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Discover Limu Plus
Treat your body right. You live in a fastpaced world. Sometimes you make choices that are not the best for your health and happiness. That’s why you need a product that supports your body’s natural functions and helps you find your center. Take care of yourself and the people you love with Limu Plus.
Discover wellness with Vitamark™, the makers of Limu Plus. You’ve heard about the nutritional benefits of kelp—but did you know how difficult it is, thanks to environmental pollution, to find a pure, pristine source? We discovered it in the untouched Pacific paradise of Tonga, the source of our superb Limu Moui extract. Then we added advanced Russian adaptogens, the extraordinary performance-enhancing plants uncovered by years of scientific research. The result is Limu Plus, a wellness breakthrough, the best of nature and science combined. Add one or two ounces of Limu Plus to your daily diet and discover wellness for yourself.

Moui is no ordinary plant. In addition to being packed with vitamins, minerals and other life-giving substances that have made kelp such a health food staple, Limu Moui is particularly rich in the polysaccharide fucoidan. Fucoidan is the primary active phytochemical in this “miracle sea plant” and is reported to be the subject of more than 600 scientific studies. According to research, this complex carbohydrate may lend extraordinary support to the body’s immune functions. Fucoidan is also said to: • • • • • • Assist with joints* Improve digestion* Offer liver support* Improve blood function* Improve stomach function* Enhance skin and cellular growth*

Advanced Russian Adaptogens


One of nature’s health secrets has been discovered in the waters off the coast of the Pacific island of Tonga. In this lush tropical paradise, untouched by industry and unspoiled by pollution, natives have known the energizing benefits of the sea plant they call Limu Moui.* But Limu

The strength of Limu Plus does not stop at fucoidan. This revolutionary elixir also contains advanced Russian adaptogens. Adaptogens are a rare class of plant first identified by Russian scientists. In the mid-1950s, the Russian government commissioned its Academy of Sciences to create a product to enhance human performance. The product had to accomplish three objectives:

Years of research have gone into the formulation of Limu Plus.

• • •

Be safe and non-toxic to the body Support cellular health Equip the body to adapt to stressors

For 40 years, more than 1200 scientists were involved in this unprecedented, confidential project that led to groundbreaking discoveries and thousands of studies. A unique group of plants referred to as “adaptogens” were discovered growing in an area of eastern Russia called the Primorye. The Discovery Channel produced a special on the total devastation created by a meteor in 1908 in the same area of the Primorye Forest to which adaptogens are native. After the devastation, certain plants learned to cope with extreme temperature variations, radiation exposure, altitude variances, sea pressure, toxic exposure and stresses of drought and water variances. These “adaptable” plants— adaptogens—grew back to create one of the most botanically active regions in the world. According to researchers, adaptogens help restore the body’s overall capacity for exertion and resistance to stress.* In other words, adaptogens help the body adapt to internal and external environmental stressors. In a society where, according to the American Medical Association, more than 80 percent of health

challenges may be related to stressors, the adaptogens in Limu Plus can be your answer for alleviating stress.* With time and clinical trials, some 12 adaptogenic plants were identified as the most active. Vitamark™ uses a coextraction, processed blend of six of the most active adaptogens in Limu Plus. This adaptogen blend helps support: • • • • • • • • • • Better focus* Mental energy* Stamina* Enhanced sleep* Less toxicity* Better attention to detail* Mood improvement* Improvement in the aging process* Antioxidant capability* Cellular balance*

Superior Absorption: Aloe Vera and GreenTea

To be effective, a health beverage must be readily absorbed by the body. One of the best “conductive vehicles” to increase effectiveness in the body is aloe vera. The International Aloe Science Council (IASC) points out the long, illustrious history of the semi-tropical plant called aloe vera. It dates from ancient antiquity and has been mentioned throughout history for its beauty-enhancing, health and medicinal properties.*

Aloe vera contains more than 70 essential ingredients and more than 200 biologically active compounds. These include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, polysaccharides (called the master molecule) and biological stimulators. A recent study co-sponsored by the Aloe Institute and the International Aloe Science Council found that total absorption of water-soluble and fatsoluble vitamins significantly increased and elevated over a 24-hour period when taken in combination with aloe vera compared with vitamin supplements taken alone. Interestingly, there is no other known substance that will increase bioavailability of both water and fatsoluble vitamins. And because aloe speeds the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract, people can experience benefits from Limu Plus more readily. Vitamark’s ACTIValoe™ offers the guarantee of biological activity and effective ingredients. ACTIValoe™ is grown in soils not tainted with insecticides and harmful fertilizers. The farms are located in central Mexico to protect the plants from any chance of being impacted by cold weather. ACTIValoe™ is standardized to be no less than 10% by weight a polysaccharide, the purity and quality is verified by scientific analysis, and it is certified by the International Aloe Science Council. This certification is

like the “Good Housekeeping” seal of approval for aloe vera products. Along with ACTIValoe™, Vitamark™ adds Green Tea and Taheebo Tea—some of nature’s strongest antioxidants—to Limu Plus. These two ingredients increase the antioxidant properties of Limu Plus while insuring the bioavailability of nutrients.

Other Life-Giving Substances

In addition to fucoidan, Limu Moui is packed with other life-giving substances. These include: • Amino acids, the body’s “building blocks.” Limu Moui provides essential amino acids the body cannot create by itself.* Glycoprotiens, which help the body defend itself.* Essential fatty acids, which are the key to eye and brain health, normal mental functioning and normal blood sugar ranges.* Glyconutrients, also known as “sweet nutrients” because they are composed of sugars (monosaccharides). Eight glyconutrients are classified as essential because the body does not readily produce them. In other words, you must get these nutrients from dietary sources. Glyconutrients are part of the

• •

Pure Tongan Limu Moui extract, advanced Russian adaptogens, ACTIValoe™ and Green Tea make Limu Plus a life-changing product.

Limu Plus tastes great. You will look forward to drinking it every day for optimal health. Limu Plus is a breakthrough product like no other.


structure of every cell in the body and are critical to life itself. They are necessary for cellular communication and have become a focus in the scientific community for their role in delivering messages throughout the body. Thousands of peer-reviewed papers document the importance of glyconutrients in your diet. In fact, a major medical textbook, Harper’s Biochemistry, was revised to include the Nobel Prize-winning category of glyconutrients. Fucoidan contains five of these vital glyconutrients: mannose, glucose, galactose, xylose and fucose.* Powerful antioxidant polyphenols, which address heavy metals, support healthy hair, nails and skin, ease digestive ability and address the aging process.* Powerful colloidal minerals. These are easily absorbed into the body and help conduction of other nutrients. Colloidal minerals also assist with toxin removal.* Plant enzymes, which assist literally every bodily function since vitamins, minerals and hormones cannot work without their support. Enzymes also help to build our bodies and aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients.*

Vitamins and other nutrients that provide and encourage immune function.*

The Highest Production Standards

To create a quality product like Limu Plus demands the highest standard of raw materials and manufacture. Working with one of the leading manufacturers of high quality nutritional supplements in the world, Vitamark™ delivers the best. Vitamark’s Limu Moui is harvested by hand to insure that only the best plant material is selected and the process is friendly to the Tongan ecosystem. It is then carefully processed to preserve its beneficial essence. Our adaptogenic plants are also selectively harvested at an exact point during the growing season to insure peak potential. Then, to harness the potency, experts with more than thirty years of experience process the plants. These ingredients are formulated under the legendary production standards of our manufacturer using state-of-the-art technology. That’s why Limu Plus is the best of nature and science combined.

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