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Norbert Trottier. (b.

Norbert Trottier was born on March 6, 1861 at Humboldt, the son of Antoine Trottier and Angelique Laframboise. He married Eliza Fisher, the daughter of John Fisher and Elizabeth Brabant. Eliza Fisher was born in 1858 near Fort QuAppelle. She was first married to Jean Baptiste Desmarais on May 25, 1875 at Lebret; they had four children. She then married Norbert Trottier on August 26, 1885 at Lebret. Their daughter Virginie Trottier was born August 4, 1886 at Lebret. Daughter Rosalie Trottier was born on October 11, 1889. In 1878 Norbert Trottier signed the petition of the Metis hunting band at Cypress Hills which requested a re-opening of the bison hunt between November 14th and February 15th each year and the granting of a Metis reserve. They requested a 150-mile strip of land along the American border beginning where the Pembina River crosses the border in Manitoba and thence west. This strip was to be fifty miles wide from north to south.

Norbert Trottier and his wife Elise (Eliza) Fisher (seated). Their daughter Rosalie and son in law, Andre Trottier are on the right. The grandchildren pictured are David and Edward; Lucy and Annie. Photo courtesy of Mark Calette

Scrip Applications: RG15 , Interior , Series D-II-8-b , Volume 1332 , Reel C-14942 , Access code: 90

Trottier, Norbert - Concerning his claim as a child - Address, Indian Head - Born, 6 March, 1860 at Humboldt - Father, Antoine Trottier, (Mtis) - Mother, Angelique Laframboise, (Mtis) - Claim 128.

RG15 , Interior , Series D-II-8-b , Volume 1327 , Reel C-14938 , Access code: 90 Fisher, Eliza - Concerning her claim as a child - Address, Indian Head - Born, 1858 near Fort Qu'Appelle - Father, John Fisher, (Mtis) - Mother, Betsy Brabant, (Mtis) Married, after 1870 to Baptiste Desmarais, (deceased) - Children living, four (names on declaration) - Claim 85

Letter provided courtesy of Mark Calette.

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute