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PROPHETIC WORD The Religion of Robbery

Isaiah 56:11; Acts 17:11; Gal.5:1,3,12; Eph.4:5; Heb.7:9-10; James 2:10; II Pet.2:1-3 My fragmented, confused, downtrodden Body on Earth has long been blown about with winds of strange “new” doctrines cooked up by deceitful ministers of darkness out for an easy living. Believers have been robbed of their rightful priesthood and position in Christ by those who elevate themselves high above the rest. Members of My Body designed to move in the power of My Holy Spirit to perform My works on earth have been turned into dead appendages by “pulpit ministries” who tell them to shut up and submit and “lose their identities” in the name of a false submission to manmade authority. Only Christ is your Lord, for there is only ONE Lord, one faith and one baptism. Instead of being allowed to approach the Living God to hear directly from Me, humbler members of My Body are forbidden by their “spiritual overseers” to pass judgment on much of anything. Even the most blatant violations of My Word are passed off as gospel truth, and timid sheep “out in the pews” are shamed out of rightly discerning the words that proceed from the pulpit, to see whether they be true or not. The faithful Bereans set an excellent example for all. They were commended for their diligence in judging words spoken to see if they measured up with scripture correctly applied IN CONTEXT. My sheep are intimidated out of judging even the WORDS of “pulpit ministries” because they are told that to disagree with the “leadership” is a perilous sin of rebellion which brings terrible divine judgment. So my people are effectively gagged from judging men of the cloth who violate Scriptural teaching which warns against peddling the Word of God for deceitful gain. I am being used not only as a slick marketing gimmick by peddlers of religious lies, I am being used as a hitman to enforce so-called submission to “God’s chain of command” in the institutional church. And what a chain it is! A choking, strangling chain that binds My people to a heavy lead block of toil, misery, depression and sorrow! The “leadership” is closing ranks around THEIR altar and its ill-gotten gifts to make sure “the laity” doesn’t wise up to what they are doing to dupe the “little people out in the pews”. Super-preachers in fancy suits see the hard times coming. Their people are struggling harder than ever before just to keep food on their table and a roof over their heads. But these preachers of greed are getting paranoid with fear that hard economic days ahead are going to take a bite out of THEIR lavish lifestyle. So they are forging a chainlink fence of lies to defend THEIR little kingdoms of greed and THEIR stash of cash from the intrusion of truth! My own dear people are being treated like an overburdened mule forced to run a race with a heavy load on its back: the fat, pampered preacher who is lashing at its flanks with a whip. The scripture most cherished by these mean men is Malachi 3:9: Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation.* * *Give US the tithe, they rant and roar, or God will send you to hell so fast you won’t know what hit you!”

Greedy thieving preachers of lies are getting more and more desperate than ever before. Whereas they used to be more subtle about it, now they’re getting overtly mean and ugly. Some preachers have begun to resort to social pressure and threats of shunning and ostracism to suck more tithe money out of the congregation. Some preachers ask all the tithers to come forward to “make a stand for the Lord”, leaving the hold-outs to sit exposed where everyone can see them and know who they are. Another shaming tactic is to actually READ OUT the names of non-tithers. It doesn’t matter to them that Jesus said your giving is to be IN SECRET (Matt.6:3-4). So how can your giving or “tithing” be in secret if careful records are kept by the church secretary and you’re required to fill out envelopes so the pastor knows just how much you donate? You reap what you sow. That goes for the preacher, not just you. Sow meanness and you’ll surely reap it. Sow shame, reap shame. This public shaming for failure to keep a MANMADE TITHING COMMANDMENT on money is an abomination in My sight! It often goes on repeatedly week after week after week to put the thumbscrews of emotional torture on My battered sheep who are struggling to pay bills and keep a roof over their heads. Well, two can play at that public shame game. Those evil preachers will someday be paraded in front of angels and saints as fools and rejects for rejecting everything My Son taught about love. I will publicly humiliate them before all the hosts of heaven and give them a taste of the same degrading treatment they dished out to poor, weak, ignorant souls on earth. I am incensed with rage, saith the Lord. I have watched some who once loved Me get so badly burnt by preacher lies and threats that they sadly turn their back on anything even remotely resembling church. They just came to the conclusion that they couldn’t afford Christ anymore. Others lose all peace and a part of their first love toward Me as they grudgingly write out a check for ten per cent of their hardearned paychecks and grumble about the necessities they must do without for yet another week. Nothing works better for those beastly buzzards in the pulpit than holding the threat of the “curse of Malachi” over people’s heads. But any wise person will at least read the beginning of a book to find out what it’s all about. Where are the HONEST ministers of My Word who preach on Malachi Chapter One and admit it’s a book primarily addressed to the PRIESTS OF ISRAEL? It was the priests being reprimanded for despising My Name, not the congregational worshippers! If pulpit ministers are so eager to identify with the corrupt priesthood of an Israel gone astray from Me, then why aren’t they also eager to claim the rebukes addressed to that priesthood in the Book of Malachi? My prophet Malachi did NOT utter His prophecy for the benefit of twenty-first century “Christian” charlatans who wanted to use this word as a club to pound New Covenant believers over the head with, in order to extort money out of them! I look down from heaven and notice something peculiar: Preachers are mad about Malachi, but ignore most of the book as they zero in on just three or four pet verses. But just two (2) verses before that famous and well-loved and misused, twisted, and miquoted segment, Malachi 3:8-10, you’ll discover just WHO I am speaking to! Like so many other Mosaic Law treatises in My word, those few verses are yanked out of context and put onto My redeemed Church as a burden I never meant for them to bear. Verse 6 explicitly states that I am addressing the “sons of Jacob”, the Israelites. I am NOT addressing the sons of Japan or China, the sons of the Apache Indians, the Eskimos, or any other foreign nation here. I am speaking to the

