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8000 Utopia Parkway Donovan Hall C16 Queens NY 11439

a phone call is expected. Note: Always leave a message. Confidentiality Information disclosed regarding students is confidential and should not be discussed outside the office. they need to see Michelle first. As soon as you arrive. and the office becomes too loud if you are all talking over each other. Graduate Assistants and Support Staff are the people you should be assisting if they need your help. Hours are submitted on a bi-weekly basis. If an RD needs help. If you need to take a call. Associate Directors. Cell Phones Please keep cell phones on silent or vibrate while in the Residence Life office. . If you are going to be late. There maybe a number of student workers scheduled at one time. Work study grants For those on work study grants: Make sure you fill out your FAFSA early to ensure your grant for next year. at least 1 1/2hrs prior to scheduled shift. Please make sure you inform Michelle about any projects you are working on that were not assigned directly by Central Office Personnel. Office Noise Please keep noise at the front desk to a minimum. You are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week. make sure a staff person knows you are in the office. Assigning work The Director. timesheets will be updated on the following payroll. Remember to inform a staff member if you need to leave the office at any time. please be aware of students who may be in the office. General Student Worker Information Time Sheets If you owe hours or are owed hours. please make sure you are in on time. who will then try and assign the please step outside of the office to do so. You are not allowed to use your phone to text while you are in the office. Punctuality If you are scheduled to start at a certain time. When discussing this information within the office with administrators. please call Michelle McCullers at x2360 and/or e-mail Michelle at mccullem@stjohns.Absence If you are unable to show up for your scheduled time.

Food and Drink No food or drink of any kind are permitted at the front desk.Snow Days If you are scheduled to work and the university is closed due to inclement weather. Attitude and Joking The Residence Life Office is a very relaxed atmosphere. remember to dress appropriately for an office environment (Residence Life polo and pants— jeans are permitted). do so in the conference room. you will not get paid for that day. If eating or drinking is to take place in the office. You may be sent home to without pay if you choose to dress inappropriately. Daily Office Tasks Answering phones . Please eat before/after your shift or during your lunch break. but students workers must maintain a professional and respectful demeanor at all times. Attire Although Student Worker dress-code is generally casual.

Everyone is expected to file and know where the files under “How Do I?” Please refer all students to that website to fill out a work order. Time stamp the form. The front desk person should not be the only one picking up the phone. Maintenance Request Forms: Maintenance requests are submitted online at www. and then give it to Cecilia. . Transferring to another line: Pick up the call. try to pick it up by the 2nd ring. Transferring to Voicemail: Pick up the call Press Transfer Dial x1001 Enter the extension followed by the pound (#) sign Press Transfer again. place in the indicated sleeve. the date they hand in their keys is the date from which they receive their refund (please refer to the refund schedule for that particular semester).intranet. Filing: Filing is an essential part of the office. Direct any phone or internet related issues to Information Technology at Ext. If this occurs during the refund time period. Note: Make sure you follow the Phone Etiquette guidelines. The hallway closet (formerly the campus Mail Room) contains ALL of the Decline files. please verify WHERE you are to file the folders. you may pick up any phone in the office by hitting the button with the flashing light.stjohns. Then give them a Decline Procedures sheet. Declines: When a student comes in to decline housing give them a decline form. When asked to file. 2525. Inform the student that they must then schedule an appointment with their Residence Director or RAs to hand in their keys. give student a copy. Active files are located in the Central Office. Note: Coolidge and Goethals Maintenance requests must be submitted to Cristaly and Alysse. press Transfer Press the phone number they are being transferred to Press Transfer again.When the phone rings.

Room Changes Room Change Forms can be completed during the first two weeks of the semester (Fall and Spring). Central Office Administrators . fill out the Lock Out Log and proceed to the students’ residence hall to key in the resident. the student worker will look up the resident in the ‘Residence Roster’ binder.DO NOT ASSUME! Meal Plan Change Forms: Meal plan changes occur the first two weeks of the semester (Fall and Spring). Time stamp the form and then place the form in the sleeve labeled Meal Plan Change Forms. Room changes are accommodated upon availability. students are to be referred to their respective Residence Director. They may use their PIDM# (8-digit “9” number on storm card) if necessary. When taking a meal plan change form please make sure the student has included their X-number and NOT their social security number. After the first two weeks. Lock Outs If a resident student is locked out of their room during office hours. Please inform the student that a $10 lock out fee charge will be applied to their account.

?? ____@stjohns.Jackie Lochrie Interim-Dean of Students Supervision of the RA/RD Staff Overall Staff Training and Programming of Residence Life Central Office Support Staff Krys Zappel Eric Finkelstein Director of Residence Life ext. 2714 Oversees the Office of Residence Life Michelle McCullers Associate Director of Operations ext. 2360 Placement of Students Facilities Issues Room Changes Student Worker Supervisor Supervision of the GA/RD Staff Overall Operations of Residence Life TBD Associate Director of Programming ext. 2544 Lock Changes Petty Cash . 6525 finkelse@stjohns.

and RHA) Running occupancy reports Waiting List Orders programming supplies Assists with operational areas General Banner Reference Other duties as assigned Cecilia Weeks Ext. 5512 Day-to-day Operations of Residence Life Asst. Vincent Hall (RVL) . Hall Council.(all programming budgets: Carey Hall (RVB) Founder’s Village (RVG-RVK) St. 2408 kraningd@stjohns. 2352 Storm card Issues Meal Plan Issues/Reports Declines Residence Life Emails General Banner Reference Roster Printing Programming Entry Other duties as assigned Aja Smith & Tanairy Estevez Residence Life Graduate Assistants ext. Student Worker Supervision General Banner Reference Other duties as assigned Live-In Administrators Area Director Daniel Kraning ext.

Residence Director Shana Basnight Henley Road Complex Keith Gorman 718-523-7146 Century Hall (RVC) Corie Richards Residence Directors O’Connor Hall (RVA) Michael “Scott” Patton Hollis Hall (RVE) Philip Dodd ext. 5510 richardc@stjohns. 5581 bonardij@stjohns. 6876 .edu DaSilva Hall (RVD) Jarryn Mercer ext.Carey Hall (RVB) Asst. 2707 basnighs@stjohns. 5514 pattonm@stjohns. 2657 mercerj@stjohns. 5511 Off-Campus Graduate Assistants Cristaly Trinidad & Alysse Kavanagh Donovan Hall (RVF) Jennifer Bonardi ext.

DePaul.Off– Campus Apartments: Coolidge. Seton and Goethals .

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