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Financial Holding
AT. Financial Holding provides financial services to institutional and individual clients throughout the world. We equip our clients with the tools to build their ideal investment portfolio, while adhering to our values of ethics, relationship building, and innovation. Founded in 2008, AT. Financial Holding is a member of Dallah Albaraka Group, a worldwide investment group based in Saudi Arabia.


To continue to be a leader in developing Sharia products, while providing world-class financial services to our clients.

Over the last three decades, Dallah Albaraka Group has evolved into a diversified international conglomerate, with investments of over 70 billion Saudi Riyals in over 40 countries.
AT. Financial Brokerage, our securities brokerage arm, is a registered full service broker on the Egyptian Stock Exchange. We serve international, regional, and local players, trading in both Egypt and abroad.

To deliver financial services to institutional and individual clients according to the concepts of ethical business practices, research-driven innovation, and enhancing education in the industry.

AT. Asset Management, our wealth management firm, offers tailored portfolios and specialized investment funds, managed by a team of accomplished professionals according to our proprietary asset allocation model. Our firm is wholeheartedly committed to building longlasting, powerful relationships with our clients. We will continue to uphold our principles as we strive toward a promising future.

Securities Brokerage
At AT. Financial Brokerage, you can trade on local and international markets across different asset classes. Our brokers keep you abreast of the latest market activities while consistently mining for hidden gems and investment opportunities.
AT. Financial Brokerage offers services to retail and institutional clients both locally and abroad. We are also an authorized listing agent by the Egyptian Exchange. Our services include the following:

Asset Management
Our asset management arm specializes in tailored portfolios on the capital market, choosing each investment strategy after careful analysis of the clients profile and financial goals.
AT. Asset Management managed the first Sharia-compliant balanced fund in Egypt. We specialize in Sharia compliant equity, balanced, sectorial, and real estate funds. We draw from not only our experience in the Egyptian market, but the experience gained from AT. Asset Management in Saudi Arabia.

Access to local, regional, and international markets Trading and settlement Listing Services Access to liquidity pools Research

GDR/ADRs Arbitrage opportunities Same day trading E-Trade ETFs

We use our proprietary asset allocation system to ensure that your portfolio is balanced in a way that best suits your needs.

AT. Asset Managements core investment principles are independent thinking, adaptive methodology and risk control. Applying this approach, we strive to consistently outperform the market while seeking to manage risk.

Our execution services are complemented by a professional research team that assists our clients with their decision making process. Our team of economists, financial analysts, and technical analysts is here to serve you. AT. Financial Brokerage also boasts full-fledged Compliance, Auditing, Operations ,and Accounting departments. Our custodial services are executed through our affiliate, Al Baraka Bank Egypt.

Our investment process is based on comprehensive analysis of fundamental and technical data. Investment decisions are made by using a series of proprietary asset allocations and security selection models, implemented using professional trading and risk management systems. We look for value and invest in assets which we believe trade at a discount to their target values.

Egypt Daily Market Report

We explore new opportunities every day, gathering invaluable information and creating concise reports to support your financial activities.
AT. Financial Holdings research professionals are dedicated to compiling, interpreting, and presenting information that will aid you in choosing your investments. Our team has built proprietary analysis and evaluation models, thoroughly examining the latest market, company and economic data to produce concise reports. Our trading desk analyst facilitates teamwork between the analysts and brokers, resulting in well-rounded, detailed research products and a deeply knowledgeable group of traders. AT. Research creates customer-initiated reports; these reports are tailored based on client requests and are intended to suit the unique goals of each customer. AT. Research was the first organization to establish an index for Sharia compliant stocks. We use our proprietary index to measure their performance and make recommendations.

Our trading desk analyst, research team, and traders are resourceful and accessible to our clients.

A daily morning technical report with investment recommendations.

Morning News
Daily news on the local and international markets.

Company Reports

We send smart investment ideas and breaking market trends to give you an advantage.

Coverage of listed securities including indepth analysis of major events, results and news affecting the companies.

Market Watch
Released after the session, focusing on major events of the day.

Multiples Matrix
A daily update on the multiples of major selected stocks.

Sharia Compliant List

An up-to-date list of the Sharia compliant stocks, according to AAOIFI standards. Currently covering the major stocks with new stocks being added regularly.

Tailored Reports
Customized reports created from our inhouse database.

Hassan Salem Al-Ammari (Chairman)

Mr. Al-Ammari, currently AT. Financial, Jeddahs Chief Executive Officer, holds a B.A. from the University of Exberdeg, UK. He holds membership in the management of more than 20 investment companies. Prior to joining Dallah Al Baraka group in 1993, Mr. Al-Ammari served as regional director of the Saudi Investment Bank. He received training courses on leadership skills, risks of financing and planning programs, decision-making and portfolio management, funds, strategic planning and leadership at critical times, and in the implementation of management deals and commercial transactions in accordance with Islamic Sharia.

Khaled Abou-Heif (Chief Executive Officer)

Prior to joining AT. Financial, Mr. Abu-Heif served as the Managing Director for Commercial International Brokerage Company (CIBC) from March of 2005. As one of CIBCs cofounders, he played a crucial role in the growth of the brokerage business, helping maintain its leadership in the market and managing the placement of IPO transactions concluded by investment banking. During this time, Mr. Abou-Heif established the companys front desk and managed the sales team. Today, Mr. Abou-Heif continues to be an important presence in shaping the brokerage industry in Egypt. He is a board member of the Egyptian Capital Market Association (ECMA), Misr for Central Clearing Depository and Registry (MCDR) and the Egyptian Protection Fund (EPF). He is also an active member in Primary Dealers Association and the Arab Stock Markets Union. Following his education at Cairo University, where Mr. Abou-Heif holds a BA in Accounting from the Faculty of Commerce, he went on to gain a variety of credentials. These include the completion of Wharton School of Business Corporate Governance program.

Adnan Ahmed Youseef

Mr. Adnan Ahmed Youseef is a prolific international banker with over 30 years of experience. He has been President & CEO of Al Baraka Banking Group (ABG) since 2002; the group is headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain with presence in 12 countries in the form of subsidiaries, with a total of 250 branches. He is also Chairman of a number of banks: Al Baraka Turk Participation Bank, Banque Al Baraka D Algeria, Al Baraka Bank Ltd. South Africa, Al Baraka Lebanon, Jordan Islamic Bank, Egyptian Saudi Finance Bank Egypt and Vice Chairman of Al Baraka Islamic Bank - Bahrain. He is a board member of most of the subsidiaries of ABG, and Chairman of the European Islamic Investment Bank (EIIB) London and Union of Arab Banks, Lebanon. Mr. Youseef spent 20 years with Arab Banking Corporation (ABC), holding positions of Board Member and Member of the Audit Committee. He has been Executive Chairman of ABC Services & Investment Company E.C. and ABC Islamic Bank for over 15 years, and Senior VP and Head of the Arab World Division and Head of Global Marketing & Financial Institutions Division. The prestigious Islamic Banker of the Year Award was awarded to Mr. Youseef in 2004.

Ashraf Ghamrawy
Mr. Ghamrawy holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Ain-Shams University, 1977. Currently, he is the CEO and Managing Director of the Egyptian-Saudi Finance Bank; he also holds membership of several company boards. Mr. Ghamrawy has received numerous training courses in the field of banking and investment.

Ghassan Saqallah
Mr. Saqallah holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Strassford University, UK. He has passed through many specialized courses in the areas of treasury management, risk management, and Islamic banking during his career; he also is a member of the Assembly of Arab Monetary Experts. Additionally, he was chosen as Chief Professional Dealer in the field of the treasury during his work at the Bank of Riyadh. Mr. Saqallah is currently Deputy President of the general administration of product development at AT. Financial, Jeddah.

Khaled Fathi
Mr. Fathi holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Cairo University, 1991. During his career as a financial manager for CIBC, he completed numerous training courses in accounting. He is currently General Manager at AT. Financial Holding Company, Egypt.

Omar El-Harazy
Mr. Harazy holds a Business Administration bachelor degree from the University of King Abdul-Aziz, Jeddah (1982) and is currently Deputy Chief Executive Officer at AT. Financial, Jeddah, in addition to membership on boards of many of the departments operating in the area of investment. He received numerous training courses in business administration and investment management at the Riyadh Bank Trade Finance Center.

Sharia Compliant Committee: Shaikh. Khaled El-Guindi

Shaikh El-Guindi is the Sharia consultant for AT. Financial Holding. He holds a B.A. from the faculty of Theology, Al-Azhar University-Cairo. Shaikh El-Guindi is one of AlAzhar University Scholars. He is currently a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, and a member founder of Islamic Phone Company El-Hatef El-Islami. Shaikh El-Guindi has contributed to many international conferences, is contributing in weekly/daily TV programs, and has plenty of articles in various newspapers and periodicals.

Ahmed Deif
Mr. Deif holds a Masters Degree in Finance from the University of Glaxo, U.S.A. He is currently AT. Financials General Manager. Mr. Deif has completed many specialized courses in the field of investment and finance while working in the banking sector at Citibank.

Dr. Rokaya Riyad Ismail

Dr. Ismail has been Chief Legal Sector at Egyptian-Saudi Finance Bank since the beginning of 2008. She holds a PhD in international commercial arbitration, public law. Dr. Ismail has completed many specialized training programs, including: legal affairs, administration at the Center for European MCE, Brussels and courses in provisions and rules of administration at the Center for GBS, UK while working as Director of Legal Affairs.CIB, Egypt.

Khalid Abu El-Ela

Mr. Abu El-Ela is the managing director of AT. Asset Management. He has more than 25 years experience in banking & investment. Prior to joining AT. Financial Holding he served as general manager and board member at Delta Rasmala (ABN-Amro Egypt) and Head of Capital Markets Sector at Misr International Bank. Mr. Abu El-Ela obtained his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ain Shams University in Cairo.

In the Boardroom

AT Lease Co-arranger for the securitization transaction EGP 572M MACOR Acquisition EGP 358M AT. Lease Ownership Transfer Execution EGP 265M




Arab Gathering, Multaka Private Placement EGP 109.4M

Cleopatra Group for Development Trade Sale EGP 86.2M

Pharaoh Communications Network Trade Sale EGP 86.2M




Vision for Securities Brokerage Co. Acquisition Undisclosed New Rosetex for Spinning & Co. Ownership Transfer EGP 80M West Gulf for Urban Development Ownership Transfer EGP 80M




Icopack Ownership Transfer Execution EGP 42.568M

Copack Ownership Transfer Execution EGP 37.375M

Ismailia Misr Poultry Private Placement EGP 34.5M




Advanced Pharmaceutical Packing APP, Private Placement EGP 21.3M 2010 Egywrap Ownership Transfer Execution EGP 16.464M ARAB Engineering Industries Private Placement EGP 4M



AL-ASAAS Egyptian Equity Fund Open End Growth Fund USD 5M 2010

Egyptian Saudi Finance Bank Balance Fund Open End Growth Fund EGP 50-250M 2010

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