descendants of ISRAEL, plain and simple, and only under the terms and conditions of the Old Covenant, not under the New! If the Law of Moses is NO LONGER IN EFFECT for any Christian, be they Jew or Gentile, then how dare modern fishers-forfunds hold over the heads of My people the curses which pertained only to that Old Law! That’s just as insidious and callous as threatening people with My judgment for failure to bring in the half-shekel Temple tax, or a bullock for a sin offering! Instead of worrying about a defunct curse which DOES NOT pertain to any of you in these Last Days before My appearing, please pay more attention to what is clearly stated under YOUR covenant: The ONLY curse you can ever incur as a Christian believer springs from trying to go back to serving under the Old Law of Moses! Why? Because under the New Covenant of Grace, I took ALL the curse upon Myself (Gal.3:13). But when you begin to keep old Mosaic Laws to earn or keep My favor, you automatically depart from the sphere of My grace (Gal.5:4) and return to the Law, the land of bondage where the curse if found. It is THEN that dead curse of Malachi is reactivated in a person’s life, along with every other curse that can be found under the Old Law for imperfect keeping of it. The Law is an indivisible unit! YOU MUST is a LAW principle, not a grace principle! If you attach yourself to just one link of the Old Law you attach yourself to the whole chain! Don’t deceive yourselves, My people. Even those who boast of keeping the tithing law today risk My judgment for IMPERFECTLY keeping it! I NEVER commanded tithing on wages of any kind, only tithing on the produce of the Land of Israel. Today’s tithing is NEVER suspended during the seventh (Sabbath) year of rest as it was in ancient Israel. Nor is it suspended during the Jubilee Year every fifty years. The tithe is NOT given every third year exclusively to the poor of the land as I commanded under the Old Law. NOWHERE did I ever authorize tithes to be used to construct fancy buildings or feed anyone’s lust for luxuries. Over and over I made Myself clear in both Testaments: I prefer mercy to sacrifice. Where is the mercy in that cruel preacher who “shames” non-tithers from the pulpit? Does that spiritual tyrant not fear the Lord, and the rebuke I shall speak to him or her in the day they stand before Me in the judgment? You can be brought back under the bondage of the Law by keeping an alien version of the “tithe”: compulsory extortion of ten per cent of your livelihood by men in fancy suits who drive fancy cars, take fancy vacations, live in fancy homes and speak fancy religiousese each Sunday to squeeze more and more money out of you! Galatians 3:10 clearly warns My people that whoever seeks to be justified through keeping the Law is in terrible danger of suffering from the curse which comes from imperfectly keeping the Old Law. Preachers forever strive to “bring you under submission”. That seems to be oh, so spiritual, but what they really want is to bring you under bondage to be THEIR slaves. But beware of bowing your necks to preachers to allow them to put that yoke of bondage upon you ever again. That includes the Tithing Law! Tithing only pertained to those who sprang from the loins of Abraham and lived before the Cross ushered in the New Covenant. Christ fulfilled (fully satisfied all the demands of) ALL the types of the Law, and the shadow of old things which have passed away must no longer be bound upon My people ever again. My people are too intimidated to judge those in their midst who are trying to rob them. Think it not strange that secular authorities are investigating certain “ministries” to see whether they are misusing funds appropriated for orphanages, missions work and other noble causes. My people have effectively been bound by lies and are too afraid to speak against the rotting cancer of religious fraud that is

