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The eternal wickedness and great insincerity of the US enabled the US leaders to quickly praise the S E Asia regime

after its leader announced the intention to annul a hated detention law (used mainly for detaining minority people and outspoken critics) despite the fact that the regime leaders are merely a bunch of crooks and licenced protection racketeers. The emphasis here is on intnetion. But it has not prevented US leaders from interfering badly by heaping flagrantly false praises. The same US leaders have kept silent on the meddling of the regime in southern Thailand for the past eight years (or so). The latest bomb blasts in a southern part of Thailand have been greeted with orders to boycott the country on the excuse of a lack of safety while silently rubbing its hands in great pleasure. As usual, there was no condemnation of the blasts despite a condemnation being issued in the wake of the Oslo bombing, an incident that took place far, far away. The Oslo bombing was carried out by not a religious figure but by a white extremist. Hence the readiness or eagerness to issue a condemnation. However, things are different in southern Thailand. Therefore no condemnation. The leaders of the regime are a bunch of crooks and licenced protection racketeers. This is no empty claim. Leaders and supporters of the regime are well protected even if they have committed crimes. Crimes like s*** assault, manipulating the electoral system or process, the judicial system, the enforcement agencies, the evil use of street hooligans and rowdy mobs, encouraging the establishment of nearly countless sinister extreme right-wing organisations, the use of threats, lawsuits and ceaseless 24/7 campaigns to demonise selected individuals or groups, also electronic advertisements that mock or denigrade certain minority communities, the (alleged) encouragement doled out to foreign workers to register as voters, the restriction on minority professionals in many areas, the heavy misrepresentation in the public sector, the huge celebration expenses, and many, many, many, many (too many to be listed here) other acts of immoral and/ or illegal conduct cannot touch or stick to them. Truly, they are a bunch of crokks and licenced protection racketeers. Yet the US has been, and is a very close friend and ally. No surprise at all. People who switched allegiance were seen going on overseas trips.Wonder who paid for them. Such people may not crooks but those who financed the trips for them are crooks. And also top protection racketeers. Meanwhile, the US has been reluctant to praise Thailand as the country is now seen as generally quite less supportive of the US. Clearly, the US is extremely untrustworthy and also terribly insincere. The US left behind a big pile of mess in S E Asia after it fled when it was defeated in the ‘Nam war. Today, the US is still very keen to see the region rotting in a pile of mess. It is the reason why the US heaps praises for crooks and protection rackeeters. So, humans with the ability and the means prefer to leave quietly and not get involved in the rotting mess. It is the reason why the minority communites are shrinking so fast these days despite the claim that the country is a model. Model of what ? ? ?