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Durable Swipe Sensor Featuring LiveFlex® Technology PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
VFS301 is a durable high performance dual-line-imaging (DLI) fingerprint sensor with a small exposed form factor and low power consumption. The cost effective VFS301 is designed for optimal integration into notebook computers, tablet PCs, and PC peripherals, and can be colorized to to satisfy OEMs’ increasing requirements for customization and end consumers’ desire for improved aesthetics on notebook PCs. The product consists of custom silicon chip bonded to a Kapton® plastics flex circuit, known as Chip-On-Flex (COF). The sensor captures the unique features of a 3-D fingerprint image using a patented technique to detect and measure the ridges and valleys of a live finger. The product uses an industry leading, patented image reconstruction algorithm from Cogent Systems to acquire a high quality fingerprint image. Users swipe their finger over a durable Kapton® plastic surface for authentication, identification, securing data, and more.
VFS301 Chip-On-Flex Fingerprint Sensor

Superior Durability � � � � • Fingerprint sensing area and silicon die are completely separated • Finger touches a durable Kapton® plastic surface, never silicon • High resistance to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), abrasion, liquids, and chemicals • Industry leading resistance to impact damage High Quality Imaging • High quality 200 pixel (10mm) wide images � � �� � � � � • Deep penetrating high Frequency RF transceiver acquires stronger signal from finger • Superior fingerprint images images and excellent FAR / FRR performance • Navigation and scrolling modes are available • Bi-directional swiping supported • Low power consumption with USB remote wakeup support Flexible Product Options • Available in a variety of colors • LED Illumination options • Flush mounting capability • Small footprint with flexible z-height options � � � � • Variety of reference designs and standard module options available • SPI for flash template storage supported Extensive Software Support • Compatible with the industry’s leading biometric security software applications • Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) and other Single-Sign-On (SSO) solutions available

VFS301 Fingerprint Sensor Module: VFS301 COF fingerprint sensor attached to printed circuit board. Typical dimensions: 22.8mm (l) x 9.97mm (w) x 4.5mm (h) (with mount tabs)

Improved Usability & Ergonomics

7V . and flexibility. Inc.97mm (including mounting tabs) Approx.3. anywhere ” www. cost-effectiveness. durability.3V 230uA (typical) @ 3. 2009.15KV (IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4B) -10° to +75° C / -30° to +85° C RoHS compliant / Lead free USB 1.8mm x 9.0 full speed compliant Detail Durable Kapton® Chip-On-Flex Vision is “Ourthe leaderto be in enabling secure and reliable access to personal information for anyone. SOLVES DURABILITY ISSUES • Real COF Technology: Fingerprint sensing area and silicon die are seperated • Finger touches plastic. chemicals • High resistantance to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) SUPERIOR IMAGE QUALITY • Superior raw image quality allows sensor to work with any 3rd Party Matcher • High Frequency (16MHz) RF retrieves stronger signal from finger • Differential pickup performs “noise cancellation” • Multiplexing transmitters allows focus on ‘World Class’ RF Receiver with full 8 bit images • 9 bit A to D internally allows more dynamic range • LiveFlex provides the best Images. • Plastic surface provides industry leading resistance to impact. never silicon • RF sensing penetrates deep into living tissue of a finger through robust Kapton® film. which provide best FAR/FRR performance statistics ALLOWS CUSTOMIZATIONS • Bi-color back-lit LED Ilumination options • Color Options (any Pantone® color) • Small footprint with flush mount capability and multiple z-height options LED Fingerprint Sensor VFS301 integrated into USB Fingerprint Reader Peripheral VFS301 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION OVERVIEW Item Sensor Packaging Die Size Complete USB Sensor Module XY Dimensions (typical) Recommended Exposed Plastic Opening / Sensor Area Active Imaging Size Scanner Resolution Operating Voltage Imaging Power Consumption USB Remote Wakeup Power Consumption ESD Resistance Operating / Storage Temperature Materials Compliance Communication Interface 12mm² 22. 12mm X 3mm 10mm (200 Pixel) Wide Image 20 pixels/mm (508 DPI) with 256 levels of grayscale at 8 bits per pixel 3. . Inc.1 and 2.TECHNOLOGY Validity’s patented LiveFlex® Technology is the foundation for developing fingerprint sensors with the highest levels of performance. Validity Sensors. abrasion.3V nominal ( 2. liquids.3V operating range) 19mA (typical) @ 3. All other marks are property of their respective | Telephone: 877-733-8833 © Copyright 2009.validityinc. Published: Jan 2. Validity® and LiveFlex® are Registered Trademarks of Validity Sensors.3V + / .