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University Farm Mechanization for Increase in Seed Production

Brief Note: Introduction Importance of seed for increased agricultural production and productivity has been felt since time immemorial. Ancient Indian Literature including Manusmriti in a North India and Krishi Parashar in South India has many a citations to the effect. Immense role of quality seeds for rising crop productivity has also been witnessed in modern era and riding on miracle seeds India travelled from begging bowl stage to food exporter status within a short span of 4-5 decades. Food grain production in India during 1950-51 was 50.5 million tones that rose to a record level of 220 million tonnes by the year 2009-10. The pace of progress in food production will largely depend upon the progress of seed programme with which a country is able to multiply and market good quality seed of high yielding varieties. It is therefore essential to make quality seed available to the farmers at the right place, price and time. Marathwada Krishi Vidypeeth, Parbhani is organizing seed production programme with the aim to produce required quantity of Breeder seed to help in production of Foundation and Certified/ Truthful seed for sowing by farmers of Maharashtra as well as Other States of the Country for enhancing the productivity and profitability of kharif and rabi crops. A Seed Technology Research & Breeder Seed Production Unit is working under the guidance of Associate Director (Seed), where the Seed Cell is acting and managing all seed production programme of MKV, seed production programme of all crops are planned as per allocated by Indian Council of Agriculture Research, New Delhi and Commissionerate of Agriculture, Maharashtra state. At MKV, Parbhani a fully systemized single window system is functioning in seed processing, storage and supply of breeder seed of different field corps. Under National Seed Project, a well mechanized Breeder Seed Production Farm is developed at MKV, Campus Parbhani on an 400 ha and other 600 ha area is under seed production on satellite centers, with the view to produce breeder seed of different crops varieties of Soybean,

Tur, Mung, Udid, Sorghum, Paddy, Safflower, Wheat, Chickpea, Cotton, Groundnut, Bhendi and maintenance of Parental lines of various hybrids. Objectives : The broad objectives of proposed project are.

1. Large scale seed production of newly developed high yielding varieties/hybrids of MKV to fulfill seed requirement of Marathwada region. 2. To produce adequate quantity of breeder seed as per the requirement. To minimize the mismatches in breeder seed production. Quality maintenance of nucleus and breeder seed. 3. To produce and distribute quality seed to farmers in Marathwada region. 4. Strengthening infrastructure facilities for undertaking large scale Breeder / foundation stage seed production programme of newly developed high yielding varieties / hybrids resealed by MKV, Parbhani. Total Project Cost : Rs. 1105.90 Lakhs Expected out come of the Project The knowledge and technologies generated through research and experimentation will be effectively disseminated to the ultimate users i.e. farmers by using linkages with State Department of Agriculture by way of organizing trainers training programmes, Kisan Melas, Field day etc. and also using mass media. The large scale seed production will be helpful for farmers produce and distribute quality seed to farmers in Marathwada region. By adopting research emanated technologies, farmers of the State in general and of Marathwada in particular will upgrade their socio-economic status and standard of living. The farmers will not only harvest more produce by using research based technologies but are also save use of agricultural inputs economically. The farmers will realize the importance of proper storage of their saved produce for seed purpose. The farmers will fetch more prices for their produce by value addition through processing.