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The credit card approval system checks the creditability of a credit card intended to be used for purchase of goods or service by using the card information owned by member stores of credit companies A credit card approval system (CAS) is a information system performing diverse activities such as purchase authentication, balance transfer, cash advances, etc. One characteristic of CAS is its frequent update to satisfy the needs of customer.When the application approves a purchase, the amount is deducted from the account indicated by the credit card.  The application allows users to: • create new accounts • delete old accounts • list all accounts • make deposits to accounts • request approval for credit card purchases against accounts.
 DETAILS OF THE MEMBERS: Name Team Leader:Ms Kadam Harshada A. Ms Devale Rashmi P. Ms Kazi Kaisar Ms Mandavkar Vidya L. ROLL no 3432 3423 3436 3439

Software and Hardware Requirement General Requirement for : Type Work Station/ Node Software 1. Ms-Access : Window 9x & All Window 200x  Development Tools Front – End Back – End : : Java Ms-Access .) All B/W and Color  Software Requirement Operating System series Support : Java. RAM -64-256 MB 3.Hard Disk-160GB OPERATING ENVIRONMENT  Hardware Requirement Processor RAM Printer : : : All Pentium series 64 Ram (Min. MS Access Hardware 1. Java 3. P-4 2. Windows XP 2.