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Stockport Academy Sixth Form Prospectus 2011-2012

No limits...
Principal Ben Dunne
Can I first of all thank you for taking the time to read our Sixth Form prospectus, which provides an insight into our exciting and rewarding learning environment that aspires to broaden the aspirations of students and bring out ‘the best in everyone’. At Stockport Academy, we provide a welcoming and inclusive environment, offering an all through 11-18 education for our students, where we help them to fulfill their potential and prepare them for higher education and the world of work. We also want our students to be not only academically successful, but to also take those extra ‘learning steps’ that will equip them with the skills to become lifelong learners and valuable members of their local, national and global communities. We aim to provide an education that enables our students to achieve their personal best. In 2011, our pass rate increased to 99%, with over a third of our Year 13 students achieving A*-A grades. This success is reflected in the number of students achieving university places, with 75% progressing into higher education. This also built on the success of the previous year, which saw the academy’s first Oxbridge entrant taking a place at Trinity College, Cambridge. Stockport Academy is sponsored by the United Learning Trust (ULT), a leading education charity and the largest single sponsor of academies in the UK. ULT recognise the importance of choosing the right Sixth Form provision. Students want somewhere where they will be happy, have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and make the academic progress of which they are capable. If you are encouraged by what you read in the prospectus, then please feel free to visit the academy and see for yourselves. You can come to one of our open days or contact us directly to arrange a time to come and visit. Staff and students will be more than happy to show you around and answer any questions you might have.

“In 2011, our pass rate increased to 99%, with over a third of our Year 13 students achieving A*-A grades...75% of students progressed into higher education.”
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...just aspirations.
Assistant Principal - Sixth Form, David Goodfellow and Director of Sixth Form, Jo Harcup
The Sixth Form’s mission is to provide high quality education, to inspire and empower students to seek out new opportunities and enrich lives through learning. To achieve this, we provide clear and personalised pathways for each student: from those hoping to attend university to students wishing to gain further training or employment in a particular sector. This is made possible through the benefits of small class sizes and our dynamic staff. It is also reflected in the diverse range of courses we offer. As Stockport Academy has a specialism in Science, we offer AS/A2 Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, alongside other traditional AS/A2 Level courses such as English Literature and History. We also offer innovative vocational OCR and BTEC courses in Sport, Fashion, Music Technology, Dance and ICT. This is made possible through our outstanding music suite, dance studio and sporting facilities. As well as supporting students’ educational wellbeing, we encourage students to make a positive impact on the local community – one example has been A Level Sciences students working with local primary schools to promote Science in classes. Stockport Academy Sixth Form gives students freedom, respect and individual responsibility within a framework of high standards and expectations. With this, we also offer students individual support through their own personal tutor, who provides advice, monitors progress and helps with career planning. Students choosing Stockport Academy Sixth Form leave us as confident, mature young adults, equipped and qualified for the 21st century. We would love you to see for yourselves, so please feel free to attend our open days (further details can be found on the academy website) or arrange an appointment to come and visit us.
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“Personalised advice, guidance and support for all students from highly qualified staff”

Eight Reasons to Choose Stockport Academy
1. Personalised advice, guidance and support for all students from highly qualified staff 2. A small and dedicated Sixth Form where personalised learning is a priority 3. Engaging and challenging classes delivered by course specialists 4. Dedicated one-to-one tutorial support with individualised learning plans 5. Superbly equipped modern laboratories complementing our Science specialism 6. Excellent learning environments for all our students across our whole curriculum, complemented by state-of-the-art technology 7. Enrichment activities that offer a range of valuable experiences, complementing learning and broadening aspirations 8. Spacious student common room with catering facilities and designated spaces where students can spend time between lessons
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Course Selection
Careful consideration is given to each student’s course choices and the potential of the student to achieve success on his/her chosen programme. Enquiries about admissions or particular courses can be made by contacting the Director of Sixth Form Jo Harcup or Sixth Form Administrator Jan Vale on 0161 286 0330 or by emailing us at: You can choose from a wide variety of subjects and courses, enabling you to study the combination that is best suited to your ability and learning style. Depending on your results and plans for the future, your programme of study could consist of: ● Advanced level academic subjects (AS/A2) ● Advanced level vocational subjects (National courses) ● A combination of both academic and vocational subjects at advanced level ● A combination of intermediate level courses alongside advanced level Course AS/A2 National Award National Certificate Type of Value after Assessment two years At least 2/3 One A Level by exam Coursework One A Level Coursework Two A Levels

Each qualification, depending on the value after two years and the grade achieved, is also worth a certain number of UCAS points. These points are used by universities to assess whether a student meets entry criteria for a particular course. For example, a university may ask for a student to acquire 300 UCAS points – or the equivalent of three B grades at A2 Level – to gain a place on a course. The UCAS points table can be found by visiting:

Course Structures
The qualifications we offer each have a different type of assessment and value after two years of study:

Course Profiles
Information on all courses offered (depending on availability and student numbers) can be found on the academy’s website at

Stockport Academy Sixth Form Prospectus 2011-2012

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Students’ Rights and Responsibilities
Your time as part of Stockport Academy’s Sixth Form will help to shape your future life and career aspirations, enabling you to fulfill your true potential. Our shared goal is that you leave the academy equipped with the qualifications and understanding to set you on the career path of your choice. We will also work with you to help ensure that you leave the Sixth Form as enriched and more mature individuals, having positively benefitted from and contributed to the learning process, whilst also playing a key role in helping us to create the best post-16 provision in Stockport. At Stockport Academy, we treat our Sixth Form students as young adults and expect they uphold and support the strong positive learning ethos of the academy by adhering to clear
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expectations that form part of the learning contract, which we also ask your parent or guardian to support. In return, every student will have the right to: • A supportive learning environment which is safe, secure and stimulating and in which all people are valued as individuals and where the environment and personal possessions are treated with respect • An outstanding education provision that is appropriate to the individual’s need • Learning activities and opportunities at a personalised level that match and provide challenges, encouraging students to achieve and make progress • Opportunities to develop confidence as a learner in order to develop well informed attitudes and opinions.

