B.E.(E.C.) and Also CCNA Certified From NIIT Delhi | Internet Protocol Suite | Computer Network


B.E.(E.C.) Year -2010 prahladpatidar_004@yahoo.com Mob. 07795091342

To utilize my Conceptual and Innovative skills for valuable contribution towards success of the organization by adding value to it, and attain continuous personal and professional growth.

STANDARD CCNA (640-801) Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic & Communication) 12th 10 th INSTITUTION NIIT, DELHI Medicaps Institute of Technology & Management, Indore Saraswati Hr. Sec. School Ujjain Saraswati S. M. Soyat (Kalan) Year 2010 2010 2005 2003 Percentage 91% 70.2% 67.7% 65% Board CISCO RGPV MP MP

Computer Skills

Networking skills: Well understanding of Bridging, Switching, Routing concepts and LAN topologies, cabling on an Ethernet LAN. Describe layered OSI Model, TCP/IP protocol suite (IP, ARP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, SMTP, FTP and TFTP). Describe the concepts of IP-Addressing, Sub netting, major application protocols and briefly define their features and operation. Configure routing protocols (RIP, V1/V2, OSPF, IGRP and EIGRP), evaluate the characteristics, verify, analyze and troubleshoot the operations. Analyze, configure, implement, verify, and rectify access-control lists within a router configuration. Describe, configure and administer the operation of STP, VTP, VLAN, and INTER VLANs. Describe, configure and administer NAT, DNS, TCP, DHCP, FRAME-RELAY, ISDN, DDR and PPP. Installing, configuring wireless networking.

Area(s) of interest
• • • • Programming language C Networking & Data Communication Mobile Communication Digital electronics logic design & specification


• Madhya Pradesh & Jharkhand EMF SURVEY of Airtel. Personal Details Date of Birth Father’s Name Strength Hobbies Permanent Address Present Address Contact Number Aug. Designation: RF Survey Engineer.G.R. Jagdish Patidar Dedication. Bangalore-560068 Mob.)-465449 S. • Training & Courses • Embedded System & PCB Designing from Technido in 2009.Work Experiences COMPANY: UNI-INFO Pvt.P. Idea for Uni-info Pvt. Enthusiastic Swimming. Ltd. Susner Dist. Men’s Hostel No.54 Roopenaagrahara Houser Road 3rd Cross N. Projects Undertaken Uttar Pradesh 3G SURVEY of Idea and Kolkata LOS of Aircel for GTL Ltd. Base location: Indore. • Maharastra NEW SURVEY of Idea. • Project was facilitated to provide security. Shajapur (M. Dehariya Soyat Kalan The. • Project was facilitated to show time through 28 LED. Tata and Gujarat DRIVE TEST of Uninor and BTS SURVEY of BSNL for Metrotelworks Pvt. • Global System for Mobile Communications from BSNL Indore in 2008.N. No: 07795091342 Res: 09630776839 I hereby affirm that information in this document is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. Ltd. • Display LED. Cooking 193. 09 1987 Mr. SEVEN SEGMENT and LCD using FPGA kit. layout. PLACE-: BANGALORE DATE: 15/09/11 PRAHLAD PATIDAR 2 . Ltd.

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