sapping the vitality from My Body. So I have been forced to use outsiders to help Me with My house-cleaning. Sad, isn’t it? Someday My church will judge the angels. But today they feel compelled to turn a blind eye to those who are deceiving and robbing them! Spiritual deceivers are spiritual gigolos coming between Me and My Bride the Church. They are trying to force My redeemed ones back under a dead Law, to whom they are no longer married. They are spiritual butchers with surgical instruments who want only to “circumcise” the gullible with just a “little bit” of My Law to cut off “just a little bit of their liberty”. PARASITES! If it’s a curse they want, then a curse they shall have. Paul the Apostle said it would be fitting and just that those who troubled My Church with circumcision and Law-keeping should go ahead and take their own medicine! They are deliberately lining their own pockets by mingling Old Testament Law with buzzwords from the New Testament era and passing that off as the Gospel I suffered and died to provide for you. They want slavery and fear for you, not love and liberty! They want you to toss and turn all night long, worried that unless you RUSH to the ATM machine and get out “God’s tithe”, I’ll reject you forever from My Kingdom! But it’s THEM I shall reject! Those who beat their fellow servants and abuse fellow Christians shall have their portion with unbelievers and be cast into outer darkness. Their end shall be a most terrible one. Those sly foxes shall be a portion for foxes and the worm shall feed sweetly upon them. I am laying the plumbline of judgment in My House, even if My own people are too timid to stand up to these religious robbers who have looted and pillaged My Kingdom. The blurry line between who belongs to Me and who is a phony Christian will, in the coming days, become more sharply defined than ever before. Those luxury-loving plagues on My Body look upon their treasures with pleasure. The multitude of fancy shoes, each pair worn only once and then discarded; the beautiful gowns worn once or twice and then sold at thrift shops for a publicity photo; the elegantly carved furniture crafted from rare woods; the sweeping drapes of fine fabric; the beautiful artwork; the fleets of fancy cars; the swimming pools; the “inspirational gardens” and unnecessary horse farms; “Christian” fun parks; the jet trips round the world, all at donors’ expense; the “pilgrimages” to “where Jesus walked”. Well, let me tell you, such crooks and thieves could never in a thousand years walked where I walked! I walked up a hill, bleeding and broken in body, to pay the awful price for YOUR sins! When was the last time any fancy preacher helped YOU out when your back was against the wall? I died for you; they won’t even part with a dime to help you out in your darkest hour. And when I look at the luxuries of those rich serpents, guess what I see? Each treasure looted out of My House represents the prayers and tears of desperate, hurting Christians who “gave out of their want” in hopes of a miracle of deliverance. The luxuries of rich thieves are purchased with the blood, sweat and tears of My people! Why? Blood represents life. Even David did not dare to consume water which was gained at the peril of men’s lives. But preachers are literally wasting the life of the poor on foolish things. In some cases people have gone without sufficient food to pay for luxuries enjoyed by rich parasite preachers. A certain number have slowly starved to death and done without winter heat and medicine, especially some elderly saints who felt that since they were already “close to heaven” their earthly well-being didn’t count anyway. What a deception of satan! I would have been FURIOUS with any religion

peddler who tried to rob My aged mother of her daily bread money by appealing to her love for God and her tenderness of heart! The party goes on and on because satan has blinded money-hungry ministers to the extreme peril they are in. Like frogs in a slowly simmering pot of water, they don’t notice that the LORD Who is slow to wrath, DOES eventually run out of patience, even under the New Covenant of Grace! These covetous, spoiled jet-setters squander My resources on Arabian race-horses, pedigreed dogs and air-conditioned kennels. I specifically warned in My Word that the children’s bread must not be cast to dogs. Money which ought to be devoted to feeding your family must not buy dogs for greedy dogs who can never have enough! Ordinary people must sweat for their money. But preying serpents who hoodwink the righteous think they’re too good to soil their soft hands with a good, honest day’s work. So they shed phony crocodile tears as a cunning way to get an easy life of luxuries. Many neglected “prayer requests” are sealed in offering envelopes sprinkled with the REAL tears of people undergoing fierce trials of faith. I AM about the turn tears of trial to tears of joy at My appearing. But I will turn phony televangelist tears to REAL tears of anguish in a fiery furnace of Great Tribulation! It is then many will realize that earthly toys are perishable. Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver the wicked in the day of My fierce wrath. That goes doubly for the ill-gotten silver and gold plundered by gold-digging religion peddlers who have had an easy ride on other people’s backs. How great will be their horror when I ask them how many poor elderly people, struggling mothers and babies did without daily sustenance which could have been relieved by just a little of the extra fat they squandered on foolish luxuries! Do you seriously think I will turn a blind eye to the rip-off scam going on in My Name today? That’s just what the crux of the problem is: My Holy Name has been dragged unjustly into this sordid mess. My true mission of getting souls saved has been gravely hindered by the threats and lies spewing forth from pulpits today. The Waters proceeding from these defiled pulpits have been tainted with streams from hell and the sheep are unable to drink them to quench their thirst (Ezekiel chapter 34). And as for “pulpit ministers,” where in My Word, under the New Covenant, did I ever ordain such a separation of believers to begin with? You’ll read NOWHERE in the New Testament of tall oaken pulpits where highly exalted men wearing special garments tower high above “pew saints” to extract money from My people in exchange for a short sermon and a benediction. I have called you out of the darkness of bondage into the perfect liberty of My Spirit. So don’t be afraid to question your most cherished traditions, My people. Ignorance is not bliss. In matters of faith, ignorance is destruction. *****