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HOM 202 November 27, 2006 Case receiving cont’d… Anxiety/fear: Never ask….do you worry? Yes or no.

Ask…what kind of fears/phobias do you have? What do you worry about? Mind; ANXIETY  huge section Picky about little things  trifles Hypochondriac  Mind, ANXIETY, hypochondriachal Mind; CONSCIENTIOUS, about trifles Fear of alone, but want someone around. Claustrophobia….tell me a bit more about it. Agoraphobia: fear of feeling embarrassed in front of people. Cannot treat fear or anxiety acutely. Have to have the whole picture. Especially agoraphobic  complex case. Fear has an object, anxiety doesn’t. Anxiety is more vague. Fear of men  pulsatilla (related to religion and sexuality). Lycopodium (fear of men because of authority). Fear of rejection in a relationship  Mind; FORESAKEN Fear in the future  Mind; FEAR; something happen will Sensitivities: May be emotional. Make sure to cover hearing, taste, smell, touch. Sulphur  they wont care if they stink, but really sensitive to other people’s smell. Sensitive to bathing (idea of sitting in own dirt). Nux vomica  draft, air Generals: If you suspect some trauma or something does not connect  what has happened in the past? In chronic disease, patient is connecting outer symptoms to inner feeling. How they felt/describe a past trauma will be described in the same way as they describe their chief complaint  connect inner feeling to outer symptom. Pessimism  Mind; DWELLS on, past disagreeable occurrences Psychotic miasm  room has to look perfect for others Cancer  room has to be perfect Malarial  stuck, give up, I’ll live with it Mind; INDIFFERENCE, apathy, to loved one  loose emotion for loved ones/kids Sepia  becomes emotionally drained and has no energy for loved ones People who never feel happy  Mind; INDIFERENCE, apathy, to joy

Review of symptoms  go through the one we received in PCD Family history  possibility of miasm Objective symptoms: Very important. Hard to do at the beginning of practice because writing so much down and interpreting. Becomes part of case as you go along. These are uncompensated. Very good to use objectives for children. See how they (children) react. Children are mostly uncompensated and tell you exactly how they are. Skinny on top and average or overweight on lower part of body  Generals; EMACIATION; general, extending to, upwards/downwards Emaciation upwards = top heavy (thinning starts at bottom) Emaciation downwards = down heavy How they are dressed, complexion Circles around the eyes  Face; DISCOLORATION; bluish, eyes, around/under Mask of pregnancy (melatonin deposits b/c cross stimulation with oxytocin)  Face; DISCOLORATION; brown… Spiders usually wear bright colors (note: do not base case on appearance, use it to help you). Spiders can’t keep hands still. Arsenica  shaking of leg. Sulphur  completely relaxed when seated. If their position is extreme, make note. Praying mantis  feeling of being abused and then is very vengeful. Sit by the door as a precaution! Shyness  Mind; TIMIDITY Mind: TIMIDITY; bashful  don’t want to be seen and so hide “In children” rubrics  very incomplete. Bakir does not use very often. Would use the general rubric instead (i.e. not specific to in children) Skin; DISCOLORATION; mottled Know Head; HAIR; falling Wen  sebaceous cyst Face falling of whiskers  moustache Sordes  filamentous white bacterial build-up on the corner of the mouth Ingrown toenail  Extremities; INGROWING nails, toenails. M-aust  lifestyle with suppressed anger, very angry looking toenail. Note the symptoms after remedy because these are things that are expelling (from the skin).

LYCOPODIUM Confidence issue  not deeply rooted, does not have a good grasp on things. Lyco – worf, podium – foot. Similar to sulphur. Produces yellow flower  affinity for liver. Crushed spores have toxic powerful oil used for homeopathy. Remedy good for chapped skin, with deep and painful cracking. Important remedy for eczema. Sensitive people emotionally. People pleasers because do not want to confront. Children  not active or muscular. More studious, learn quickly. Don’t like to try new things because of low self-confidence. Important to look good for others. Set themselves up for emotionally injury  especially embarrassment or humiliation. Struggle betweem cowardice and egotism. Lack of confidence and haughtiness, timidity and dictatorial. Very frank from public speaking  learn to do it well because of fear, always well prepared. Dream of superman  other side of ego, don’t feel like in life are very capable and become super hero in dream. Less power they feel in real life. Fear of meeting new people. Prefers what is familiar. Difficult to make new friends, shy. Fear of authority. Will respect you as ND, but rude to the secretary. What they perceive as authority they shrink away from. Very egotistic, arrogant, full of themselves. Intolerant of contradiction, takes it personally (blow to ego). Love of power, control where they are superior or stronger or better. Does not want others to contradict them. Person is sensitive to humiliation in class. Suppress the anger d/t mortification. Feeling inadequate. Need to prove themselves, conscious of appearance. They were bully and become the bully. Perfect child outside, and then terror at home. Confusion of mind leading to dyslexia.