Florida Film Production Coalition Inc.

Film Industry Miami Skills Center Evaluation For use as a Sound Stage for Film, TV, and Commercial Industry

1. Southwest Interior Building: • • Square Footage: 75,000 Ceiling Height: 18 feet to ceiling

Comment: Creates serious limitations. The ideal is 35 feet for multiuse purposes. For smaller projects, 24- 28 feet may work. Once a lighting grid is installed, the ceiling height will be 15 feet creating limitations. Larger sets would not be able to be built, master shots couldn’t be accomplished due to low ceiling height, and the low ceiling may also create lighting hot spots on whoever or whatever is above six feet. Smaller production depending on DP may be able to work within an 18-foot ceiling height without a grid, however most productions such as high impact TV shows, Feature Films and Large Commercials would require at between 18 feet to 45 feet.

Columns 20 feet width and length 40 feet apart. Comments: Columns would need to be removed so larger sets could be built otherwise would preclude from building larger sets.

Friday, September 3, 2010 7050 SW 66 Avenue, South Miami, Florida 33143! Phone: 305 665-0179 !ffpcoalition@aol.com ! www.ffpcoalition.com


FLORIDA FILM PRODUCTION COALITION INC. • Windows: The windows would need to be removed for sound and lighting purposes. Electrical: none Comments: Power minimum is 600 amp- 3-phase. • Sound: Railroad tracks directly parallel to west side of building, 395project construction, road noise from street traffic and 395 Expressway. Comment: Imperative to soundproof interior of building since sound is a serious issue during filming dialogue. Sound issues are a red flag for filming since there could be long delays during a production.

Loading Dock: Fine access if available, since parking lot may become property of FDOT.

2. Southeast Interior Loading Dock area with platform: • This area could be used as a construction and set design mill and shop.

3. North side Interior Office Space 2 floors: • Square Footage: Comment: Ideally for Production Office Space at least 12,000 square feet is needed. As an outpost for wardrobe, set dressing and other departments may be useful.


FLORIDA FILM PRODUCTION COALITION INC. 4. Parking: The parking area on the exterior South side of building as mentioned will be the parking of the construction set-up for the 395 projected construction project and will not available as part of the building for production parking or other use. Comment: Parking is a huge issue. Alternative options: • Street parking: Closing the Street for parking and alternative yet not sufficient.

The Ice Palace Lot across street: This lot is large, however the owner leases this lot during events at the studio and therefore would preclude complete accessibility.

Conclusion: The square footage of the interior is plenty for studio space, however the ceiling height of 18 feet creates limitations that may prevent projects from renting the space. To attract more clients at least a minimum of 30 feet is recommended. At this time, due to the lack of an adequate stage, South Florida has lost major productions filming the complete project here and has opted to shoot only the exteriors and go to LA or elsewhere to film all the Stage sets. This is loss of jobs and revenue stream that would be infused into the local economy. There are a few existing studios in Miami that are not purpose built sound stages that are already being discounted by visiting productions as their base due to the fact that the ceilings are below 30 feet, with no air-conditioning and not sound proof. The industry doesn’t need another substandard space to substitute for a real soundstage, which unfortunately is what the Skills Center would be, even with some retrofit. To make this the Miami Skills Center functional and attractive to clients the following would be the additional investment: • Soundproofing, higher ceilings, removal of columns in areas to make the space at least 60 x 60, air-conditioning, replacing windows in the interior stage area and electrical installation are essential.


The office space is too small – less than 7000 sq ft and needs to be at least 10,000 sq ft to accommodate productions. Parking is non-existent – a significant parking area would have to be acquired to accommodate trucks and cars for a large productions.

A security Fence would need to be installed to secure building and production vehicles and equipment. Security System would need to be installed.

Closing Statement:

The Film Industry is at a critical juncture with the passing of a generous Film, TV, and Digital Media Financial Incentive Program as now we have the interest from various major studios and creative producers in Hollywood and Internationally.

The most encouraging is that the incentive monies for this fiscal year were applied for as soon as they were available and the State certified projects promptly. High impact TV series, independent features and digital media project were certified yet not one new movie or show has made a commitment to film a movie or series besides “Burn Notice” in The City of Miami. The question we must as ourselves is what do we really have to offer to be competitive to attract projects here beside locations, crews, cast, and support services? If the City of Miami vision is indeed to be a world-class film production hub, on the world stage as a destination for filmmakers, a key, integral requirement is to have solid infrastructure that offers a Sound Stage Complex that is state of the art. The Miami Skill Center does not have the key elements to be or compare to a quality sound stage facility in Miami.


FLORIDA FILM PRODUCTION COALITION INC. There are facilities comparable to the Miami Skills Center that currently had difficulties attracting productions due to the serious limitations of square footage, appropriate ceiling height for lighting and building large sets, sound proofing and air-conditioning since these are important key elements in the equation for success. The sentiment is that Miami Skills Center is not a viable option and a poor alternative as a Sound Stage for the economic development of infrastructure for the Film Industry and for the Omni Redevelopment Zone. The Miami Skills Center may have another use that best suits the community. We are beyond the stage of offering, "make do"; we need to offer equal or better alternatives. This venture is not a real estate speculation, we have to remove the real estate interests from the equation and create what is going to give us an edge on production for the next decade that will benefit both the Film Industry and the City of Miami economically and as a tourist destination with the marketing value this industry provides.




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