crystals and water. Seal them in a jar and sterilize them. Place the jar in sunlight for 2 weeks and voila! Under a microscope you will find living organisms.

So lets confirm this in really big structures of our universe inside matrix; A turn out DNA is the pattern! If DNA is the pattern you have one of the most sophisticated starships possible How is this done in a DNA body? How do you start with the monkey me and build a starship? Belief, thats how you start. You start with the belief that you were meant to do just that! If you have even the slightest question about this, save yourself a lot of heart ache and pain.. Go home now! This is not for you. Go have a beer and some salty chips and burp your way to oblivion! The program I about to describe is tougher than any boot camp or Jarhead training you have ever had. It is relentless. No vacations, no break and no excuses. The only mercy is that you can quit anytime at any level for any reason what so ever. You have the rest of eternity to do this program. You just have to ask yourself one question;how long do I want to be in the hologram? How many incarnations do I feel like going thru?

If your answer is; NO MORE! Then pay attention to what I say in this chapter. Turns out yet another structure is replicated in an infinite number of ways. There is all the energy available at any stage in the process the only concern you have is allowing it to flow. Or as Scott one astute dancer said to me once; Im just trying to get out of the way of myself! We learn that is the Zen koan; you cant put more tea in a full cup. And Again in Prana-yama practice, that the removal of upana is all that is required for prana to be supplied. So the task comes down to removal of inhibiting structures and cleaning up our own backyard. How is this done? By lifestyle changes in food, exercise, beliefs, morals and dedications to positive disciplines that reinforce the correct behavior. In yoga they are called Yama and Niyamas your observances and abstinences. The 8 limbs of yoga arent a complete lifestyle. They are a spiritual discipline but not a pattern of daily practice which honors and recognizes our place in this universe and our purpose. There is such a pattern. The pattern that includes acknowledgement of the divine principles and is found in a discipline possibly as old as Yoga itself; The Essene way of life. The two are so complimentary as to be two halves of the same whole culture somehow divided by circumstances in time. Here is the story of the discovery of the Essene way of life; When the Romans killed Jesus they also sent a Cohort of soldiers to kill and destroy all that was Essene in their village by the Dead Sea. They destroyed Quran. But the Essenes had got early word and hid as many of their teachings in caves so the Romans couldnt find them. They did such a good job it took until 1937 for anyone to find their documents. These were translated by the late Dr Szekely and released as late as 1981. Direct translations of the teachings of Jesus written down as he spoke the words. Not quotes of quotes a hundred years later as almost all the stories in the Bible.So lets start all over with the unabridged version of the story of the 10 commandments.Directly translated from the Essene Gospels of Peace by Dr Szekely. And Mount Sinai was altogether in smoke because the Lord descended upon it in fire: and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly. And the Lord came down upon Mount Sinai, on the top of the mount: and the Lord called Moses up to the top of the mount: and Moses went up. And the Lord called unto Moses out of the mountain, saying, Come unto me, for I would give thee the Law for thy people, which shall be a covenant for the Children of Light. And Moses went up unto God. And God spake all these words, saying, I am the Law, thy God, which hath brought thee out from the depths of the bondage of darkness. Thou shalt have no other Laws before me.

Thou shalt not make unto thee any image of the Law in heaven above or in the earth beneath. I am the invisible Law, without beginning and without end. Thou shalt not make unto thee false laws, for I am the Law, and the whole Law of all laws. If thou forsake me, thou shalt be visited by disasters for generation upon generation. If thou keepest my commandments, thou shalt enter the Inftnite Garden where stands the Tree of Life in the midst of the Eternal Sea.

Thou shalt not violate the Law. The Law is thy God, who shall not hold thee guiltless. Honor thy Earthly Mother, that thy days may be long upon the land, and honor thy Heavenly Father, that eternal life be thine in the heavens, for the earth and the heavens are given unto thee by the Law, which is thy God. Thou shalt greet thy Earthly Mother on the morning of the Sabbath. Thou shalt greet the Angel of Earth on the second morning. Thou shalt greet the Angel of Life on the third morning. Thou shalt greet the Angel of Joy on the fourth morning. Thou shalt greet the Angel of Sun on the fifth morning. Thou shalt greet the Angel of Water on the sixth morning, Thou shalt greet the Angel of Air on the seventh morningAll these Angels of the Earthly Mother shalt thou greet, and consecrate thyself to them, that thou mayest enter the Infinite Garden where stands the Tree of Life. Thou shalt worship thy Heavenly Father on the evening of the Sabbath. Thou shalt commune with the Angel of Eternal Life on the second evening. T'hou shalt commune with the Angel of Work on the third evening. Thou shalt commune with the Angel of Peace on the fourth evening. Thou shalt commune with the Angel of Power on the fifth evening, Thou shalt commune with the Angel of Love on the sixth evening. Thou shalt commune with the Angel of Wisdom on the seventh evening.

All these Angels of the Heavenly Father shalt thou commune with, that thy soul may bathe in the Fountain of Light, and enter into the Sea of Eternity. The seventh day is the Sabbath: thou shalt remember it, keep it holy. The Sabbath is the day of the Light of the Law, thy God. In it thou shalt not do any work, but search the Light, the Kingdom of thy God, and all things shall be given unto thee. For know ye that during six days thou shalt work with the Angels, but the seventh day shalt thou dwell in the Light of thy Lord, who is the holy Law. Thou shalt not take the life from any living thing. Life comes only from God, who giveth it and taketh it away. Thou shalt not debase Love. It is the sacred gift of thy Heavenly Father. Thou Shalt not trade thy Soul, the priceless gift of the loving God, for the riches of the world, which are as seeds sown on stony ground, having no root in themselves, and so enduring but for a little while. Thou shalt not be a false witness of the Law, to use it against thy brother: Only God knoweth the beginning and the ending of all things, for his eye is single, and he is the holy Law. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's possessions. The Law giveth unto thee much greater gifts, even the earth and the heavens, if thou keep the Commandments of the Lord thy God. And Moses heard the voice of the Lord, and sealed within him the covenant that was between the Lord and the Children of Light. And Moses turned, and went down from the mount, and the two tablets of the Law were in his hand. And the tablets were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tablets. And the people knew not what became of Moses, and they gathered themselves together and brake off their golden earrings and made a molten calf. And they worshipped unto the idol, and offered to it burnt offerings. And they ate and drank and danced before the golden calf, which they had made, and they abandoned themselves to corruption and evil before the Lord. And it came to pass, as soon as he came nigh unto the camp, that he saw the calf, and the dancing, and the wickedness of the people: and Moses' anger waxed hot, and he cast the tablets out of his hands, and brake them beneath the mount.

And it came to pass on the morrow, that Moses said unto the people, Ye have sinned a great sin, ye have denied thy Creator. I will go up unto the Lord and plead atonement for thy sin. And Moses returned unto the Lord, and said, Lord, thou hast seen the desecration of thy Holy Law. For thy children lost faith, and worshipped the darkness, and made for themselves a golden calf. Lord, forgive them, for they are blind to the light. And the Lord said unto Moses, Behold, at the beginning of time was a covenant made between God and man, and the holy flame of the Creator did enter unto him. And he was made the son of God, and it was given him to guard his inheritance of the firstborn, and to make fruitful the land of his Father and keep it holy. And he who casteth out the Creator from him doth spit upon his birthright, and no more grievous sin doth exist in the eyes of God. And the Lord spoke, saying, Only the Children of Light can keep the Commandments of the Law. Hear me, for I say thus: the tablets which thou didst break, these shall nevermore be written in the words of men. As thou didst return them to the earth and fire, so shall they live, invisible, in the hearts of those who are able to follow their Law. To thy people of little faith, who did sin against the Creator, even whilst thou stood on holy ground before thy God, -I will give another Law. It shall be a stem law, yea, it shall bind them, for they know not yet the Kingdom of Light. And Moses hid the invisible Law within his breast, and kept it for a sign to the Children of Light. And God gave unto Moses the written law for the people, and he went down unto them, and spake unto them with a heavy heart. And Moses said unto the people, these are the laws which thy God hath given thee. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Honor thy father and thy mother. Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house, or thy neighbors wife, or anything that is thy neighbor's. And there was a day of mourning and atonement for the great sin against the Creator, which did not end. And the broken tablets of the Invisible Law lived hidden in the breast of Moses, until it came to pass that the Children of Light appeared in the desert, and the angels walked the earth. Now the whole story is put back together and the pieces fit together much too perfectly to not be a coincidence. Even the hints like how to walk on water, how to manifest out of thin air. And the most bone chilling piece of evidence is the missing part of the original instruction from God was directed to none other than the Children of the Light! That phrase is translated from a 2000 year old document! And if that isnt awe inspiring enough then all you have to do is look at the Essene lifestyle spelled out to know that the children of the light are the modern day Lightworkers. The Essene lifestyle is centered around the 14 communions

Part of the lost heritage of the true Christ was uncovered in the dead seas scrolls... both the Church and the Judeans don't want this information out.One of the scrolls reads like this; ... and Jesus comes down out of the mountains after meditating and a group of people say...Oh! woe is us. We have lost our way and we need guidance.....

Jesus returns;" Then you need to pray to the Earth Mother form which your bodies were made and to the Sky Father from which your souls came......Then you need to pray to each of their 6 attending angels....The scroll then goes into a strange litany that could only be encoded information...But that's not the point right now....

The 12 attending angels are listed by their attributes; Work, Peace, Eternal Life, Power, Earth, Air, Water, Sun, Life, Joy, Love, and Wisdom....your ears should be prickling up about now....Yes! I just described the 12 signs of the zodiac. So here you have Jesus meditating, and telling people to believe in the Earth mother, Sky Father, and Astrology..... After years of study I have come up with a simple graphic way to show the correspondences of the Essene lifestyle in the form of a chart. The chart shows the relationship to each of the 7 main chakras with their Astrological correspondences and the angelic names on the outside ring are the personifications of each archetype a soul must develop through on the way to divinity.....

You already have the operating instructions (the merkaba practice).and you already have the maintenance instructions (the 8 limbs of yoga). The yoga sutras say to eat only when necessary and dont harm anything. But they dont say what you can eat. Yet in the practice it is traditional vegitarian. While the Essene beliefs are that

God intenteded for man to shepard the earth and eat only any plants that suits him. This is a great example of how these must have been pieces of the same puzzle. Now the final piece of the puzzle the instructions from the Essene brotherhood of the Elect on the Holy Streams. The holy streams are 3 in nature. The holy stream of life is a meditation practice designed to connect you to all other living things. The holy stream of Sound designed to connect you to thall the vibrational patterns in this universe. And the holy stream of light designed to allow you to travel to any where yyour heart desires. Here are the direct transaltions from Book 4 of the Essene Gospels of Peace; Teachings of the Elect THE HOLY STREAMS Into the innermost circle have you come, into the mystery of mysteries, that which was old when our father Enoch was young and walked the earth. Around and around have you come on your journey of many years, always following the path of righteousness, living according to the Holy Law and the sacred vows of our Brotherhood, and you have made of your body a holy temple wherein dwell the angels of God. Many years have you shared the daylight hours with the angels of the Earthly Mother; many years have you slept in the arms of the Heavenly Father, taught by his unknown angels. You have learned that the laws of the Son of Man are seven, of the angels three, and of God, one. Now you shall know of the three laws of the angels, the mystery of the three Holy Streams and the ancient way to traverse them; so shall you bathe in the light of heaven and at last behold the revelation of the mystery of mysteries: the law of God, whic h is One.

Instructions on the Holy Stream of Life From the Essene Teachings of the Elect; The Holy Streams

Now in the hour before the rising of the sun, just before the angels of the Earthly Mother breathe life into the still sleeping earth, then do you enter into the Holy Stream of Life. It is your Brother Tree who holds the mystery of this Holy Stream, and it is your Brother Tree that you will embrace in your thought, even as by clay you embrace him in greeting when you walk alone' the lake shore. And you shall be one with the tree, for in the beginning of the times so did we all share in the Holy Stream of Life that gave birth to all creation. And as you embrace your Brother Tree, the power of the Holy Stream of Life will fill your whole body, and you will tremble before its might. Then breathe deeply of the angel of air, and say the word "Life" with the outgiving of breath. Then you will become in truth the Tree of Life which sinks its roots deep into the Holy Stream of Life from an eternal source. And as the angel of sun warms the earth, and all the creatures of land and water and air rejoice in the new day, so will your body and spirit rejoice in the Holy Stream of life that flows to you through your Brother Tree.

