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By Rabitha.G Prov/B/36

a channel specialising in music and youth culture programming. It was launched in 1996 and is now part of the Viacom18 Media Pvt. . fully owned subsidiaries of News Corporation. you will find a song for every mood. So The Five music channels I have chosen is a) MTV India b) Channel V c) Zoom TV d) B4U music e) 9xm MTV INDIA MTV India is the Indian version of MTV (Music Television). "MTV India" is one of the oldest Music Television Networks in Asia. Music channels have always looked forward to cater to the needs of the viewers and the music lovers. Ltd based in Mumbai. from hip hop to soft melodies. from peppy to romantic. Music has always been distinctively recognized and acknowledged with respect to India and so thus the MTV India.FIVE PRODUCTS From rock n roll to classical. CHANNEL [V] Channel [V] is the brand name for multiple international music television networks owned by STAR TV and Fox International Channels.

one of India's largest media conglomerates. is a prominent television network / broadcaster in India. It has also been available on mobile internet since March 2009. movie producer Kishore Lulla and London-based industrialist Gokul Binani. In 1999 the newly-formed network launched B4U Movies and B4U Music in the UK on the Sky Digital platform as a subscription package along with Sony Entertainment Television. Launched in 2007. The Company has aggressive plans to tap new media initiatives and also launch more television channels in India. Ltd. Ltd. 9XM 9X Media Pvt. Ltd. .ZOOM TV Zoom is an Indian glamour and entertainment television channel primarily covering Bollywood and based in Mumbai. 9X Media is owned by a consortium of Private Equity Fund investors. The channel was launched in September 2004 and caters primarily to urban audiences. 9X Media Pvt. Stations 9X Media owns India‟s number 1 Bollywood Music Channel called 9XM and a Hindi General Entertainment Channel called 9X. B4U Music: B4U is one of the world's leading Bollywood television networks that was formed and jointly owned by Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal. It is a part of The Times Group. formerly known as INX Media Pvt.

Splitsvilla. Stunt mania. .  “Music to reality” is the main POD for MTV as they contemplate very much on the reality shows. Some of the jingles are  „MTV Enjoy!‟  “I want my MTV”  “It‟s my MTV”  “MTV stay raw!”  MTV‟s recent addition „„voice of youngistan” has become good uprising for MTV . The themes. the main motto is 24 hrs music. The unique reality shows like MTV Roadies. tone or the accent of the VJ‟s is something well known MTV for. The quality..     MTV brings out unique quality of picture for their shows and also music.POINT OF DIFFERENCE MTV INDIA  The brand name “MTV” stands for “Music and Television” which is an American brand . graphic design and jingles of MTV are always refreshing and constantly been changed from time to time. brings out a greater difference for MTV. All music debut are always played first on MTV.

CHANNEL [V]  Channel [V] is Asia‟s trend-setting music and lifestyle channel featuring original programs.1995 to 2000 o "Music and So Much More" . latest chart-topping music videos. The famous shows that brought out real difference for the branding of Channel V are o The next Big thing o Get gorgeous o First day first show o Good morning   They started the serial soaps like “dil dosti etc” which made a huge market for Channel v Some of the famous slogans of Channel v are o "You're In It" . exclusive interviews.2000 to 2008 o "[V] Plays Music" – Now .  Channel V had given a good competition for MTV music channel by using its own strategies like broadcasting full music videos and concentrating more on music shows in the initial stages. concerts and popular VJs.   Channel v had even started broadcasting music concerts that really attracted a large mass towards it. some of its famous shows are MTV gone in 60 secs MTV bakra MTV what the hack MTV style check MTV wassup  International music is also broadcasted up to date .

Right from the Page 3 parties to Bollywood gossip everything is covered under the Zoom Tv. which made zoom tv to gather its reputation within a no time.ZOOM TV    Zoom Tv is not only a music channel but also a Indian glamour and entertainment channel The main focus is on the whole bollywood. Zoom –Tv started a very unique thing of playing the lyrics of the video which clicked out very well. The tag line of Zoom-TV is like o “Dewaana bana de” o “100% bollywood” o “isko dekho”  The famous shows of the Zoom-Tv are . It slowly started telecasting movies which brings out zoom tv as whole package of entertainment.     Zoom Tv also aimed at the housewives by adding on the bollywood gossip.

There is no tagline for this channel even though it created an image of its own in all the segments. . It also extended its brand to movies which play all kinds of movies for 24x7.o Crime & bollywood o Planet bollywood o Just chill o Red hot countdown B4U Music        B4u is a music channel which gives entertainment of music for 24x7 It not only plays the current music but also touches the old melodies which bring out refreshment. This channel attracted mainly the middle and upper middle class . So this channel is not only for youth but also to all the ages who are music lovers. as the shows are more to normal. As this channel is link up with the FTV. this channel even showed more interest on the Indian fashion and its shows.

creating a television viewing phenomenon in India – also considered as the world‟s biggest youth market.   9XM has also witnessed great viewership across coffee shops.  Since its launch in October 2007.9XM  9XM airs the latest and best Bollywood Music songs interspersed with jokes and anecdotes by Bade Chote. gyms and other social places and youth hangouts. Badshah Bhai and The Betel Nuts. which has received a stupendous response from internet users.  The tagline of the 9XM is „ haq se‟ which brings out more to belongingness. The Channel has also introduced a live streaming service called 9XM Live on its website – 9xm. .in. canteens. Bheegi Billi. malls. 9XM has established an unprecedented leadership position.

Soaps. charity shows is being done.  Go green. Debut music videos and the film trailers is telecasted in a very interesting way. Interviews. Diwali etc      VJ‟s quality and the style is fresh and according to the youth. page3 nights all are covered. The logo design changes seasonally according to the occasions also like for the Christmas. social events. . They even started using some strategies like to attract the other age groups by introducing few shows. fashion shows.So the point of parity of the five products would be like    Each music channel is targeting the same segment of age group people. Even shows which give knowledge are being introduced like what the hack and social programs. mainly like the “youth” segment.POINT OF PARITY POPs are associations that are not necessarily unique to the brand but may in fact be shared with other brands. channel [v] –“Good morning”. short movies and movies are also broadcasting to attract all the masses not only the music lovers.   Renovation of themes and the slogans is done constantly. music concerts. The non-stop music in the mornings without commercial breaks is which is shared by every channel with different names like “MTV kickass mornings”.