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NASA Aerospace Engineered Technologies ’GIFT’ – Green Integrated Fuel Treatment ‘MBL’ – Metal Base Lubricants Decrease Fuel Consumption / Reduce Maintenance Cost Emissions Reductions Exceeding CARB & EPA Standards Pennies Per Gallon Solution - Benefit to Cost Ratio of 10 to 1
MAXI-MIZER™ Technologies are scientifically documented to: $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Improve Performance Reduce Fuel Consumption 10% Reduce Carbon Deposits Improve Cetane Rating Improve Valve Lubrication Reduce Knocking, Pinging, and Dieseling Reduce Excessive Emissions Improve Moisture Management Improve Horsepower Reduce Smoke and Oil Consumption Improve Engine Life by 40% $ Reduce Maintenance and Downtime by 40% $ Resurface Worn and Scarred Areas $ Increase Lubrication Properties of Oil $ Drastically Increase the Extreme Pressure and Anti-Wear Properties of Oil $ Increase engine compression with first application $ Reduce temperatures by 65% $ Over 100% reduction in coefficient of friction $ Meet 2050 Emission Standards in 2011

*Tested by Hauser Laboratory, the top independent nationally recognized laboratory and Southwest Research Institute

How is MAXI-MIZER™ Different………………IT WORKS!!!

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MAXI-MIZER™ Diesel and Gasoline Fuel Formulas
Maximum Performance with Catalytic and Petrochemical Technology MAXI-MIZER™ Gasoline and Diesel Formulas utilize a unique combustion catalyst developed from aerospace technology. Found only in MAXI-MIZER™ ™Gasoline and Diesel Formulas, the catalyst accelerates the actual rate at which fuel combines with air in the combustion chamber. MAXI-MIZER™ combines the catalyst technology with additional petrochemical elements. These essential elements include a detergent; gum, varnish and water dispersants; anti rust agents; upper cylinder lubricants; and fuel stabilizing components. These combine to enhance the purity and stability of all grades of gasoline and diesel fuel. This translates into improved fuel system performance and extended time between tune-ups. MAXI-MIZER™'s combustion catalyst technology was developed and proven with 12 years of landmark research and 302 million miles of highway/city testing. The data analyzed in these tests were conclusive: MAXI-MIZER™ improved fuel economy by an average of 10% and increased engine life by an average of 40%. This innovative catalytic and petrochemical technology is scientifically documented to help:     Improved Performance achieved through the increased rate of combustion. This process intensifies the pressure on the pistons and directly increases power output. Reduce Fuel Consumption can result when the catalytic effect is not used by the driver for extra power. In scientifically controlled laboratory and highway/city driving testing, a 10% improvement in fuel economy was consistently documented. (Your results may vary) Reduce smoking in diesel engines results from the accelerated combustion process which allows more of the fuel to be consumed prior to the exhaust valves opening. Reduced carbon deposits on the injectors, piston face, rings and valves is also a result of the combustion catalyst. By reducing the ignition temperature of the carbon, the catalyst causes it to be consumed during combustion, thereby extending injector life and reducing engine wear dramatically. The catalyst coating also extends plug life in gasoline engines. Improved engine life is a benefit of the reduction in engine wear due to the removal of carbon deposits. In field and dynamometer testing, engine life was increased by an average of 40%. Improved horsepower from the increased power output results from the use of MAXI-MIZER™, Lab testing has shown the catalytic action to increase horsepower by as much as 3.5%. The reduction of excessive emissions in gasoline engines are the result of the accelerated combustion process which allows more of the fuel to be consumed prior to the exhaust valves opening. An improved octane rating in gasoline is a significant benefit to users with older or highperformance cars. Laboratory tests have shown that 3 ounces of MAXI-MIZER™ Gasoline Formula in 20 gallons or regular unleaded gas raised the octane rating by one full point. Improved valve lubrication is accomplished through the overall lubricity of the carrier used in MAXI-MIZER™. Combined with the reduction in carbon deposits in the upper cylinder area, this property promotes smoother engine operation and extended life. Improved moisture management is achieved by maintaining a proper, delicate balance of moisture to fuel. Condensation already present is suspended in small particles, allowing it to pass safely through the system, where it can be used to enhance the combustion process. Conversely, MAXIMIZER™ effectively releases excess water present in bulk storage so that it drops harmlessly to the bottom of the tank. Reduced knocking, pinging and dieseling (gasoline engines) are achieved through the reduction of the carbon deposits and the increased octane rating, both caused by the consistent application of the catalyst found in MAXI-MIZER™ Gasoline Formula. Reduced maintenance and downtime is the economic benefit resulting from continuous MAXIMIZER™ use. Tests have shown that fuel filters last longer, engine adjustments and overhauls are decreased and engine life is increased. THIS TECHNOLOGY IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN MAXI-MIZER PRODUCTS

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