Instructions on the Holy Stream of Sound From the Essene Teachings of the Elect; The Holy Streams And when the sun is high in the heavens, then shall you seek the Holy Stream of Sound. in the heat of noontide, all creatures are still and seek the shade; the angels of the Earthly Mother are silent for a space. Then it is that you shall let into your ears the Holy Stream of Sound; for it can only be heard in the silence. Think on the streams that are born in the desert after a sudden storm, and the roaring sound of the waters as they rush past. Truly, this is the voice of God, if you did but know it. For as it is written, in the beginning was the Sound, and the Sound was with God, and the Sound was God. I tell you truly, when we are born, we enter the world with the sound of God in our ears, even the singing of the vast chorus of the sky, and the holy chant of the stars in their fixed rounds; it is the Holy Stream of Sound that traverses the vault of stars and crosses the endless kingdom of the Heavenly Father. It is ever in our ears, so do we hear it not. Listen for it, then, in the silence of noontide; bathe in it, and let the rhythm of the music of God beat in your ears until you are one with the Holy Stream of Sound. It was this Sound which formed the earth and the world, and brought forth the mountains, and set the stars in their thrones of glory in the highest heavens. And you shall bathe in the Stream of Sound, and the music of its waters shall flow over you; for in the beginning of the times so did we all share in the Holy Stream of Sound that gave birth to all creation. And the mighty roaring of the Stream of Sound will fill your whole body, and you will tremble before its might. Then breathe deeply of the angel of air, and become the sound itself, that the Holy Stream of Sound may carry you to the endless kingdom of the Heavenly Father, there where the rhythm of the world rises and falls.

Instructions on the Holy Stream of Light From the Essene Teachings of the Elect; The Holy Streams And when darkness gently closes the eyes of the angels of the Earthly Mother, then shall you also sleep, that your spirit may join the unknown angels of the Heavenly Father. And in the moments before you sleep, then shall you think of the bright and glorious stars, the white, shining, far-seen and far-piercing stars. For your thoughts before sleep are as the bow of the skillful archer, that sends the arrow where he wills. Let your thoughts before sleep be with the stars; for the stars are Light, and the Heavenly Father is Light, even that Light which is a thousand times brighter than the brightness of a thousand suns. Enter the Holy Stream of Light, that the shackles of death may loose their hold for ever, and breaking free from the bonds of earth, ascend the Holy Stream of Light through the blazing radiance of the stars, into the endless kingdom of the Heavenly Father.

Unfold your wings of light, and in the eye of your thought(3rd eye) soar with the stars into the farthest reaches of heaven, where untold suns blaze with light. For at the beginning of the times, the Holy Law said, let there be Light, and there was Light. And you shall be one with it, and the power of the Holy Light Stream will fill your whole body, and you will tremble before its might. Say the word "Light," as you breathe deeply of the angel of air, and you will become the Light itself; and the Holy Stream will carry you to the endless kingdom of the Heavenly Father, there losing itself in the eternal Sea of Light which gives birth to all creation. And you shall be one with the Holy Stream of Light, always before you sleep in the arms of the Heavenly Father. More than this cannot be told, for the Holy Streams will take you to that place where words are no more, and even the Holy Scrolls cannot record the mysteries therein.

There is the meditation instructions from a 2000 year old document designed to teach the Children of the Light how to travel in their starships via their 3rd eye to anywhere they wanted to go. Your starship is your body and how well you maintain it depends on how well you honor the place you are from and all the forces that co-create your existence around you. Now all you need is a map or just how to read the road.

Chapter#9; How to Read the Road

So lets figure this out. You got a monkey me in the matrix and higher self in the real world. Gods says you have free will...yet there seems to be a plan at least for monkey me. It seems that you can do just about anything depending on how much you want to pay for it. So how do you sort all this out? Well lets start with monkey me. The matrix is laid out in linear time and 3-D. You or your higher self choose a particular birthdates. Many people say this is also done before your council. This would make sense for no person is an island. or to put it another way; you are a very expensive investment of energy by God! It is the ultimate miser. This by circumstances will give you certain experiences. And the matrix works on the same principle as a fractal. Each and every part of the matrix is affected by how you relate to those circumstances of you 3-D life. Put it all that together and what you get is that you can see the pattern of your life laid out in another layer or fractal of the matrix. The motion of the planets and their behavior is a reflection of your social interactions and behavior. That is why Astrology works or if you prefer the science term; Seasonal Biology.

Depending on how good your astrologer is, and they can be very accurate, they can predict certain events right down the minute! Please keep in mind when the program (the matrix) is run in real time there is always changes.thus the only way any predictive device is accurate is if the conditions dont change between the prediction and the event.

So how accurate is accurate? Well, am friend of mine once said; If the stars say you are going to eat ice cream, the only real free will you have is which flavor. Heres an example; I once had a computer astrology program predict that I will have an irresistible urge to go to Stone Henge in late April of 1996. The reality turned out that I was less than 20 miles away at Avebury Circle during the solar eclipse in late April of 1996. Remember this was a computer program of that era! Generally speaking most of your chart is not that specific so your amount of free will is quite great. You can also not follow the plan. I strongly wouldnt recommend that. Ultimately you get to do those lessons over until you get them correct. So then it comes down to it, how long do you want to take to do your lessons? Getting them correct the first time is much more desirable and the perks are better. This gives you a roadmap for your life and why certain events happen. One of the most significant belief differences between Lightworkers and almost every other culture is the belief that you are the one ultimate authority in planning your destiny. You can accept those gracefully or not. The way I convey this to most people is like this; You bought your ticket. Now take your ride. This astrology chart maybe the grand design for your life path but it not the only clue you get. There is another mechanism in which God or others in its service are allowed to contact you and give you messages. The olde language for these are; signs or portents. I like to call them signal graces. Do you remember in the movie the matrix? Neo was told to follow the white rabbit. It showed up in a variety of situations; as a tattoo, on a post card, as a light on the wall, etc. That is a great example of a signal grace. It is a sign from you higher self or agents of the divine, leaving an indicator that you are in the right place and time in the matrix. Heres an example; I got invited to an event in Phoenix on the pretext of a step up in an online dating situation. That dating part did not go so well but we recognized this and blessed each other for the experience and went on our way. I decided to then go thru a cleansing ritual in Sedona. It ended with me out on a rock in the middle of a lightning storm, with winds, lightning and some rain playing my flute to the elements on a bright summers day (really quite glorious!). As I was returning from that as the completion of my cleansing, I was presented with an improbable gift; a just died Monarch butterfly in my path in a place that should have been swept clear by the winds. (a white rabbit). Accepting the gift I gave thanks to God that I was on my path for after my experience in Phoenix it left me wondering.

These signals come in negative forms also. At one point, I as an arrogant graphic designer. I was very material and corporate and evidently very off my path. My signal was being hit by a car in a crosswalk with no witnesses. I was left with just enough money to recover most of my health if I changed my way of thinking. A lover of mine once said; God teaches us with either a feather or a Mac truck. I made a choice after my Mac truck experience to listen to the feathers.. Another signal grace comes in the form of messages in songs. You will wake up with a song in your head and it will keep repeating the same line over and over again. You will know this is not ordinary because it will be usually giving you the chills or emotional kick that you definitely dont get with usual remember radio songs. There is some symbolic and sometimes boldly literal meaning that is significant to only you. Pay attention, because the consequences really suck! Trust me! There are 2 other signs for people to utilize. One is big picture or generational trends and the other is guidance from outside the matrix. The generational trends have to do with big cycles of time. The outer planets move at speeds that only change every generation. So in astrological terms there are certain qualities that define a generation. Other big cycle trends would be completing the grand procession (25,590 years) or maximizing the usage of fossil fuels(3,000 years) or the confluence of big cycle events culminating in situation that has never happened in the history of this world.(4.5 billion years) Like what is happening now and will until we get to the other side of 2012. Some of this is written down or transmitted by prophecy. This one would think is a very tough one to discern which good prophecy is and which is not true to your path. But that is actually the easiest to figure out! When you hear something and you cannot remember it or it does nothing for you.then it is not for you. On the other hand, when you hear it the hair stands up on the back of your neck and it brings you to tears for some unapparent had better pay attention! Here is an example of the prophecy part of signs; According to Qero and Hopi elders and many other indigenous leaders, humanity is now in a momentous time of planetary transition from the 4th to the 5th Sun. This newest incarnation of the Suns purpose and energy, however, is not about a particular place, a new city, or an emerging nation as it was in the past. The next Pachakuti, the Inka word for a human epoch, will not be a new empire. Rather the next human epoch will be characterized by the invocation and reception of new consciousness available to all humanity. It offers the possibility of the end of the world as we know it and the emergence of a new kind of human being. The opportunity exists for each of us to find a way of life with a more loving heart, a keener more intuitive mind, and an expanded consciousness. The

opportunity awaits each of us to become light beings. New ways of thinking, feeling, healing, loving, teaching, acting, following, leading, working, relating, and governing are ripe for the picking. Each of us can help bring balance and beauty to the Earth and a world where our children can live in peace. This prophecy still after many reading still brings me to tears. Thats how I know I must pay attention to this sign.. And there you have the accurate prophecy of what we are doing! Its as if we were born to do this.instinctual..never a doubt! If you are reading this book you have experienced the waking up part.the psychic connection part and the we are one part. You also have had to relate to people who are not awake or dont get it!....there are no words to help educate those that don't 'get it'. Awakening must happen on its own or not at all. If you walk into a situation where it feels like you just dropped into another episode of the twilight zone? You are that 'new kind of human being'.

Guidance from outside the matrix comes in the form channeled information. Some examples are; the information Barbra Marciniak channeled in The Bringers of the Dawn information, the Course in Miracles, or the Enochian Calls channeled by Dr. John Dee in the 15th century to name just a few. But the trick is how to get channeled information that is creditable. The instructions are in the Yoga Sutras; 1.47. On attaining the purity of the ultra-meditative state there is the pure flow of spiritual consciousness. 1.48. Therein is the faculty of supreme wisdom. 1.49. The wisdom obtained in the higher states of consciousness is different from that obtained by inference and testimony as it refers to particulars. This is the premise of the contact with those outside the matrix. There are too many and to varied to mention here. The only measure is your comparison to your acquired body of knowledge. If the premise of that knowledge is not an identifiable extension of your knowledge base it should be question for it validity to your in your world. I myself find few voices that can supply me with information I cant surmise from my situation or ascertain on my own. I am in agreement with many outside sources and even quote their message. I do always maintain a critical eye on any new piece of information I integrate into me knowledge base. And you might be surprised just how much latitude that still gives you. Please remember you are your own master and that does not give you the right to relinquish your authority to any outside source no matter how beneficent!

And now its time to complete the Yoga Sutras for they contain the rest of the directions on; how to read the road. On Realizations 4.1 Psychic powers arise by birth, drugs, incantations, purificatory acts or concentrated insight. 4.2 Transformation into another state is by the directed flow of creative nature. (The reason you even want to become godlike is part of the plan.) 4.3 Creative nature is not moved into action by any incidental cause, but by the removal of obstacles, as in the case of a farmer clearing his field of stones for irrigation. (Creative Natures flow is only inhibited by a stagnation or resistance to flow.) 4.4 Created minds arise from egoism alone. (The desire to be separate or we are not one is the ego.) 4.5 There being difference of interest, one mind is the director of many minds. (The piece which is part of the one is you all else are your puppets.) 4.6 Of these, the mind born of concentrated insight is free from the impressions.

4.7 The impressions of unitive cognition are neither good nor bad. In the case of the others, there are three kinds of impressions. 4.8 From them proceed the development of the tendencies which bring about the fruition of actions. 4.9 Because of the magnetic qualities of habitual mental patterns, and memory, a relationship of cause and effect clings even though there may be a change of embodiment by class, space and time. (Even when you ascend there is still a connection to the old you.) 4.10 The desire to live is eternal, and the thought-clusters prompting a sense of identity are beginning less. (Along with your piece of God came he desire to live eternal.)