Expectations of Students
Stockport Academy wants all of its Sixth Form students to have a successful, rewarding, enjoyable, aspirational and safe time while studying here. As such, we expect you to: • Adhere to the academy’s business dress code for Sixth Form students outlined on our website • Co-operate with staff at all times and treat everyone in the academy community with respect • Carry your ID card at all times • Respect and take care of the buildings, facilities and equipment • Play an active role in supporting the younger members of the academy community, acting as role models.

The academy places high priority on good attendance and punctuality as these are important factors that contribute to progress and the achievement of high standards.

Stockport Academy Sixth Form Prospectus 2011-2012

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Entry Requirements
To attend Stockport Academy’s Sixth Form, you will need a good school record in terms of attendance, punctuality and behaviour. You will also need 5 A*-C grades at GCSE including English and Maths. To assess your results we will look at your best six grades, plus English and Maths, and allocate points as follows: Grade A* A or B or C or Distinction Merit at Pass at at BTEC BTEC BTEC 7 6 5 D E F G







The points will then be totalled. The table below shows the minimum points for entry to different courses. The most appropriate course will be discussed with each individual student at interview: Points Courses Example of Grades Seven Bs (42 Points)

Please note: There are specific requirements for some subjects. We strongly advise you to refer to the information on our individual courses that can be found on our website. You will be given an individual interview for admission to the academy and another when enrolling after receiving your GCSE results. We will discuss with you whether the subjects passed at Grade C or above form an appropriate basis for progression to the courses you have chosen.


Courses amounting to Four A Levels Three or Four A Levels


Three Bs and Four Cs (38)

Making Your Choices
You will want to choose subjects you enjoy and are good at. However, the combination of subjects you choose at this stage can be very important to your future studies or career. Some universities will accept any combination of subjects, while others prefer a specific combination. If you are unsure please speak to your careers advisor, careers teacher or academy staff.
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Two or Three Seven Cs A-Levels (35) or Five Cs and Two Ds (33)

In the case of those with 33-37 points, GCSE courses may need to be added to your programme depending on results in English and Maths.
Stockport Academy Sixth Form Prospectus 2011-2012

Application, Enrolment and Induction
Application forms can be obtained from Stockport Academy on 0161 286 0330 or at You are advised to apply by February 2012 half-term. Late applications cannot always be accommodated. The academy will confirm receipt of your application form. Interviews will be arranged from January 2012 onwards. Confirmation of any offer will be sent to you and you will be asked to return an acceptance pack.

Things to Remember at Interview
Whilst priority is given to applicants from Stockport Academy, we more than welcome outside applications. If demand for places exceeds the number we can offer, the academy will look at certain factors before inviting applicants for interview: ● ● ● ● ● Predicted or achieved GCSE or GNVQ grades Grades achieved in mock GCSE exams Attendance and commitment shown at school The availability of places on specific courses The interests and abilities of individual students.

The Interview
At interview, all students will be asked to produce: ● Their most recent school report ● Achievement record and/or other documentation highlighting personal achievements. Student enrolment and induction will take place when you have received your GCSE results. Further information about enrolment and induction will be sent to you when you have been offered a place.

Stockport Academy Sixth Form Prospectus 2011-2012

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Student Experience
All Sixth Form students have tutorial sessions each week. Students also benefit from our enrichment programme, which offers the opportunity to get involved in peer mentoring and the student committee, enabling students to have a voice in how their Sixth Form is run. Our Sixth Form students are seen as leaders and role models within the academy and ambassadors in the wider community for a variety of projects and initiatives. Your hours in class will be around 18 hours each week if studying the equivalent of three AS/A2 levels and 23 hours if you study four. However, we will also expect you to devote about the same amount of time to independent study – either at home, your study area or in the academy’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC).

Pastoral Support and Personalised Learning
Students at Stockport Academy’s Sixth Form will benefit from an individual personal tutor who they will meet regularly. The personal tutor assists students and helps them develop study skills and prepare them for the transition to university and adult life. This partnership is a vital ingredient in ensuring success and happiness for our students in their studies. We welcome applications from students with additional support needs and will help to make the transition from school to Sixth Form as smooth as possible. We are able to provide a range of specialist facilities and equipment. Support for students can take a variety of forms including literacy workshops, individual or group support for those with specific learning needs and special arrangements for exams. A counselling service is also available in the academy. If you do have any special learning requirements, please contact our Assistant SEN Coordinator Lisa Redshaw at the academy before you start, where she will do her utmost to ensure your requirements are met. Copies of Stockport Academy publications are available in alternative formats on request.

Stockport Academy Sixth Form Prospectus 2011-2012

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