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PL report for exco on 27th June

The pan democratic legislators held a press con on Sunday inviting Anson Chan
to call on people to march on 1.7. This is not supported by Lau Chin Shek, Albert
Taipan, Chan Wai Yip and Fung Kin Kee.
Having discussed with the other pan democratic legislators, the arrangement for
newspaper ad is as follows:
(i) the Party’s ad for 7.1 (half of which is donated by J Lai) came out in Apple today.
(ii) Frontier’s ad (half of which is donated by J Lai) came out last week
(iii) DP will pay for an ad in Ming Pao.
(iv) the legislators will pay for an advertisement in Metro News
Jia’s visit
24 pan democratic legislators (except Albert Taipan) have signed a letter
addressed to Jia dealing with (i)universal suffrage (ii) reversal of June 4th (iii) Ching
Cheong. The l etter has been handed to CE to be passed to him. The majority of our
legislators will attend the dinner given in honour of Jia.
Judges’ membership
The ALJS meeting on this topic did not finish and another meeting will be held.
DAB is applying more pressure despite the position of the administration and the
Betting Duty
Fernando is concerned that the bill will lead to more gambling on horse racing as
it gives the Jockey Club greater flexibility in the betting methods for horse racing and
in the taxing of dividends. He is minded to oppose the bill if his amendments cannot
be passed. There is a difference of view amongst legislators. Views of exco are
Covert surveillance
Despite marathon meetings, it looks as if the second reading will have to be
postponed to 2nd August and there is slightly more time to discuss voting and CSA
with the other pan democrats.
In my earlier e mail to you all, I have explained that Ku donated money to the
A45 newspaper and saying that he would support our endeavours in future. So when
the party was formed, Margaret did write to him to seek donation. However he never
gave us any donation. Recently he invited the press on 2 or 3 separate occasions to
say that he intended to donate a very large sum to the party (one or two billion was
mentioned) but decided not to as a member of the civic party was involved in a case
of perverting the course of justice, hence we do not really support the rule of law. We
have issued a press statement to the effect that after investigation, there is no member
involved in a case of perverting the course of justice.
Audrey Eu

HKI report for exco on 27th

HKI will be putting up signboards featuring our district workers and giving
notices for talks on law, medicine, accounts and building management.
HKI will be holding a talk on building management on 24th August and on
depression on 3rd August.
HKI need the help of the secretariat to speed up the registration of the kaifong
association so as to rent Leighton Centre – deadline for application 3rd July if we need
the hall by September
Audrey Eu