4.11 Being held together by cause and effect, substratum and object, the tendencies themselves disappear on the dissolution of these bases. (When you no longer are attached to an object it no longer exerts force on you.) 4.12 The past and the future exist in the object itself as form and expression, there being difference in the conditions of the properties. (Objects in the matrix are constructed of both time and space) 4.13 Whether manifested or unmanifested they are of the nature of the attributes. (Objects both in and outside the matrix are constructed out of the thoughts that make them up.) 4.14 Things assume reality because of the unity maintained within that modification. (objects outside the matrix that have identity in time manifest in the matrix.) 4.15 Even though the external object is the same, there is a difference of cognition in regard to the object because of the difference in mentality. (an object inside the matrix and that same object in the real world though seem to be alike there essential make up is different.) 4.16 And if an object known only to a single mind were not cognized by that mind, would it then exist? 4.17 An object is known or not known by the mind, depending on whether or not the mind is colored by the object. (the matrix mind cannot know an object it only recognizes the impression of that object.) 4.18 The mutations of awareness are always known on account of the changelessness of its Lord, the indweller. (God is aware of your changes.) 4.19 Nor is the mind self-luminous, as it can be known. (The mind is just the mechanism used by spirit to manipulate the body) 4.20 It is not possible for the mind to be both the perceived and the perceiver simultaneously. (only spirit can recognize beingness and take action at the same time.)

4.21 In the case of cognition of one mind by another, we would have to assume cognition of cognition, and there would be confusion of memories. (In the matrix for one mind to recognize another is a confusion of pieces of the matrix) 4.22 Consciousness appears to the mind itself as intellect when in that form in which it does not pass from place to place. (When you spirit is in you matrix mind, it does not travel.) 4.23 The mind is said to perceive when it reflects both the indweller (the knower) and the objects of perception (the known). (The matrix mind perceives when the spirit is present for the process.) 4.24 Though variegated by innumerable tendencies, the mind acts not for itself but for another, for the mind is of compound substance. 4.25 For one who sees the distinction, there is no further confusing of the mind with the self. (The matrix mind is only a actor for the spirit.) 4.26 Then the awareness begins to discriminate, and gravitates towards liberation. (once you realize you are not your matrix mind your spirit wants out of the game.) 4.27 Distractions arise from habitual thought patterns when practice is intermittent. 4.28 The removal of the habitual thought patterns is similar to that of the afflictions already described. 4.29 To one who remains undistracted in even the highest intellection there comes the equalminded realization known as The Cloud of Virtue. This is a result of discriminative discernment. (Once you have the discipline remain in spirit form you realize the real world.) 4.30 From this there follows freedom from cause and effect and afflictions. (Once you act from your spirits point of view you are free from Karma.) 4.31 The infinity of knowledge available to such a mind freed of all obscuration and property makes the universe of sensory perception seem small. (Once your home base is from your spirit and not your matrix mind, all knowledge is available to you.)

4.32 Then the sequence of change in the three attributes comes to an end, for they have fulfilled their function. (With the integrity of action form spirit all distortions disappear.) 4.33 The sequence of mutation occurs in every second, yet is comprehensible only at the end of a series.

4.34 When the attributes cease mutative association with awareness, they resolve into dormancy in Nature, and the indweller shines forth as pure consciousness. This is absolute freedom. (When you can act directly from your spiritual intentions you are truly free.) The end of the Yoga Sutras So those are the rules of the road and they havent changed in 60,000 years. They will be good for another 60,000. Heres where you are so ready for the real world!..... and I am so ready to show how to take it to a whole other level. Lets super charge that engine of yours!

Chapter #10; Supercharging your Engine

You cant make a silk purse from a sows how do you supercharge a human body if it doesnt have the right equipment to begin with? Or do we and dont know it? Are there clues on how that works or where to start? So lets start with the sound of creation.Aum. It is said that if you Aum a million times it will remove all obstacles. Well may be thats true because for me I started to realize the there were some incongruities in the ancient system that prides itself on being thorough and complete. The argument goes like this; The 7 chakras is an odd set of colors and nobody can agree on the last 3 colors. Aum is said to vibrate all chakras and Aum is agreed to be a frequency of 136cps. In the ancient texts they talk of 2 different bodies a bodhisattva and a Mahavishnu bodhi The inconsistencies kept bugging me until I was able to justify all the parts. Lets start with colors. In almost every system there are 12 basic colors and they relate in triads. Red, Yellow, Blue is the primary triad..violet, green and orange are the secondary triad of colors most artists use. There are 6 of the 7 colors in the rainbow so where do you get indigo? The rainbow is nicknamed; ROY G. BIV . If that is the case when you balance your triads of colors Indigo could be called blue/violet. This leads to the other or tertiary triads of colors. Here is the color wheel with all the colors equally spaced. These color triads correspond to the 4 elements; Earth Air Fire and Water. Why am I leading you down this rabbit hole when the topic is supercharging your engine? Because this natural organization of things lead me to discover the missing parts of my supercharged engineSo have a little patience, please. Fire; red, yellow, blue.superman Air; violet, green, orange..mardi gras Water; blue/green, red/violet, yellow/orangehealers, monks, and saints Earth; yellow/green, red/orange, blue violet..Fed EX Ground

We use this organization unconsciously and it is a natural order.Since all the vibrations are related by the doubling rule of harmonics there is a sound for every color.

And the color triads turn out to be a specific type of chord; perfect 5ths. Plato discovered the 2/3 ratio as a near golden mean of perfect fifth to be a harmonious set of elements. Now we have a system based on a set of 12 elements which harmonically relates to many different things that operate in exactly the same way. And curiously enough they all can be divided into a basic set of 7 and a complete set of 12. 7 whole notes or white keys on the piano and 5 black keys is the perfect example of this division. 7 chakras as part of a complete system of 12 chakras? Could this be true? The clue is in the Aum. So lets find all the harmonic associations with Aum and find the clue. Aum =136cp is harmonically equivalent (on a piano one not e C is related to all other Cs.) to the color blue/green. Chakra wise that is a color in between the heart chakra (green) and the throat chakra (blue). Located there is the thymus gland which is the brain for the immune system. It is known the correct amount of a trace mineral selenium can help a body resist cancer 60% better.

Selenium has a atomic number of 34.which is a Fibonacci number and an harmonic of 136. 34x2=68cps is an ideal heart rate for the human body at rest. 68x2=136 and we are back to Aum. Now, Aum is supposed to vibrate all the chakras but it is not one itself.Does that make sense? If we add blue/green to the chakra colorswe should add the triad of sound/colors also..and if we do that we are almost back to a 12 color/chakra system. The beautiful part of this system is now we a way of locating the other chakras due to their color associations. The 7 chakra system is completely included if you change the color names from purple and indigo to violet and blue violet. The whole system in order goes like this;
# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 F# G# A# C D E F G A B C# D# Color Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet Red/violet Red/orange Yellow/orange Yellow/green Blue/green Blue/violet Location Perineum Sacrum Pancreas Heart Thyroid Pineal Pituitary Gonads Peyers patches Solar plexus Thymus Blood brain bar. Fib# 89 13 233 1,2,8 144 5 21 3 55 987 34 610 Zodiac Aries Gemini Leo Libra Sagittarius Aquarius Pisces Taurus Cancer Virgo Scorpio Capricorn Element Na Fe Cu O, H F, H2O Ca Mo C, Mg, Cr Co, N Zn, Ph Se K Solfeggio 356 416 233 256 288 320 336 336 440 987/493.5 272 610/305

We could go into great depth on the correspondences to the 12 chakras but that is a topic for a whole book in and of itself. For now lets just say here are the functional parts of the 12 chakra system necessary to build a supercharged engine. The wiring for this supercharged engine is the meridian system. It is the system that converts the chemical and hormonal messages into energetic messages throughout the body. Built on golden mean geometry there is an external meridian system. This is the system most people in the world are familiar with. But there is an extension of that system called the internal meridian system. Basically it is a reverse of the external system. The meridians in the legs externally are internally in the arms. The directional flow of the external meridians is reversed in the internal meridians. There are some differences especially in the internal conception vessel. It is because of this reverse redundancy that doctors are able to utilize distant parts of a body to heal what cannot be touched due to hypersensitivity. It is this hypersensitivity we want to focus on when supercharging

your engine. There are 2 meridians that we are most concerned in conjunction with the meditative breath. The two meridians most concerned with breath are the governing vessel running down the back and the conception vessel running up the front. Both connect at the tongue point in the upper cleft of the mouth and the perineum on the bottom. But what most people don't know is that the internal governing vessel runs up from the perineum on the front side of the spine inside the front longitudinal ligament.... and the internal conception vessel runs up front the perineum and branches to each one of the organs kind of like a palm tree. You have actually two energy pathways directed in opposite directions running between 1 and 7 chakras..... and the ujai breathe used by yogi's and yogini's draws energy in from the top and bottom mixes it in the middle and expels it out the opposite way it came in.... a double cycle that each cycle supplies energy to each tetrahedron of your merkaba.... Try this; start your normal cycle of open up the perineum... inhale energy thru the legs. When the lungs are full close the perineum and 'tooth paste tube 'squeeze it out the top of your head..... Once you got that going add the 'suck' through the top of your head and feel the mix of energy expand your lungs and now instead of closing the perineum lock or close your diaphragm and double squeeze (top and bottom) the energy out with the sure to stay mentally focused on the central chord's infinite outward attachments so as to not get slam-danced in the spins of your merkaba. Intention andallowing you intelligent body to supervise helps emensely. After a while this will become as reflexive as farting. Now some of you should be asking what good it does supeup an engine that out strips the capacity of the car you put it in. That is a good question! So lets get busy building a better (chariot of the gods) merkaba.

In order to do that we need to have a very good understanding of energy flow and its relationship to the geometries and the structure of the matrix. We know from Science that Nature is conservative. For every inhale there is and exhale. So a positive geometry should have a negative counterpart. Negative in this case is not a moral assignment. Its a direction of flow relative to our position. Why is Nature conservative? Because of the nature of a hologram. Einstein and his buddy Maxwell figured out that whole universe has a motion and that all the parts are related. They were working with the notion of an expanding universe. So for them, the only way to figure out where we are is to figure out where weve been. They didnt get the hologram part. The hologram part is one the Moody Blues got right! This garden universe vibrates complete. Now, every bit of that is true! A hologram is a set of vibrations. To make a shape in a hologram, the part that is not the shape is every bit as important as the shape itself. It was Nassim Haramein that said; If we live in an expanding part of the universe, where is the contracting part? This is one of the really simple yet profound concepts that everybody missed like an out of context object. Do you remember me explaining the grade school hide the crayon game? The crayon is hidden in plain sight and because it is so out of context your mind fabricate a reality where it does not exist. Is it so farfetched to think that there could be things in our reality that are so far out of context we simple do not see them. It happens all the time in the physical sciences where we view a situation and simply do not see what is right before our eyes. In Nassims case, the answer was staring in the face the whole time. It is a natural principle that the so called empty parts of space arent empty; they are highly organized repositories for an infinite amount of energy. This was the out of context part for Maxwell and Einstein. It was their equation that predicts this enormous amount of energy contained in empty space. In my college quantum physics class we were told to utilize and off the wall constant in order to make the equations come out correctly. The fact of the matter is the math was all ready correct! The universe manifests matter and energy in very specific locations and conditions and adsorbs the energy back again in every point of physical reference. This principle is geometrically portrayed in the structure of empty space and its associated manifesting pattern. Here is the two portrayed together in the correct orientation to each other. Studying this diagram you will be able to see the cubeoctahedron and the double tetrahedron. Together they create a crystal lattice that is absolutely static in energy and structure. Every line and every angle is math perfect

balanced to net zero energy. The basic geometrical components are the star tetrahedron and the cuboctahedron. They are literally the same set of tetrahedrons only arranged in a different way.

Once they get to the correct number or size a perfect balance is achieved in 3-D as the Isotropic vector space. All this is the physical manifestation of Gods breath in the world. Just like your super charged breath here is the geometry for manifesting coherent outflow and coherent inflow. The ancient expression of this concept is called a yabyum from Tantric yoga the intimately interlocked male and female aspects of our universe. Ones breath out is the others breath in. Energized by the intimate union, and kept in perfect balance. This is the core of your new supercharged engine With the perfect balance and perfectly efficient geometry the is no waste and no exhaust. Flowing thru this geometry is the essence of God energy and like the rabbit hole of perfect symmetry so too does this have perfect symmetry in an infinitely collapsable form. All we need is some direction wings to put on our little pocket-rocket. 3-D wings wont get it because we want to go hyperdimensional. Inorder to do that lets take a look at out options. First of all we know that there are 5 Platonic solids in 3-D. the uy look like this;

There is a curious change in stricture when we get to 4-D. Not only are there 7 platonic solids, but 4-D contains one platonic solid that does not exist in any other dimension: the 24-cell. Since a 4-D platonic solids cannot be properly shown in 3-D we will be referring to them buy the number of faces it has. For instance a tetrahedron has 4 faces, a cube has 6 faces, and octahedron has 8. Do you see the immerging pattern? 3-D has a 4-cell, 6-cell, 8-cell, 10 cell, and the 20-cell. So 4-D has the 5-cell, 8-Cell, 16-cell, 24-cell, 120-cell, 600-cell. In higher dimensions (5, 6, 7 ....) there are only 3 regular polytopes in any particular dimensions! These 3 regular polytopes are the equivalent of the tetrahedron, cube, and octahedron in 3-D, they are normally called the n-simplex, n-cube, and n-crosspolytope respectively where n stands for the dimension. Clearly 4-D is the happening place. So we want to choose a solid that is unique to 4-D and somehow relates to our old star tetrahedron. This is the 24- cell, also known as the icositetrachoron. There are no equivalents in other dimensions and it is comprised of 24 octahedral cells. The connection to the Star tetrahedron is that at its core is an octahedron. And what is an octahedron? Nothing but a 2 sided pyramid. The 24-cell stellated looks like this. Being 4-D it has many views and many shapes, each has its own unique properties and yet still is clearly maintains the original relationships. So there is your so called wings. A very multifaceted structure related to the most basic shape which forms all carbon based life and is found in the structure of the universe.

Here is reprint of material from David Wilcock which indicates the octahedral structure of our universe; The Octahedral Universe So if we are in the Octahedron Density, how can we prove it? In a scientific paper discussing super clusters, called The Egg-Carton Universe by Drs. E.Battaner and E.Florido an image showing the shape of a local part of the cosmos. Wilcock, nor myself can believe this is relatively unknown information. This should rewrite cosmology in one go, but what is even more amazing is that this information has been around for over ten years. Does this information collate into the idea that the entire Cosmos is shifting from an Octahedron to a Star-Tetrahedron matrix? It could also give a clearer account of how energy passes through our Galaxy. The lines of force represented in the straight lines in this image could be the 'Photon Band' that was mentioned in the DNA chapter. Perhaps it is not a band, but a straight line of force from Galactic centre to Galactic anti-centre. Basically, an area of highly charged Universal energy; the geometric binder of the Universe.

The two large octahedra closer to the Milky Way. (Battaner and Florido, 1997)

At this point, I would like to acknowledge the David Wilcock. He has inspired me with his thorough research into many of the more scientific subjects I am writing about and presented them in a way the layman can grasp. Check out his website at for free downloadable books and articles. Maurice Cotterell discovered that the Sun also has the same inner Octahedral geometric structure, as can be seen in this diagram. The main sunspot activity is located at these precise geometric points.

Octahedral energy patterns within the Sun (Wilcock 2000) Plainly put, the superchareged engine must fit nicely with all aspects of the our universe from the most complex 4-d solid, 24cell to the basic chemistry. That way the infintely compressible information of consciousness will have an vessel the behaves the same way. The 24-cell also plays nicely with a 12 charka system. Octahedrons of 6 vertices nest nicely into icosahedrons of 12 vertices and 2 icosahedrons nest into a 24-cell and the geometries interlock in a dynamic way. One set can stay connected to the 3-D world while the other set travels the universe. We call this astral projection or merkaba meditation. Now you have a good solid set of principles and geoemtries that express your supercharged engine and its workings we have one more part to cover. We discussed the necessity to maintain you physical body in its best shape in order to have a good working machine. We showed how interrelated you physical body was with the envioronment. By extension maintaining the fields where you food grows is important.step back again.the water shed the serves you water.. step back again the eco system the provides you the water..step back one last time to the energy grid that supports the ecosystem on the planet you live on. We call that the grid. Maintaining the grid is the responsibility of every soul on this planet. The next chapter will get into all of that.

Chapter #11; Maintaining the Grid

Have you heard the aphorism; with power comes responsibility? I think this is more relevant than anywhere else when it comes to free-will. I think free-will is grossly miss-named! There is nothing free about it! To have such power means such great responsibility. The great awakening is Gods way of taking the training wheels off our bicycles. Holy frozen pickles! This is scary stuff! Enough of my ranting, the basic facts are Earth is a closed eco system and it is this eco system that supports our continued well being. Bottom line we have the free-will to screw this up any way we want.or .if you want to maintain it properly the list of specific rules is never ending. Choosing not to die and take everything with me as I go down is the first step in heading in the correct direction. After that the next step is realizing you got help. Lots of it! But to get to the help you have to relinquish you ego and accept that you are loved. Love is the key and all those fluffy word phrases are actually and scientifically true. So lets jump in and breeze thru some basics otherwise this book will be epically long. To maintain the grid you first have to know what it is and how it works. We will start where Einstein left off. E=MC^2 though accurate as far as it goes has a problem. Mass is only quantifiable in terms of inertia. Inertia is defined as potential energy or energy holding to a position is space. So light traveling in a circle is energy hold to a position in space or it is said to have inertia. Like an electron traveling in an orbit around an atom has mass because it has inertia. Another misconception of quantum mechanics is a holdover from mechanics; an object in motion, unless otherwise acted on, will stay in motion following its own momentum. The issue is that everybody thinks that motion means a straight line. Well nothing travels in a straight line. In the absolute sense of the word everything travels in spirals. Golden mean spirals. And the only thing allowable change is to another golden mean spiral. Since we know the Love is an expression of the golden mean, it is love that can bend light. There is an old Sufi koan; Only Love bends the light, so only Love creates. Love meaning the golden mean or 1.618 can bend light. So the mass is nothing more than the accumulated inertia of bent light. Gravity = Light*phi power^N(G=C*Phi^n) Dan Winter Everything is vibration and mass is but an illusion. That sounds a lot like a hologram to me. And in this hologram is a place called Earth.

So the Earth is really nothing more than a giant light collector whose spin creates a magnetic field. The energies of the earth are dispersed along field lines both in the ground and in the magnetic field. The only allowable constructs for that is golden mean in proportion. Consequently the manifestations of those energies are reflective of golden mean geometry. This is why the study of sacred geometry is important to identifying the patterns of development in such things as crustal plate movement.

Scientists are only now reluctantly acknowledging the Star tetrahedral points or a band at 19.47 degrees above and below the equators are key energy points on any planet. The Jupiter spot, Mars huge volcano, Olympus mons on the Moon, mount Pele on Earth, and the pattern of sun spot are all examples of how nature follows sacred geometrical patterns of development.

What is this so called pattern? Well simply put as energy is dispersed from its source it suffers what science calls a heat death or entropy. The new part is as it does this it become more geometrically organized. So the order of cooling is to more geometrically complex patterns. In sacred geometrical terms this means there is an order to the platonic solids. This order is; 1. Tetrahedron 2. Star tetrahedron 3. Cube 4. Octahedron 5. Dodecahedron 6. Icosahedron This would imply that as the earth cooled form formation the geometry would change in stages from tetrahedral to the icosahedral stage.

The tectonic plates have definitely gone thru what appears to be stages. Dr. Athelston Spilhaus did a study for NOAA in which he was able to show that the earth has gone through a process in which the tectonic plates have conformed to the geometries of the platonic solids in an order of progressive complexity. This is what lead Becker and Hagens to do a study were they actually tried mapping the features of the earth to sacred geometrical parameters. They started by collecting data on what seemed likely to conform to the locations of vertices. The first mapping was of what are called the vile vertices. There were points that landed on the 19.47* north and south latitudes. When laid out in a flat map

it is a little harder to see the platonic solid. So I have included a graphic that show it separate and imposed on a globe. This was a very exciting discovery and marked an awareness development that gave researchers a pattern to follow. And follow they did. Next Becker Hagens took sacred site and started to map them onto the grid and found that the map showed a more complex relationship, still regular by design but even more complex. Now we are back to the geometry to find out what is a natural order for more complex platonic solids.

This chart shows the platonic solids are the order of complexity in 3 stages. The bottom horizontal row is the math that suits our problem nicely. The star tetrahedron or merkaba evolves to a Icosa-dodecahedron. This is the most complex platonic solid in 3-D. Lets look at it flat and then before we try mapping on it. you will notice that this mapping is from BeckerHagens in 1984. So the trick is to see if this aligns with the sacred geometrical sites all over the world.

It works! Actually very scary how accurate it was every single sacred from all over the world from the most ancient t and primitive to the sophisticated sight all map onto the grid. Even the latest discoveries of the Bosnian pyramids (the indisputably largest in the world) still map and align with the grid. The grid is a regular geometry that conforms the entropic energy flows of this part of space and intimately involves the golden mean. The only question that remains is what is our connection to the grid? If we are supposedly so connected to the planet what is that connection?

This is where Carl Munck and James Furia come enter into the story. Carl Munck was a German engineer that was fascinated by the sacred sites and how they were constructed. He went all over the world and measured everything he could at these sites to help him get a clue as to how they were built. Im not sure her ever did figure that out, but one thing became very apparent to him. All the numbers he collected seemed to be related by a certain pattern. The pattern is a circle of tangents that can be translated into degree of the circle. Multiples of the set of numbers kept cropping up all over the place. This is when James Furias eye noticed something very peculiar and very familiar to his musical sensibilities. This was a circle of 5ths. A 12 tone scale complete and balanced based on natural and sacred geometrical relationships. His minds eye saw the relationships. Heres some examples ; 108*x2=216x2=432 A or 144*x2=288 D. James took Carls numbers and turned them into a musical tone scalecalled the Scale of Time..a 12 tone scale.12 tones.12 colors.12 chakras and there is your method of connecting in a feeling sensing kind of way,. A 432 >1.0595123 A 216 A 108 A 54 G# 407.73128 >1.0610328 G# 203.86564 G# 101.93282 G# 50.96641 G 384.27772 >1.0618003 G 192.13886 G 96.06943 G 48.034717 F 361.91146 >1.0555751 F 180.95573 F 90.477865 F 45.238933 F# 342.85714 >1.058201 F 171.42857 F 85.714285 F 42.857142 E 324 >1.0595212 E 162 E 81 E 40.5 D# 305.79848 >1.0618002 D 152.89924 D 76.44962 D 38.22481 D 288 >1.0588235 D 144 D 72 D 36 C# 272 >1.0596642 C 136 C 68 C 34 C 256.68508 >1.0687481 C 128.34254 C 64.17127 C 32.085635 B 240.17358 >1.0479549 B 120.08679 B 60.043395 B 30.021697 A# 229.18312 >1.0610329 A 114.59156 A 57.29578 A 28.64789 A 216 A 108 A 54 A 27 The connection to the golden mean is in the Fibonacci series; 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233,377,610,987,1597. This is the number series that produces the golden mean but it also produces a complete 12 tone scale. Why wouldnt that be true? The golden mean produces all the colors, and all the platonic geometries. 12 vertices in icosahedrons.the last tone scale is the Solfeggio scale supposedly developed by Christian monks as a healing tool (it is more likely some monk stumbled across the information in an ancient text).The Solfeggio tones generally do not relate to the Fibonacci tones except in one particular octave.the same octave the ancients built the sacred sites around.


