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BJ Services Monthly Cementing Lab Activity Report* Version D2.0 CMT Dev.

2004-2005 For BJ Internal Use Only -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*This spreadsheet created and fully tested with Microsoft Excel 2002 (10.2614.262 5). What is Cementing Lab Activity Report? Cementing Lab Activity Report spreadsheet is an easiest tool designed to collect , create, edit and manage monthly cementing lab activities IPT - BJ Services. The user-friendly use r interface and some functions allows you to work efficiently and collect daily activity in minu tes, up to 7 multi user in one spreadsheet. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Release Notes Version: D 2.0 CMT (07 February 2005) Auto-generated personnel's daily activity (click the right top 'print preview' b utton). Reporting section added Direct time recording (if applied properly) Disadvantages : - Larger file size (+/- 2.5 Megabyte), please use compressed file (.zip) while send it by email to minimize bandwidth. - Need more CPU resources, especially for prepare, short data and genera tes chart Version: D 1.1 CMT (18 October 2004) Added Auto-save Function with default file name, based on District and Year-Mont h, to make it saved in the same format and easy to manage. example: BJ Jambi lab activity report for January 2005 would be saved as 'CPT Cement Lab Activity 0501.xls' Fixed Chart's structure and setting error caused by data change. Blank data would be ignored from chart data loading. - No need editing data in chart section. - Shorted Chart's Data, to make it easy to read. Added interactive information of process - Message Box - Status Bar (bottom side of excel worksheet), an easy way to know the p rogram status Added Navigation Button Added Print Area and Print Preview Button Version: D 1.0 CMT (22 September 2004) First released version --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Distribution Package (for each district Lab) This spreadsheet s package should be distributed with following files: Cementing Lab Activity D20.xlt - Monthly Cementing Lab Activity spreadsheet temp late Stimulation Lab Activity D10.xlt - Monthly Stimulation Lab Activity spreadsheet template User Assistance D20.pdf - How to use information Readme.txt - This file -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Acknowledgement Many people have helped developing this spreadsheet, what it is by giving an ide a, making suggestions, helping to test and trial, reporting error, etc., especially for all BJ Services Lab Technicians and Technical Group. Special thanks addressed to Todd Gilmore for his support and Felix for his sugge stions and feedbacks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Although I have tried our best to make this spreadsheet as easy as possible and user friendly, there will be constellations where this spreadsheet does not work as expected, hard handling or using it will result in "strange" result. Therefore I provide User Assistance documentation. Eko S Siswoyo