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The Paragraph
J. Principe

Eng 152

The Great Paragraphs

What is a paragraph ?


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Paragraph Topic Sentence Topic Controlling Idea Supporting Sentences Unity Cohesion Coherence Conclusion

A. The paragraph!
Letter Word Sentence Paragraph



I. What is a paragraph?
a. A paragraph is a group of sentences that tells about a topic. b. Generally , it is composed of three

main parts, which are:


1) Topic Sentence
a. states the main idea of a paragraph b. can be at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end.

2) Supporting Sentences
b. are sentences that give “Unity” to the paragraph a. are related to the topic sentence and its controlling idea

3) Concluding Sentence
a. is the last sentence of the paragraph

b. brings the paragraph to a logical conclusion c. restates or predicts

2. Four Features of a Good Paragraph
a. The first sentence is indented
b. It has a topic sentence that states the main idea. c. All the sentences are about one topic. d The last sentence brings the paragraph to a logic conclusion.


B. Parts of a Paragraph 1. Topic Sentence

a) What can we get from the topic sentence? 1) The main idea
2) The topic

3) The controlling idea, or focus

b. Features of a Good Topic Sentence
1. It controls the whole paragraph.

2. It’s not a general fact that everyone

accepts as true.
3. It is specific, but not too specific.
4. It has a controlling idea (focus). Words

or phrases that help the flow of ideas.

2. Supporting Sentences
a. General aspects:
1. These sentences must be related to the

topic sentence and it’s controlling idea.
2. They give information that support and

explain the topic of the paragraph
3. These sentences answer the questions:

who what where

when why how

b. Kinds of supporting sentences
These are sentences that : 1. explain 2. describe

3. give reasons
4. give facts 5. give examples 6. define

c. Note

There is Unity if all the sentences are related to the topic sentence. If one of them is irrelevant; then there is not unity.

3. Concluding Sentences
a. This is the last sentence of the paragraph. b. It brings the paragraph to a logical conclusion. c. There are many different kinds of concluding sentences; however, we will study two kinds: 1) Restate the main idea 2) Make a prediction

The Concluding Sentence must relate to the topic sentence. (11)

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Unit 10
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