A# 233

B 246

C 256

C# 272

D 288

D# 305

E 320

F 336

F# 356

G 384

G# 416

Fibonacci 220 scale Fib# Scale of Time Solfeggio 55 216

233 229

987 240

1,2,8 256

34 272

144 288

610 305

5 324

21 342

89 362

3 384

13 404













Now lets put all these pieces together to demonstrate why you have to take care of the outside you or your home world. To do that lets start with your heart. Your Heart is a very powerful pump. So strong it is the rest of your body must be protected from the power of its thrust or pulse as to be contained in a fascia sack called the pericardium. This sack extends up to the big hole in the bottom of your skull called your greater foreman. The hole is covered like a drum head by a sheet of skin called your blood brain barrier. Above this is your jello-like brain floating in cerebral spinal fluid. This is your entrainment system. Your entrainment system works like this; once your heart beats a powerful pulse is sent up into your brain. This pulse vibrates the brain into releasing an electrical signal which is sent back down to your heart which is electrically stimulated into producing another heartbeat. A very well built closed system except what keeps the cadence? What makes the system stay regular? The answer is the Schumann frequencies. The Earths crust though seemingly hard and in fact will damage you if you fall on it has a very different property when you consider the entire surface. It behaves much more like a drum than a brick at that size. Every day there are multiple lightning strikes around the globe.too many to count. Each of those lightning strikes acts like a drumstick striking a drum head. The resultant beat is carried in the atmosphere all around the world. These result in a complex cascade of low frequencies called the Schumann frequencies. The fundamental frequency is usually recorded as 7.83 cps. This is the harmonic equivalent of the Fibonacci number 514229~7.846511. Standing in the atmosphere you are subjected to these frequencieseven more so if you are barefoot on bare ground. Indigenous tribes call this the mothers heartbeat. Big science calls this the theta wave of your brain.responsible for your dreaming and creative thoughts. The indigenous call this dreamtime. It is also the conductor of you entrained system. The rhythm keeper of your heart beat. 3.30 By self-control on the tube within the chest one acquires absolute steadiness. With this absolute steadiness you can become aware of the mothers heart beat.

so much so that when there are changes in the Schumann frequency it can simulate the effects of a heart attack. This is verified by countless anecdotal accounts of psychics all over the world. There are many more effects that one becomes sensitive to once you have awakened. I call these hypersenses. Many people all over the world experience them trying to figure out why they are feeling this way or that for what seems as no apparent reason. Here is a list of a few hypersenses; 1. Nausea and vomiting- earthquakes occurring 2. Dizziness- acceleration of energy field (usually a galactic wave). 3. 3-d eyes glazing over and a natural progression to shifting our attention to the inner sight...our envisioning (in-visioning) caused by high flow energy fields 4. Heart attack- a spike in the x-ray output from the sun. 5. Heart palpitations- and extreme fluxuation in the galactic energy wave 6. Ringing in both ears- the shruti or background sound of the universe 7. Buzzing in one ear- high frequency buzz id the down-load of information from higher sources 8. Solar plexus anxiety- severe biofield damage 9. Ujai breath- in extreme energy flows you will find you automatically start breathing like a yogi 10. A uric discharge- in extremely high flow polarized energies it will feel like your skin is all prickly as charged up(which it actually is!) 11. Temporal distortions- shifting in and out of different realities caused by shifting magnetic fields 12. Forehead pressure- highly active pineal gland from inflowing or pushing energies such as a solar wind 13. Pineal sight- can be externally activated by certain tones or energies usually accompanied by yoga breath and shut down by haarp 14. Burning feet- usually associated with lava flows and impending quakes If you have experienced any of these symptoms, you will not doubt your responsibility to maintain the eco system of the Earth because the disruption of this system becomes visceral and very painful results. That pain is very real to those that experience it!

We have now demonstrated how you can be affected by the tidal forces of Gaea and now I will explain how this symbiotic relationship works both ways. Your entrained system of dreamtime thoughts regulating the rhythm of your heartbeat also has a different function. Are reverse loop if you will. Your heart as proven by the HeartMath people produces a magnetic field 1000s of times stronger than your brain. As I have earlier described when a thought is encased in Love it takes on golden mean geometry and becomes a nested magnetic field. Thank you Dan Winter! As a nested or coherent field it takes on the shape and strength of a torodial field. As a coherent loving thought it does not have much power but if you send that thought into your heart and experience it as a coherent heartfelt emotion the power or that field magnifies immensely!

It is this powerful coherent heartfelt emotion that has the ability to affect Gaea. Heres how to be most effective with this; in any torodial system the most critical spot is at the core or the field lines approaching the core. This toroid shape should be familiar as every magnetic field is visually described as some variation of this drawing. The earths (Gaeas) magnetic field is no different.

Gaeas field protects us from the direct effect of particle bombardment from the sun. When a large coronal mass emission (CME) or solar flare heads our way the magnetic field adapts to the incoming force. Gaeas ability to do this is based on the relative strength of the magnetic field and the coherent configuration of the magnetic field lines. The first part we can do little about. It is the rate of spin of the planet that produces the field strength. Gaea is at an all time low2000 year low!. Yes, the clocks had to be adjusted to compensate for the longer day. This means the magnetic field of the earth is extremely vulnerable to solar activity. That is why the second part is most critical. The coherent pattern of the magnetic field lines can help to process the incoming energy as the earth adsorbs the particles. The field lines follow sacred geometrical principles. Those field lines can be affected by other magnetic fields.loving magnetic fields projected in just the correct spot can have very widespread effects. Example; how does a flea move and elephant? Brute force is going to go unnoticed. But if the flea was to tickle a hair in a sensitive part of the elephants rear anatomy..Im willing to bet you the flea can cause the elephant to move! So it is with Gaea. The polar fields are critical places.basically south pole out and north pole in. To affect the field lines as the North Pole is adsorbing the emissions can have more of an effect than any other place in the field except the core. Adding your loving (golden mean coherent) magnetic to the North Pole field lines can be enough information for the field lines to maintain a coherent pattern..and thus maximize the adsorption process. When done in groups of people this has a vastly more powerful effect. This small group of coherent feelings can effect a larger connected system is a principle called the maharishi effect. Basically the square root of 1 percent can have a permanent affect on the whole if the feelings are coherent enough and sustained long enough for the momentum of the whole to alter course in just one instant. Here is a real story that happened in January 7th 2011. The earths magnetic poles were in near perfect alignment with the spin poles. This means any energy adsorbed by one field can transfer to the other field as an equilibrium effect. There was a strong and directed solar flare with a CME that was headed our way.

The emission charts showed that when this was absorbed by the magnetosphere is would most likely transfer into the kinetic field and result in massive earthquakes. I did not know for sure this would happen but had warned a group of meditators world wide to be prepared incase this did occur. Here is one of my posts; The reason for the magnetic and tectonic disturbances on the earth is the sun spiked a peak almost off the charts and for most irradiation we are about 6-9 hours away...give or take depending on the wavelength of the particles...Each was connected via internet to each other and was coherent with each other by the fact that we were all playing the same music at the same time. The seismic event was epic! The signal was given to focus loving coherent thoughts to the North Pole magnetic field. The crew went to work by placing themselves in their astral bodies (merkaba) and in 4-D space move themselves to the magnetic pole and project loving vibes towards it. There were about 24 of us all total. We stayed in our astral bodies for approximately 1.5 hours. The results were just short of miraculous! Within 3 hours of the meditation the magnetic field lines of the North Pole were measurably more coherent and the seismic activity subsided almost immediately. Here was the ending post; Solar report for today is; particle flux is still up...(that's okay)...because the magnetic show moderate Aurora activity with the magnetic poles nearly aligned with spin poles and holding steady (see picture of northern aurora borealis) spirit interpretation: Really good job boys and girls! Keeping the magnetic and spin poles together managing moderate particle flux makes for easy transitioning...keep it up! Love as Light I apologize to those skeptics that I do not have all the before and after charts to show the how, where, when so I guess you will have to take this as anecdotal evidence. All I can say is it does work. There are many indigenous people that believe we create the reality we live in and we choose our future by our actions and our regard for the earth and its eco systems.

Actually this is not a new science. The only new part is using the internet and musics to cohere the intention of the meditators. Shamans have been steering tornados for many centuries by very similar techniques. So to think that your emotions dont affect the planet is just bogus! The most important collector of information is water. Water by rights should be a very highly organized crystal but in a liquid state it is very adaptable to many structures including coherent heart felt emotions. Dr. Emoto proved it his water/intention experiments. By not being responsible for our damages and not trying to repair the damage can have lasting effects. Here is an example; One of the Bloodiest battles of the American Civil war was fought near Kansas City. Historians call the Battle of Westport the largest Civil War battle west of the Mississippi in terms of the numbers of combatants. It has also been called the Gettysburg of the West. Missouri and Kansas on opposing side meant that brother fought brother at a place now called Swope park. To this very day the city is divided. That are has spawned such hatred of borther against brother even into moderns times. The Crypts and the Bloods did their damage in this location. Whe Dr. Emoto came to Kansas City he tested the Swope park water. The crystals were deformed and showed signs of three distinct colors; silver grey, navy blue, and blood red. The North and South damage persists in the water to this very day! Here is an example of what happens if you do care to clean up the past and heal by your intentions; Because no one has moved to heal that damage and until they do that place will be affected by the events of more than 150 years ago. The point being, we have a responsibility to the Earth and our children. We can have a very powerful effect. Need I remind you the smallest candle can destroy the darkness in any size room. But no amount of darkest can have any effect on a well lighted room. By using your heart felt emotions and connecting over the internet is a most powerful tool. And to use music,especially Theta wave or biaural beats in the music you meditate with can cohere all

of your energies in to a powerful directive force. One that can be used to change weather and influence a government, instigate peace, and literally change the matrix itself. It is not only your power to use but also your duty to use responsibly. Your mom and dad do not have the intuitive abilities you have. That is not to say they cant work at it and upgrade. You have an incredable chance to make a difference and you dont need to use a dollar bill or a gun. You have a getter tool; group consciousness. And you have a real reason to do this..cause this reality sucks! You are the grid masters! You can get such a high out of using you intuitive abilities to connect over seemingly impossible distances. I do that regularly over 1000s of miles with people Ive never met in person. It is that unity that will direct the planet to form in a better way. So you dont even have to get off the couch.just develop the intuitive abilities to match your computer..To hell with your computer! I told you the earths energy grid changes/ evolve as we do, but I didnt tell you what it is evolving into. This becomes a little more of a problem because the platonic solid that the current grid is based on is the most complex physically allowed in 3-D.That means the next solid has to come from 4-D. This should not be so surprising considering just about everything else is making a similar transition. Lets start with the Becker-Hagens grid and the Munck-Furia tone scale. Since we know these two are connected and work well with each other, we may be able to extrapolate from there.
Color Scale Y-O A yellow Y-G A# 233 B 246 green C 256 B-G C# 272 blue D 288 B-V D# 305 violet E 320 R-V F 336 red F# 356 R-O G 384 orange G# 416

Fibonacci 220 scale Fib# Scale of Time Solfeggio 55 216

233 229

987 240

1,2,8 256

34 272

144 288

610 305

5 324

21 342

89 362

3 384

13 404













The B-K grid has 62 vertices and all must vibrate at once to resonate with the tone scale. So we see if 62 cps is a harmonic of one of the tones on the scale. 62x2=124x2= 248 On the Fibonacci tone scale 246 is the vibration. 248/246= 1.00813 so the difference is 0.8% off. That is 0.8% off from the mathematical idealin any bodys book that is pretty darn close. A correlation of sound and geometry is a good measure to extrapolate with, but now we have to have a clue as to

what the new grid will be like. For this I bring in Dr. Joseph Jochmans a researcher and archeologist who has written many articles on the new grid formation. So it would be important to know what is the next song and details of the next transition in the Earths harmonics. It is Joseph Jochmans who has figured out the most likely new configuration for the earth grid. As Joseph Jochmans writes in; Earth: A Crystal Planet, Beyond the Platonic A crystal planet, beyond the platonic series of Solids is another form being geometrically generated out of the old Icosa-Dodeca crystal. If you take an Icosahedron and join together with lines every other point inside the form, you create twelve pentacles or five-pointed stars. If you extend the outer edges of the Icosahedron and join these node points together, you create a second group of twelve pentacles or stars. This becomes the seed crystal that gives birth to a new crystalline form called a double penta- dodecahedron, composed of twelve double-pentacles equally spaced across the surface of the globe." The Crystalline 144 grid is now emerging beyond the icosahedron. A 'seed-crystal' matrix, the double penta-dodecahedron, is born. The evolved geometry is divinely fashioned to resonate a higher frequency for the new Earth. Mainstream researchers are in fact noting that the node points and grid alignments earlier attributed to the Becker-Hagens icosahedron grid map, no longer fit. Scientist such as Dr. Gregg Braden are noting that weather patterns are changing, climates are in major flux and migration routes of birds are altered. Whales and dolphins are beaching themselves far more often since the harmonic convergence. The earth's geomagnetic field is changing, and changing fast. The earths heartbeat, the Schumann resonance is said to be increasing by some knowledgeable geophysicists, although others dispute this. Volcanic activity, earthquakes & super hurricanes are occurring more often. The phenomenon of global warming has created the el nino phenomena, and the polar ice caps are melting. Solar storms and their resulting winds are spraying the planet at a rate higher than has ever been recorded. This is undeniably an incredibly monumental transformation of global proportion. . The planets frequency is increasing, and our concept of time is speeding up. The planet is being prepared to vault into the 4th and 5th dimensions. A NEW SONG AND A NEW EARTH (Joseph Jochmans) "And I looked and. lo, a Lamb stood on Mount Zion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Fathers name written in their foreheads. And I heard a voice from heaven, like the voice of many waters, and like the voice of a great thunder; and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps. And they sang as it were, a new song..." Rev. 14:13.

Hopi elders say that the Earth Mother will soon "sing a new song" or shift into a higher vibration. When this happens the Earths grid will morph into a more complex sacred geometric structure and all of life that is part of the grid, including you and I, will be transformed. Scientists have confirmed through examination of the geologic record that over the billions of years of Earths evolution it has changed from first a tetrahedral crystalline structure to a cube and octahedron configuration to the present combination of icosahedron and dodecahedron This is the present earth grid;

The next evolution is called a double penta dodecahedron, composed of twelve double pentacles equally spaced across the globe." The New Jerusalem earth grid; Jochmann quotes from John to support his hypothesis of a double penta dodecahedron. He writes, "John ... described the coming New Jerusalem as... being as long as it is wide as it is high, or geometric in shape. He described it as having "crowns or node points, and indicated that its structure would be based on a golden measure or the golden mean proportion of 1 to 1.617. Significantly, the only geometric figure that is composed entirely of golden mean proportions is a five-pointed star or pentacle... The twelve gemstones and twelve gates of the New Jerusalem would be the twelve double pentacles faces of the Penta Dodeca crystal form." Jochmann writes, "Because the bioelectric field of the human brain is intricately related to the geomagnetic field of the Earth, any energy shifts in the planet could cause corresponding transformations in the consciousness of humanity as a whole. Is the present spiritual awakening occurring among humankind around the world tied into the transition from one

planetary crystal energy form to another? Are prophesied "earth changes" not soemthing to be feared, but are simply signposts for both personal and planetary changes now happening, linked with the Earths crystalline metamorphosis? Will the apostle Johns vision of a coming world of universal peace and tranquility be our eventual Gift once the earths crystal transformations are complete? These are questions only the future will answer." "This grid pattern... is what creates the blueprint, I believe, for DNA... Therefore, we will have new species of animals emerging, and a new species of people. This new human being will attain - if we were to judge him or her from the point of view of intelligence, telepathic abilities, healing abilities, and spiritual knowing - a kind of quantum jump in evolution from where we are now.... People today who are in harmony - well-balanced in most repects - are already tapped-in to the new grid structure." Then what is the new song..wouldnt the tone scale for the new grid be important for healing and helping people to transitionto the new DNA? We can extrapolate and see what we get.Heres the old grid in musical terms. The old grid had 62 vertices which was also the tone of B/ yellow green/ and the fundamental vibration of the Sun. We know the geometry of the new grid double penta-dodecahedron. This has 486 vertices. So if the theory hold then 486 should be a fundemental tone in the new grid.So lets see how close the old fundemental tone 62 is to the new tone. 62x2=124x2=248x2=496. Ok the closest fibonacci number is 987/2=493.5486466/2=233 the fibonacci number below. It looks like 486 is right inbetween two fibonacci numbers and we will have to generate a complete tone scale. This is again not surprising be cause the harmonics of the new grid has to be fundementally different than the old one other wise we would just be repeating the same song in a different key. The method of genertation is by multiplying by the golden mean until we generate a complete tonscale. 486/2= 243 now we have eliminated an octave doubling and can start with a fharmonically fundamental tone.243xphi=nuntil we get to 243x2=486 our octave interval is 243-486 So lets build a tone scale using the golden mean because we know this number is integral to the geometry and love. Multiplying by the golden mean starting with our fundemental tone (the vertexes) this is what we get:243, 393, 636, 1029, 1665, 2694, 4359, 7054, 11413, 18467, 29880, 48347, 78225, 126568, 204788. We should also divide by phi ans see what frequencise are related. The reason for deriving the extra low frequencies are to see what are the fundament resonant frequecies in the brain wave and Schumann ranges. Delta 1,2,3, Theta, Beta, And Alpha are the brain wave ranges. Theta being the one that is most tied to the Schumann frequencies; 243/1.618=150.18,92.82,57.36,35.45,21.91,13.55,8.37,5.17,3.19,1.97,1.22 Delta 1=1.2213Cps, Delta 2= 2.442 cp, Delta 3= 4.884cps

Theta = 6.3948cps, Alpha =5.17cps, Beta =13.55cps The Schumann is usually a derivative of the Theta =6.3948x2= 12.78-13.55 (the next tone). Gregg Braden had said that 13( a fibonacci number)cps was the threshold frequency for the new grid and just a basic vibrational look at the new grid seems to bore this out. Now Joseph Jochmans says there are 14 key vertexes which would indicate that the tone scale should have 14 tones in it. When we take our phi generated number field and octavely fold it into the octave between 243 and 486 we find some anomalies. When compared to an even division of 14 instead of 12 the fibonnaci numbers fit better to the 14 equidistant tones instead of our 12 Scale of Time tones. Since the numbers a naturally derived from pure math, Im inclined to believe the pattern is telling us that Joseph Jockmans is on the right track. Heres how the numbers lay out and you can see for your self, what Im talking about.
Color Y-G Green B-G Blue B-V Violet R-V Red R-O O-R-O Orange O-Y-O Y-O Yellow Y-G sign Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittatius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Dolphin Gemini Unicorn Cancer Leo Virgo X 1.618= 243 393.174 636.1555 1029.2996 1665.4067 2694.628 4359.9081 7054.3313 11413.908 18467.703 29880.743 48.347.042 78225.513 126568.88 204788.44 Odd tones Tone B C C# D D# E F F# G G* G# A* A A# B Phi 243 257.07 272.49 288.55 305.56 323.58 336.82 356.68 377.71 399.97 416.351 433.39 220.44 233.443 494.4 Solfeggio 246 258 273 285 297 321 333 357 384 396 417 432 456 468 495 243/14= 243 260.35 277.77 295.07 372.42 329.78 347.14 364.49 381.85 399.14 416.57 433.92 457.28 468.64 485.99



See the column that is labeled 243/14= this is dividin the octave between 486-243 into 14 equidistant spaces. The column labeled x1.618= is where I generate the goldend mean harmonic values that are then divided by 2(octavely until we get to a set of numbers in the same actave between 243-486. The odd tones are where the x1.618= values duplicate the same tone. When utilizing a correspondense chart other information becomes apparent. Like there is likely to move into our consciousness or awareness of the matrix 2 new colors. And you can see where there are located; between red-orange and orange and between yellow orange and orange. Musically that meas the additional of tonesof Aflat, and G1/2 sharp. Now this doesnt mean much like this but when you consider that musicans are divided now by whether to tune to a fundemental tone of A=440 or A=432, it is a big deal. With this new tone scale both are included and so is 136.5 the other fundemental used for tuning. One could say a unified tone scale for a

unified world. Spiritualy speakinf it is a recognition of the earth mother and sky father into the 12 chakra field or all 14 elements of the energy field.The astrological correspondances to color are already established but with the two new colors, I use Joseph Jockmans names. As with the chakras I suspect the 2 new elements to the astrological field will be the different pole stars and recognizing how they effect a grand but subtle change on all 12 original astrological signs. As far a color names I took a flying guess and put something down. But when you see a natural chormatic rainbow it always seemed heavy on the red-yellow part to now there will be a more equidistant divison. The human rainbow will be more like the natural rainbow and we can eliminate that victorian anomaluos identifier of indigo and replace it with blue-violet. ( a personal pet peave) As a double check you can referrence the old grid tone scale for frequency/ color relation and see they have not changed much. Since Aum is a very important referrence tone at 136.1 cps (fibonacci # 34~68~136.0) lets see what happens in the new tone scale? This is the new tone scale for the new grid. Blue green is the Aum. So 4359.908/2=2179.95/2=1089.97/2=544.98/2=272.49/2=136.24Aum doesnt change! 0.24/136=0.0017% variation in frequency. I dare you to hear that difference! Now that was a surprise to me! But it makes sense. Now you can sing Gaias new song with the extra color/sign /tone. Here is a chart of the correspondences and new vortex points as published by Joseph Jockmans from his Forgotten Ages website. FIRST FOURTEEN ASTROLOGICAL NODES AND NEW ETHERIC GEMSTONE TEMPLE ANCHOR POINTS: 1. ARIESGreat Zimbabwe, ZimbabweTOURMALINATED QUARTZ 2. TAURUSMohenjo-Daro, PakistanRUTILATED QUARTZ 3. GEMININorth Pole, Arctic OceanJADE 4. CANCERWharton Basin, eastern Indian OceanSAPPHIRE 5. LEOOff southeast Japan; Mt. Fujiyama/ KyotoAGATE 6. VIRGOPaiata, New Caledonia, western Pacific OceanONYX 7. LIBRASouth Pole, AntarcticaPERIDOT 8. SCORPIOMt. Haleakala, Maui, HawaiiCARNELIAN 9. SAGITTARIUSOrongo, Rapa Nui, eastern Pacific OceanAQUAMARINE 10. CAPRICORNPilot Mountain, North Carolina, U.S.A.TOPAZ

11. AQUARIUSGavea Stone, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilGARNET 12. PISCESConstantine, AlgeriaAMETHYST 13. UNICORNGlastonbury, Somerset, BritainEMERALD 14. DOLPHINRiurimu, North Island, New ZealandCHRYSOPRASE

SECONDARY ASTROLOGICAL NODES AND NEW ETHERIC GEMSTONE TEMPLE ANCHOR POINTS: 15. CENTAUR/ CHIRONSouthwestern Basin, Pacific OceanAMBER 16. CORONA AUSTRALISRaiatea, Tahiti, central PacificTIGER-EYE 17. CORVUSNan Madol, Pohnpei, Caroline Islands, western PacificJET 18. TRIANGULUM AUSTRALEUluru, Ayers Rock, central AustraliaTOURMALINE 19. HYDRAAngkor Wat, CambodiaTURQUOISE 20. URSA MAJORLake Baikal, Siberia, RussiaZIRCON 21. URSA MINORAttu Island, Aleutians, Alaska, U.S.A.LODESTONE 22. BOOTESJasper, Alberta, CanadaJASPER 23. SERPENSClipperton Island, eastern Pacific OceanMOONSTONE 24. GRUSOllantaytambo, PeruDIAMOND 25. INDUSTierra del Fuego, ChileCHALCEDONY 26. PICTORKerguelen Island, southern Indian OceanCORAL 27. CETUSAscension Island, southern Atlantic OceanALEXANDRITE 28. PAVOIndian-Antarctican Ocean BasinBLOODSTONE 29. CEPHEUSCape Farval, GreenlandMALACHITE 30. COLUMBADar Nuba Mountains, Kordofan, SudanPEARL 31. PEGASUSCape Verde Basin, north Atlantic OceanAZURITE 32. CASSIOPIAVelikiye-Luki, eastern RussiaRUBY

33. CANIS MAJOREagle Island, Chagos Archipelago, central Indian OceanOPAL 34. PHEONIXOrigin Point, southern Atlantic OceanLAPIS LAZULI

CREATIVE POWERS CENTER POINTS: A. Mount Kailas, Tibe-REFLEXOLOGY POINT B. Uluru, Ayers Rock, central AustraliaREFLEXOLOGY POINT C. Sedona/ Grand Canyon/ Meteor Crater, Arizona, U.S.A.REFLEXOLOGY POINT D. Luxor/ Karnak/ Hatshepsut Temples Triangle, Luxor, EgyptREFLEXOLOGY POINT E. Malta, central Mediterranean SeaEARTH MOTHER CENTER F. Bali, IndonesiaWORLD MOTHER CENTER G. Machu Picchu, PeruCOSMIC MOTHER CENTER H. Bora Bora, Tahiti, central Pacific OceanALL MOTHER CENTER I. Babylon, IraqSHADOW MOTHER CENTER J. Civitas Gateway, Rock Hill, South Carolina, U.S.A.FIVE MOTHERS CENTER K. Tiawanaku, BoliviaPANDEN, EARTH SOUL SPIRIT CENTER L. Temple of Heaven, Beijing, ChinaSOLAR FATHER CENTER M. Guidestones, Elberton, Georgia, U.S.A.AEIONIC TWINS CENTER N. Pyramids/ Sphinx, Giza, EgyptADI CENTER O. Isis Temple, Philae, Aswan, EgyptAEDRA CENTER P. Orcas Island/ Semi-ah-moo/ Mt. Baker, Washington, U.S.A.ATMANIC/ DOD-DHODRO MASTERS CENTER Q. Angkor Wat, CambodiaANCIENT OF DAYS/ PERFECTOR OF DAYS CENTER R. Palenque, Yucatan, MexicoLOGOI CENTER S. Torres del Paine, ChileCREATOR SPIRIT CENTER

SPIRITUAL POLES AND KARMIC POINTS: AA. Glastonbury, Somerset, BritainNEW SPIRITUAL POLE POINT BB. Riurimu, North Island, New ZealandNEW SPIRITUAL POLE POINT CC. Mt. Shasta, California, U.S.A.FUTURE SPIRITUAL POLE POINT DD. Great Zimbabwe, ZimbabweFUTURE SPIRITUAL POLE POINT EE. Kerguelen Island, southern Indian OceanPOLARIAN KARMIC POINT FF. Spitzbergen Island, Arctic OceanHYPERBOREAN KARMIC POINT GG. Nan Madol, Pohnpei, Caroline Islands, western Pacific OceanLEMURIAN/ MWVIAN KARMIC POINT HH. Azores Islands, central Atlantic OceanATLANTEAN KARMIC POINT II. Tiawanaku, BoliviaMEGALITHIC KARMIC POINT JJ. Gobi Desert, Outer MongoliaSHAMBALLA/ OLD SPIRITUAL POLE POINT KK. Isles of the Sun and Moon, Lake Titicaca, Peru-BoliviaAGHARTA/ OLD SPIRITUAL POLE POINT LL. New York City, U.S.A.MODERN AGE KARMIC POINT MM. Amazon Basin, BrazilAQUARIAN-CAPRICORN AGES KARMIC POINT NN. Bora Bora, Tahiti, central Pacific OceanSAGITTARIAN-SCORPIO AGES KARMIC POINT This information can be found on my web-site in the Earth Energy Enigmas Series, in the Initial Steps in Buillding a Sacred New Earth Report. This is based on the penta-dodecahedron sacred geometry coordinated with the principles of Uranologythe configuration of the constellations located on the Earth's surface in celestial and terrestrial harmony. JRJ (note; since I acquired the information all of Joseph Jochmans material has been deleted from the internet and is only available in book form from a publisher. I had acquired this by asking him directly via this email.)

Please keep in mind these are projections based on the best metaphysics available. The reason I spell this stuff out for you it to giveall of you a guide as to what to look for.what colors you might be seeing, why old sacred sites may not hold the same vibe..and so forth. Our world is changing and people like to have models or theories to help guide them to their new destination. That is why in some circles I would be called a map maker.I make mapsnot perfect picture representations but close approximities that help get you where you need to go in space and time. The maps I build will help yopu to maintain the grid even as it changes along side of you on this cosmic journey around the Galactic core. As our planet revolves around our Sun.ous solar system revolves around the Galactic core from which emanates the I AM energy. So we finally get to the core of the issue (really bad pun!). If the encapsulated system includes the Galactic core, then what is our galactic heritage? Any wonder why the Faery star is an emergent geometry?

Chapter #12; Your Galactic Heritage

DNA is the inherent pattern in which life expresses itself anywhere. Science has now shown that DNA finds the most amazing places to express itself. In volcanoes, on the bottom of a sea, even in the pipes of a nuclear reactor, life finds a way to grab hold and adapt. Wilhelm Reich was ridiculed for nearly his entire life for his belief that life was a conscious field of energy. I believe he called it orgone fields. It turns out, he was correct! There is a Conscious field of energy only its not some electrical field you can stuff into a bottle and call it a battery. It is the entire universe itself. Being an energy field it has properties of a field. You can use antennae to pick up energy from it. Georges Lakhovsky proved that. He even patented a device with the US patent office in the 1930s. He proved that every living cell is built like a battery. It stored a certain kind of energy and when it ran out; it became diseased and then died. He also showed that you could recharge the batteries (the cells) and a diseased organism became healthy again. No medicine needed..just this not well understood cosmic energy. This was so radical a premise and so simple a cure that the emergent pharmaceutical companies were threatened. And they were correct! Had the US patent office allowed the public to know of this radical new form of healing thee would be little use for any form of medicine other than in trauma cases. That is why you have never heard of him! That is why his work took 50 years to be published in Englishthe men in black showed up confiscated his machines , destroyed his work and of course he died under mysterious causes. His contemporary who knew how to play the game with the emerging industrialists.Thomas Alva Edison even said this after knowing of Georges Lakhovskys work; The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease. The technology was all based on antennae to pick up these energies out of the conscious field. And anyone even today who advertises services or tries to sell these machines on the internet will get a visit by the men in black and their equipment will be destroyed, their research confiscated and they die under mysterious causes. This antenna idea is exactly what biofeedback researcher and electrical engineer Dan Winter proposed was the original purpose of DNA. Dan Winter was daring enough to post volumes of information on the structure and design of bio fields, life DNA, and on. Until a Jewish mathematician under trumped up charges claimed intellectual property and got Dan winter and everything he publishednot just the material in question but everything banned from the internet. The only way you can find his information is through foreign posts not regulated by the US laws. Dan Winter said life is the expressed function of a particular golden mean derived wave form. So lets look at this wave in geometry next to a picture of Georges Lakhovskys multiwave

oscillator used to produce a particular form of energy that is life supporting compared to Dan Winters golden mean nested wave.

Hmmm? Does anyone think that Georges antenna was designed to pick up the life energy Dan winter is talking about? But this is not new information! This technology was known yet not known for thousands of years. Let me show you where you have seen this pattern before;

The Labyrinth at Chartres designed from ancient labyrinths before it. Utilized as a space where you are supposed to be inwardly contemplative on a subject that needed healing. So spending time in an antenna designed to trap life force energies while consciously in a receptive state of mind does have a rejuvenating

affect as recorded by untold millions who walk these pathways. Surprisingly the labyrinths are tolerated and little understood by the Catholics. I was fortunate to visit an exact copy of this in Phoenix on a wonderful gentlemans property constructed entirely out of rose quartz! The piezoelectric properties of the quartz did amazing thing to amplify the labyrinths affect. Was somebody in our ancient past trying to give us a tool? Is that why these labyrinths if constructed along golden mean geometries so invigorating? Are we that connected to the conscious field? Well lets look at this from another angle..Astrophysics and Systems Analyst Paul La Violette is able to show that the sun produces more energy output than can be estimated by all the fusion and fissionable material contained in the gravitational sphere of the Sun. His proposal thru a study called Sub Quantum Kinetics is that the sun has an added component; a process of manifesting matter from the conscious field. He has also shown that the galactic core does the same thing on a much larger scale. As a matter of fact the galactic core

produces so much of this life force energy that is explodes this energy on a periodic basis. These shock waves are recorded in the ice core samples of the Earth. These time periods coincide with the recorded mass extinctions and mass evolutions in our history. Oh! You might want to know as Paul la Violette can estimate we are overdue to the really big shock wave that happens every 62 million years like the time the planet changed from dinosaurs to mammals?.....just thought that might be of a 2012 kind of interest.

Russian and Chinese scientists have also proven that you can take an embryonic form of a species and expose it to the proper frequencies of light and it will spontaneous evolve on it own. Yes, you heard me correctly! Lightthe proper frequencies of light can morph a salamander egg into a frog egg and will birth a frog. So it is a simple extension to join this with Paul La Violettes theory and what you get is a life force shock wave from the galactic core periodically changing the DNA on this planet irrespective to any evolutionary theory. In short Darwin AND the Creationists are wrong! .and you are due to see the proof of this in your lifetime!...maybe as soon as 2012. This really catches the biologists with their pants down! Now they will soon have to rewrite even the most basic texts books. That really doesnt concern me, what does; is the implications for extra terrestrial life. If the life force field manifests a particular pattern then it will do so the same on any planet of the same conditions. Meaning any evolved aliens that can tolerate our living conditions will look exactly like us. Possibly even be close enough to be able to breed with us or at the very least gene splice compatibly. So the notion of aliens being egg producing scaly nitrogen breathers is not supported by this hypothesis. What is for an alien to meet you in the grocery store and you would not be able to tell the difference from someone of another culture.

This puts a new light on the possibility that the sons of god mated with the daughters of man or the missing link is of alien origin. All that really pales in comparison to the fact that we can change the Matrix by our heartfelt emotions and that we can travel anywhere we want to go with our consciousness. That is an incredible superpower! As we do know in our hearts; no ability is given without the responsibility to use it for the benefit of all. Free will states we have the freedom to not follow those directivesand pay dire prices for doing soOr we can step up and be the most magnificent creatures that God ever created. This is your galactic heritage. To live harmoniously on one of the most life force rich planets in the Galaxy and evolve into a super race with the next galactic shock wavepotentially become a part of our Sky Family an or crash and burn starving for little pieces of paper with Illuminati symbols on them Its Your Choice Let me suggest (yet another) theory

So far theIndegenous people have been correct aboutwell just about everything! I think they are correct about the fact that this is the 5th edition of mankind and each time mankind is born again the evolutionary pattern steps up to a more complex structure. Well what if some other race came here and altered our DNA? What if their entire race did not agree with the plan? What if they were doomed to stay here.. And the legends of the 12 from Atlantis were those off worlders who made it their mission to fix the problem. And the best solution besides educating the people was to breed with them to through a kink in the DNA plan of the off-worlders They knew when the next galactic core wave hit it would alter the DNA and allow the gene coding would manifest completely. And what if they knew this would happen and they provided as much knowledge in as many ways as possible to still be retained over 60,000 years?

The oldest book on the planet (questionably) is the one that contains the Yoga Sutras, the Rig Veda or the hymns of knowledge. In the Rig Veda is the most curious statements I have ever read. Let us with tuneful skill Proclaim these generations of the Gods That one may envision them when these hymns were chanted in a future age. Rig Veda 10.72.1 Here we are given a clue that the meaning is hidden in the tuneful skill part. And the message has to do with ancient culture (generations of the gods). This is somehow important for this knowledge to be known in a future age. The manual on how to obtain supernormal powers in is included in the same text.Hmmmm? In many cultures the ancient ones who were the givers of knowledge were fair complexioned. They were depicted as white or even bluish white. They were not from here but could mate with humans. They were called by many names. They were named after their powers; the Siddhi. Thousands of miles away they were called the SidheFae, faery, shining one, Elohim, El, Elves. The recent galactic/solar stimulation of our DNA has allowed this resurgence of our ancient genetic heritage has resurfaced in the form of faery children. One of the popular names now is crystal children. They have 5 finger and toes and that is just about where the similarities end. Why is it they are born with so much knowledge and a fascination for faeries?

The Annunciation of the Aquarian Age: The Faery Faith

Any good fairy story starts with; once upon a time Once upon a time somewhere 2 thousand years ago, there was a stellar configuration that announced the birth of the great spiritual leader of the age. That stellar confluence had a name..the star of Bethlehem. This is the beginning of the Aquarian Age, and belief in following a single spiritual leader or faith is not congruent with the nature of the times. What is in harmony with this age is the understanding that we are all an important part of a greater entity (Gaia).namely this world we live inon(I dont think we have a proper preposition).just like in the movie; Avatar. The natives had no word for (I see you)I psychically sense you. There is a word that is from ancient Sanskrit, which does function as the movies phrase; I see you. It was a Siddhi (faery) greeting. It directly translates; I see a part of God in younamaste. Yogis and yoginis utilize the word. Yoga: the practice of unifying mind, body, spirit..another Aquarian concept!....thru discipline one can find harmony with ones world.a social value of the new paradigm of the new age.

Discipline replaces Sacrifice as the new age comes into being. Speaking of which, the annunciation part. The stellar configuration which signals the end of old not working beliefs and the inception of new vital finally believing that Christ is in all of us, an Essene belief, not in structures of wood and stone.. Split a piece of wood or turn over the stone and you will find me... (Oops!) I think I just quoted the one gospel the Catholic Church refuses to acknowledge: The secret book of Thomas, Jesus instruction at the last supper. So finally learning the lesson of the last age, Pisces; we move forward to the new 'birth'...... The leader of the new age 'is not a person but symbol of harmony with nature on a multidimensional level.... The Sabian symbol for this new Moon at 26* Capricorn (1/14/10) is: a nature spirit dancing in the iridescent mist of a waterfall. (Cathy Pagano) A fairy dancing in a waterfall at the beginning of a decade, millennia, and age..Need I say more?....Can you see me?

The Fairy Faith

every good fairy story starts with; 'once upon a time' Once upon a time, there was a civilization that lived in harmony with all living things on this weapons or locks were ever made because all believed in the abundance of that great living entity (Gaea) upon who's skin we walk. There were other races of advanced beings that shared this world with us... and many more that came to visit. Every one took what they needed and there was plenty for all. This was all done under the stewardship a great race known throughout the universe as the Hu-mans. Each new born boy and girl born on this planet was taught a basic group of tenets that help guide them in their learning process until the day they were accepted into the Great Galactic Tribe and earned the honored title of Hu-man. Those children learned that what their minds created and their hearts felt, was communicated to the divine matrix as magnetic instructions on just how this reality was to be manifested. They also learned of their galactic heritage and so recognized they were not originally from this place but chose to serve here. Each boy and girl learned carefully the Tenets that were gifted to Humanity by the servants of the Great Mother Earth. Those servants were named as to their function; Gaea-elohim.. The 'Children of the Gael' commonly known to us as Fae-ry. They each chose a boy or girl to

personally teach the 'Tenets of Fairy'. They knew that the creation of their world depended on how well they taught their students. By learning the Tenets and proving themselves in the service of Gaea at their acceptance ceremony every boy and girl were given a new name to signify their new honored position as cocreator. There was always much celebration and a joyous tiding for it was a title not easily earned. The other races often bowed to show their humble appreciation for ones who had chose to incarnate into such a responsible and powerful position as to be called Co-creator. So their title was named also according to their function; Heart-singers of the Divine sound HU or Human. The Humans and the Fairys lived in harmony so long as the Tenets were taught and followed...... I present to you now;

The Tenets of Fairy

1. You are God; Not only is spirit in all of us, but we are each and important part of God.....and we are all a part of the divinely directed sentient who rules over our planet. Her name is; Gaea. 2. Diversity is Strength; in diversity is our strength....conformity and uniformity diminishes our adaptability or ability to evolve mentally, physically, and spiritually 3. Do Union; Discipline applied as 'self improvement'. Connecting mind, body, and spirit is an improvement yourself and of the whole (Gaea). 4. No Sacrifice; Sacrifice is not an option! To diminish any part is to diminish the whole (Gaea). 5. Direct your Destiny; you choose your birth. Your soul is an immortal energy structure. Your body is the standing wave pattern of the vibrations you call your soul. An incarnation is a souls form of education on the path to divinity. All sentinel events in your life are chosen by your soul and are ultimately your responsibility. 6. Connect to Faery; once you take responsibility for your part of god and apply the discipline of Union, you have the orientation and ability to communicate thru the

multidimensional energy links that connect us all. Then you are a part of the Gaea body and can participate in shaping this reality. 7.7 Generations; All decisions are made in regards to sustainability the whole (Gaea)..... (How would any decision effect the 7th generation?)

Take the Faery gift and personalize it. Post it where it will be ever present to remind you of the power and responsibility you have assumed in this incarnation. For then you can be truly be called CoCreator, Keeper of the Earth Grid or;


Here is all the pictures and the links to where I got them from..I again apologize if I hurt anybodys rights it is not my intention.I did and will not make any money from this book and my sole intention is to educate the masses. I greatly appreciate you making your work available to help facilitate my educational process of others! Any pictures not listed below are of my own making and I give anyone permission to use them for the purpose of education. (

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali The Threads of Union Translation by BonGiovanni

I couldnt find this and I really wish I had kept the link! &tbnid=EKAZJuuSG9j4zM:&imgrefurl= jSdEpcwf3w6M&w=337&h=321&ei=IwFETuK8NoPniALmgui8Ag&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=533&vpy =289&dur=5386&hovh=219&hovw=230&tx=54&ty=233&page=8&tbnh=141&tbnw=164&star t=203&ndsp=28&ved=1t:429,r:16,s:203

Qero and According to Hopi elders z7aKkhd/CropCircleVesicPisces.jpg bnid=1GXMGMmQU62DQM:&imgrefurl= &docid=UTnkRJWzwsHjDM&w=398&h=376&ei=ggFETpbbFTSiAK6tMXHAg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=779&vpy=429&dur=439&hovh=211&hovw=223&t x=82&ty=95&page=1&tbnh=148&tbnw=156&start=0&ndsp=33&ved=1t:429,r:20,s:0 &tbm=isch&tbnid=l1VDIO9pqQiTFM:&imgrefurl= &docid=yKfqJ2rkELxZ2M&w=461&h=308&ei=PQJETqm4DrTUiALDo9W1Ag&zoom=1&ia ct=hc&vpx=1125&vpy=482&dur=2016&hovh=183&hovw=275&tx=132&ty=162&page=3&tb nh=138&tbnw=185&start=57&ndsp=28&ved=1t:429,r:19,s:57 s1600/meditating.jpg ntra_mantra2.jpg &tbnid=gGCijRTXwmP1WM:&imgrefurl= chive.html&docid=RFjjHlayLOLcFM&w=460&h=356&ei=gwJETtizEM_WiAKmpqHLAg&zo om=1&iact=hc&vpx=751&vpy=359&dur=52&hovh=197&hovw=255&tx=121&ty=118&page= 3&tbnh=143&tbnw=185&start=56&ndsp=28&ved=1t:429,r:17,s:56 =isch&tbnid=pPr8TrurXqy8sM:&imgrefurl= 1&iact=rc&dur=508&page=1&tbnh=127&tbnw=128&start=0&ndsp=36&ved=1t:429,r:9,s:0&tx =92&ty=30

And Mount Sinai was altogether &tbnid=gYvLN1pkxpDXSM:&imgrefurl= odo.php&docid=_hOzQzMmm1bkIM&w=719&h=595&ei=dANETuniDKrUiAK7vtnhAg&zoo m=1&iact=rc&dur=532&page=1&tbnh=143&tbnw=176&start=0&ndsp=28&ved=1t:429,r:7,s:0 &tx=87&ty=74

(tried to find the URL for this version of the sri yantras and couldnt) h=779&tbm=isch&tbnid=R4s7KQhEWrNLM:&imgrefurl= =132&ty=61&page=23&tbnh=139&tbnw=171&start=680&ndsp=31&ved=1t:429,r:20,s:680 egory%3D5 ch&tbnid=rGiZAhUX4aPA3M:&imgrefurl= &zoom=1&iact=rc&page=1&tbnh=140&tbnw=142&start=0&ndsp=34&ved=1t:429,r:26,s:0&tx =79&ty=89 &imgrefurl= &h=450&ei=NwhETrz7C8zUiAL5jd3DAg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=686&vpy=411&dur=290& hovh=194&hovw=259&tx=115&ty=106&page=6&tbnh=135&tbnw=159&start=158&ndsp=32 &ved=1t:429,r:3,s:158 779&tbm=isch&tbnid=yPyzxO_3ikcfiM:&imgrefurl= 5&tx=170&ty=57&page=1&tbnh=128&tbnw=192&start=0&ndsp=29&ved=1t:429,r:6,s:0 bm=isch&tbnid=fq1QBUGvDexj6M:&imgrefurl= &docid=lUMthxVKhdUpWM&w=200&h=180&ei=2whETrugHOPSiALp4unLAg&zoom=1&i act=rc&dur=641&page=6&tbnh=144&tbnw=159&start=156&ndsp=32&ved=1t:429,r:17,s:156 &tx=69&ty=115 gbv=2&biw=1600&bih=779&tbm=isch&tbnid=efxuVzrNi0anIM:&imgrefurl=http://www.math &dur=975&hovh=96&hovw=226&tx=183&ty=38&page=1&tbnh=81&tbnw=190&start=0&nds p=34&ved=1t:429,r:33,s:0 imgrefurl= =124&dur=163&hovh=226&hovw=223&tx=124&ty=128&page=1&tbnh=138&tbnw=139&star t=0&ndsp=31&ved=1t:429,r:14,s:0 49&vpy=87&dur=440&hovh=144&hovw=137&tx=113&ty=109&page=1&tbnh=144&tbnw=13 7&start=0&ndsp=32&ved=1t:429,r:7,s:0 =779&tbm=isch&tbnid=FqMPgmUuyUm0RM:&imgrefurl= articles/matrix.html&docid=odMFhMdTrubM4M&w=500&h=311&ei=RQtETsrjG83ZiALlma

HmAg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=1127&vpy=450&dur=825&hovh=177&hovw=285&tx=131&ty =66&page=2&tbnh=119&tbnw=191&start=32&ndsp=32&ved=1t:429,r:6,s:32 =779&tbm=isch&tbnid=98eA_XUREcwS5M:&imgrefurl= encia/ciencia_sol15.htm&docid=aHKiUVy87P17YM&w=380&h=266&ei=RQtETsrjG83ZiALl maHmAg&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=461&page=1&tbnh=130&tbnw=185&start=0&ndsp=32&ved =1t:429,r:0,s:0&tx=70&ty=78 &tbm=isch&tbnid=JBAnPFBCtnDkHM:&imgrefurl= llections/departments/mineralogy/research/researchprojects/crystalchemistryofoxidespinels.457_ en.html&docid=wJQX03SWLZiPSM&w=250&h=250&ei=ngtETtWVA6fniALQhIHqAg&zoo m=1&chk=sbg&iact=hc&vpx=1014&vpy=396&dur=447&hovh=200&hovw=200&tx=144&ty= 128&page=15&tbnh=136&tbnw=136&start=439&ndsp=33&ved=1t:429,r:14,s:439 9&tbm=isch&tbnid=TjG3Ci9JoDB3QM:&imgrefurl= 1ilec/sasia/ssd/ssphys/ssphystx.htm&docid=m5Lb3Tha5t-

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m=1&chk=sbg&iact=hc&vpx=192&vpy=441&dur=619&hovh=114&hovw=183&tx=78&ty=73 &page=15&tbnh=114&tbnw=183&start=449&ndsp=32&ved=1t:429,r:8,s:449 As Joseph Jochmans writes in Earth: A Crystal Planet

Jochmann writes, "Because the bioelectric field (url now not found) FIRST FOURTEEN ASTROLOGICAL NODES AND NEW ETHERIC GEMSTONE TEMPLE ANCHOR POINTS: (url now not found / given to me in an email from Joseph Jockmans) 00/eastfield+august+2008+alton+barnes+crop+circle1q.jpg bm=isch&tbnid=0yzAPaNy9hdHdM:&imgrefurl= &iact=rc&dur=454&page=2&tbnh=140&tbnw=173&start=28&ndsp=31&ved=1t:429,r:20,s:28 &tx=39&ty=63 &bih=779&tbm=isch&tbnid=Dky6J8e5clIAgM:&imgrefurl= e/2010/11/gamma-ray-bubbles-milky-way/&docid=VfHMKy3h2oUuM&w=660&h=371&ei=TxFETseTA8PZiAKIw6XnAg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vp

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